339 Plant Business Names that Just Might Grow on You

Plant Business Names

Planning to start your own plant nursery or other plant-related business but having a hard time deciding what to name it? If so, you’ve landed on the right page. In this article, we have gathered hundreds of catchy, creative, and unique plant business name ideas to get your creative juices flowing and help you pick an ideal name for your new venture.

When planning to start a plant-based business, the first thing you have to do is to choose an attractive business name. It is important to choose a name for your business that portrays the professionalism you are hoping to achieve and that customers will find sticks in their minds. 

To save your efforts, we’ve put together a long list of plant-based business name ideas ranging from descriptive to creative.

Unlike some name generators that spit out nonsense and don’t make sense, every name here has been handpicked by us and is perfect for any plant-related or landscape design company. 

We’re sure these names will spark some fresh ideas for you and help you find the perfect name for your gardening or landscaping company.

So, without further delay, let’s get started.

Cute Plant Business Names

Plants have a way of making us feel better. Just one pot of blooming flowers can uplift your entire living space. It is for this reason plant businesses are popping up all over the market.

While starting a plant-related business, there are so many things you need to consider before deciding to take the plunge. One of those things is your name. Finding a good name for your plant-based business is important because it will shape how the public perceives your brand. 

Listed below are some really cute plant business name ideas sure to inspire you to come up with a perfect name for your brand. Take a look!

  • Plant Addiction
  • Tiny Seeds
  • Fifth Spring
  • Beautiful Blooms
  • Bright Cactus
  • Charming Creation
  • Urban Garden
  • Art of Plants
  • Blooming Boutique
  • Flower Power
  • Sunshine Garden
  • The Plant Cabinet
  • Big and Green
  • Live Green
  • Plant Kingdom
  • Blossoming Rose
  • Happy Orchid
  • Butterfly Bush
  • Blowing Rosemary
  • Dandelion Wish
  • Butterfly Garden Inc.
  • Happy Dandelions
  • Delightful Rose
  • Poetic Plant
  • Rocking Rose
  • Plant Pot Paradise
  • Green Acres of Joy
  • Happiness in a Vase 
  • Super Green Garden
  • Five Green Thumbs
  • A Green Beginning
  • Acorn Botanicals
  • Arise and Flower!
  • Bloomin’ Lovely Inc. 
  • Tiny Orchid
  • Plant Mist
  • Cool Cacti
  • Lily Petal
  • Aesthetic Nursery
  • Mom’s Plant Garden
  • Rose Haven
  • Plant X
  • Blue Leaf 
  • Foliage and Ivy
  • Green Forest Nursery
  • Grow Your Own Garden
  • Bonsai Empire
  • Botanical Flora
  • Blooming Bounty
  • The Plant Whisperer
  • Botanicals in Bloom
  • Go Green Plants
  • A Little Greenery
  • Awesome House Plants
  • Breezy Blooms
  • Blossom Inc.
  • Sunrise Orchid
  • Plant-o-Rama
  • Abundant Aloe
  • Aromatic Rose
  • Bountiful Blueberries
  • Caring Carrot
  • Atomic Blast 
  • Bay Leaf
  • Beautiful Exotics
  • Greenhouse Growth
  • Garden Princess
  • Horticultural Bliss
  • Potting Around
  • Plant Heaven
  • Venture Garden
  • Dahlia Gardens
  • Big D’s Garden Center
  • Garden Group
  • Green Thumb


Unique Plant Shop Names

Naming your new plant shop business can be a really difficult task. With so many garden-themed names already in use, it’s hard to find one that really stands out from the crowd. At the same time, you want a compelling business name that will stick in your customers’ heads.

Here is a list of unique yet catchy plant shop name ideas to spark your creative energy. Browse through these name suggestions and pick one that suits your shop theme the most.

  • Fruit Farm
  • Flower Pot Café
  • Blooming Moments
  • Cactus PatchPlant People
  • Flower Power Group
  • The Green House Effect
  • Atlas Garden Centre
  • Bloom’s Nursery
  • Ginger Snapz Nursery
  • Green Arrow Garden
  • Always Greener
  • Acorn Nursery
  • Blueberry Hill
  • Nursery Stock
  • Seeds & Sprouts
  • Campground Gardens
  • Foster’s Greenhouse
  • Planting Service
  • Chandelier’s Garden
  • Garden Gallery
  • Crown Flora
  • Aardvark Nursery
  • Fragrant Office Plants
  • Plant Love
  • I Love Plants
  • Green Thumb
  • Foliage House Plants
  • Petticoat Gardeners
  • Treasured Plants Nursery
  • Roses and Posies
  • Gardenia Grove
  • Botanical Studio
  • Plant Parlour
  • Palm Tree Place
  • Plants and You
  • Flower Factory
  • Flourish Floral
  • Potted Plants
  • Green Shine Nursery
  • Blooming You Garden
  • Bloom and Grow
  • Plant Whisperer
  • Alpine Nurseries
  • Ladybug Basket
  • Blossom Garden
  • Petunia Nursery
  • Albonsea Gardens
  • Plant Lover’s Delight
  • Green Acres
  • Buzzy Bee
  • Moss ‘n’ Stuff
  • 1st Choice Greenery
  • The Evergreen Store


