18 Grammarly Statistics to Rule the Writing World (2024)

Grammarly Statistics

Grammarly is the go-to grammar app for writers far and wide. It has been featured in TIME Magazine, Forbes, The New York Times, and more, and it’s easy to see why. With over 400 kinds of checks and features designed to help you improve your writing, Grammarly is the perfect tool for editing anything from an important email to a best-selling novel.

In 2009, three Ukrainian entrepreneurs founded Grammarly. Since then, it has become one of the world’s most popular and useful grammar-checking tools.

Today we’re sharing some of the most interesting Grammarly statistics we’ve come across. Want to know how many people use Grammarly? And what benefits has it brought to its users? Read on to find out!

Grammarly Statistics

1. Grammarly has a rapidly growing user base of 30 million daily active users.


With over 30 million daily active users, Grammarly is the most popular grammar-checking application on the market.

In other words: every day, more than 30 million people rely on Grammarly to improve the quality of their written communication.

Here are the figures for Grammarly’s daily active user base over the past decade.

YearGrammarly Daily Active Users
202030 million
201920 million
20188 million
20166.9 million
20151 million

These users write on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WordPress blogs, and hundreds of other sites and apps across the web every single day.

They’re students and teachers; writers and editors; job seekers and professionals; marketers and salespeople; academics and researchers; bloggers and social media managers; bankers and accountants—and so much more.

But is grammar really that important anymore? After all, we have access to all the words in the world for free at our fingertips—why should we bother with correct spelling and punctuation, or even with actual sentences? If a picture is worth a thousand words, then surely an emoji is worth a thousand words, too. And besides, it’s not like people will get less of your meaning if you forget a word here and there.

Well… yes. They will. And it does matter.

Various studies have found that people who use language accurately are more likely to be considered credible and trustworthy, while those who don’t are judged as sloppy or uneducated.

Think about it: would you rather do business with someone who can’t be bothered to use capital letters or punctuation properly? Or with someone whose professional appearance and communication suggest they’re thoughtful and attentive to details?

So maybe you don’t care whether people judge you based on your writing style—but what about whether they actually understand what you’re trying to say?

Research shows that being able to use language effectively is a skill that also correlates with factual knowledge, which means it’s super important to be able to make yourself understood. You can’t get your point across if no one knows what you’re talking about!


2. More than 30,000 professional teams use Grammarly.


When you’re working in a professional capacity, it’s important to get your point across with clarity and precision. As professionals, we all know that using impeccable grammar is crucial to presenting ourselves as polished and competent.

With Grammarly, over 30,000 professional teams now give their written communications the attention they deserve to ensure that their writing is free of errors.

Companies that use Grammarly include:

  • Cisco
  • Expensify
  • Dell
  • Zoom
  • Expedia
  • Magento
  • Trulia

Grammarly isn’t just about catching typos. It’s about understanding that there’s always more to learn. It’s about building the confidence to express yourself fully and completely, no matter what you’re writing or who you’re writing for. And it’s about inspiring you to go out and make your voice heard in more places than ever before.

The fact that so many businesses use Grammarly just goes to show how useful a tool it is for professional writers.


3. Grammarly’s revenue is estimated to be $170.4 million.


Grammarly had an estimated revenue of $170.4 million in 2021, a 132% increase over 2020 when it was assessed to be $73.2 million.

Think about that for a second: that’s the kind of money serious businesses are making. This is an estimate, but it shows that Grammarly is doing something right.

This is a big deal because it means Grammarly has become one of the world’s most successful language-based software companies.

The fact that Grammarly is one of the few language-oriented tech companies out there might help explain its success—it’s hard for other companies to compete with their niche approach.


4. Grammarly has raised a total of $400 million in funding.


Grammarly, the software platform that helps you make sure your writing is accurate and free of grammatical errors, has raised $90 million in a new funding round. That brings the total amount of money Grammarly has raised to date to $400 million.

What does this mean? Well, first off, it means that Grammarly has brought in a lot of money over the years ($400,000,000 has been invested in Grammarly to date.)!

If you laid all of that money end to end, it would be enough to go directly from here to the moon and back! Or, of course, you could buy a lot of Grammarly subscriptions instead.

Grammarly plans to use the new funds to build out its product development team, explore new technologies, including artificial intelligence, and fuel international expansion efforts.

If you’ve ever wanted to start your own company, you know that raising money is one of the biggest challenges you’ll face. It’s hard to be taken seriously as a business if you can’t find people who are confident enough in your business model to give you money. So by raising this much money, Grammarly has proven that it’s worth investing in.


5. 8 investors have backed Grammarly.


The most recent investors are Baillie Gifford and BlackRock. Other investors include General Catalyst, IVP (Institutional Venture Partners), Sozo Ventures, and Breyer Capital.


6. Grammarly is valued at $13 billion.


Grammarly was founded in 2009 and has been steadily growing since. It’s now worth a total of $13 billion, making it the most valuable startup in the U.S.

