23 Chicken Wing Consumption Statistics You Should Know 2024

Chicken Wing Consumption Statistics

Chicken wings are a staple of the American diet. We know you love them, and we want you to know more about them! So, we’ve compiled a list of chicken wing consumption statistics for your reading pleasure. 

Chicken wings are a classic, but they’re also incredibly versatile. They can be deep-fried, baked, grilled, or even smoked. And when you combine them with the right sauces and seasonings, the possibilities are endless.

From the number of chicken wings eaten in the US per year to the number of chicken wings an average person eats in their lifetime, we’ve got you covered.

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Chicken Wing Consumption Statistics (Editor’s Choice)

  • An average American eats 16 pieces of chicken wings in one sitting.
  • 56% of people in the US prefer traditional chicken wings, while 44% like boneless wings more.
  • Maryland was the state that ate the most chicken wings in the Super Bowl in 2021.
  • 65% of Americans who eat chicken wings like to do so while watching major sporting events.
  • Consuming chicken wings in moderation increases blood hemoglobin and raises the level of immunity.
  • Eating chicken wings up to two times a week will fill your body with vitamins and nutrients.
  • Honey BBQ is the most popular wing flavor in the US.

Global Chicken Wing Consumption Statistics

1. An average person in the US eats 16 pieces of chicken wings in one sitting.

(Moore’s Marinades & Sauces)

If you’re anything like the average American, you probably eat 16 pieces of chicken wings when you go out to a bar, restaurant, or party. That’s right: the average American eats 16 pieces of chicken wings at a time.

That’s a lot of chicken wings. It’s also not surprising that you might want to know why Americans are so into these tasty treats. There are a few different reasons why we eat so many chicken wings, but they all come back to the fact that they’re just so good.

Chicken wings have a crispy skin with a juicy interior and tons of flavor. They’re also super versatile—you can put them on salads, sandwiches, or even just eat them plain with some blue cheese dressing! And if you’re feeling adventurous (and hungry), there’s always buffalo sauce. 


2. Americans consumed roughly one billion servings of chicken wings in 2019.


As it turns out, Americans eat more than 1 billion chicken wings every year. That’s a lot of chicken!

Apart from Americans eating one billion servings in a single year, the National Purchase Diary (NPD) group reported a 5% increase in wings being served than the previous year.

One of the most significant factors for the rise in the popularity of chicken wings is the sheer number of chicken wing food service establishments and restaurants.


3. 38% of Americans prefer to make their own wings.

(Moore’s Marinades & Sauces)

More Americans prefer to make their own chicken wings at home (38%) than go out to restaurants to get them (37%).

The chicken wing isn’t just a bar food anymore. While they were once the staple of your local dive, today they’re a favorite of home cooks everywhere.

Why? Because we’re all getting more comfortable with cooking! And that comfort is translating into more people wanting to cook their own food and eat at home. We’ve all heard the phrase “nothing beats homemade,” and it’s true—you can’t beat a meal made with love by someone who really cares about you and knows your tastes.

So if you’re looking for an easy, delicious way to make sure you’re eating well this holiday season, try making some wings at home. You’ll be surprised how easy it actually is!


4. Salad is the most popular side dish to accompany wings.

(Moore’s Marinades & Sauces)

It’s not just the wings that people love—it’s the sides, too! And when it comes to the side dishes you order with your wings, there are plenty of options.

Here’s the list of the top ten sides people order with their wings:

Chips and salsa38%
Mozzarella sticks35%
Carrot sticks35%
French fries33%
Celery sticks33%
Potato wedges29%
Onion rings28%


5. The average person in the US eats 17,653 chicken wings during their lifetime.

(NY Post)

People in the US are big fans of chicken wings and statistics are there to prove it.

For instance, an average person in the US consumes 24 wings per month, or 290 wings a year. In other words, a person in the US eats 17,653 chicken wings in their lifetime.

Both boneless wings and wings with the bone-in are included in these estimations.


6. Only 3% of Brits claim that wings are their favorite part of a cooked chicken.


As YouGov’s 2020 survey indicates, chicken breast is by far the most loved part of a cooked chicken (58% of respondents prefer it), which isn’t surprising.

In addition, chicken wing consumption statistics based on this survey show that chicken wings are actually the least liked. That doesn’t mean that Brits generally don’t like chicken wings. They just prefer other parts when cooked chicken meat is in question.


7. 32% of American survey respondents say that chicken wings are a part of their ideal barbecue plate.


It seems that many people in the US want to see chicken wings on their ideal barbecue plate. Nevertheless, other types of meat are relatively more popular, as 65% prefer hamburgers or cheeseburgers, 49% hot dogs, 48% ribs, and 37% would love sausages or bratwursts on their barbecue plates.

