228 Catchy Bike, Bicycle Slogans and Taglines

Bike Slogans

For bike companies, coming up with a slogan that truly expresses their brand’s identity can be hard.

Slogans are important branding tools. It is best if they capture the essence of a company in few words. A clever slogan can also be a powerful marketing tool.

These slogans from Soocial demonstrate how effectively a well-chosen slogan can make an emotional connection with consumers and reinforce business identity.

The list includes bike company slogans that advertise the power of bicycles, express satisfaction, integrity, and frugality, and represent people’s individual personalities.

Sorted into different categories suitable for pretty much any bike company. From cruisers to road bikes. From electric bikes to mountain bikes and so on. That way you have a large selection of ready-to-use slogans at hand!

Catchy Bike Slogans

No matter what type of bike company you run, if you don’t have a catchy slogan your brand is incomplete. Finding the right slogan for your bike company is hard, but seemingly necessary.

Discover our list of catchy bike slogans:

  • Bike lovers deserve better
  • We build bikes for you
  • We keep you riding
  • We deliver where others fail
  • Because bikes don’t need fuel to run
  • Love biking
  • Make your life easier
  • The future of bikes
  • Bikes for all
  • We love what we do
  • Making ways for you
  • We raise the bar for what a bike should be
  • We take the fun to a new level
  • We’ll build the bike you want and deliver it to you
  • We are not a car company. We are a bike company.
  • Invent and innovate
  • Designing the future of transportation
  • Luxury comes naturally
  • Live better. Ride a bike!
  • Embrace a new way of transportation
  • Talk to your bike specialist today
  • Ride with confidence
  • Live to ride
  • Freedom on two wheels
  • Turn heads on two wheels
  • Pedal for the earth
  • Pedal for fun
  • Pedal faster
  • The world is your playground
  • Wheels of freedom
  • Where the rubber meets the road
  • Let the ride begin
  • Zero emissions, Zero excuses
  • Cycling is a way of life
  • Cycle for a cause
  • Ride your way to fitness
  • Exploring nature has never been easier
  • More gear, less gas
  • Ride young
  • Go green
  • Ride a bike, save the environment
  • You can’t get more green than that.
  • You get a bike that rides fast and smooth
  • Backed by a company that’s serious about making the best bikes in the world
  • Bikes you won’t believe exist.
  • Bikes that will change the way you see the world.
  • Lightweight and superior construction for a perfect fit and effortless pedaling.
  • Ride faster with gravity.
  • Life is better on two wheels. #GetYourPedalsTurning
  • Celebrate every moment on two wheels.
  • You already love your bike because it lets you explore farther. You love it even more when the ride feels this good.
  • Life is a journey, not a destination. Life is beautiful. Make it your ride. #lifeisajourney #biketowork #citybike
  • Fall in love with the wind in your hair, the world on two wheels.
  • Life is a ride. Enjoy two wheels of freedom on the open road.
  • Life moves fast. Bike it slow.
  • Leaning into the weekend, feeling the wind through our hair. 🌳 #bicycle
  • Bikes for the adventurous
  • Bikes for all
  • Test your limits
  • Be green and healthy with our vegan-friendly bikes
  • Enjoy cycling without needing a license or insurance
  • Ride for a cause
  • The ultimate bike company
  • A bike for every adventure
  • Life is better on a bike
  • Get on your bike
  • A revolutionary new way to cycle.
  • It’s about the ride
  • Real-time bicycling data
  • Let your bicycle show you the way around the town.
  • Cycle from A to B and see C, D, and E.
  • Ride a bike, not your mobile!
  • Biking is better than you think!
  • Discover new horizons by bike!
  • Bike on!
  • A bike is like a soul mate
  • As good as the thrill of biking is on weekends, it is even better as a way to get to work.
  • Bike and feel free
  • Bike with style
  • Enjoy the view
  • Sell bikes
  • Stop stressing and start riding
  • The greenest way to travel
  • Freedom of mobility
  • Are you ready for a new set of wheels?
  • The smart way to travel.
  • Make cycling your daily commute
  • Go cycling, lose weight and look good while doing it!
  • We make bikes for every body shape – no matter how big or small your thighs might be
  • Bikes for every occasion
  • Biking is not just a hobby, it’s a way of life!
  • C’mon get your ride on…
  • Cycle across the world
  • Happy-to-be-on-two-wheels
  • Our bikes are handcrafted for a smooth ride
  • Commute in style
  • Your bike should be as beautiful as you want to be.
  • Bikes have the power to change the world. Let’s go.
  • All you need is two wheels, a bike, and the open road ahead. You don’t have to choose between them.
  • Go further on two wheels
  • Ride it. Live it. Love it
  • The coolest bike ever!
  • Enhance your riding experience
  • Bikes for every kind of person
  • Work hard. Ride harder.
  • Our bikes are fun
  • A bike for every rider, every road, and purpose
  • A bike for the city, from the city


Mountain Bike Slogans

Mountain biking companies don’t have funny slogans. They hardly have slogans at all. While most mountain biking companies (and established ones) are trying to be ever so serious, their competitors are making them look like accountants – and they aren’t the ones riding the mountain bikes!

Let our mountain bike slogans help you find just the right one to get your message across. And then ride over those other guys!

