100+ Catchy Ping Pong Slogans and Quotes

Ping Pong Slogans and Quotes

Ping pong is a great sport which not enough people play. It’s time to change that. And catchy slogans help, too. These Ping Pong slogans are guaranteed to inspire people to pick up a paddle and get playing. So here are plenty of catchy Ping Pong slogans and sayings to inspire you to play more and win more.


Catchy Ping Pong Slogans

Ping pong slogans are probably some of the hardest to come up with. Not only do you have the pressure of them actually sounding good, but they need to reflect how awesome you (or your brand) are. The thing is that it’s much harder to come up with nice ones! So we’re here to help and give you a little hint of what makes one catchy.

Check out these awesome (ping pong) table tennis slogans:

  • Settle for nothing but the best!
  • Ping Pong is a mind game, not a paddle game
  • Play ping pong – the ultimate workout!
  • Pick up your paddle and play!
  • Play with confidence
  • Perfect your serve
  • It’s so much more than a ball game
  • Ping Pong is everyone’s sport
  • Rule your ping pong world
  • The best ping pong player is the one who has the most fun
  • Winners never quit and quitters never win
  • Always play every point like it’s your last point scored
  • Leave your worries at the table
  • Get the ball over the net, and at your opponent’s backhand
  • Turn your living room into a fun zone
  • Become the god of Ping Pong
  • Bring the ball and have some fun!
  • Table tennis is a sport that brings people together
  • Play fair and play often
  • Give it everything the coach taught you
  • Have no fear; let your shots go
  • Play against a friend and see who can get the closest to the edge of the table without missing
  • Top of the ping pong world
  • Ping pong makes you feel like a kid again
  • For us, ping pong is the key to happiness
  • Burn the ball, not yourself
  • Aim for the highest possible scores
  • Watch the ball, not the table
  • Be observant so you know where the ball is going
  • Bounce pong balls with speed and precision
  • Ping Pong for all ages
  • Be yourself, have fun and be cool!
  • Ping pong is for life, not just for Christmas
  • He loves the game, she loves the table
  • Oh, don’t you know that it’s all about the bounce?
  • The game of the 21st century
  • Know when to put away the racket and stretch your hand muscles
  • Table tennis is a real test of stamina and patience
  • The best way to learn ping pong is to practice, practice, practice
  • Master your hand-eye coordination
  • Let a good rally be the winning point this season
  • Ping pong is a sport that fits every lifestyle, from casual fans to elite professionals. It’s time you play!
  • Grab a paddle and head over to the ping pong tables! 🏓


Creative Ping Pong Phrases

Do you have a brand related to ping pong sport and are on a hunt for a nice tagline that complements the brand name? Well, look no further! Below is a long list of creative and unique Ping Pong slogans. Read these out and pick the one you like best.

  • Ping Pong adds years to your life
  • Ping pong is more than a sport
  • Find your ping pong edge
  • Develop a killer forehand
  • Get a grip on the game
  • Keep calm and play ping pong
  • Play like you mean it!
  • Don’t tap it; smash it!
  • Get better every day!
  • Ping Pong, a universal language
  • Play to train your mind and muscles
  • Play to improve your reaction time
  • Join the action dudettes!
  • Come and hit the ball
  • Don’t be a ping pong widow
  • Are you ping pong enough?
  • Improve your game
  • The sport of champions
  • Train like a champion
  • Focus is required to improve skills
  • Keep your eye on the ball
  • Table tennis is not just a hobby, it’s a lifestyle
  • Play smarter not harder
  • Focus on technique, not power
  • Table tennis isn’t just a sport, it’s a culture
  • Stack up! Rack ’em up! And rock the table
  • Backspin can be a weakness
  • Be the best you can be
  • Play the sport of kings
  • Keep your wrists loose
  • Improvise, adapt and overcome!
  • Ping pong takes skills and dedication to master
  • They don’t call me the table tennis champ for nothing
  • Step up your game
  • Winning starts here
  • Table tennis is truly a sport for all ages
  • The love of table tennis is inside each and every one of us
  • How to win at ping pong – Confidence, timing, and cat ears!
  • Playing table tennis is fun, but it can get even more fun with this cool new lightweight racket 🏓
  • Get ready for all the fun and friendly ping pong competition
  • Playing Ping pong is a great way to improve focus, hand-eye coordination, reflexes, and quick thinking
  • Be a table tennis champion not just today but every day. Don’t stop until you get there!
  • Great table tennis players use speed to win
  • The ball is fast. The paddle even faster. This is Ping Pong 😉
  • Play like a champ with our superior table tennis equipment and training aids
  • Go for gold in your next match with this #1 ping pong racket…
  • When someone asks if I play table tennis, I always reply… HELL YEAH!
  • Let’s give it our all for the love of ping pong
  • We are committed to providing customers with one of the best table tennis experience
  • Focus on the ball. Not what’s happening off the table
  • Let the table tennis rivalry begin
  • Ping pong is life. If you agree, then join the club!
  • Careful—it’s a fast game
  • You must play ping pong at least five times a week


Memorable Ping Pong Quotes

  • A strong serve can make the difference
  • Don’t show your opponent all your shots
  • The ball is in your court, make a decision
  • In Ping Pong, a good defense is the best attack
  • Practice like you play and then play like you practice
  • Experience the power of spin
  • Show me your paddle, I’ll show you my serve
  • Make every shot as perfect as you are


Conclusion: Catchy Ping Pong Slogans

Ping Pong is more than a fun game…it’s a lifestyle! It’s a sport that your customers can live by, and the best way to reach them and make them fans is with catchy Ping Pong slogans. Also, if you want to promote yourself and stay ahead of your competitors, ping pong slogans are important to have. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of catchy Ping Pong slogans for your inspiration.



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