311 Wedding Planner Company Name Ideas

Wedding Planner Company Names

Wondering what to call your new wedding planning business? Need some wedding planner company name ideas? Do you want a catchy brand that screams your specialty (Hello, Mr. Bride!)? I know how this feels—I’ve started my own wedding planning business!

If you are a wedding planner or event planner and want to open your own business, it’s important to come up with a good business name. So what are some creative wedding planner company name ideas? The most important thing is that your company name should relate to weddings or events. This will help ensure that you effectively brand yourself and market yourself over time.

Short Wedding Planner Company Names

You found it! The list of short wedding planner company name ideas that you’ve been looking for. Alright, let’s get right into it, shall we?

Wedding planning companies plan wedding events for their clients. This may include small intimate get-togethers or large events that require specialized planning and resources. These company names do not follow any particular format. However, they usually contain terms that refer to weddings or the act of planning for a happy and long future.

Wedding planner companies generally choose short names as they look great on business cards and other marketing materials.


Angelik is a great short name for a wedding planner company. This name is based on the term “angelic” which may describe the feeling of being in love on your big day.



Together is another suitable short name for a wedding planner company. This name is a play on the term “together”, and offers confidence for anyone that believes they and their loved one will be “togetha” for a long time.



Sparklee is a magical sounding short name for a wedding planner company. This name is based on the term “Sparkly” would be a fitting name for any wedding planner company that offers to add a bit of sparkle to your big day.


  • Beespoke
  • Hapili
  • Wedded
  • Matrimoni
  • Ador
  • Ceremoni
  • Guestly
  • Forchunat
  • Champas
  • Wishiz
  • Fucha
  • Ellovee
  • Taffi
  • Boukay
  • Ringalings
  • Beginningz
  • Lifelove
  • Bigtie
  • Dovely
  • Celebr8
  • Mansions
  • Dezembers
  • Newleaf
  • Rozes
  • Daffodillz
  • Petels
  • Nubranch
  • Magikal
  • Vonder
  • Swiftli
  • Blum
  • Eventive
  • Planno
  • Propozels
  • Tuxx
  • Le Blanc
  • Jadee
  • Mowi
  • Headrezz
  • Nurings
  • Inlove
  • Passhown
  • Affektion
  • Bluesses
  • Embroido
  • Shinies
  • Teallo


Catchy Wedding Planner Company Names

Many wedding planner companies choose catchy names because they tend to be fun and stick in your mind. A couple that is excited for their big day may be interested in choosing a wedding planning company with a fun-sounding name to help spread the excitement around.

I Do Events

“I Do Events” is a catchy wedding planner name that is a play on the phrase “I Do”. This name also references that the company “does” events, which makes it a fun name that is memorable.


Forever & Eva

“Forever & Eva” would be a great name for a wedding planner company owned by someone named Eva. The name references the term “forever and ever” which is typically associated with marriage.


Everlasting Events

“Everlasting Events” is a catchy and memorable name for a wedding planner company. It would be ideal for any planner company that claims to throw events that are so enjoyable that attendees want them to last forever, or become “everlasting”


  • Big Day Planners
  • Juss Married
  • Inspire Events
  • Dream Plan
  • Gatheringz Co
  • Bright Occasions
  • Sunny Future
  • Nu Beginnings
  • Drawn Togetha
  • Grand Time
  • Joint Familiez
  • Joyful Events
  • Happy Beggownings
  • Glamorous Galas
  • Your Day
  • Their Big Day
  • Tux n Gown
  • Roses and Co
  • Sunshine Daizies
  • Daffodil Events
  • Sunny Smiles
  • Eternal Love
  • Regal Plans
  • Your Desire
  • Day of Love
  • Conifer Events
  • The One
  • Neo Plans
  • Comfy Times
  • Champagne Dreams
  • Brilliant Memories
  • Romantic Wedding Planners
  • Wedding Coordinators
  • Get On the Spot
  • Simply Sweets and Treats
  • The Exceptional Wedding Co
  • Big Day Celebrations
  • Sunny Day Celebrations
  • Juicy Bowls
  • Sunny Days
  • Garden of Love
  • Bright Star Events
  • Blissful Beginnings Events
  • The Big Night Company
  • Destination Wedding Planner
  • Love and Kisses Weddings
  • Fabulous Functions
  • Goldenarch Events
  • Pinetree Planning
  • Loveboat Co
  • Farmtastic Weddings
  • Just Hitched
  • Matters of The Heart
  • Spicing Up Your Life
  • Wed Wanters
  • Eventful Occasions
  • Love Incorporate Inc
  • Partying Till We Drop Inc
  • It’s Our Party Inc
  • Celebration Place 
  • Royal Planning Company
  • The Wedding Junction
  • Wedding Bliss
  • Dream Wedding
  • Wildflower Weddings 
  • Majesty Events
  • Golden Tablecloth
  • Big Bouquet
  • Course of Love
  • Amber Events
  • Glass Slipper Co
  • Purple Leaves
  • Elegance Everywhere
  • Superduper Events
  • Hand n Hand
  • Pearl and Co.