Indoor Plant Business Names

Now that you’ve decided to start an indoor plant business, it’s time to start thinking about the basics of setting up a business—especially coming up with a beautiful name. You need a name that inspires the image of greenery, nature, and anything with relation to fresh air.

Keeping this in mind, we scoured the web to find some creative name ideas for your indoor plant business. Have a look!

  • Sow and Grow
  • Green Machine
  • Flower for Thought
  • Plants in Motion
  • Plant Patrol
  • Giant Leaf
  • Bloom and Go
  • Plant Scape
  • Plant Factory
  • Green Bees
  • Garden Helpers
  • Greener World
  • Green Home.
  • Plant-O-Flex
  • Jungloom 
  • Plant Habitat
  • Lush Loam
  • Indoor Paradise
  • Jungle Power
  • Garden Today
  • Wonderful World 
  • Plants & Co
  • The Wonderful Garden
  • Lovely Garden 
  • Name Your Plant
  • Boutique Houseplants
  • Concrete Delightfuls
  • Creative Hanging Plants
  • Urban Roots Garden
  • Plant Buddies Unlimited
  • Bloom Flowers
  • Grow it Garden
  • Full Bloomers
  • Plant Depot
  • Agrigentum
  • Garden Lover 
  • Alluring Plants
  • Bright Side Gardens
  • Houseplant Paradise
  • Lovely Plants
  • The Flowering House
  • Plant Zen


Cool Plant Company Names

Whether you’re starting a landscaping business or a neighborhood flower shop, one of the most important things you can do is to choose a good name. The name is one of the first things people associate with your business. This makes it easier to market your company and attract potential customers.

We’ve listed below plenty of cool plant company name ideas for you to choose from. Hopefully, some of these will tickle your fancy!

  • Plant Life
  • Plant Lovers Club
  • Potting Shed Plant Shop
  • Forest Garden
  • Little Shop of Plants
  • Trees R Us
  • Cactus Gardens
  • Ferns Fantasy
  • Aroma Garden
  • Shrub Paradise
  • Vegetable Gardeners Delight
  • Botanical Art
  • Garden Trends
  • Plant Power
  • Plant Lovers Nursery
  • Floral Farm
  • Power Grower 
  • Just Sow It!
  • House Plant Heaven
  • Tiny Plants
  • Apple Blossoms
  • Plants R Us
  • Trees and Shrubs
  • Fiesta Flowers
  • Pretty Plant Nursery
  • Cedar Creek Nursery
  • Green World
  • Anchi Lily Farm
  • The Branchy Cactus
  • Bamboo Nursery
  • Garden Centre
  • The Green House
  • Happy Growers
  • Cotton Candy Gardenia
  • Saplings Inc.
  • Mary Rose Gardens
  • Miracle Gro Plant Shop
  • The Sprout House
  • Kiwi Herbs
  • The Flower Cupboard
  • Garden Biz
  • Plant Delights
  • Bloomin’ Flower
  • Botanicals N’ More, Inc.
  • Botanical Boutique


Funny Plant Business Names

Need something humorous or punny for your plant business? Don’t worry! We got you covered.

With a bit of creativity, some elbow grease, and these funny plant business name ideas, you will have no trouble coming up with the perfect name for your plant business.