  • Dump your car
  • Take the path less traveled
  • We love to ride, so we do it right
  • If you want to save the trails, ride on them
  • Ride every trail
  • We climb hills and go down!
  • Life is too short to cycle in high heels
  • Life begins when the trail ends
  • Go Downhill
  • Feel the thrill
  • It’s an adventure
  • Keep Riding
  • You’ve got nothing to fear
  • Conquer the Mountain
  • Ride with Freedom
  • Be a part of it all
  • Take your ride off-road
  • A life lived outdoors
  • Feel the mountain
  • Pedal to top
  • Mountain is a state of mind, not a destination.
  • The best rides begin where the pavement ends.
  • A mountain bike will change your life.
  • While you still see the mountain, while you can enjoy the climb, it is a good climb.
  • Love the ride
  • The journey matters more than the destination.
  • Pedaling is the new golf
  • Freedom is just a pedal stroke away
  • No matter where you are going, it’s worth the effort
  • The only way to keep fit is to pedal!
  • Downshift into adventure
  • Explore the terrain
  • Experience the journey
  • 🥛🌲🏁😬 #mountainbikingisfun
  • A fun dopamine boost from nature.
  • No matter your riding style, #‎RIDE like you’re from the mountains.‬
  • If only I was as good looking as my bike. #ridelife 😉
  • Life’s too short not to mountain bike 🌲🏍


Dirt Bike Slogans

Finding slogans for dirt bike companies is hard! It’s like a nightmare.

These near-to-perfect and easy to use, slogans for manufacturers and resellers of dirt bikes are guaranteed to help you succeed with your marketing campaign:

  • Get dirty, get muddy, have fun!
  • Cool bike on hot asphalt
  • Get ready to go wild!
  • Ride a dirtbike and get active
  • Ride it messy
  • Show your spirit
  • Ride to survive
  • Just like riding a horse
  • Hard to stop, easy to start
  • Feel the rush of extreme speeds
  • We ride hard
  • The ultimate in dirt bike experience
  • Ride the best you can get
  • Dirt bike, the new black
  • Get back to your roots
  • Get dirty with us
  • Throw yourself into the adventure
  • The freedom machine
  • We’ve got the power to get you places
  • Leap out of the starting gate in seconds.
  • Dirt is riding!
  • Literally the most fun you can have off-road.
  • The dirt bike you can depend on 🏍
  • You’ll love what you feel on the trails, and how you feel after making it through one.
  • Riding (your dirt bike) is like riding on air!
  • Making a scene by riding with an unstoppable force.
  • An unstoppable work of engineering on the road.
  • Dirt biking: It’s 🌞-busting fun.‖
  • It’s not a dirt bike; it’s an adventure bike.
  • The lighter, faster, easier way to go anywhere.
  • 🏍🗺👕✂🏔☀️☁️🌎❗️😀☘️💨🌑🌙
  • 🚲🥳🤑👫👭 .
  • 🏍 🏎️ 💨


Electric Bike Slogans

Creating a cool slogan for your electric bike is hard. How many ways can you say “electric bike”? A lot? Really? Enough to make the buying process easy and pain-free?

Luckily for you, we have created this list of slogans for electric bikes:

  • The bike that will change your life
  • Fun and functional
  • For people who want to enjoy the ride.
  • Add some extra power to your ride
  • Don’t get left behind…
  • Electron powered for reals
  • All the ‘green benefits’ and more…
  • Eco love at first sight.
  • Go green with an e-bike
  • Go a lot farther with a little help from electricity
  • Every rider can ride further
  • One charge, one hundred miles
  • No gasoline, no emissions
  • Step on the bike, ride away
  • Ride-On. Ride Proud.
  • You’ll never pedal again
  • Ride in style
  • Relax and enjoy the view
  • It’s good to be green
  • More fun than pedaling
    Electric bikes are easy to use
  • Go further. Go faster. Go green
  • Don’t sweat your commute
  • Never miss a pedal
  • Keep up with the pace
  • Go far and fast
  • Simply, fun and healthy
  • Ride like the wind


Bike Taglines

Choosing the right tagline for your bike company can be tricky. Most slogans come off as being generic and uninspired. Get a handmade list of bike taglines to choose from today:

  • The future of bikes is here.
  • Zero emission, Zero noise
  • Go beyond
  • Ride smart
  • Pedals are made for feet
  • Life is better on a bicycle
  • Innovative, inexpensive, and chic
  • We put the fun back into biking.
  • Our bikes are always ready to get you where you need to go—what are you waiting for?
  • Bikes for the extremes
  • Bikes you can depend on
  • We love bikes, you love bikes.
  • We make bikes that are simple, durable, and clean.
  • We make bikes. We ride bikes.
  • Bikes designed for every city
  • Think Globally, Ride Locally
  • A bicycle for the modern age
  • Bike = easy, fast & simple.
  • It’s not just a bike
  • The girliest bike on the market
  • Pedal in style.
  • We build bikes that last forever


Conclusion: Bike Slogans

Bikers love their bikes. They love the smell of them, the musty odor of a garage filled with old and rusty vehicles; they love to polish them late at night, alone in the dark.

You own a bike company. You want to get noticed. But how? You already know that ‘Hey, let’s go biking on weekends!’ is probably not the best slogan for getting people to notice you…

Of course, you know that the advertising part of branding a company is important. But you want to stand out from hundreds of other bike companies and stick in your audience’s memory. And you don’t want to spend years throwing money at every marketing channel under the sun for it to work out in a few months.

You need an edge over the competition that they don’t have. We invite you to pick one of these slogans and use it as inspiration for your own.

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