Creative Wedding Planner Company Names

Some wedding planner companies choose creative names that sound funky or convey out-of-the-box thinking. The companies choose such names because they want to show off their creative and inventive nature. After all, everyone wants their wedding to be a special day that stands apart from the rest of the days of their lives.

Something Blue

“Something Blue” is a creative name that refers to the English custom of brides wearing something blue on their wedding day.


Sweet Beginnings

Sweet Beginnings is another creative name that references how weddings mark the beginning of a happy time for couples.


Rare Occasions

Rare Occasions is a straightforward name that references the rare and special nature of weddings.


  • Shine on Weddings
  • Royal Plans
  • Prime Events
  • Wedding Bellz
  • Rosy and Co
  • Charming Times
  • Lush Endeavours
  • Magical Days
  • Wand and Co
  • Enchanted Evenings
  • June Bune Events
  • Marshall and Co
  • Love & Joys
  • Happier Days
  • Queen of Love
  • Forever Memories
  • Moments Co
  • Weddings R Us
  • Enchantment Plans
  • Starlight Events
  • Celestial Weddings
  • Lovelife Co
  • Pro Plannerz
  • Wedding Doctors
  • Shuffles Events
  • Sweetly Yours
  • Romantic Regards
  • Prideful Planning
  • Wedding Planet
  • Sakura Days
  • Blossoming Co
  • Memory Creators
  • The Big Plan
  • Glass Mirror Events
  • Rememberer
  • Forever Parties
  • Champagne Fountains
  • First Dance Events
  • Golden Acorn
  • Sterling Leaves
  • Sapphire Sights
  • Tulip Times
  • Krystal Events
  • Opal Planning
  • Ruby and Co.
  • Cindy Events
  • Mica Memories


Unique Wedding Planner Company Names

Many wedding planner companies choose unique sounding names because it helps them stand out from the many other wedding planner companies in their area. These names do not follow any particular format. However, they should be unique and fit with a wedding theme.

Finding a unique wedding planner company name can be hard. Yet, the whole idea behind running a wedding planning business is to be different than your competitors. So why not make a statement?


Wedding Trendz

“Wedding Trendz” is a funky-sounding name that would be ideal for any wedding planning company that claims to be ahead of the curve when it comes to planning trendy weddings.


Effortless Memories

“Effortless Memories” is a unique sounding name that conveys what every person wants out of their wedding: wonderful memories created without putting in the extra effort.


White Rose Planning

“White Rose Planning” is an elegant sounding name that references the white roses that are distributed at weddings.


  • Premier Events Co
  • Prideful Days
  • Wedding Occasions
  • Flowers 4 Us
  • Garnet Events
  • Scarlet Dreams
  • Mindful Memories
  • Mint Events
  • Brilliantly and Co
  • One More Guest
  • Small World Events
  • Just Lovely
  • Happiness Forever
  • Urban Dreams
  • Outdoor Celebrations
  • Quaint Events
  • Stylist Marriages
  • Brigitte Planners
  • Lunar Events
  • Just Wonderful
  • Epic Weddings
  • Superb Events
  • A Little Extra
  • Wondrous Worlds
  • Teal Tangents
  • Close Rings
  • Bouquet Closet
  • Extravagant Attendees
  • Digital Weddings
  • Virtual Memories
  • Augmented Love
  • Neverending Nuptials
  • Bundled Brides
  • Busy Bee Weddings
  • Just Relax Planning
  • Luminous Lovers
  • Venus Planning
  • Jessica and Co
  • Martha Events
  • Woman With a Plan
  • Picturesque Weddings
  • Beautified Moments
  • The Happy Place
  • English Bridal planning
  • Strategic Events
  • Dear and Co
  • Brighter Life


Trustworthy Wedding Planner Company Names

When it comes to weddings and the stress that surrounds them, trust is everything. People want to go with a wedding planner who they can trust to guide them through all these overwhelming decisions and make their day special. You need a name that reflects how trustworthy and responsible you are.


