279 Butter Company Name Ideas to Make Your Mouth Water

Butter Company Names

Have you decided to start your own butter company? Zeroing in on the perfect name for your new business is one of the most challenging tasks you will face. But don’t worry! This article will provide you with tons of eye-catching butter company name ideas, so you have more to choose from before you settle on a name for your company.

Butter is an essential part of the American diet. It is something that everyone uses in their day-to-day lives. It goes great on toast, in sandwiches and is a delicious addition to all sorts of foods, so if you’re looking to start a butter-related business, there are certainly many opportunities out there for you.

When starting your own butter company, it can be quite confusing trying to figure out what to call it. It is important to have an appealing name that will resonate with your target market and reflect the quality of your products.

Good names help to establish a stronger brand presence in the market and can be the difference between your business’s marketing success or failure.

But finding a suitable name is not that easy as it seems. You may have penned yourself into a corner and just can’t think of a good name. If so, don’t worry! Soocial is here to help.

We have put together a long list of eye-catching butter company name ideas to get your brain juices flowing and assist you in finding a well-fitting name for your butter business.

Let’s get started.

Catchy Butter Company Names

Butter consumption worldwide has increased substantially, and there’s a huge opportunity to take advantage of this fast-growing market. If you’ve decided to jump into this industry, you’ve made a great choice. The first step in setting up your butter company is to come up with a killer name for it.

A solid name is the foundation of a good brand but finding the right name for your company is hard. The best ideas are usually already taken by other people. That doesn’t mean you’re doomed, though. There are still amazing company names left that you can use. You just need to find them.

So how do you find these gems? Well, we’ve already done the hard work for you.

Here are some catchy butter company name ideas for you to get inspiration from. Butter up these ideas to create a memorable brand.

  • Butterly
  • Keep It Buttery
  • Butter Heaven
  • Better Butter
  • Silky Smooth Butter
  • Butter Up
  • Curls and Swirls
  • Scrumptious Butter
  • Butter Life
  • Bright Butter
  • Country Fresh Butter
  • Simply Butter
  • Creamy Goodness
  • Bubbly Butter
  • Butterlicious
  • Golden Butter
  • Fat Cow Butter
  • Butter Motion
  • The Golden Spread
  • Holey Moley Butter
  • Butter the Way
  • Butter Bonanza
  • Butterfly Roll Butter
  • Meadow Sweet Butter
  • Buttermilk Maid
  • Smoked Butter Inc.
  • Egg Cream Butters
  • The Whipped Cream Co
  • Vineyard Valley Creamery
  • Big Deal Butter
  • Little Big Butter Co
  • Spread of Butter
  • Butter-ly Delicious
  • Creamy Butter
  • Fluffy Butter
  • B-licious butter
  • EZ Butter
  • Flakey Butter
  • Goodness Gracious
  • Sweet Butter of Mine
  • Lighten Up Buttercup!
  • As Butter as it Gets
  • Maple Valley Butter
  • Moldy Bread Butter
  • Butter Barons
  • Butter Fingers
  • Beaver Butter
  • The Butter Makers
  • Arcanum Dairy Products
  • Paddys Premium Butter
  • Beechen Brook Butter
  • Big Butter Company
  • Buttery Waffles
  • Butter X
  • Buttermilk Falls Butter
  • Blue Ridge Farms Butter
  • Butter Daisy
  • Juniper Moon Farm Butter
  • Butter Makers Inc
  • Green Valley Dairy
  • The Dairy Splits
  • Silk City Butter
  • Butter Yourself Up
  • Regular Butter Co
  • Banbury Butter
  • Big Tek Dairy Butter
  • Blarney Butter Creams
  • Good Butter
  • Baby Butt’s Butter
  • Butte Butterie
  • Butter Mart
  • Butter My Roll
  • Creamy Cuddles
  • Belle Butter
  • Bombay Butters, Ltd.
  • Birch Creek Butters, Inc.
  • Dairy Queen
  • Butter Exchange
  • Butter Farm Supply, Inc.


Creative Butter Business Names

What can you do to stand out from your competitors? This is a question every company has been asking itself since the dawn of time. But we’ll let you in on a little secret: It all starts with having a great business name. It can have a huge impact on brand loyalty, brand awareness, and your reputation in the industry.

With that in mind, we gathered some really creative name ideas for your butter company. Use these to jump-start your brainstorming process and find a creative name for your butter business.

  • The Fancy Butter
  • Butter Factory
  • Botanic Garden Butter
  • Brilliant Butter
  • Big Time Butter
  • Bee Good Butter
  • Big Fork
  • Bagel Butter
  • Bubblegum Butter
  • Botanic Buttery
  • Bite the Bun
  • Belly Rolling Butter
  • Easy Peasy Blendz
  • Dairy Butter Inc.
  • Cream O’ The Crop
  • Wicked Good Butter
  • Lover’s Leap Dairy Butter
  • Butternut Creek Farms
  • Hometown Butter Co
  • Babe’s Butter Bits
  • The Barn Butter
  • Buttermilk Blend Butter
  • Moody Butter
  • Creamy Coonfoot Butter
  • Melty Cheese Co.
  • Land O’butter
  • Earth’s Butter Cup
  • Butter Mint
  • Butterfly Baking Co.
  • Minimalist Butter Co.
  • Buttery Toast Co.
  • Butterbae’s Creamery
  • Southern Shore Creamery
  • Hill Country Creamery
  • Butty’s Butter Bars
  • Maple Leaf Butter Co
  • Butter Me Up
  • Butter Boutique
  • Sweet Spread Company
  • Butter Bar
  • Gourmet Creamery Butter
  • Natural Butter Inc
  • Organic Valley Butter


Peanut Butter Company Names

Are you launching your peanut butter brand? If so, the first critical step is to find a suitable name for it. The name you choose should make sense, provide clarity, and resonate with potential customers. But if your name doesn’t stick in your audience’s mind, you can say goodbye to success.

