235 Catchy Basketball Slogans and Taglines

Basketball Slogans

Finding a basketball slogan is hard! It’s like trying to get to the rim with Kobe Bryant double-teaming you. So many potential ‘right’ phrases, and so little time. And money! you might say.

The good news is that our branding agency Soocial, created an extensive list of slogans for basketball brand owners, such as ball manufacturers, brands, dealerships, or coaches.

Catchy Basketball Slogans

Can’t come up with a basketball slogan that is “catchy” but also backs your brand? Get inspiration from this list of catchy basketball slogans:

  • Making basketball more fun
  • Basketball redefined.
  • Basketball is in our blood
  • Every shot counts.
  • Eat, sleep and live basketball…
  • Everyone grows when they play basketball.
  • The future of basketball is here!
  • When in doubt, dribble
  • Pass first, shoot second
  • Defend the net. Attack the rim.
  • Basketball with an extra heart!
  • Basketball is more than just being fast and strong. It’s about giving your heart to the game.
  • When the world seems like it’s closing in, just remember that you can always shoot for three.
  • You’ve got to make it happen when you go.
  • Well played is worth more than well said
  • Every shot is important
  • Work hard and you will be rewarded
  • Play Smart. Look Good.
  • Don’t play like you want to be famous, play like you are famous
  • Life is not the number of breaths we take, it’s the moments that take our breath away
  • The best defense is a good offense
  • Bring the energy
  • Be like mike
  • Great players make the game look easy
  • You miss all the shots you don’t take
  • Are you ready for the most fun league in basketball?
  • Dribble like there is someone behind you.
  • All heart, no skills.
  • Practice makes permanent.
  • If you can’t block out the haters, you’ll be blocked off the court.
  • Make it rain from the free-throw line.
  • Dribble with your head up
  • Fake left, go right
  • Keep your head up at all times
  • It’s about the team, not the hero
  • Consistency matters
  • Make the extra effort
  • Believe in yourself
  • Practice hard
  • Be confident in your abilities
  • We’re the experts in everything NBA.
  • What’s better than ice cream? Basketball.
  • She shoots, she scores!
  • One score is all it takes to get on a run
  • Play like a champion
  • Basketball is Life
  • Our passion is basketball. Our business is sports.
  • Discover the unknown side of basketball
  • Dribble like no one is watching
  • Get your swerve on.
  • Live with purpose. Play with heart.
  • Chase greatness.
  • You’re only as good as your last game
  • Strong bodies make strong minds
  • Winners never quit
  • We’re the best place to play fantasy basketball.
  • The best NBA coverage. Period.
  • Basketball. Players Love It. Coaches Love It. Fans Love It.
  • We are #teamwork. We are #family.
  • Don’t count the score; make the score count
  • Together everyone achieves more
  • One team, one heartbeat
    Pick your play and then go after it
  • Under-promise and over-deliver
  • For greatness, come to the mecca of basketball
  • Squad Goals, Team Goals
  • Be Bold. Be Unstoppable. Be You.
  • Jump higher
  • Dunk like Jordan
  • Take over games
  • Be fearless. Make history
  • Pass, rebound and be a team player
  • No excuses, no regrets
  • Believe you can win and make it happen!
  • Failure is not falling down, failure is not getting up
  • Define before you defend
  • A true basketball player always stays humble
  • Play like a team, win like a team
  • Live life under the rim
  • Where the ball goes, we go
  • Fans First, Championships Forever
  • Greatness is our profession.
  • It’s not about you, it’s about the team
  • Dribble, Pass, Shoot
  • Stay connected. Stay active. Play hard
  • There’s no “I” in team.
  • You can’t make a shot if you don’t shoot.
  • Take it easy and shoot some hoops
  • Man with the ball makes it
  • The offense is only as good as its striker
  • When it comes to playing Basketball, you either win or you learn
  • We rise when our team scores
  • Teamwork makes the dream work
  • Execute the fundamentals
  • Heart over height
  • Win a championship or go home!
  • Authentic. Original. Athlete.
  • Whatever it takes!
  • A consistent jump shot
  • An unstoppable post-entry move
  • Be efficient with your dribbles
  • Great defense wins championships
  • Shoot more. Defend better.
  • No Air? No Chance!
  • The team with the most heart wins.
  • Show ‘em what you got
  • Push yourself to the limit but don’t go over it
  • Always remember why you started playing basketball in the first place and take advantage of this reason
  • Practice makes perfect but no one plays with perfect all day long
  • Touch every part of the court
  • Seek to win not just individual glory


Funny Basketball Slogans

Searching the Internet for funny basketball slogans is time-consuming and frustrating. Why? Because you can’t find them, can you? Makes sense? Got it?

With our list of funny basketball slogans, you’ll overcome your frustration and time-wasting issues with ease. And if we haven’t met your needs, then please contact us and we’ll try to help.

  • Nothing but net. 🏀 #Basketball #Sport
  • It’s time to settle this on the court!
  • Gotta Bounce to get those 🏀 🏀🏀🏀🚫
  • Getting ready for the madness…
    Ballin’ since 1890.
  • 10👏🏻8🏀9👀6🤷🏻‍♂️5🜸4👑 Shot Clock!
  • We go big. 🌀
  • Be the 💣💥 of your hoop squad.
  • Basketball season is the most important time of year. 😀
  • What do you call that move when he dribbles behind his back, then between his legs, and then shoots?
  • When you hear the 🔔 go off, it’s time to break from work and get to the free-throw line. #SlamDunk
  • The #1 way to make sure you don’t see sunlight? Play basketball.
  • Playing basketball to stay in shape and have a good time
  • Today’s forecast: 🌧☔️😁 . #BallSoHard #KeepBounding
  • If you can’t dribble, then dunk!
  • Fitness isn’t just about getting a beach-ready body, it’s about being able to play basketball
  • Let loose and laugh it off. No one looks cool when they’re trying really hard.
  • Get those boards looking bigger than the hoop
  • Make the rim shake and dance to your tune
  • Get some extra lift in your jumper
  • Pump up your handles with a little bounce
  • Double down on defense, double the fun
  • Inspired by the NBA playoffs
  • Get your head in the game
  • Never a foul when you’re dressed for success
  • When one door closes, another one opens
  • Basketball is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get
  • Basketballs are round, but not as much as my head
  • If you weren’t dunked on, did you really dunk
  • Good passes should bounce.


