212 Gemstone Business Names that Make You the Gem

Gemstone Business Names

Planning to start your own gemstone business but can’t decide what to name it? If yes, you’ve landed in the right place. In this article, we’ve listed hundreds of catchy, unique, and creative gemstone business name ideas to spark your creativity and help you pick a perfect name for your gemstone business.

Gemstones are used in many facets of our lives. Opals, amethysts, sapphires – all beautiful and valuable gemstones. They have so many different uses – whether it’s to decorate a ring, necklace, or clothing item, or even for healing purposes. This is why it is a great idea to go into the gemstone business niche. After all, this niche has very high earning potential because these stones are expensive and are bought all over the world.

There are many factors to consider when choosing the right name for your new business. First, you need a name that’s memorable and easy to spell. Next, it should catch potential clients’ attention with its unique nature. Finally, it should make them want to know more about your company.

No doubt, it is a challenging process, but to make it easier for you, we’ve gathered plenty of gemstone business name ideas for you to choose from. Enjoy!

Catchy Gemstone Business Names

A good business name is important to immediately connect with your customers, and show them that you’re trustworthy. You might find that having an eye-catching name is a great way to get noticed—and boost your sales!

We have compiled a list of catchy gemstone business names that might go well with your business style and can help you pick the best gemstone business name for your venture.

  • Gentle Gems
  • Gem Skies
  • Gems & Roses
  • Quartz Boutique
  • Sapphire Jewelry
  • Sapphire Castle
  • Priceless Gems
  • Gemstone Emporium
  • Sapphires Unlimited
  • Heavenly Beads
  • Ruby Exchange
  • The Emerald Collection
  • Onyx Jewellery Shop
  • Beading Gems Ltd
  • Ruby’s World
  • Gemstone Hauler
  • Cholla Gem Products Co.
  • Gems and Jewels – A name that shows what the company is about. Use it if you are in the gemstone business.
  • Vibrant Gems – An engaging name for a business that operates in the world of color stones. It conveys energy and excitement and a creative force.
  • Firefly Gems – This gemstone business name evokes feelings of childhood joy and discovery. It could be a perfect fit for a company in the children’s school supplies niche.
  • Gemstone Monopoly – The gemstone monopoly name conjures up thoughts of wealth, a vast fortune, and monopoly money. If you are offering gemstones in bulk at a great value or lots of stones at once, this gemstone company name may be perfect for you!
  • Hermes – this one is great because it’s the name of your Greek God who controlled all of the gems on Mount Olympus so you get a sense of religion and that the business has a lot of good energy coming it’s way.
  • Excalibur – Excalibur is a very strong name that was also King Arthur’s sword. It’s easy to remember and will make people wonder how well your gemstone can be used.
  • The Gemstone King
  • Adorn- this name is catchy and incorporates the word adorn, which is decidedly on-trend.
  • Incite a great name that suggests something which causes an immediate reaction in a good way.
  • Chameleon -This is a great choice because it describes how your company will react to trends and there has to
  • Abracadabra Minerals – a name to attract attention
  • Kokopelli Gems – a name that catches the eye
  • Star of the North – a name with a story behind it
  • Arctic Flowers Gemstones – has an icy edge
  • Aquamarine – Bright and sparkling freshwater blue, in the same family as topaz.
  • Northern Treasure – an exotic-sounding name
  • Tourmaline – the gem was named after Johan Eliz Tourmalin, a French chemist and mineralogist.
  • Designer Gemstones
  • Princess Gems
  • Expensive Treasures
  • Prestigious Gemstones
  • Created Emerald Jewelry
  • Ruby Store
  • The Emerald Cut
  • Fossils and Rocks
  • Turquoise Jewelry
  • Worldwide Gemstone Collection
  • Bluestone
  • Angelina Pendants
  • Stone Ruby
  • Cold Hard Rocks
  • All About Gems
  • Natural Stone Works Inc
  • A Sapphire Sunset
  • Gemstone Earrings
  • Peridot and Zircon Stones LLC
  • Akoya Jewellery
  • Gemstone Wholesaler
  • Eccentric Gem Emporium
  • Fire Agate Sculptures
  • Alvista Gems
  • Jewelry Gemstones
  • John’s Gem Shop
  • Onyx Jewelry Accessories and Gifts
  • Amethyst Crystal Shop
  • Gems N Gear
  • Jewelry Boutique
  • Rubies of The World
  • Emerald Cut Gemology
  • Gemstone-To-Go
  • Sapphire Boutique
  • Bodhi Gemstone
  • The Jewel Rock Shop
  • Silken Gems
  • Sapphire Jewelry
  • Gems Dragons and Dreams
  • Re-Sale of Gemstones
  • Diamond Debra Jewelry Designs
  • Gemstones & Crystals
  • Crown Jewels
  • Ambrosia Gems
  • Afghan Gems
  • Pink Diamond Gemworks
  • Crystal Fountains
  • Mookaite Jewelry Accents
  • Gems R Us
  • Pure & Radiant Gems
  • Gemstone and Crystal Crafting


Creative Gemstone Company Names

When you are thinking of opening a new business, it’s not just about the business idea, it’s also about how you brand your business. Naming your business something attractive can be a pain if you lack creativity.

But you don’t have to worry! We got you covered with our list packed with many innovative and creative gemstone business name ideas. Take a look!