To help you out, here are some hand-picked peanut butter company name suggestions that can spark your imagination.

  • Chunky Monkey
  • Joy of Peanuts
  • Peanut Passion
  • Peanut Butter Joy
  • Happy Smack
  • Jiffy Goodness
  • Peanut Butter Dreams
  • Creamy Splendour
  • Peanut Butter Force
  • Nutty Buddies
  • Peanut Butter Plus
  • Happy Peanut Co.
  • Peanut Butter Delight
  • Peanut Power
  • Elegant Spread
  • Jazzy Peanut Butter
  • The Peanut Palace
  • Creamy Cravings
  • Must be Nuts!
  • Super Crunchy
  • Peanut Fest Inc.
  • Nutty Palace
  • Creamy Good
  • Cookieland Peanut Butter
  • The Confused Baker
  • PB and Go
  • Butterfinger Peanut Butter
  • Jelly Belly Peanut Butter
  • Creamy Crunchy Co
  • The Goober Gobbler
  • The Big Gob Co
  • The Jiffy Nut
  • All Natural Peanut Butter
  • Garden Fresh Peanut Butter
  • Natural Peanut Spread
  • Chunky Peanut Butter
  • Fancy Girl Peanut Butter
  • Lite N’ Easy Peanut Butter
  • Heart to Heart
  • Snazztastic Snacks
  • Spread with a Difference
  • Nut To Love
  • Let Them Eat
  • Golden Spread
  • On the Nutty Side
  • Peanut Butter Heaven
  • Baby Got Butter
  • The Great Big Crunch
  • Fresh Gourmet
  • Stuff With Nuts
  • Peanut Butter Chief
  • Stupendously Good Peanut
  • Big Tasty Jumbo
  • Super-Sized Peanuts
  • Organic Groundnut Butter
  • Spreadable Peanut Butter
  • Revenge Peanut Butter
  • The Missing Ingredient
  • Crunchy Bunch
  • Slippery When Spread
  • Sneaky Peanut Butter
  • Get Real
  • Power of PB
  • The PB Pro
  • Mother Knows Best
  • The Perfect Taste
  • Hungry for More
  • Peanuts About You
  • A Nutty Idea
  • Chocolatey Peanut Butter
  • Peanut Buttahhh
  • Butter Nutz
  • The Natural Crunch
  • Aroma Nut
  • Caveman Crunch
  • Just Crunchy
  • Smooth Peanut Butter
  • Smoky Crunch
  • Peanut Brittle
  • Tree Hugger’s Butter
  • Grandma’s Peanut Butter
  • Peanut Butter Partners
  • Heaven Sent Peanut Butter
  • EZ Squeeze Peanut Butter Spread
  • Fresh Nutz
  • The Synergizer
  • Crazy Monkey Butter
  • Peanut Butter Nutvaganza
  • Barely Nutty Peanut Butter
  • Just Right PB
  • I’m Peanut Butter
  • Creamy Delight
  • Sweet Spreads
  • Sunny Spreads
  • Virgin Peanut Butter
  • Nutty in Pink
  • Honeypeanut Butter
  • Just Peanut Butter
  • Blossom Creamery
  • Can’t Live Without Peanut Butter
  • Pnut Butter
  • The Farmer’s Daughter
  • Peanut Palace
  • Peanutly Approved
  • Drizzled Peanut Butter
  • Toasty Peanut Butter
  • Peanut Gallery
  • The Peanut Plaza


Almond Butter Company Names

To make an impact in the almond butter market, you need a brand name that separates your product from competitors. You want to be unique and engaging enough that people love your product and stand out from other brands. You want it to be short, catchy, yet descriptive at the same time.

Keeping this in mind, we have listed below some interesting almond butter company name ideas for you to choose from. Hopefully, at least one will tickle your fancy.

  • Awesome Almond Butter
  • Almond Boss Butter
  • Almond Fresh
  • Almond Crazy
  • Crunchy Almond Butter
  • Nutty Butter
  • Almond Breeze
  • Almond Dream
  • Almond Heaven
  • Just Almonds
  • Simply Soft
  • Almond Obsessed
  • Go Almonds!
  • Almond Delightful
  • Almond Goodness
  • Nutty Creaminess
  • Almond Love
  • Almond Joy!
  • Taste the Nuttiness
  • Almond Crush
  • Dreamy Almond
  • All Day Snack
  • Creamy Almond Butter
  • Pumpkin Spice Almond Butter
  • Healthy Almonds
  • Sweet Cheeks Almond Butter
  • Gorgeous Almond butter
  • Loyal Almond Butter
  • Simple and Nutritious
  • Incredible Almond Butter
  • Pure Heaven
  • American Amond Butter
  • Wild Naked Nut Butters
  • Almond Addict
  • Natural Peak
  • Happy Hormones
  • Baby Butt Smooth
  • Just Almond Butter
  • Pure is Best
  • Canyon Crunch
  • Almond Silky Smooth
  • Hazel Nutter Almond Butter
  • Nutty for Almonds Butter
  • Fluffy Butter Spread
  • High on Almonds
  • Spread & Go!
  • Serious Almond
  • Hearty Nut Butter
  • Crunchy Lip Smacker


Conclusion: Butter Company Names

Alrighty, you’ve reached the end of the list. We hope it has been helpful in providing a starting point when it comes to searching for a well-fitting name for your butter company.

We’re sure you have had a lot of fun going through the list above. If you did, we would thank you for reading this article till the end. Also, please show some support by sharing this article on social media.

We wish you all the best in your business endeavors!

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