Basketball Slogans For T-Shirt

Finding funny basketball slogans is hard! You need them for your next t-shirt design. You need them for your Facebook page (and website). Yet, digging through the internet, you keep running into boring old ‘mojo’ and ‘hungry for wins’.

Take a look at our list of funny slogans for your basketball t-shirt. From easy puns to hilarious wordplay, we got you covered.

  • Bring out your game
  • Take a step further
  • Do it for the glory.
  • It’s not how tall you are, it’s how high you bounce.
  • The ball is mine. Get your own.
  • Reinforce the sense of team spirit 🏀
  • When in doubt, shoot.
  • You can’t beat me if you don’t pass me the ball first.
  • I don’t lose games; I cause recessions.
  • Get fit and enjoy the game on the court
  • Find your game. Your fit.
  • One Shot. One Opportunity.
  • Give us the ball and let’s do this!
  • Basketball brings us together!
  • Nothing’s gonna stop us now
  • It’s our time!
  • Basketball is a wonderful sport.
  • You have to pay the price to be a champion
  • Hard work beats talent
  • Deeper, higher, faster.
  • Basketball is life
  • Basketball players are Gods
  • Great is who we are and what we do.
  • Dribble to the beat
  • Basketball is fun, it’s fast
  • See the ball, Be the ball. 🏀


Basketball Team Slogans

Basketball teams and players need to promote themselves. They need catchy slogans, punchy catch-phrases, and attention-grabbing taglines all telling their audience why they should visit their website or follow them on social media. The problem is there are so many of them and so little time to come up with something funny.

Basketball teams are searching for catchy slogans to grab the attention of prospective players. And it’s not as simple as it seems. You don’t want a cliche slogan, you want something that will really stand out and be memorable.

Here are tried-and-tested basketball slogans to help your basketball team stand out from the crowd:

  • Grit and grind
  • Trust the process
  • Strength in numbers
  • Run as one
  • All for one, one for all
  • Bring the heat
  • Blast off
  • Come fly with us
  • We got next
  • Rack up a win
  • Go for the gusto!
  • The hustle will get you there
  • It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish
  • All hard work pays off in the end
  • Never underestimate your opponent
  • Leadership is found in every player on the team.
  • Swish!
  • Dribble drive motion
  • Never lose faith.
  • Always be entertained
  • We play to win!
  • We must all hang together
  • A successful team improves on the weaknesses of the individual players
  • Mind over matter
  • We play with pride
  • Going the extra mile
  • Doing what it takes to finish as champions
  • Never underestimate the power of dreams
  • Never limit your goals
  • The only barrier to success is the one in your way
  • We don’t miss practices, we make them
  • We play ‘til the whole game is fun!
  • The Dribble, The Dream
  • Every moment has its master
  • On a mission for genius and glory
  • Give your best effort, and never give up
  • Believe, Expect, Excel


Basketball Taglines

Basketball is a beautiful game but the problem is finding a tagline to express that beauty.

Save yourself the trouble – Soocial has created a list of basketball taglines that will spark ideas while getting you further ahead in the game!

  • Catch the game anywhere, anytime.
  • Work harder than anyone. Better than anyone. Then the magic happens.
  • Not everyone can be an all-star, but everyone should try.
  • Hustle never sleeps
  • Play the right way. Love the game.
  • Be like a sponge. Get the most out of practice.
  • Plan for the rebound
  • 100% effort will not necessarily result in 100% accuracy.
  • Defend, take care of the ball, rebound, and play hard.
  • No man can make a goal without the other men on his side helping him.
  • Take the extra pass when it is there.
  • Defense wins championships!
  • Live Every Shot
  • Your team. Your game. Your fantasy. Pick your lineup.
  • Get in the game
  • No excuses. No apologies. Just results.
  • Win together
  • Feet off the floor, head on the rim
  • It’s not the years in your life it’s the life in your years
  • Learn the finer points of the dribble
  • Play more aggressively
  • Move without the ball. Be fearless.
  • Go for the rebound
  • Passing is better than running
  • Think like a winner
  • Take advantage of opportunities (on offense)
  • Basketball is a game of quickness, speed, and fun.
  • 🎉 See more than basketball
  • Playing together brings out the best in each of us.
  • Get inside the basketball game
  • Get out there and play with passion
  • The clock never runs out of time
  • Never underestimate the heart of a champion


Conclusion: Basketball Slogans

Let’s face it: basketball is more than just a sport. Basketball is an identity! The perfect way for business owners to add fresh energy into the building of their brand.

Hopefully, the slogans in this article will help you craft the right words for your next marketing campaign.

As a skilled branding agency, the Soocial team specializes in helping sports and other organizations with their branding needs.

Our agents have worked with organizations ranging from the NBA to Stanford University to help deliver effective branding on everything from product design to promotional materials to social media campaigns.

Our specially trained experts can get the spotlight back on your team with a new name, logo, or slogan. Contact us today and let’s start brainstorming.

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