217 Animal Rescue Slogans and Taglines

Animal Rescue Slogans

Getting leads for your animal rescue business is tough. You spend all day, every day, rescuing pets and caring for them until they can be adopted into their forever homes. If only there was a way to get the word out you exist that didn’t involve you personally speaking to people…

It’s a fact that animal rescues need more publicity, online presence, and foot traffic to find homes for all of their rescued animals.

Luckily, we have created super catchy slogans that are guaranteed to capture the attention of even the most fickle soul and make them like and share your posts on social media!

Catchy Animal Rescue Slogans

Animal rescue businesses have a difficult time showing their true emotions.

A cold-hearted, non-profit animal rescue business is not what anyone wants to see.

Here are catchy slogan ideas that you could use to create your own piggy, chicken, dog, and cat-friendly slogans for your animal rescue:

  • Let’s help dogs get adopted.
  • Home is where the heart is
  • Adopting a rescued pet can save two lives
  • Saving one animal will change your life forever
  • If you are not a vegan, you are eating animal
  • You can only hug animals you have
  • Adopt, don’t shop
  • Don’t buy, adopt!
  • All dogs go to heaven
  • There are shelters, there is hope!
  • One life saved is a life worth living
  • Save lives, adopt pets
  • Buy pets from a shelter or breed rescue
  • Animal lovers are some of the nicest people you will ever meet.
  • Help homeless animals find a forever home.
  • Saving harmless, homeless animals.
  • Our goal is to find homes for all animals because no one deserves to be left behind.
  • Kindness is our strength…
  • It’s only a matter of time until all animals are free.
  • Adopt a pet today and bring an end to animal cruelty.
  • Howl for freedom.
  • If we can’t save them all, then we can at least save one.
  • If you love animals, please adopt from your local shelter. 💗
  • Join the movement to save animals.
  • Don’t be afraid to make a difference. Adopt! 🐶
  • If you can’t adopt, please spay or neuter your pet.
  • A world where all animals are treated with kindness and respect.
  • All life is precious
  • Hit the heart, not the head
  • Sometimes the animal can’t tell you what’s wrong, so we have to figure it out
  • We care for cats that have outlived their owners.
  • Breeders do it wrong, rescue does it right
  • Don’t buy…Rescue!
  • Adopt shelter pups – they need loving homes
  • We will adopt your animals
  • You can count on us
  • We promote responsible pet ownership
  • Be a responsible breeder
  • We provide a way for you to give back to animals in need.
  • Rescue a dog or cat and it will rescue your life in return.
  • The poor animals are desperate for your help.
  • There are thousands of homeless pets waiting for love and a forever home in shelters and rescues.
  • We are just ordinary people who found ourselves in a position where we couldn’t ignore animals’ torture.
  • Your voice has the power to make a difference for animals.
  • Be inspired to bring a homeless dog, cat, or rabbit into your home.
  • Help a blind dog see the world, or a rescued dog heal.
  • Adoption saves lives. Help today.
  • Cats are cool
  • Let the animals find their own home
  • Only you can prevent animal cruelty
  • Many Meows, One Heart
  • Never too late to adopt, never too young to learn
  • Save a pet
  • Say no to breeding
  • Return lost pets
  • The more adoptions the merrier
  • We save animals. We also save you money.
  • Rescue a pet, adopt today!
  • We rescue, rehabilitate and find homes for homeless pets!
  • For every animal, there is a loving home
  • Adopt, foster, volunteer
  • Making a difference one pet at a time
  • A lonely animal is an unhappy animal
  • Animals can’t speak for themselves, that’s why they need your help!
  • Help us to make the world a better place for animals!
  • Adoption. It’s not just for Christmas
  • Be their furrever friend
  • Sponsor an animal
  • Be the hero
  • Love your pets, have a heart
  • Adopting pet is an act of kindness
  • We treat animals like family
  • Help us to help animals and provide life-changing support for animals
  • Help to find animals homes.
  • Help the helpless
  • Don’t breed, or buy, when you can adopt
  • The difference you make is great
  • Foster a litter today!
  • These kittens all need your help