Still, wings are more popular than briskets, plant-based burgers, pork chops, pulled pork, and turkey burgers.


8. 56% of Americans prefer traditional chicken wings.

(Grill Cook Bake)

A chicken wing eating chart based on a survey of 2,500 Americans reveals that people definitely like traditional chicken wings more. More precisely, 56% of people in the US prefer conventional chicken wings, while 44% like boneless wings more.

Furthermore, when states are in question, traditional wings are more prevalent in 36 states and boneless only in 14.


9. 53% of people believe that boneless wings should count as true “wings.”

(Moore’s Marinades & Sauces)

The survey found that 53% thought that boneless wings should count as real wings, while only 34% said they shouldn’t be counted. The remaining 3% of respondents either didn’t know or had no opinion on the matter.

We asked our readers to elaborate on their answers, and most cited tradition as the reason they feel this way. “Wings are supposed to be bone-in,” one respondent told us. “It’s what makes them special!” Another said that “if it doesn’t have bones, it isn’t a wing!”

We also asked why people who weren’t against boneless wings thought they should count as true wings, and many said they just want to be inclusive. One respondent explained that “I don’t care if you eat your wing with a fork and knife—or even with chopsticks—as long as you’re enjoying yourself!”

If you’re one of those 53%, don’t worry: we still love you 😉.


10. 57% of people would never order chicken wings on their first date.

In a world where a first date is often the start of something great, it’s understandable that people want to make an impression. But when it comes to food, some foods just aren’t worth the risk—and we’re talking about chicken wings in particular.

While you may be tempted to order chicken wings on a first date, you should think twice before doing so. Not only are chicken wings messy (and hard to eat), but 57% of people say they would never have chicken wings on a date because they are too messy.

If you’re the type of person who likes to eat chicken wings on dates, you may want to rethink your strategy. The majority of people surveyed said they would never have chicken wings on a date because they are too messy.

So what’s the solution? Maybe try some other finger food! You could also opt for something that is known not to be messy, like sushi or tacos.

These findings are surprising, considering how popular chicken wings have become over the years: Americans now consume more than 1 billion servings of chicken wings each year—a number that has grown significantly since 2015.


Chicken Wing Consumption During Super Bowl

11. According to the estimations before the latest super bowl, Americans most likely ate 1.42 billion wings during the match.


Since there’s no new data about the actual chicken wing consumption after the latest Super Bowl, we’ll have to rely on the National Chicken Council’s estimations.

The number of chicken wings consumed during Super Bowl LVII is estimated at a staggering 1.42 billion. Interestingly, the number of wings eaten has increased since 2015, even though the prices are now considerably higher.


12. Last year, 1 in 25 InstaCart customers purchased chicken wings during the week leading up to Super Bowl game day.


Instacart’s extensive survey of its customers shows that 33% of those who purchased chicken wings preferred them fried over baked. While baked was liked by 23% of customers, 39% preferred a mix of both. Also, 44% would rather choose drumsticks, while 26% would go for flats.

When sauces and seasonings are in question, 48% would want a mix of both, while 28% would love their wings sauced. Seasoned chicken wings were the least popular, as only 20% of customers preferred them.


13. Maryland was the state that consumed the most chicken wings in the Super Bowl in 2021.


According to InstaCart’s data on wing sales, Mayland had 1 in 17 carts (or 60% of carts) that contained chicken wings during the week leading up to the game day. It’s important to highlight that the sales of chicken wings were 60% higher than usual in this state.

Other states that ordered chicken wings are Mississippi (5.7%), Connecticut (5.5%), Georgia (5.2%), and New Jersey (5.1% of carts contained wings).


14. 65% of Americans who eat chicken wings like to do so while watching major sporting events, such as the Super Bowl.

(Poultry World)

We all like to eat something tasty while watching important events because it just makes everything more fun and memorable.

In addition, those who love sporting events like SuperBowl strongly agree that eating chicken wings while watching them is a great choice. On top of that, more than half (51%) of chicken wing consumers believe that wings should be the Super Bowl’s official food.


15. Chicken wing consumption yearly growth rate declined by 0.3% in March 2021.


Chicken wing industry statistics reveal that chicken wing consumption declined in March 2021, after a considerable rise in January and February 2021.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that chicken wings are famous and served in 113,051 of 621,918 American restaurants, while 0.14% of recipes have chicken wings as an ingredient.

Apart from that, 5.33% of people opt for chicken wings because it’s a snack for them and 2.78% of people see wings as comfort food.


