315 Purrfect Cat Captions for Instagram to Enhance Your Snaps

Cat Captions

Searching for cute cat captions for Instagram, but can’t find anything cool? If so, you’re in the right place! In this article, we are going to share with you tons of adorable and funny cat captions you will ever come across.

So, you just clicked an adorable photo of your cat, and now you need to share it on Instagram. But wait, you need to come up with an equally cute caption first. It’s a sin to post without captions on Insta. After all, not only can they help increase engagement, they can also lead to more likes, which means more followers.

Cats are just majestic. There is no other animal that can match them in cuteness and style. They’re cute, they’re cuddly, they’ve got nine lives, plus they rule the internet. Yes, these fluffy felines have taken over social media like anything. They use their little paws to swipe at the hearts of people, and when it comes to Instagram, they are nothing short of masterful networkers.

Cats and Instagram go together like cats and milk. Ever since its inception, people have been sharing pictures and videos of cats on Instagram. It’s great to post beautiful cat pictures, but if there’s not a good caption to go along with them, they’ll remain on the ‘gram without much notice. You need a good caption to attract attention and showcase your individual sense of humor.

But finding a clever one is not as easy as it seems. But fret not, we’ve done all the hard work. Scroll down and go through these cute cat captions for your next Instagram post featuring your furry little best friend!

Cute Cat Captions

You love your cats and love taking pictures of them, sharing them on social media sites to show your friends just how adorable they are. The one thing that might be bothering you is the lack of good captions for those fluffy kitty photos. Not only do your posts need to be visually appealing, but also they need creative captions.

Are you searching for nice captions for the cute little felines in your life but didn’t seem to find something that meets your expectations?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an arsenal of adorable cat captions at your fingertips? Well, you’re in luck! With this list of cute cat captions for Instagram, you will always have premium captions straight from the best kitty market in town.

  • If you’re happy and you know it, meow
  • Happiness is just a whisker away
  • The best things in life aren’t things, they are cats
  • Just being whiskers
  • Hello cuteness
  • Whiskers are forever
  • It is an honor to be owned by cats
  • A cat always remains cool
  • Face the world with a cat
  • Cats don’t care about your problems
  • Sleepy but still cute
  • A home is not a home without a cat
  • True happiness is a cat curled up on your lap
  • Everything is better with a cat
  • A cat makes a good pillow
  • You can always rely on your cat
  • Cats sleep all day, party all night
  • Purrfect
  • Waking up to breakfast. Yay!
  • The runt of the litter
  • Meow
  • Weeee
  • Early morning bliss
  • Bedtime kisses
  • Inspired by the cuteness of this cat
  • I bake goods that are fluffy but feline
  • Love me, love my kitty
  • The cat is just doing its job
  • Cats are just like babies they need attention
  • We don’t know what the cat is thinking!
  • Cats are great workout partners
  • Catstagramming
  • What a cute kitty!
  • Sleepy cat day?
  • Do you mind if I scratch your back?
  • If I fits, I sits
  • A little cat nap time
  • I am purry down for the count
  • Aww..so sleepy..zzzzz
  • On the prowl tonight
  • Meow…I think I need a bath
  • The greatest gift is the love of a cat 🐱
  • Behind every great woman is a great cat (or many!)
  • Here’s to the purr-fect gift 🐱❤️
  • I’m pretty sure cats invented the Christmas card ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ #kitty_christmas
  • This chocolate cat 🐈 will keep you warm all winter ❄️
  • If a day starts with a good cup of coffee and a cuddle, then that is a very good day
  • Crazy hair cat
  • Happiness is falling asleep to the sound of my cat purring #Caturday
  • I love thinking about how warm and snuggly my life is when I’m falling asleep, breathing in the comforting sounds of the apartment around me
  • Thankful for cuddles and kisses from this little cat
  • I spend a lot of time binge-watching shows on Netflix, but the best part of any evening is curling up with my kitten and getting some purrrr from him 😼
  • Some days great things just fall into your lap, and it’s the little things that make you happy.
  • Life is good 😸🐱
  • Fast like a cheetah
  • Meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow furever.
  • I love you, meow! #felinesofinstagram
  • Your furry friends will always be there for you 🐾😊
  • Life is good when shared with a furry friend
  • Jus’ a couple of cats in love making plans to take over the world 😻
  • This furry face is all that I want to see when I wake up
  • You’re just a simple cat, you don’t know the secrets of the universe
  • We all need a little extra snuggle in the evening, every once in a while 😴👧
  • If you want to keep your heart healthy, try lying in bed listening to the sound of your cat purring
  • Crazy cat face
  • Now this is a real cat
  • Healthy paws
  • Funny and sweet
  • Sad and angry
  • Eyes and paws! So adorable!
  • Thoughtful and deep
  • Over the top cute!
  • Cats say the darnest things!
  • I love my cat
  • My kitty is the best
  • My favorite cat
  • Purrsuasion
  • Happiness is being near you, human!
  • Meow time
  • So fluffy
  • I need my beauty sleep, I’ll take a nap
  • Don’t look at me like that, you know you want to!
  • Shower me with your love
  • Even the cat turkey didn’t want came back to roost
  • Please stop licking the Christmas tree
  • The look this cat gives me when I ask why he ran away from home
  • Be genuine
  • Meep meeow
  • Time for a bath…not!
  • I’m the boss here!
  • Purrfect for a sleepy cat
  • You can do it, darling!
  • The cutest kitty ever!
  • Someone got a haircut, who is it?
  • I only love my cat after she has a good stare at you
  • Being away from my cat feels like being away from me
  • If you want to be a cute cat, have a cute meow
  • Meow once and go back to sleep
  • Don’t worry, we got this!
  • We get a spotlight on me? I’m ready for my close up!
  • It’s time… for my cat nap


