Editorial Policy and Standards

Soocial is unwavering in its commitment to creating top-notch content. Our adept team of writers, designers, strategists, and branding specialists work cohesively to develop content that is both enlightening and ethically sound. If you come across content that warrants attention or improvement, kindly reach out to us at editorial@soocial.com.

Pledge to Content Excellence

Our commitment to content quality is second to none. We hold the trust of our clients and readers in the highest regard, and this is reflected in our rigorous editorial processes.

At Soocial, our goal is to create content that resonates, informs, and sets benchmarks in the industry. Each piece of content is carefully crafted, reviewed, and attributed to its creators, and dates are provided to indicate the latest update.


Verifying Facts

The trustworthiness of our content is built on the bedrock of factual accuracy. Soocial’s fact-verification team is composed of industry professionals who ensure that all information presented in our content is meticulously researched and validated.

Only the content that has passed through this stringent fact-checking process appears on our blog. If you have any queries or concerns regarding the facts presented, you can reach us at factverification@soocial.com.


Accuracy and Amendments

We understand that the landscape of branding is ever-evolving. Therefore, accuracy is not just about facts, but also about relevance. In cases where errors are identified, we take immediate steps to correct them, ensuring that amendments are made transparently.

Moreover, our content is regularly updated to keep pace with industry trends and developments.


Sourcing Principles

We believe that the strength of our content is derived from the quality of our sources.

Soocial is uncompromising in using only reputable, primary sources for our content. Expert insights, data from authoritative industry reports, and insights from leading institutions are the backbone of our sourcing policy.

Additionally, we are fully transparent about our sources, as we consider this vital in maintaining the trust and confidence of our audience.


Embracing Diversity and Eliminating Bias

As a global branding agency, Soocial recognizes the richness that diversity brings to the table. We are committed to providing a platform that reflects an array of perspectives and experiences.

To ensure our content remains inclusive and free from bias, we have established a Diversity and Inclusion Council. This council reviews and advises on content to ensure it respects and represents the diversity of our global audience.


Independence and Objectivity

Our editorial integrity is a core principle at Soocial. We maintain a clear separation between our editorial content and advertisements, ensuring that the content we create is not influenced by external commercial interests.

Our goal is to provide objective and unbiased insights, analyses, and advice that our audience can rely on in making informed decisions.


Creative Ingenuity

At Soocial, we cherish creativity. We encourage our team to push the boundaries of conventional thinking and explore new horizons in branding. Through this spirit of innovation, we aim to offer our audience content that is not only informative but also inspiring and groundbreaking. All our content is expected to be original, and we have zero tolerance for plagiarism or the infringement of intellectual property rights.

Your participation in maintaining the standards we uphold is invaluable. Together, let’s build content that makes a difference. If you have any suggestions, concerns, or feedback, please contact us at connect@soocial.com.


Compliance with Laws, Standards, and Journalistic Practices

Soocial mandates that all staff members adhere to the highest standards of legality and journalistic ethics. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Adherence to the Society of Professional Journalists Ethics Code: Our contributors are expected to abide by the SPJ Ethics Code, which encompasses principles such as seeking the truth, minimizing harm, acting independently, and being accountable and transparent.
  • Compliance with the Copyright Law of the United States: We respect intellectual property rights and expect all contributors to ensure that their work does not infringe upon the copyrights of others. All content, images, and media used must either be original, licensed, or used in accordance with fair use principles.
  • Observance of the FTC Guidelines on Disclosures: When creating content that includes endorsements or affiliate links, contributors must follow the Federal Trade Commission’s guidelines for transparency and disclosure. This ensures that our audience is aware of the relationships between EliteDaily and the products or services being endorsed.
  • Application of Fair Use Principles: In instances where copyrighted material is used for commentary, criticism, education, or other transformative purposes, contributors must adhere to fair use principles. This includes using the material in a way that is not excessively exploitative and does not negatively impact the market for the original work.

At Soocial, integrity is paramount. Our dedication to adhering to legal norms and journalistic ethics reflects our commitment to earning and maintaining the trust of our clients and readers. Our compliance team closely monitors content to ensure adherence to these standards, and any violations are taken seriously, with appropriate action taken as necessary.

For inquiries or reporting any concerns regarding compliance, please contact us at compliance@soocial.com.