  • Rainbow Crystals Online Shop
  • Nature’s Gems
  • Opal Jewelry
  • Treasured Jewels
  • Indigo Gemstones
  • Gemstone Consultant
  • Gems-R-Us
  • Aladdin Jewellery
  • Cabbing Fine Jewelry
  • Iridescent Gemstones
  • Quartz Company
  • Turquoise Trading Co
  • Diamonds in The Rough
  • Aquamarine Jewelry
  • Gemstones Unlimited
  • Stones ‘n’ Diamonds
  • FashionGem
  • Gemstone Discovery Route
  • Cool Jewels
  • Amber Gemstone
  • Rock of Ages
  • Carnelian Gemstone
  • Jet Black Onyx
  • Green Quartz
  • Rainbow Opal
  • Rainforest Gems
  • Amber Gemstone
  • Gemstone Bandits
  • Mined to Perfection
  • Stone Roots
  • Diamonds & Pearls
  • Jade Jewelry
  • Ruby Ventures Ltd
  • Emerald and Topaz, LLC
  • TealStone Designs Pty Ltd
  • Sapphire, LLC
  • Opal and Pearl Holdings
  • The Diamond Brokers
  • Coral Jewelry
  • Cubic Zirconium
  • Green Onyx Jewelry
  • Smart Gemstones
  • Jewelry Crystals
  • Stone Age Jewellery
  • Ruby Rocks
  • White Water Stones
  • Gemstone Tycoon`s Network
  • Emerald Jewelry
  • Totem Gemstones
  • Ace Gemstone
  • Gemstone Expert
  • Star Gemstones
  • Abracadabra Gem Co
  • Pearl Business
  • The Diamond Collar Club
  • Rose Quartz Business
  • Gemstone Dealer
  • Gemstone Deals & Specials
  • Martin & Co Diamonds Ltd
  • Dazzling Gem Designs
  • Tourmaline Boutique
  • Topaz and Gold Jewelry
  • Ruby’s Gems
  • Jewels Galore
  • Abracadabra Gems Pty Ltd
  • Gem Coast Mining Company
  • Bo Jewelery


Unique Gemstone Business Names

The gemstone business is a competitive industry which makes it important to have a name that stands out from the crowd. We all know how hard it can be to name a new business. Sometimes it takes hours or even days until you find a unique name that really fits your business.

Below you’ll find a lot of original yet creative gemstone business name ideas to help you brainstorm a name for your gemstone business.

  • The Diamond Touch
  • Ruby & Co. Novelty Shop
  • Emerald Company
  • Cubic Zirconia Trading Post
  • Gems Trading Online Store
  • Ruby Jewelry
  • Ruby-Licious
  • Gems That Sparkle
  • Emerald Imports & Exports
  • Aquamarine Jewelers
  • Jewelry Store
  • Jade Jewellery Designs
  • Topaz Trade and Co
  • Aquamarine Boutique
  • Sunrise Gems LLC
  • Black Topaz Queen
  • Allure Gems
  • Amethyst Jewelry
  • Gemstone Mining
  • Citrine Corner
  • Blue Sapphire Business
  • Topaz Boutique
  • Gem King Jewelers
  • Atelier of Gemstones
  • A Cut Above Gemstones
  • Tropical Gems Exports
  • The Gem Grid
  • Sapphire Plaza
  • Emerald Gems
  • Gemstone Broker
  • Diamonds & Gems Inc.
  • Moonstone Corporation
  • Chalcedony Jewellery
  • Beaded Beauty
  • Gemstone Gifts
  • Glass Gemstone Company
  • Lapis Lazuli Supplies
  • Crystal Carousel
  • Pearl & Choker Studio
  • Dino Gems Inc
  • Crystals and Minerals
  • Gemstone Natural Stones Ltd
  • Diamond Groove
  • Coral Jewelry LLC
  • A New Stone Age
  • Age Gemstones
  • Ruby Trading Enterprise
  • Melody Stones
  • A Magical Stone
  • Agate Stone Shop


How To Name Your Gemstone Business?

The name of the business is, now, more than ever a fundamental piece in developing and keeping the client’s trust and confidence. So, before you start thinking about the design of your business cards or start investing in marketing, remember that at the beginning you should care about choosing a good name for your gemstone business.

You want something that is creative, memorable and captures the essence of your products or services. This is the name people will see before they visit your website or place an order with you. It will give an indication of what to expect.

However, the gemstone business name shouldn’t be too generic while it should also be different enough from other competing businesses to be able to distinguish you.

Below are some tips to help you in naming your gemstone business:

  • Pick a name that is short, memorable, and easy to spell
  • Choose a name using natural stones and gems inspired by the gorgeous nature
  • Buy some atlases, guides, and magazines related to gemstones
  • Choose the syllables carefully
  • Make sure the name reflects the image of your gemstone business
  • Think about your target audience
  • Aim for a name that represents quality and value
  • Stay away from negative words
  • Keep it easy to pronounce. Avoid using numbers and hyphens
  • Check whether the domain name is available (prefer a .com extension)


Conclusion: Gemstone Business Names

So, that’s it. That was our list of attractive gemstone business name ideas. Hopefully, we were able to help you in narrowing down your choices and finding a great name for your gemstone business.

Before you start your gemstone business, it is essential to ensure that you have the right business name. You need to think of a catchy name that would attract more customers. Having an attractive business name would make them remember your brand easily thus maximizing the potential profits that you can get.

Thanks for reading this blog. If you have any questions or suggestions for us then please drop an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Please share this blog if you found it useful.

Good Luck!

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