Funny Cat Captions

Meow-Meow! Who doesn’t love a funny cat photo on Instagram? Cats know just how to position themselves in a way that will get you to double-tap. Cats have a way of being cute and innocent while at the same time being hilarious. They have this unique ability to be soft and cuddly but will scratch you if you’re not careful.

We all love taking pictures of our cats and sharing them on social media, so why not spice up those shots with some hilarious captions over the top? Using funny cat captions for your Instagram feed is a great way to engage with your followers, get more likes and more followers.

With that in mind, here are some funny cat captions that will leave your followers laughing. You’ll find several different types of captions, from pun-filled to plain silly.

  • Dreaming of being an astronaut? Your cat will be there to snuggle with you in space
  • If cats could talk, they’d probably tell us to mind our own business
  • God only made the cat to test the human’s patience
  • You make me wanna purr
  • Stressed like a stray cat under stairs
  • Cats are independent pets
  • Cats live with their own rules
  • I love hanging out my cat
  • You learn things about yourself when you live with cats
  • Cats know when to act like they’re lazy but can be really active, sneaky and smart too!
  • I bow down to you
  • I ‘like’ cat photos
  • There’s always time for cats
  • The internet agrees with me #cutecatday
  • Cats are the best excuse to procrastinate at work
  • When it comes to cats, patience is not my thing
  • Once I get that cat to sit on my lap, I wonder which food can distract him enough that he will get off
  • Play with meeeeeeee!
  • Cats are moody
  • Kitties don’t get Mondays, right?
  • Cats always land on their feet
  • I’m purrrrdy!
  • Look at me! I’m so cute!
  • Yawning is so complex
  • Security = Cat with bowtie
  • Do not disturb. Cat diving
  • If a cat lands on your foot, it’s because your feet are too clean
  • A life without cats would be pointless
  • All photos of cats are cute
  • Purrrrrsonality
  • Meowl there
  • Purr it out loud
  • Paws up
  • Please, not in front of the cat
  • Cats are divine
  • That’s some serious side-eye!
  • You stop that right away!
  • I think the fat cat had too much milk this morning!
  • Cats are really funny
  • What is that fluffy little kitten thinking?
  • All the cats are laughing at you now, Mr. Kitty!
  • I’m busy right now. Talk to my paw!
  • Cats are silly
  • Purr-fection takes time
  • I’m all about that cat life
  • A purr-fect way to relax in the sun
  • Cats make life interesting
  • I like my cat like I like my coffee…dark and free range
  • Cats and dogs can never agree about anything…so neither will we
  • If your cat doesn’t like you it’s your own stupid fault
  • Is your cat plotting to kill you? Probably not, but you should still keep an eye on it
  • Someday, if we cats could talk, I’ll tell you a tale or two
  • When a cat walks by, suspicious looks follow a tail
  • I’m no ordinary house cat. When I stalk a mouse, I do it right
  • I’m a cat and I sleep all day. If you want a piece of me, you’ll have to wake me up first
  • A rolling stone gathers no cat
  • There is no such thing as a free lunch (but there is such a thing as a free mouse)
  • Cats are lovelyyyyy


