272 Catchy Gift Wrapping Business Name Ideas

Gift Wrapping Business Names

Thinking of starting a gift wrapping business but confused about what to name it? If yes, this article will definitely help you. We have put together a huge list of catchy, cool, and fun name ideas for your gift wrapping business that will make your competitors cry!

A well-thought business name is crucial for the success of your new business because it lets people know what you do and what they can expect from you. It should embody your vision, values, and overall mission. It should also be easy to pronounce, memorable, and should give an impression of a professional business.

When starting a business, it’s important to give it a name that reflects what you do. You don’t want to be someone who just doesn’t know how to wrap a name around that idea and get lost in the mundane details of running a gift-wrapping or package-wrapping business.

An attractive business name can help you stand out from the crowd while a bad one can confuse customers and risk scaring them away.

But what if you can’t think of a good name. That is a problem we will solve with this list of gift wrapping business name ideas.

So, let’s get started.

Catchy Gift Wrapping Business Names

What’s in a name? Well, everything if you want to be a successful entrepreneur! A catchy gift-wrapping business name is one of the key ingredients to attract potential customers to your brand. After all, you want to ensure that your business name sticks in clients’ minds.

But let’s face it, coming up with an attractive name is not easy. It takes a lot of time and hard work to narrow down your choices.

If you too are facing this challenge, don’t fret, we’ve done all the hard work for you and got this list of gift-wrapping business name ideas at your fingertips. Enjoy!

  • Wrap This
  • Perfectly Wrapped
  • The Perfect Present
  • The Gift Wrangler
  • That’s a Wrap!
  • Holiday Wrapping
  • The Finishing Touch
  • Wrapping with Love
  • Pretty in Paper
  • Gift Wrap Express
  • The Wrapping Station
  • Gift Wrap Factory
  • The Wrapping Lab
  • Gift Wrap Queen
  • Boxed in Ideas
  • The Perfect Present
  • The Gift Wagon
  • Anonymous Giftwrappers
  • Wrapped up Good
  • Gift Wrapped in Love
  • The Gift Wrap Experience
  • Curves Around Your Package
  • Bubble Wrap Express
  • Bow-Tique Wrapping Store
  • Iron-On Wraps
  • Gift Wraps for Any Occasion
  • Trendy Treats Wrapping Station
  • Sophisticated Gift Ideas
  • Splash of Color
  • Express Wraps
  • Wrapping Guru  – This name gives a great description of what you do.
  • Shimmer-N-Sheen Give your business some pizzazz with these great words.
  • Bright & Beautiful – Tie in the fact that you can add things like shimmer, rhinestones, flowers, and other things to increase the awesomeness of certain packages.
  • Shiny Happy
  • Ace Wraps – Just in time for Christmas, now you can wrap your gifts with speed just like the professionals.
  • The Wrapped World
  • Gotta Wrap It – perfect for the person doing high volume/ FOB shipping
  • The Picture This! – for those using visuals as part of their gift wrapping
  • Glorious Gift Giving – use this if you have a large array of options or are in a larger metropolitan area
  • Presentation Boxes
  • Unique Wraps
  • Fabric Worthy
  • The Wrapping Co.
  • All Covered Up
  • Four Seasons Wrapping
  • Package Shop
  • Personalized Packaging
  • Take a Bow
  • Merry Christmas Wrapping
  • Creative Wrapping
  • The Ribbon Retreat


Funny Gift Wrapping Business Names

Tired of coming up with boring generic names and want to consider some funny name ideas for your gift wrapping business? We are here to help.

In this section, we’ve put together some funny gift-wrapping business name ideas perfect for your budding enterprise. Have a look!

