421 Animation Studio Name Ideas That Spark Joy

Animation Studio Names

Finding that perfect name for your animation studio is never easy. You want it to be catchy and memorable, but what happens when you just can’t think of that one name that is perfect for your business? Sometimes all you need is a spark of inspiration, some fresh ideas. And we have just the thing for you. We’ve put together a giant list of catchy, cool, and unique animation studio name ideas that are sure to spark your imagination.

Animation is a HUGE industry — if your new studio wants to make it big among competition like Nickelodeon or Disney, you’ll need to make a flashy debut. One way of doing so is by creating a catchy name for your studio. Having a cool name is an important first step in building an awesome brand.

You want something friendly, thought-provoking, and easy to remember. Creating a memorable brand is essential to kick off a strong relationship with potential clients. It has the potential to leave a powerful first impression on your audience.

While it may initially seem like a simple task, the name of your studio is more important than what you think. Making sure it has the right brand appeal, is easy to remember, and creates an identity that stands out from its competitors takes a lot of time and effort.

To make things easier for you, we’ve prepared a long list of animation studio name ideas that you can use to help get your creative juices flowing when brainstorming for the perfect name.

Catchy Animation Studio Names

Animation studios can be a real creative outlet for people who have a knack for storytelling, unique characters, and amazing worlds. However, trying to come up with a name for your studio can be difficult and intimidating.

When starting an animation studio, one of the most important things you should start with is the name. You want to name your animation studio something that sounds good, has a nice meaning behind it, and fits into your brand’s personality.

Since the nature of your business is creative, you want to come up with a catchy name that will help give your brand a creative edge. But there are so many creative ideas and possibilities out there that it becomes hard to decide what you want your brand to look like.

To help you out, we’ve listed below a bunch of catchy name suggestions for your animation studio that are sure to inspire!

  • Appealing Pictures
  • Happy Cartoons
  • Animation City
  • Magical Sparkles
  • Animated Reality
  • Go Animate
  • Ace Animations
  • Tiny Toons
  • Animation Sense
  • Pixel Palace
  • Digital Dreams
  • Animation Labs
  • Splash Entertainment
  • Funtime Flicks
  • Animated Views
  • Doodly Animations
  • Animation Box
  • Rolling Cartoons
  • Toon Masters
  • Fluffy Joy Productions
  • Toon Pix
  • Bad Dog Studios
  • Tale of a Time Production Inc.
  • Mowgli Studio
  • Ani-Motion Pictures
  • Qwerty Productions Inc.
  • Sprinkle Pix
  • Animate to Life
  • Cartoono
  • Little Animation Studio
  • Cartoonium
  • A Bug’s Life Studios
  • Animation Alliance
  • Wonderland Animations
  • Mighty Animations
  • Bearded Dragon Entertainment
  • Go Big Animation Inc.
  • Dragonfly Productions
  • Animation World Network
  • Anchor Animation Studio
  • Gotta See Productions
  • Howl Productions
  • Animation X
  • Alternative Reality Productions
  • Carrot Animations
  • Abnormal Productions
  • Animatrix
  • Big Fat Mouse
  • Bare Bones
  • Dandelion Animation
  • Animatic
  • Alien Animation
  • Bee’s Knees Animation
  • Bullet Time Animations
  • Amblimation
  • Awesome Toons
  • Bones Brigade
  • Zoomimation
  • Happy Harmony
  • Doodle Doo
  • Countless Animation
  • Toon Tubbies
  • Radiance Entertainment
  • Animations Unlimited
  • Advent Animation
  • Cartoonarium
  • Mr. Animation
  • Eight Owls
  • Spicy Treat Productions
  • Animation Square
  • Animenation
  • Animation Avenue
  • Cartoon Animation Inc.
  • Animazement
  • Crazy Monkey Studios Inc.
  • Have Fun Animation
  • Virtual Flux Animation
  • Skeleton Crew
  • All Day Entertainment
  • Maximalism Studios Inc
  • Toon Boom
  • Pixel Scrappers
  • Animate It
  • The Animator
  • Anime Works
  • Ditzy Daffodil Productions
  • Barnyard Studios
  • Argh! Entertainment
  • I Heart Animation
  • 360-degree Animation
  • Toonz Animation Studio
  • Talkie Animation
  • Cinemaniacs Studios
  • Fantastic Studios
  • Achievement Animation
  • Animation Station
  • Sunshine House
  • Next Level Animation
  • Make My Day Productions
  • Blue Pixel
  • Justice Animations
  • Bubbles Studios
  • Animation Force
  • Happy Ending Productions
  • Aniboom
  • Funimation
  • Animation Union
  • Animators Delight
  • Animation Channel
  • Bighead Media
  • Animovator
  • Grove Studios
  • Millennial Animation
  • Animation Hub
  • Motion Works
  • Pixel Land
  • Animated Solutions LLC
  • Animated
  • Toon Contour
  • Super Happy Animation
  • Butterfly Studios
  • Imagine That Studios
  • Fishfinger Animation
  • Panda Animation Studio
  • Animation Planet
  • Smiling Cartoons
  • 4th Wall Animation
  • Adventures in Odyssey
  • Squirrel Works
  • Fuzzy Wuzzy Productions
  • Blown Away Animation
  • After Dark Films
  • A Little Odd Productions
  • Froggy Follies
  • 1-800-ANIMATION
  • AquaGreen Studios
  • Cartoon Bumpers
  • Animation Lounge
  • Artland Animation Studio
  • Green Frog Studios
  • Animated Dreams Studios
  • Art of Animation
  • Animations’ Edge
  • Digital Knuckles
  • Storyboard Studios
  • Shadow Machine
  • After Hours Animation
  • Barefoot Productions
  • Sunshine Animation
  • Big City Productions
  • Animation Factory
  • Animator Academy
  • Blue Sky Studios
  • Toon Box
  • Honey Pot Studios
  • Moving Pixels
  • Fuzzy Pictures
  • Animation Media Group
  • Animation Corner Inc.
  • Pixooo
  • Bright Sun Productions
  • Animation Cow
  • Animated Media
  • Abacus Animation
  • Anime Studio
  • Magical Mayhem
  • Spark Animation
  • Animate Me
  • Adrenaline Animations
  • Butter Hurt Productions
  • Green Puppet Animation Studio
  • Angel Wings Studios
  • Argon Studios
  • Blizzard Stars Studio
  • Fancy Pants Studio
  • Fine Mess Animation Studio
  • Toon The Town
  • Miracle Studios
  • Dull Things Animation Co
  • Animation Ninja
  • The Toon Factory
  • Happy Forest Animation Studios
  • Smiling Pillow Productions Inc.
  • Brown Animation Studios
  • Turquoise Television
  • Orange Cream Productions
  • Black Bag Cartoon Studio
  • White Night Cartoons
  • Antelope Animation
  • Bloodhound Productions
  • Blue Jay Animations
  • Baffling Bee Animations
  • Bouncing Babies
  • Crazy Cow Studio
  • Anime Maniacs Inc.