Black Cat Captions

Black cats look gorgeous. They are the perfect Instagram pets because of their lovely black fur and yellow eyes. When it comes to posting a picture of a black cat, the caption has to be perfect. A beautiful caption is what turns it from average to extraordinary.

Going on Google and searching “black cat captions” will get you tons of results. But a lot of the captions out there are pretty repetitive and can be a little boring to read. That’s why we decided to do something about it.

Here is a long list of black cat captions for Instagram that will make your posts stand out from the crowd.

  • When you love black cats and end up discovering a purrfectly adorable black cat
  • Black is the classic color for a cat
  • We all love black cats
  • Black cats that land on people’s feet bring luck
  • I really can’t get enough black cats. They are so beautiful!
  • Black cats are better than white cats
  • The contrast of glossy black fur against bright eyes is simply incredible
  • Black cats are more than just lucky
  • Black cats protect us from evil & bring joy & good luck
  • I love my black kitty
  • My cat’s fur looks like the night sky on a moonless night
  • Yep, I’m obsessed with black cats
  • Cats and monochrome look simply fantastic together
  • A black cat is a good luck charm
  • This cat is so lucky! She gets to spend all day cuddling with her owners.
  • My black cat thinks I’m the best thing ever! Every morning when I wake, she’ll walk up to me and stare into my eyes until I wake up!
  • Little black kitty! There is something oddly comforting knowing that you’re cute no matter what mood you are in
  • I wonder what my black cat is plotting in her head
  • This black cat looks so happy, but so mysterious at the same time
  • When you want to feel simple, but elegant
  • When you want to be mysterious and sexy
  • If you name a black cat Lucky, it means one thing – a fat lot of good it’s going to do you
  • My black cat is so freaky smart, he thinks I’m the dog !
  • Purr-fect for Halloween
  • I want to sleep on you, my cute little kitty
  • My kitten makes me so happy!
  • It’s time for a selfie with my beautiful feline friend!
  • Owning a black cat is good luck
  • Take photos of me…
  • One of my favorite snuggle buddie 😸😯❤
  • 🖤 #blackcatsmatter
  • There’s a certain magic in the feline variety
  • You’re cute and you know it!! 😻
  • Paw-sitively purr-fect
  • Look a little closer and look a little longer. There’s a lot going on here.
  • Everything worth seeing through a new lens
  • Oh I missed you my little black cat everyday was long time of separation between us 🐱
  • I’m not just the cutest, I’m also the most cuddly
  • Don’t call me chubby—I’m called the C-Section Cat! 👑
  • I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve posted a cat picture. Here she is enjoying the sun in the window.
  • I’m Caty, and I can read your mind
  • Nope, you’re not seeing things! The cat really is this black!
  • Don’t be afraid of a little darkness #GoBlack
  • May all your days be filled with fluffy and purrfect happiness
  • We love whiskers! ❤️
  • Look at me in my Halloween costume
  • I’m so adorable…
  • So many likes every time…
  • No such thing as bad pictures of me…
  • I get all the likes and attention around here…
  • I’m the coolest cat in town
  • Come to my magical garden and slay all your dragons


Angry Cat Captions

Angry cat has become a popular internet meme, and we all know how crazy the internet is for cat pictures. While cats are cute and kind, they can get angry very quickly. Really, really angry! These little balls of fur can make you smile every day when they’re happy, but you better look out when they get angry because they tend to lash out then.