  • Barking Mad Wrapping
  • Occasion Wraps
  • Just “Ah!” Gift Wrapping
  • Wrap and Scramble
  • Box of Laughs
  • Hipster Gift Wrap
  • Merry Wrap-mas
  • Beautifully Wrapped Gifts
  • Wrap of Honor
  • The Envelope Please!
  • Glamor Wraps
  • The Gift Doctor
  • Gift Wrapping Solutions
  • Fluffy Paper Company
  • Surrounded By Gifts
  • Flying High Gift Wrapping
  • Home Grown Giftwrap
  • Wrap and Wows
  • Gift Wrapping Specialists
  • Wrapping with a Smile
  • Package and Present
  • Roll-N-Wraps
  • Professional Packaging Services
  • Gift Wrap Everything
  • Surprise Gift Supply
  • Seed and Sew
  • Pole Wrapped Goods
  • The Ultimate Gift Wrap Shop
  • Christmas Wrap-Ups
  • Wrap It Up
  • Wrap with Care and Style
  • Quickies Giftwrap
  • Bows N Ties, Inc.
  • Gift Wrap to Go
  • Wrapping with Elegance/ Style
  • Haute Wrapper
  • Wrap Ador
  • The Gift Wrap Stationnaires
  • We Make It Special
  • Pretty Please Wrap It Up
  • Santa’s Special Gift Workshop
  • We Wrap It Special
  • Party Preparations
  • Gift Wrapping Service Center
  • The Bow-Wow Basket
  • Gorgeous Gift Baskets
  • Make or Break Wrapping
  • Gift Box Store
  • Affordable Wrapping Paper
  • Five Dollar Fashions
  • Packaging Perfection
  • Colorful Creations


Cool Gift Wrapping Business Names

Running a gift wrapping business? You should probably come up with a cool-sounding name for your business, especially if you want customers to remember it. After all, that’s your first impression. If it’s not a good one, they might decide to choose another service provider.

A good name should do two things: attract attention and reflect the characteristics and services of your company. By creating these two elements together, you are likely to create an outstanding gift wrapping brand.

We’ve looked over so many names to give you this list of cool, memorable gift-wrapping business name ideas that will really get your juices flowing. Have fun!

  • Wrapping with Style
  • Ribbon Works
  • Sister Wraps
  • Wrapping Paraphernalia
  • Elegant Envelopments
  • Wrap Like a Pro
  • Wrapped Up
  • Quick Touch Gift Shop
  • How About a Present!
  • Packing in Style
  • The Bow Company
  • Glamorous Gift Wrap
  • No Wrapping Paper
  • Welcome Wagon Gifts
  • Tinsel Town Gift Shop
  • Green Packages
  • Gift Tags for Less
  • Easy Wraps!
  • Good 2 Go Gifts
  • The Gift Box
  • The Bowhunter’s Daughter
  • Wrapping Visions
  • Tidy Ties & Bows
  • Wrapped in Christmas Spirit
  • Gift Wrap Designs
  • We Wrap It up For Winter
  • Presentation and Gift Wrapping Centre
  • The Wrapper Girl
  • Silver Bells and Ribbons
  • Wrapping Paper & Tags
  • Wrapping Paper Shop
  • Christmas and Birthday Gifts Shop
  • Gift Wrap and Service Centre
  • Glamorous Wraps
  • Wrapping Hanger
  • Wrap It Up!
  • Paper Dolls Giftwrap
  • Inside out Gifts
  • Aromatic Gift Wrap
  • Simply Wrapped
  • Wrapping Done to Go
  • Creative Touch
  • Ultimate Wrapping Company
  • Gift Bag Shop
  • Wrapping Paper Heaven
  • Gift-Wrap Co.
  • The Best Way to Wrap a Gift
  • Wrapping Business
  • Silent Night Wraps
  • The Gift of Giving
  • Holiday Home Gift Wraps
  • Gift Wrap Boutique
  • Merry Wrapping
  • Boutique Wrapping Service
  • Bow Tie Wrapping Company
  • Little Box Big Surprise
  • A Presentation that Impresses
  • Christmas in Your Arms
  • The Giftery
  • Snazzy Labels Inc.
  • Free with Purchase Wrapping
  • Perfect Wrapping
  • Holiday Wrap Shop
  • A La Carte Gift Wrap
  • Wrapped in Memories
  • Creative Gift Wrapping
  • Wrap N’ Express
  • Custom Wrapped Gifts
  • Wrap This Now
  • Santa’s Little Helper
  • Holiday Paperie
  • Green Wrapper
  • Gift Wrapping Academy
  • We Wrap and Frame Anything
  • Gourmet Wrapping
  • Sunshine on A Wrapping Day
  • Gift Wrap Station
  • Gift Creations
  • Wrapperiffic
  • Wrapping Ideas Boutique
  • We Wrap Anything
  • Wrapping It Right
  • That’s the Wrap!
  • Turn My Gift Around
  • Wrap N Mail
  • Papillio Gift Wrap
  • Wrap Master
  • Paper Swan
  • Gift Presentation Services
  • Gift Wrap Basket Service
  • Wrapped in Style
  • The Gift Wrap Fairy
  • Holiday Mail by Designer
  • Boxed Adornment


Unique Gift Wrapping Business Names

Choosing a name for your business is similar to choosing a name for your newborn baby. You want it to be unique and representative of who you are and what you do.

