201 Cable Company Name Ideas to Broaden Your Horizon

Cable Company Names

Planning to start your own cable business but can’t decide what to name it? If yes, you’ve arrived on the right page. This article will arm you with tons of catchy, unique, and creative cable company name ideas to help you in the brainstorming process and find a suitable one for your brand.

Cable companies aren’t typically known for creativity. But there’s a big opportunity to stand out in the market by creating a brand name that stands out from the crowd.

We all want to find that name that will stick in people’s heads and make them recall your brand every time they hear (or read) it!

Having a solid brand is key to getting more clients and making your customers feel at ease. It’ll ensure that people will remember your cable company for years to come.

But finding such an attractive name is not as easy as it seems.

Scouring the internet will leave you with thousands of company name ideas, but not all of them are going to let you make a lasting impression.

After digging through the depths of our imagination, we came up with a lot of awesome name ideas for your cable company. We’ve broken down this list into segments so you can easily find something suitable for your business needs.

So, without any further ado, let’s begin.

Catchy Cable Company Name Ideas

If you are a cable TV or Internet Service Provider (ISP), then it is a good idea to have a catchy name to differentiate yourself from other providers. 

If the name doesn’t resonate with customers, you’re not going to be as successful as some of the other companies out there.

Therefore, you need your cable company name to be just right. Just catchy enough that it sticks in customers’ minds.

With that in mind, here are some catchy name suggestions for your cable company we could come up with. Take a look!

  • Cable Cellar
  • Cable Choice
  • Wire World
  • Cable Connection
  • Mega Cable
  • Cable Express
  • Wired Nation 
  • Superior Cable
  • Cable Pro
  • Ace Cable
  • Cable Karma
  • Wires Galore
  • Cable Works
  • Cable Factory
  • Cable Media Box
  • The Cable Guy
  • Ultra Cable Inc
  • Quick Way Cables
  • Cable One
  • CableFi
  • Future Vision Cable
  • Cable Networking Solutions (CNS)
  • Smart Cable
  • Cable Dude
  • Awesome Cable
  • Cables & Cords
  • Cable Cubby
  • Direct Line
  • Digital Cables
  • Blue Wave Communication
  • CommuniSpark
  • Complex Circuits Inc.
  • Cable-Tek Systems
  • Connection Express
  • The Wired Company
  • Cable Wave
  • Pull the Wire
  • The Wire Guys
  • DataVision
  • Up Wired
  • SelfLinking
  • Wire Communications
  • Cable AI
  • Cable U
  • Just Cables
  • Rusty Cable
  • Cable Vision
  • Only Cable
  • Pro Series Cables
  • Cable One Family
  • ABC Cable Network
  • Cable Solutions
  • Wire Coverage
  • Wire Global
  • Cable More
  • Lonestar Cable
  • The Cord Shoppe
  • Wired Bliss
  • Cables and More
  • Monster Cable
  • Cable Tech
  • Inter Cable
  • Cable Plus
  • Joe’s Underground Cable
  • Cable HQ
  • Personal Touch Cable
  • Wire Empire
  • Cable Partner
  • Amplify Cable
  • Just Cable Systems
  • Beyond Cable
  • Cable IQ
  • Bluebird Cable  
  • Cable Company
  • Clarity Cable Service
  • The DIY Network 


Cool Cable Business Name Ideas

When looking for a cable company name, you should consider that the name you choose will reflect the kind of service your company offers. The cable industry is big, and it can be difficult sorting out who has quality service and who is just another provider. 

This is where branding comes into play. Your company name can help to keep your customers loyal – as well as attract new ones.

To make it easier for you, we’ve collected dozens of cool cable business name ideas that might spark your imagination.

  • Easy Connect
  • Digi Link
  • Triple Play
  • X Broadband
  • Avid Cable
  • Cheerful Time
  • Amazing Speed
  • Forward Networking
  • Lightspeed Internet
  • Anchor Communications
  • Beacon Cable
  • Bright Cable
  • Accelerated Communications
  • Bridge Cable
  • Central Mountain Cable
  • Pinnacle Communications
  • Shoreline Networks
  • Double Al Communications
  • Active Cable Television
  • Amazing Channels
  • Anytime Communication
  • Avanti Cable
  • Links Direct
  • World of Entertainment
  • Rosewood Communications
  • High-Speed Inc.
  • Go Global!
  • Fast Lane Networking
  • Global Network Solutions
  • Sky Broadband
  • Quicktime
  • Right Coast Communications
  • Golden Core Networks
  • Wired Networks


Unique Cable Brand Name Ideas

The category of Cable TV Providers is one of the most crowded in the market today.