A cat with an angry face expressing its rage in a funny way is the meme, which has gone viral on the internet, and now users are flooding Instagram with angry cat pictures.

Do you love taking pictures of your cat when she is angry and want to post them on Instagram? If so, you’ll need a suitable caption for it.

To save your time, we have prepared a list full of angry cat captions for you to choose from. Scoop up one of these angry cat captions so you can introduce your angry cat to the world.

  • Me-ow!
  • There is a fine line between cuddling your cat and holding them hostage.
  • I don’t like you and you don’t like me #meow #notyourcat
  • Maybe she just has something else in mind
  • Screw this, I want to go outside… #angrycat
  • Sometimes the only warmth I feel is my own rage
  • May the flea markets be with you
  • Life is crazy
  • This cat is never happy
  • Showing off her fierce CATitude
  • You don’t have to be mad to work here, but it sure helps… ✌️
  • Meow I don’t always relax but when I do, it’s on a comfy 🐾
  • It’s a lot of work being this angry yet adorable
  • Lazy mothers, tired of finding your cat hiding under your blanket or reading a book? Let me introduce you to feline purrformance
  • Uh-oh that’s not me. I definitely did not just get caught at the bottom of the stairs. Nope. Not guilty.
  • When the bagel stays hot longer than the cream cheese
  • Don’t judge me…
  • Hate everything about this day
  • Doesn’t this cat look mad?
  • What’s up with my cat?
  • I am not amused 😡
  • When you want to cuddle but they keep giving you attitude
  • A cat is never wrong, she thought to herself
  • Stop trying to make me look cute. I’m not cute, I’m fierce.
  • I’m a mean queen, a baddie. Watch me throw shade with flair! 🐱
  • Tone down your aggressive display 😡 or I may choose to ignore you
  • You do nothing to please me
  • When you are tired of being taken for granted
  • Meow, this is important.
  • This is me when I don’t get my way 😠
  • When you’re finally fed up with all the things


Grumpy Cat Captions

Meow, meow, meow! Cats are very mysterious creatures. Nobody knows why they do what they do, but we know one thing for sure — they are very cute. So what are you to do when these adorable furry little balls of adorableness decide to go bonkers? Post them on the ‘Gram, of course!

But don’t forget the most important part – you must come up with a caption for the photo! We searched for grumpy cat captions on the internet. We couldn’t find any lists, so we decided to make one ourselves.

Check out these grumpy cat captions for Instagram that will make you and your friends laugh out loud.

  • Turn that frown upside down. Cause you just never know
  • Once upon a time there was a grumpy cat. The end 🙄
  • Cats don’t want to talk to you. They just want you to know that they don’t want to talk to you. Their feelings are hurt.
  • Real cats don’t instagram 😸
  • Excuse me sir…but did you just get a little ‘whisker’ off my face?
  • Grump. Grump. Grump.
  • Looks like Grumpy had a long day
  • *yawn* I’m out
  • It’s a me thing 😠
  • It’s not a weekend if I don’t get this look at least once 😾
  • How I feel when I’m trying to leave the house but can’t find my way out 😞👎🏻
  • What day is it anyway
  • I’m not making myself clear
  • Let’s be real. We’re all just a little grumpy cat deep down inside.
  • I’m not grumpy, I’m busy
  • Ok fine we’ll take you to the vet
  • We woke up like this—hungry AF
  • Plz feed me cat food…Plz? 🐱
  • Gross 😖
  • Don’t let the Mondays get you down
  • I mean, don’t you agree?
  • If you’re tired, resting should be mandatory 😴
  • When you just need a nap but the kids are making too much noise ☹😡
  • Life has its way of knocking us down and we’re all about to be grumpy. Stay positive and always remember: tomorrow is a new day!
  • Thanks for the likes but…the weather outside is frightful and so is my attitude 🙄
  • Never trust a grumpy cat to watch your food
  • Grumpy cat vs the world
  • I’m grumpy because I haven’t had my coffee
  • Grammy Award winner for grumpiest kitten in the world
  • I’m not grumpy, I’m just like this
  • Don’t be like me it’s not breakfast time yet 🙄😾
  • I’m grumpy
  • Let’s be friends…Don’t make me get out of this bed🤞
  • Pffffft it’s Tuesday
  • She’s not grumpy, just tired
  • You know what I hate… Mondays
  • Nothing is better than a diner after a bad date — Grumpy Cat #WalkingDiner
  • Saturdays are always better with a grumpy cat 😠
  • A smile makes a great first impression. Include hers in the mix! ##grumpycat
  • This grumpy cat got even grumpier
  • Me after work😁
  • When it’s 5pm on Friday and you still haven’t decided what to wear tonight 😞
  • I hate Mondays
  • I don’t wanna! I never want to be happy 😴