  • Don’t send them back.
  • Why not adopt a homeless animal?
  • We rescue animals, so should you
  • A dog saved is a dog who’ll never abandon you
  • Spay and neuter before you give them away
  • Make room for a rescue pet
  • Adoption is much more than the taking of a new pet into your home.
  • Save a kitten today
  • Home, not an option? Try a cat shelter!
  • If you can’t take care of them, don’t have them at all
  • A full stomach is a happy dog
  • We are the first no-kill animal shelter in the area.
  • You’ll save animals and money. How does that sound to you?
  • We’re a charity that helps animals. That’s all we do.
  • We rescue all kinds of animals—even if no one else will.
  • We don’t turn our backs on kittens and puppies with special needs.
  • All the rescue work we do is paid for by adoption fees.
  • We believe in full transparency, so you know exactly where your money is going whenever you adopt a pet from us.
  • Let’s work together to shut down puppy mills and stop animal cruelty.
  • We all want to be rescued, adopt a dog today.
  • Now is the time to open your heart and home to an animal in need.
  • Animals are not ours to abuse.
  • Won’t you join me in helping animals?
  • Want to do something about humane cruelty?
  • Saving animals is a community effort.
  • Share the love and adopt a furry friend today.
  • Fighting extinction isn’t a choice – it’s our duty.
  • We protect wildlife and wild places around the globe so future generations can enjoy them, too. ❤👍🐘
  • A better world for animals
  • Better to have loved a short dog than never loved a dog at all
  • Don’t give up your pet
  • Help stop animal cruelty by reporting it
  • Only buy from companies that donate to local shelters
  • Become a volunteer – volunteers are what keep animal shelters running
  • Animals deserve better than the factory farm system
  • Cats lovers are getting together to help cats in need.
  • Your donation can literally save a life 🙏
  • You need a rescue you can trust
  • Where your gentle family pet is never forgotten.
  • A safe and caring place where each animal whatever its size will receive the best care
  • Support your local animal shelter
  • A dog is for life, not just for Christmas
  • The pets are waiting for you
  • Who rescued who?
  • Don’t buy pets from pet stores
  • Our team of volunteers is truly committed.
  • Every shelter pet has a unique personality and story that deserves to be told.
  • Sometimes, rescue is just the beginning – it’s about giving each pet a forever home.
  • We’ll take good care of your pet.
  • We are on a mission to raise money and awareness for animals in need.
  • It’s hard to resist the cute faces of animals who need a home
  • Save a life, not a dollar.
  • A dog is for life, not just for Halloween 👻
  • Animals are not accessories!
  • Let’s give a warm welcome to this beautiful rescued baby owl 🦉 who needs your help to live.
  • Adopt the unloved pet
  • Our community, your responsibility
  • Because every pet deserves to have a loving home
  • A homeless animal is one sad pet
  • Celebrate adoption not shopping
  • We rescue animals from abuse and neglect.
  • We believe in saving the animals
  • Feed the need, love the breed
  • A dog is a man’s best friend
  • Take a moment to pet the animal
  • Do something kind for animals
  • Be the Anti-Cruelty
  • Applause is louder than criticism
  • Rescue, rehab, release
  • Give older animals a chance too
  • Adopt. Foster. Donate: Pets are family
  • Cultivating compassion and responsibility towards animals
  • Help local pets live long and happy lives in loving homes…
  • Stop the suffering! Adopt a dog today!
  • Animals deserve love too
  • Your donations save homeless animals.
  • Help reunite owners and pets
  • Never give up on ANY animal
  • Never pass by an animal in distress
  • Remember that every act of kindness counts
  • Make the best decision for the animals
  • Don’t buy animals from pet shops, or breeders.
  • Be prepared to help an animal in need at any given moment
  • You don’t have to go broke and bend over backward to help homeless animals.
  • A loving pet is a wonderful addition to any family
  • A rescued pet is worth its weight in gold
  • You can’t buy love at a pet store
  • Don’t buy designer dogs
  • We’re saving one dog and cat at a time
  • Don’t just take photos – take action!
  • If you’re happy and you know it – adopt.