Cool Animation Studio Names

What’s in a name? Quite a bit, as it happens. Think about some of the best brands in the world – Coca-Cola, Nike, Disney, Apple, Pixar, and on and on. Look how memorable and cool they sound!

A good studio name is the foundation on which your business will be built. Because of this, you need something that both captures the passion of your industry while at the same time fitting your branding requirement and business model.

In this roundup, we have handpicked plenty of cool animation studio names that will set the bar really high on your creativity and give you the inspiration to generate the best name possible. Take a look!

  • Animate Craft
  • Rosebud Animations
  • Buzzword Animation
  • Mixed Media Animation
  • Hipster Studio
  • Engage Art and Animation
  • Image Paradise Studio Inc.
  • Playhouse Productions
  • Fun Animation
  • Creative Circus
  • Digital Future
  • Animated Illustrations
  • Pop Fun Toon
  • Cartoons R Us
  • Toon Werks
  • Easy Toons
  • Radical Animations
  • Studio Mynd
  • Brain Animation
  • Animation City
  • Funny Faces
  • Animation Jam
  • Awesome Animations
  • Cool Graphics
  • Jiffy Animation
  • Cartoonia
  • Animation House
  • Happy Animation
  • Animation Plus
  • Together Studio
  • Oh! Animation


Funny Animation Studio Names

The times are changing. More and more animation companies are launching every day, which means your business name needs to rise above the rest in order to stand out. With that in mind, having a humorous animation studio name can turn out to be great in order to cut through the clutter and turn heads.

The goal is to leverage humor to get your brand associated with your market in a way that builds brand awareness and increases customer engagement. People will remember something funny more easily than a professional yet boring name.

And while inspiration is everywhere, sometimes you’re hard-pressed to find the ideal wordplay that not only delivers an Imgur-worthy acronym or inside joke but is actually meaningful. Therefore, to save your time and efforts, we’ve listed below a bunch of hilarious name ideas for your animation business.