Kitten Captions for Instagram

We want to believe that all of the world’s problems could be solved by a great photo of a kitten on Instagram. And while we haven’t gathered statistical data to back that up just yet, we do know that pictures of cute kittens on Instagram can soothe your soul and maybe even improve your day.

Everyone loves kittens. And there’s no better way to express our love for them than by sharing their pictures on Instagram! But finding suitable captions for kitten photos can be hard sometimes. But don’t worry! We’ve scoured the web to find a bunch of adorable captions for kitten photos.

Unleash your creativity and expand your caption arsenal with these kitten captions. These captions will guarantee your posts get noticed!

  • Purr-fectly adorable kittens doing their thing
  • Whenever you are feeling sad, just remember that kittens are super cute
  • Silly fluffy cats…where do you get all your energy from? 😼🍭
  • When you live with a tiger, it’s important to keep the napkins handy
  • These paws were made for talkin’ 😻
  • All my exes are #basic but I still love them
  • Say “yes” to playtime
  • Best life advice I ever got: Let the bad times roll
  • Warm your heart with purrs of the kittens
  • I hope the world gets to see as many cute kittens as I do
  • Looking forward to the best part of my day—when I can spend an hour watching these cute kittens play
  • Meowing the night away with these little cuties
  • Oh, these cats are like Rainbow but in cat form. Yes please! 😻
  • You’re never too old for a cat nap 💤😸🐱
  • Kittens grow up so fast 🙁
  • Can’t believe I waited this long to say… you complete me 😈
  • Life with you is no surprise. It’s an adventure, maybe even walking on coals. But it’s worth it. #kittenness
  • More cuddly than they look
  • These kittens are too cute to handle…
  • What is better than cuddling my new kitten? Nothing, that’s what
  • I hope you find joy today in whatever it is you seek, whether that’s coffee or warmth or kittens 🐈
  • Lets meow all night long
  • Life is purrrfect (see what we did there?)
  • If you’re gonna love me, at least treat me to the finest meats. meow…
  • Kittens saving time by sleeping on the keyboard. #whatcatssay
  • When you finally accept ur inner kitten like… 😻😻😻. #cats
  • Cat hair is like glitter—every time you pet 🐱 you get a little piece of it on your clothes
  • Awwwwwww, ain’t they beautiful 😍
  • We want to play! ❤️


Conclusion: Cat Captions

So, there you have it — a long list of beautiful cat captions for Instagram. We hope you enjoyed this collection and came up with some hilarious captions of your own.

These captions will allow you and your furry friend to flex your creativity muscles just a bit. The more you flex, the stronger your creative muscles become. And the stronger your creativity muscles become, the better wordsmiths you become.

With these captions at your disposal, you should be able to take that Instagram game to the next level. So what are you waiting for? Go out there and post some awesome cat photos with these captions!

Thanks for your time! We hope you managed to find what you were looking for. If you enjoyed this piece, make sure to share it on Facebook and Twitter.

Thanks for visiting, and have a nice day!

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