Funny Animal Rescue Slogans

To make your animal shelter business stand out – you need to make people laugh. Why not add some humor to your own animal rescue business with our help?

Aesthetic or funny slogans are likely to make your audience laugh as well as communicate a message. Here is our list of funny animal rescue slogans to inspire your next marketing campaign.

  • It’s not a dog people, but it still needs rescue.
  • There’s no place like this. 🐾🐶
  • This place totally makes me want to rescue a pet.
  • I’m a kitten and I’m OK with that. Adopt me and let me melt your heart 😻
  • Meeting all of these animals so that we can meet all of you? That’s a win-win situation 😻😻
  • Treat yourself to a puppy 🐶 !
  • 🐱🐆🐈🦄 #rescuecatstagram
  • If you run fast enough, they might think you’re a dog #lol
  • Dispatch! Animal rescue troops, move out 🐶🐱
  • Adopt 🐶🐶🐶 … and take home a funny smiling pack of friends that will fill your life with joy 👍😊❤️
  • Save a life, adopt from your local shelter ☺
  • Our animal shelter is full of new arrivals
  • We work to find forever homes for the cats and kittens who enter the shelter ❤️
  • All dogs dream of wide open spaces, starry skies, and steaming bowls of food… 🐶👍🐕
  • Respect not just the animals, but their human companions as well.
  • Don’t let your furry friend fend for itself


Animal Rescue Taglines

Looking for a tagline to make your animal rescue organization stand out from the crowd?

Our list of taglines will give you ideas, inspiration and help find a tagline that elevates your business and does it effectively:

  • Be the voice for the voiceless
  • Always give a home
  • Protecting our planet is caring for animals
  • Abandonment is cruel – take them to the shelter, not the street
  • Volunteer for your local humane society
  • 🐾Adopt a pet 🐾
  • Helping animals, protecting the environment
  • Today is the day―adopt a shelter pet today
  • Take a moment to pat your dog
  • Love is not what you bring home, love is what you pack away!
  • Be authentically you
  • Make a lifelong commitment
  • Give animals a second chance in life
  • We have an unimpeachable record of saving animals from kill shelters and putting them in good homes.
  • We’re the ones to call if you want to give a homeless pet a second chance.
  • Support the cause. Save an animal’s life.
  • Give them a life of love and affection.
  • Because every dog deserves to be rescued
  • Let us make life better for our animal friends.
  • Help rehabilitate homeless pets.
  • We are a proud advocate for animal rescues and shelters.
  • Helping dogs and cats in need is easy and possible
  • We’re happy for you to make us a part of a rescue story.
  • Dedicated to saving dogs and puppies from high-kill shelters
  • We rescue. We rehabilitate. We release. And we are helping to change the world.
  • Adoption changes everything.
  • We’re too good to be forgotten.
  • Like dogs need humans, and humans need dogs. 🐶
  • Take a rescued animal for a stroll
  • Helping as many animals as possible
  • Let us stop animal abuse!


Conclusion: Animal Rescue Slogans

Slogans are responses to the question: What do you do and why should I care?

Everyone knows about the issue of pets ending up in a shelter, but they don’t know how to fix it.

It is difficult for animal rescue businesses to create unique and resonating slogans that would create a positive association between potential donors and homeless pets in need of shelter and care.

The challenge lies with small business owners who might not have the marketing budget to hire expert copywriters or graphic designers.

All these small business owners want is to reach more people and encourage them to help their local animal shelters. Our team is dedicated to serving these small business owners who are passionate about helping their local animals in need.

We hope you found this list of original and effective slogans useful. The skilled branding experts at Soocial created these slogans, so you can be sure that they will help you develop a strong brand image and boost business.

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