  • Funimation
  • Brain Juice Animation Inc.
  • Passion Pictures
  • Blur Studio
  • Game Over Studios
  • Pinky Toe Productions
  • Sucktion Studios
  • Barely Legal Animation
  • The Proctologists
  • Ape Productions
  • Bored Shorts TV
  • Controversial Cartoons Inc.
  • Dizzie Dog Films
  • Dumb Productions Inc.
  • Fartman Enterprise
  • Flaming Carrot Comics
  • Doughnut Productions Inc.
  • Go Cartoons!
  • Brain Damage Films
  • Toonitron Productions Inc.
  • Animaniacs
  • Cartoon Crazy Animation
  • Animated Antics, Inc.
  • Cartoon Factory
  • Cartoonee Cartoons, Inc.
  • Adolescent Animation Group
  • Animagic, LLC
  • Animaloopz Animation Services, Inc.
  • Bizarro Studios
  • Chaplin Cartoons
  • Chicken Run Animations
  • Funny Bones Films
  • Fuzzy Door Productions
  • Looney Tunes Productions, Inc.
  • Ani-Mate
  • Animation Avenu
  • Animation In Motion
  • Animated Times
  • Big Fat Animation Studios
  • Crazy Cow Studios
  • Overpriced Animation Studios
  • Stinky Spam Animation Studios
  • Join ‘Em Productions
  • Worst Nightmares Productions
  • Great Again Productions
  • Animation Friends
  • Asylum Entertainment
  • Tiny Toon Adventures
  • Black Box Pictures
  • Animators Anonymous
  • Animatrix Studios
  • Hand Drawn Media
  • Bump in the Night Productions
  • Mouse Works Inc.
  • Octopus Ink
  • Poochie Productions Inc.
  • Rabbit Ears Productions
  • Animated Chemistry
  • Animated Nightmare
  • 9 Story Entertainment
  • Toon Box Productions
  • Animation Junction
  • Screwball Studios
  • Rough Draft
  • Smart Dog Productions
  • Black Sheep Animation
  • Canned Ham Productions Inc.
  • Decelerated Animation Studios
  • Goofy Productions, Inc.
  • Toon City
  • Super Sprockets
  • Above Average Productions
  • Nuclear Banana Animation
  • Funky Monkey Films
  • Wild Hare Entertainment LLC
  • Wacky Delly Animation Studios
  • Primetime Animation
  • Donut Digital Media
  • Mojo Juice Films LLC
  • False Idol Studios


Unique Animation Company Names

The name should reflect your brand personality, convey the vision and mission of the company, the uniqueness of your business idea, and be easy to remember, spell and pronounce. And most importantly, the name must be unique and shouldn’t share any similarities with other businesses in your industry.

The last thing you want is to invest so much into your branding and then have people confusing you with another company. There’s nothing more frustrating than being confused with another brand.

Keeping this in mind, we’ve gathered plenty of unique yet interesting animation company name ideas to spark your creativity and kickstart your brainstorming session.

  • Animoji Productions
  • Animated Minds
  • Colorful Animation
  • Deluxe Animation Studio
  • Dynamic Dialogue Animation
  • Enchanting Storybooks
  • Eye-Popping Animations
  • Fantasyland Studios
  • Fantastic Novelty
  • Entertain Max
  • Fat Cat Studios
  • Ultimate Dog Productions
  • Animationopolis
  • Animate This
  • Powered By Animations
  • Gotta Animate It
  • Animation Nation
  • Animation Love
  • The Angel Animation Studio
  • Charming Pictures
  • Sprinkle Pictures
  • Snuggly Puppy
  • Purple World
  • Micro Mini Animation
  • Squishy Animation
  • Animation and Me
  • Kissing Kittens
  • Beyond the Rainbow
  • The Brighter Side
  • By the Stars
  • Wild Fox Co.
  • Cute But Deadly Animations
  • Animation Station
  • Giggle-Go Animation
  • Rabbit in a Hat Productions
  • Majestic Creature Enterprises
  • Fairies & Dragons LLC
  • Enchanted Snowman Ltd.
  • The Abridged Animator
  • World of Animation
  • Jiggle Entertainment
  • Wherever Animation
  • Animation Cave
  • Awesome Animations
  • Funtastic Animation Studio
  • Animapalooza
  • Animations Unlimited
  • Razzle Dazzle Animation
  • Insta Cartoons
  • Happy Heads Cartoons
  • Muddy Mud Puppies Studio
  • Upside Down Films
  • Animation Connection


Animation Studio Name Generator

We stumbled upon our tool called animation studio name generator that gave us the push we needed to come up with some really awesome name ideas. Have a look!