In order to escape the stiff competition, you need to have a unique name that stands out from the crowd. You will also need a visual strategy for your brand so that it looks modern and attractive enough to stay ahead of the competition.

To help you out, we have listed below some original yet attractive cable brand name ideas. Hopefully, you’ll find something well-fitting.

  • Cable Glide
  • Cables On Demand
  • Sudden Communications 
  • TeleCable Inc
  • Beyond Cable Inc
  • Core Cable Services
  • Cable Cube
  • 1-800-Fibre
  • Ultimate Broadband 
  • Cable Life
  • Cable Wave
  • Xtreme Cable
  • Cable Fibre Lightning
  • Dot Cable
  • Unlimited Cable
  • Mega Broadband
  • Cable Up
  • Quick Cable
  • Superfast Cable
  • Ultrafast Router
  • 1-800-Cable
  • iCable
  • One-Stop Cable Shop
  • Cable King
  • Cable Co.
  • Alpha Cable
  • All Cables Inc.
  • Alpine Communications Inc.
  • American Cable Inc.
  • Always Perfect Cables
  • Awesome Cables
  • Best Choice Cables
  • Convenient Cables
  • Cool Cables
  • Amped Cable Co.
  • Powerful Cables
  • Beam It To Me
  • Prime Telecom
  • Cable Classics
  • Wireless Express
  • Cable Link
  • Kabel Solutions
  • E-Cable
  • Media Cable Network
  • Pixel Cable


Cable Company Name Generator

Can’t find a suitable name for your cable company? No worries! Take a look at these amazing name ideas suggested by a cable company name generator. Hopefully, some will tickle your fancy.

  • Copper Cable
  • Cable Karma
  • Cable Creative
  • The Digital Cable
  • Cables and Wires Inc
  • Chaplin Cable
  • Click And Zing
  • Cable Arcs
  • Own TV
  • Online TV
  • Host Route Me
  • Better Cables
  • Cable Tech
  • Crown Cables
  • CableX
  • Cable Nation
  • Wire Shark
  • Lesser Wires
  • Cable Market
  • Cable View
  • Cable Beats
  • Cable Cube
  • Blackbeard Cable 
  • Cable Time
  • Metro Cable
  • Blue Velvet
  • Channel Maker
  • Cable Boom
  • Binary Cable
  • Cable Byte
  • Wave Connections
  • Nova Cable
  • Efficient Connection
  • Access Telenet
  • Monster Cable Services
  • Rapid Internet
  • Quick Speeds


How to Name Your Cable Company?

If you are starting a cable company, then you need to ensure that you have picked out an appropriate name for it. A well-thought name will differentiate you from other local players and convey a message of competence, trustworthiness, and reflect your expertise in the industry.

On the other hand, a bad name can not only harm a company’s reputation but also make it difficult to promote it. 

The name you choose for your cable company should strike an emotional chord in their hearts to ensure that they remember you on their priority list when they need your services.

Making sure your name is catchy, memorable, and but most importantly, is not already in use by another business is priority number one in the brainstorming process. You want to make sure you don’t alienate any potential customers or confuse them with another company that may already be in business.

Here are some things to consider when choosing the name for your cable company:

  • The name should be short, easy to say, and memorable
  • Stay away from generic names. You don’t want to sound dated or boring
  • Brainstorm a list of words related to your cable service
  • Consider things your target customers associate with cable companies (e.g. Quality, interruption-free TV)
  • Avoid names that sound too similar to other businesses
  • Don’t include numbers and hyphens in the name
  • Avoid silly or funny names. Make sure it sounds professional
  • Consider the domain name availability
  • Have fun and think outside the box to successfully name your cable business


Conclusion: Cable Company Names

It’s a wrap! We hope you enjoyed this list of cable company name ideas as much as we did while compiling and writing it. It took us a couple of hours to generate these awesome naming ideas for a cable company. So, make sure you read the entire list and allow your idea muscle to flex!

And if there is a name that you think would make a great cable company name but is not included in this list, just let us know, and we will be happy to add it.

Thanks for visiting our website. We hope you found some inspiration and enjoyed the read! If you did, please consider sharing it on social media. 

We wish you all the best!

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