This is huge news. That much value comes from a company whose product is all about helping people write better is inspiring; it shows how much a well-designed tool can improve people’s lives. Congratulations to everyone at Grammarly for getting to this point, and here’s to even greater things in the future!

Grammarly’s valuation is based on the company’s private equity fundraising round in Nov 2021. The round raised $90 million and was led by BlackRock.

But don’t be fooled by its short history: Grammarly is no overnight success. From its early days as an extension designed to help users write with greater accuracy, clarity, and engagement to its evolution into the world’s most accurate and comprehensive online writing assistance tool, Grammarly has had one goal: to help people everywhere improve their writing.

About Us | Grammarly


7. Over 500,000 applications and websites are available to use with Grammarly.


You probably already know that Grammarly works across a variety of platforms, but did you know how many?

Grammarly works on more than 500,000 applications and websites, including mail programs, enterprise application software, and word processing programs.

Grammarly has a browser extension that’s compatible with Chrome, Safari, and Firefox; an MS Office add-in for Outlook and Word; and a mobile keyboard app for both Android and iOS.

So, for example, if you write a message in your favorite chat app, Grammarly will work there. Or if you’re writing an email in your browser, Grammarly will work there too. The same goes for Microsoft Office products like Word and Outlook. And then you’ve got tools like Salesforce that you might use at work—yep, Grammarly works there as well.

Basically, if you’re writing in a place where the internet is involved (which sounds like pretty much everywhere these days), Grammarly is watching out for your grammar!


8. The number of employees at Grammarly exceeds 600.


Grammarly, headquartered in San Francisco was founded in 2009. It has grown rapidly since then, with 600+ employees and offices in San Francisco, New York, Kyiv, and Vancouver.


9. Over 10 million people have downloaded Grammarly’s free Chrome extension.

(Google Chrome)

These days, it feels like everyone has a Chrome extension. But only one is used by more than 10 million people: Grammarly for Chrome.

Why? Because Grammarly is the ultimate tool for keeping your writing mistake-free on the web. The extension runs seamlessly in the background, checking your spelling and grammar while you type.

Whenever you make a mistake, a red line appears under the word or phrase—just click on it to see what’s wrong and why, then choose the right correction.

You can even set your document’s tone and audience level to ensure that your writing sounds appropriate every time!


10. Grammarly gets over 8.8 million Google searches a month on average.

(Google Adwords)

Every month, there are 8.8 million internet searches for Grammarly. The number of searches is on a growing trend, too—it’s been increasing steadily over the past two years.

Monthly Google Searches for Grammarly

It’s no surprise that this handy writing app is so popular!

We can analyze this statistic in a few ways to illustrate its significance. First, we can look at it from an absolute value perspective: 8.8 million searches per month (over 270,000 searches per day!) means that people are extremely interested in learning more about Grammarly and possibly even using their software. This is beneficial for the company because it means that they have a broad base of potential customers who are eager and ready to buy their product.

Second, we can look at it from a relative perspective: by looking at the growth of these searches over time, we can see that interest in the company is increasing month over month. This is also very beneficial for them—it means that they’re becoming more and more well-known over time as people hear about Grammarly and decide to check them out.

Together, these facts paint a picture of a successful software company with high consumer interest levels!


11. Tiktok outperforms all other social media channels in mentions of Grammarly.


You know what they say: TikTok is where it’s at!

And if you’re looking for Grammarly, that statement couldn’t be more true.

TikTok is the social media platform that talks about Grammarly the most, in terms of relative mentions (that means the number of times it’s mentioned compared to the size of the platform).

In other words, when you compare what percentage of all conversations on each social media platform are about Grammarly, TikTok comes out on top—followed by LinkedIn, Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Surprised? Who knew Tiktok would be the #1 place to learn about grammar?

There’s definitely a case to be made that TikTok isn’t the right place for a company like Grammarly. After all, we’re a professional writing tool—shouldn’t we stick to platforms that are more serious?

But, Grammarly has a strong presence on TikTok. Since the launch of their TikTok channel back in 2020, Grammarly has gained over 78K followers and 616K likes on their videos. To engage with users, they post informational videos that explain how the app works, as well as funny videos like “If you’re bad at grammar, this is for you.”

Tiktok is a place for people to express themselves creatively, through short videos with music and sound clips that can be shared with others. Grammarly helps people express themselves clearly and correctly online so that their ideas are delivered as intended. These two things just go together!

Didn’t realize how much of an impact TikTok was making? Neither did we! But now that we do know, it looks like we have some work to do…


12. Grammarly has 700K downloads on the iOS App Store.

(Sensor Tower)

The Grammarly app has 42,973 ratings in the iOS app store.

This is the full distribution of ratings by star count:

1 star: 3,845
2 stars: 1,267
3 stars: 2,157
4 stars: 4,687
5 stars: 31,009


13. Grammarly has 900K downloads on the Google Play Store.

(Sensor Tower)

The Grammarly app has 140,739 ratings in the Android Play Store.