  • Animation Banquet
  • Graphic Skilled
  • Animation Humans
  • Lumen Toon
  • Tabloid Toon
  • Pixel Suss
  • Graphics Obits
  • Animator Ether
  • Graphic Tomato
  • Revenue Toon
  • Mantra Pixel
  • Animation Horizon
  • Graphic Infections
  • Courtesy Toon
  • Animation Iris
  • Cartoon Captures
  • Sanity Pixel
  • Animator Mill
  • Animator Helicopter
  • Protection Pixel
  • Gallon Animation
  • Animation Ambience
  • Animation Bonus
  • Animation Tactical
  • Puls Animation
  • Investment Animation
  • Fila Pixel
  • Graphics Grandeur
  • Graphic Grader
  • Payroll Pixel
  • Pheasant Animation
  • Bullion Animation
  • Pixel Stealer
  • Pixel Stardom
  • Punky Pixel
  • Cobalt Animation
  • Animation Voyage
  • Nub Graphics
  • Animation Resilience
  • Pixel Sessions
  • Rota Pixel
  • Pixel Memorabilia
  • Cartoon Cult
  • Culture Cartoon
  • Symbol Pixel
  • Animator Clarinet
  • Animation Fellas
  • Pixel Nada
  • Cartoon Conic
  • Animation Innovations
  • Animator Higher
  • Animation Ambiance
  • Pixel Pendulum
  • Marina Pixel
  • Animation Function
  • Pursuit Pixel
  • Animator Atlas
  • Oval Graphic
  • Prediction Pixel
  • Pixel Zeta
  • Animation Plum
  • Nerve Cartoon


How to Name an Animation Studio?

If you are planning to start your own animation company, it is important to come up with the perfect name. What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet… But in the business world, branding is everything. It’s the first thing your clients and potential partners will hear about you, so it needs to be good.

You’re not only coming up with a random name but building a brand and making a decision that will have an effect on your business for years to come. Having the right name can make a huge difference in your future growth and success.

Naming is a core aspect of branding that, if done properly, can build and strengthen your brand, allowing it to better represent your company long-term and increase profits in the process.

As with any creative endeavor, you need to develop a personal voice and unique perspective. Like a painter or musician produces to their own unique style and sound, so too should your animation studio strive to develop its own unique identity.

There are so many factors that you need to take into consideration before settling on a name. To help you out on the path of finding the perfect animation studio name for your business, we’ve gathered together some useful tips and advice. Let’s take a look!


Keep it short, memorable, easy to spell, and easy to pronounce

You need to think of a name that’s easy to remember and will have your clients calling you back. The last thing you want is to be known as a studio that people cannot pronounce or remember. A good name can give your animation studio an identity that allows people to remember it, and associate it with the quality of your work.


Look how others in your industry are named for inspiration

One of the best ways to think of good names is to analyze your competition. You should look at brands in your industry who have already made their mark and see if there are any features you like from their names.


Keep your target market in mind

When naming an animation studio, keep your target customers in mind. After all, if you can’t appeal to your target market, why would they buy from you? The name is the first thing people shall learn about you, so it’s really important to have a good one as it shall serve as a first impression.


Make sure the domain name is available

After you’ve shortlisted a few awesome names, it’s time to check if the domains with those names are available or not. The easiest and fastest way to see if the desired domain name is available is by using a domain search tool like Go Daddy or Namecheap.


If you’re still stuck, maybe it’s time to call in a professional

It’s common for start-ups to spend days or even weeks trying to figure out what to name their business. After all, the name of your studio is likely to become your most valuable asset. So it’s tempting never to settle on a name and keep looking for the perfect match, but this could just make it harder in the end.

Maybe you’ve tried brainstorming with the team, and you’re still stuck. It can happen to the best of us. If so, it’s time to hire a branding expert who has experience in this industry. Finding someone who’s ready to help can be a real bonus. It takes the pressure off you and allows you to focus on other aspects of your new venture.

Feel free to email us. We feel we can definitely help you with this.


Conclusion: Animation Studio Names

This brings us to the end of our list of animation studio name ideas. We hope you’ve enjoyed browsing through this collection. We have taken the time to research the animation industry, and we have come up with this list of names. Each name has been carefully crafted to encompass a certain uniqueness that will help you stand out from your competition. Simply choose any name from the list and make it your own.

Keep in mind; animation studio name is meant to reflect the creativity, vision, and personality of your studio. Whether it’s quirky or serious, there’s one thing we can all agree with: having an eye-catching name is critical to getting new customers to take notice.

It will likely shape how people think of your business, so it’s important to choose something that captures the essence of what you do. Also, it’s important that you get your brand name right the first time because changing it later is notoriously difficult.

And we’re done! Wow, that was a long journey; we’re glad you made it. If you had fun, give yourself a big pat on the back! Thanks for reading. It was a pleasure to share these animation studio name ideas with you. And if you liked this article, then it would really help us out if you could give this post a share on your preferred social network.

Thanks for visiting, and we wish you all the best in your entrepreneurial journey!

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