But with rising competition in this field, you may need some help to come up with a unique name for your business. To assist you in this process, we’ve listed below some original gift wrapping business name ideas that we could come up with.

  • Happy Wrappers
  • Gift Wrappers Inc.
  • Happy Wrapping
  • Wrapping Paper World
  • Home Run Wrapping
  • Wrapped in Surprise
  • The Wrapping Wizard
  • Gifting by Grace
  • Premium Giftwrap
  • Rudolph’s Wrap
  • Happy Holidays Wrappings
  • Gift Wrapping Service
  • Packaging Perfection
  • Wrapped up Tight
  • Gift Packaging Specialists
  • Your Gift Wrap Superstore
  • Ribbon and Wrapping On-The-Go
  • Mystery Wraps
  • The Gift Shoppe
  • Merrywrap, Inc.
  • Easy as Pie Wrapping
  • Let’s Wrap It Up
  • The Gift Wrap Maker
  • Wrapping for You, Inc
  • Gift-Tastic Ideas
  • Wrapping Fever
  • Wrappin up The Holidays
  • Love Love Love
  • Wrapped in Style
  • Tissue to You, Sir!
  • Paper Presentation Ideas
  • Boxed In
  • Pretty Paper Parlour
  • Paperella
  • Fabric Wrapped Gifts
  • Gifting Wrap Inc
  • Business Wraps
  • Wedding Gift Wrap
  • Wrapping with Style
  • Gift Wrap Mart
  • Anniversary Gift Wrappers
  • Wrapped with Care
  • Wrapped in Love
  • Poppin’ up A Present
  • Gift Box Corner
  • Seasonal Trendsetters
  • Tissue, Bows, and Ribbons
  • Wrapping Paper Store
  • Gifted with Style
  • Holiday Happenings
  • Bowtique Boutique
  • Wrap to Impress
  • My Merry Mates
  • Gift Wrap Delivery Business
  • The Gifted Handbag
  • Decorative Wrapping Paper
  • Wrapping in Style
  • Shhh-Wrappin’ Made Easy!
  • Happy Holidays Inc.
  • Wrapping Specialists
  • Wrapping Paper Boutique
  • Gift Wrap Me
  • Happy Wrap-Arounds!
  • Just-In-Time Wrapping
  • Re-Wrapped and Ready for You
  • Library Wrap
  • Nice ‘n’ Tidy


How to Name Your Gift Wrapping Business?

Choosing an attractive name for your gift wrapping business is crucial to building your brand in the market. Make sure that your business name is unique, memorable, and relates well to your business concept.

Your business name is one of the first things people will see when they land on your website or storefront so you want to make sure it represents you well. You want to pick an original name with some personality behind it that people can actually remember.

Choosing the right name will go a long way toward communicating your mission and identity to the market. It’ll help you gain better brand recognition in the market and to distinguish yourself from other similar businesses.

Here are some important tips that’ll help you choose a suitable name for your gift wrapping business:

  • Aim for a name that is short, easy to spell, and easy to remember (not more than 3 words)
  • Keep it easy to pronounce. It should be simple enough that anybody can recall it easily
  • Avoid negative connotations in the name
  • Make sure the name is full of hope and joy
  • Use a memorable phrase as your business name
  • Pick a name that conveys the essence of your gift wrapping business
  • Do not use hyphens or numbers in the name
  • Check for domain name availability


Conclusion: Gift Wrapping Business Names

Phew, we’re done! This was a long list full of awesome name ideas for your gift-wrapping business. Now, just choose the name that best suits your business needs and launch your gift wrapping business.

Remember, having a catchy business name makes it easier for your customers to remember it. The more options you have on hand the better your chances of making a solid decision.

Congratulations on reaching the end of this article! Hopefully, you’ve learned some creative and unique gift-wrapping business name ideas. Now that you have what it takes to start a gift wrapping business, we want to leave you with a little advice.

Make sure that your business idea works for you and that you have the financial and marketing capital to get going. Don’t rush into starting a business until you’re absolutely sure it’s the right path for you. Remember that starting a business is a lot of work, though rewarding.

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