See a breakdown of their ratings below:

1 star: 18,733
2 stars: 5,422
3 stars: 8,391
4 stars: 16,311
5 stars: 91,872


14. 80.4 million people visit Grammarly.com every month.

(Similar Web)

Considering the number of people who write every day, this shouldn’t come as a surprise: Grammarly.com has 80.4 million monthly visitors from all around the world, with the highest traffic coming from the United States (37%), Philippines (7%), India (6%), Canada (4.6%), and the United Kingdom(4.5%).

This is a pretty impressive number, considering that only about 3.5 billion people use the Internet—that means that almost 2.2% of all Internet users visit Grammarly’s website each month. That’s especially remarkable when you consider that there are many other ways to access Grammarly services, like the Desktop app or on your phone/tablet.

A whopping 53% of the traffic is direct, meaning people come straight to the site—and nearly 30% is from search engines, which means people are finding Grammarly on Google.

The remaining portion of traffic is from social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter, referral sites such as Google Play and the Apple Store, and other sources such as email newsletters and advertisements.


15. Using Grammarly Business has led teams to reduce their mistakes by up to 74%.


This means that for every 100 errors there were, teams using Grammarly Business ended up with only 26.

This is a HUGE deal because writing mistakes can lead to serious problems in the workplace. Whether it’s an email sent out with an embarrassing typo in it or an important document full of grammatical errors, these kinds of mistakes can make your team look unprofessional and unprepared for business.

Better writing doesn’t just mean fewer typos and corrected punctuation. It means stronger communication, more efficient collaboration, and a serious boost to your bottom line.

Gramamrly Business Impact of Business Communication Infographic 5


16. 99% of students feel more confident about writing after using Grammarly Premium.


One of the most common challenges facing students is a lack of confidence in their writing abilities.

As a student, you’re constantly turning in assignments and writing papers (and let’s be honest—sometimes, you’re up late the night before they’re due). It can be hard to put your best foot forward when you’re not sure if you made silly mistakes or not.

When you’re not sure if your written material is good enough, it’s hard to focus on what you’re trying to communicate—and that can lead to poor grades, low self-esteem, and a lot of stress.

But with Grammarly Premium, students get the peace of mind that comes with knowing your work is polished and perfect. That’s why overwhelmingly, 99% of students appreciated the confidence Grammarly Premium gave them in their written material.


17. By using Grammarly Premium, 94% of students have improved their grades.


Have you ever handed in a paper to your teacher and then had them circle all the mistakes in red pen at the top of your paper? It can be embarrassing, but it’s also annoying. You probably spent hours typing up that paper. You read it over, you reread it, and then you read it again. Your mom proofread it. Your friend proofread it. And your dog probably even licked the page to make sure everything was OK.

So it’s frustrating when your teacher comes back with a big “F” at the top of the page because of all the mistakes you made. You’re smart! You know how to use commas, and you know what a semicolon is (kind of). It just seems unfair that you’re being judged on other people’s bad grammar when you’ve already done so much work writing out your ideas about whether or not Pluto is a planet.

But here’s some good news: 94% of students report that Grammarly Premium helped improve their grades! That means only 6% of students are still handing in papers that get marked down for bad grammar. That’s pretty good odds if you ask us.

Grammarly helps catch all those pesky little mistakes so you can focus on writing a strong thesis.


18. 87% of students say Grammarly Premium helps them save 1 hour each week.


Student life is tough. Between classes, assignments, and exams, it’s hard to find a moment to breathe. Grammarly Premium helps you focus on what matters most: getting your work done so you can focus on other areas of your life.

Imagine that you’ve finished the first draft of a research paper due next week. You’re exhausted and ready to be done with the project—but we both know you need to spend another couple of hours revising it before it’s ready for submission. The last thing you want to do is comb through your paper, searching for spelling and grammar errors while your brain is already fried from writing the paper in the first place.

Grammarly Premium. It’s a lifesaver for students around the world.

When you’re working on that history essay and need to cut down on your writing time, Grammarly Premium will be there for you. It detects grammar and spelling mistakes and helps you fix them as you go along, so there’s no need to spend hours poring over your own work (or your roommate’s).

87% of respondents in our survey said they save over 1 hour a week with Grammarly Premium, which is amazing. That’s up to 52 hours a year!

It’s like having an entire weekend to do what you want to do—all the time. That’s a whole weekend dedicated to writing a book, learning a new language, or playing with your dog.



Well, now you know everything there is to know about Grammarly. Okay, maybe not everything, but a lot.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this look at Grammarly and its user base! Grammarly is a big-time tool used by millions of people all over the world to help make their writing better. Whether you’re a student, a teacher, or a professional, we hope you’ll consider giving it a try.

In addition to being successful as a business, Grammarly also has a very strong brand presence online: its Twitter account has almost 215k followers, while its Instagram account has over 365k followers and its YouTube channel has almost 150k subscribers.

This is an incredible accomplishment for the startup—and it shows that the company is on track to continue growing rapidly in 2022 and beyond!

Are there any other Grammarly stats we should have included? If so, let us know on our contact page.

Until next time, happy writing!

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