  • Potted Potter
  • Fern’s Nest Nursery
  • Pouty Petals Garden Centre
  • Roses Galore
  • Grower’s Paradise
  • Plant Ranch
  • Sea of Green
  • Tropical Paradise
  • Nature’s Little Wonders
  • Green Bubble Greenhouses
  • Seedling Palace Nursery
  • The Plant Room
  • Wild About Plants
  • Fresh and Green
  • Merrily Merry Plants
  • Make a Plant Happen
  • Wholesale Plants
  • The Plant Supermarke
  • Garden Grabbing
  • Garden Gate
  • All Green Things
  • Planting Time
  • Flowering Onion
  • Dry Garden
  • Growin’ Paradise
  • House Of Greens
  • Plant the Seeds
  • Fixing Green Plants
  • Green Mowers
  • Grow In Style
  • Blue Orchid
  • Funky Blossom
  • Petal Pusher
  • Big Leaf Exotic Foliage
  • Sweet Basil
  • Petals to the Metal
  • Green to the Core
  • Flower Patch
  • Hanging Herbs
  • Petals ‘n’ Prayers
  • Garden Pride
  • Little Sprouts Nursery
  • Landscape Plants
  • Auric Blooms
  • Home Landscaping
  • Purple Rose Garden
  • Wildflower Patch
  • Tulip Therapy
  • Plant Hive Nursery
  • 1-800-FLOWERS
  • Great Plant Escape
  • The Weed Patch
  • Greenhouse of Horror
  • Evergreen Nursery
  • Bloom Like a Rose
  • Golden Touch Plants
  • Black Dahlia Flower Co.
  • The Blue Greenhouse
  • Gourmet Plants
  • Succulent Mania


Plant Business Name Generator

Tired of boring/generic plant business name ideas and need something interesting? No worries! We have gathered some awesome name ideas generated by a plant business name generator. Enjoy!

  • Plant Street
  • Green Fingers
  • Bloomin’ Petals Nursery
  • Organic Plant Nursery
  • Planting Season Inc.
  • Apple Tree Inventory
  • Perennial Plants
  • Blooming Basket Nurseries
  • Sunflower Design Co.
  • Garden Gnomes
  • The Busy Bee Gardener
  • Palm Bonsai
  • Smart Garden
  • Gardener’s Corner
  • Ambrosia Plants and Trees
  • Berry Farm
  • Alchemy Garden Centre
  • Garden Seeds and Plants
  • Carrot Patch Nursery
  • Cool Plants
  • Grow Green LLC
  • Rainbow Seeds, Inc.
  • Wildlife Gardens
  • Green Thumb Garden
  • Botany and Buds
  • Forever Green
  • Interior Orchids
  • Green Thumb Growers Inc.
  • Enchanting Garden
  • Floral Fusion
  • Bonsai Nursery
  • Busy Lizzie Pots
  • Floral Paradise
  • The Plant Factory
  • Plant Buddy
  • Plant Solutions
  • Comfort Petal
  • Pots ‘n’ Posies
  • Plant Nation
  • Grass Roots
  • Plant Nerd
  • Green Thumb Club
  • Blooms, Roots & Trees
  • Mr. Bloomer
  • Gardening Choice
  • Plants and More
  • Blossom Galore
  • Plant-It, Inc.
  • Growing Together Nursery
  • Le Chateau Flowers & Plants
  • Flower Design
  • The Perfect Potted Plants
  • Jungle Grooming
  • Top Soil


How to Name Your Plant Business?

Choosing the right name for your plant business can mean a lot in terms of getting good business recognition and establishing good market traction. It is a very important decision that should not be taken lightly.

Your business name is going to be the first impression to every plant lover who visits your website or store. A well-thought name can help your new business stand out from the pack and attract new customers. It’ll help build trust and credibility among the target audience.

Your business name is not only a reflection of who you are, but it needs to resonate with your customers too. You want to create a strong name that represents the quality of your services or results! It should have a positive meaning and inspire confidence in potential customers. 

Let’s see some tips and techniques to choose a good name for your plant business:

  • Start by brainstorming a list of words that represent your business
  • Aim for something short and simple
  • Make sure that the name is easy to spell and pronounce
  • Add words that correspond to your brand values; i.e., wisdom (ancient + philosophy), green (environmental), curiosity (exploration), etc.
  • The target customer should be able to immediately associate it with plants
  • The name must be capable of portraying the nature of your plant business
  • Do your research on the name and make sure it’s not trademarked
  • Avoid numbers and hyphens
  • Ensure the name that will stand the test of time
  • Check the availability of the domain name (Remember your business name MUST be dot com)


Conclusion: Plant Business Names

Well, there you have it, so many awesome name suggestions for your plant business. These naming ideas are just the tip of the iceberg, but we hope you now have enough inspiration and ideas for naming your plant business.

Maybe you’ll create an all-in-one plant store? Or maybe just a simple nursery selling tiny little plants? Either way, you now have a huge range of options to help you start your business on a footing that will get you comfortable and thriving in whatever industry you choose.

Hope you’ve enjoyed it and gleaned a few ideas from the process as well. Remember, using a well-thought name can help your new business stand out above the rest in an already crowded industry! 

Thanks for visiting..and have a great day!

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