Get It Done

“Get It Done” is a sassy name for a wedding planner company. It would be ideal for any company that touts itself as being able to take on any wedding planning challenge.


Helping Hand Events

“Helping Hand Events” is a trustworthy sounding name that will draw in customers. Everyone needs a helping hand when planning their wedding, and this name provides that hand.


Nick of Time

“Nick of Time” events would be the perfect name for any wedding planner company that can plan weddings on short notice, and get them set up in the “nick of time”


  • Last Minute Aid
  • Wedding Nurse
  • Big Day Guard
  • Love Sentinel
  • New Branch Planning
  • Helpful Friend Events
  • Love & Co
  • Sweet Things
  • Honeyed Memories
  • Rose Tinted
  • Joy Planner
  • Loving Hand
  • Glorious Grooms
  • Bride 2 B
  • Lavish Getogethers
  • The Happy Place
  • The Hot Spot
  • Gardenia Weddings
  • Pier Forever
  • Beachside Forever
  • Sunsets and Co
  • Shimmer Events
  • Fashionable Weddings
  • Expert Planners and Co
  • The Greek Wedding
  • Organizing Place
  • Wedding Flair
  • Lantern Events
  • Destiny Weddings
  • The Heart’s Desire
  • Best Day Planning
  • Cheery Days
  • Wishes Wedding Co
  • The Big Agenda
  • Sweetest Love
  • Taffy and Co
  • Amanda Planning
  • Michelle Weddings
  • Jolie Events
  • Cleopatra and Co
  • Beautiful Beginnings
  • Until Then
  • New Start
  • Next Phase Weddings
  • Prime Love
  • From Within Events
  • White Dress Planning


Cool Wedding Planner Company Names

Gone are the days when you could blindly choose a wedding planner company’s name just because it sounds “nice” and henceforth, you would have to live with it for years.

Many wedding planning companies are run by young individuals who want to provide modern weddings for other young people of their generation. Such companies choose “cool” sounding names as they appeal to young soon-to-be weds.


Sumptuous Scenes

“Sumptuous Scenes” is a fancy wedding planning company name that would be great for any company that excels at throwing lavish events.


Panacea Planner

“Panacea Planner” is a cool name that would attract couples who want all their wedding planning woes remedied in an instant.


Eloquence Defined

Eloquence Defined is a great name for any wedding planning company that is adept at planning eloquent-looking events that become the talk of the town.


  • Left Field Events
  • Blue Skies Forever
  • Marmalade Dreams
  • Exquisite Planning
  • Onyx Weddings
  • Retro Love
  • Love Jukebox
  • Sci-Fi Weddings
  • Epiphany Weddings
  • Aurora Planning
  • Delicate Events
  • Panacea Nuptials
  • Languor and Co
  • Limerence Events
  • Galactic Planner
  • Opulence Events
  • Akimbo Weddings
  • Elixir Events
  • White Silhouette
  • Mellifluous Memories
  • Epoch Events
  • Sonorous Bells
  • Ethereal Love
  • Dream Maker Co
  • Pretrichor
  • Iridescent Memories
  • Supine Times
  • Luminescent Love
  • Syzygy Events
  • Fluorescent Dreams
  • Interlife Events
  • Redolent Memories
  • Ephemeral Paths
  • Vellichor Co
  • Sonderly Events
  • Dulcet and Co
  • Felicity Planning
  • Imbued Love
  • Lilith Weddings
  • Riparian and Co
  • Wafture Weddings
  • Oh Comely Events
  • Ebullience Planning
  • Special Things
  • These Moments
  • Inglenook Events
  • Gambol Planning


Conclusion: Wedding Planner Company Names

Starting a wedding planning company requires a lot of creativity. About half of the current wedding companies out there have boring, unimaginative names that lack any real personality.

For example, let’s take Absolute Weddings as an example. Nothing about this name says anything about the company or its services. It could be about weddings in general or it could be about providing marriage counseling and family therapy, for all we know.

When it comes to running a wedding planning company, you need a catchy name that will make clients choose you. It’s not enough to say “wedding planner” in your business name because then it won’t be more memorable than any other wedding planner. You also need an exact match .com domain name that sounds good with your company name.

Congratulations!! With hard work and consistent effort, you now have a good sense of the type of ideas that would work well for your wedding planner business name. You also have an idea where to look to find the name you really want.

Best of luck with everything!

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