16. Beer is the most popular beverage chicken wing pairing, while juice is the fastest-rising.


Beer goes perfectly with chicken wings, so it’s not surprising that it’s the first choice for many people. Nevertheless, people seem to opt for juice and water more than before.

Lemon drop and cognac are the top declining ingredients and pairings. Apart from that, carbonated water, malibu rum, and Irish coffee are some of the top trending pairings.


Chicken Wings Consumption Facts and Stats Regarding Health

17. Kids under the age of ten should eat three to four wings in one serving.

(Wings and Rings)

Even though it’s true that every person has unique eating habits and that it’s easy to buy too many or too few wings, Chef Dan (a master chef) suggested that three to four wings should be ordered for kids under the age of ten. Also, eight to ten chicken wings are sufficient for teenagers.

Chef Dan also highlights that chicken wings are a great protein snack for kids.


18. One deep-fried chicken wing contains approximately 14 grams of fat, and consuming them too often leads to weight gain.

(Food Morning)

Chicken wing consumption statistics indicate that eating deep-fried chicken wings too often can easily lead to obesity, as one wing contains nearly 40 milligrams of cholesterol, 1.5 grams of trans fat, 5.4 grams of saturated fat, and 284 milligrams of sodium. A serving of 40 deep-fried wings has 3070 calories.

If you want to lose weight, think about replacing deep-fried wings with some other foods.


19. Eating chicken wings in moderation increases blood hemoglobin and raises the level of immunity.

(Poultry EU)

Even though some people see chicken wings as not healthy enough, that’s not true. In fact, chicken wings can be incredibly beneficial for a person’s health.

For example, they can help treat depression, boost the immune system, normalize brain activity, increase the growth of connective tissue and cartilage, and help the body form new cells.


20. Consuming chicken wings up to two times a week will fill your body with vitamins and nutrients.

(Poultry EU)

One of the facts about chicken wings everyone should know is that moderate consumption of chicken wings is good for a person’s health, as it contains a considerable amount of vitamin A and B.

Of course, we’re not talking about deep-fried wings, which aren’t healthy. Also, oily chicken skin should be removed before preparation.


Other Noteworthy Chicken Wing Consumption Statistics and Trends

21. There’s around one ounce of chicken meat in a chicken wing.

(My Home and Kitchen)

There are two types of chicken wings: flats and drums. The average cooked flat chicken wing weighs around 1.5 ounces and has approximately 1 oz of meat. On the other hand, a cooked chicken drum weighs roughly 2 ounces and delivers 1.5 oz of meat.

In other words, eating drums is a good idea if you want to be full.


22. Molly Schuyler set a new world record in 2018 as she ate 501 wings in 30 minutes on Wing Bowl 26.

(CBS Local)

Wing Bowl 26 took place in February at the Wells Fargo Center in South Philadelphia. For those who don’t know about Wing Bowl, it’s a Buffalo chicken wing eating contest.

Molly Schuyler managed to eat 501 chicken wings in 30 minutes that year, and the previous world record for most wings eaten in 30 minutes was 444 by Patrick Bertoletti in 2015.


23. Honey BBQ is the most popular chicken wing sauce in the US.

(Grill Cook Bake)

Although it’s hard to tell which chicken wing sauce is the most popular in the US, honey BBQ has a plurality of states (14). The next preferred sauce is hot buffalo sauce, the sauce of choice in 9 states. Some other famous sauces in the US are spicy garlic, lemon pepper, and sweet barbecue sauce.

The survey listed 16 sauces or seasonings and asked respondents to give their preferences.


Related Questions (FAQ)

How many chicken wings are eaten in the super bowl?

It seems that Americans eat more and more chicken in the super bowl every year, despite the rising prices. Before the match, the National Chicken Council estimated that Americans would consume 1.42 billion wings for the latest super bowl.


How many chicken wings does the average American eat each year?

Americans consume an incredible number of chicken wings. According to some estimations, an average person in the US eats 24 wings per month, which amounts to 290 wings a year. That means that a person in the US eats 17,653 chicken wings in their lifetime.


Why are chicken wings so popular in the USA?

The reason for the popularity of chicken wings among Americans lies in their cheap convenience. Since people usually opt for breasts, wings became cheaper. That’s why they were sold in bars where people watched sports, so they became connected to sports, especially the super bowl.


How many chicken wings do most people eat?

Americans usually eat seven chicken wings per person in one sitting, and they eat them around three times per month, regardless of whether they made them at home or bought them in a restaurant.


What are the benefits of eating chicken wings?

Even though chicken wings are considered fast food, they’re actually very beneficial to our health (when they aren’t deep-fried). For instance, moderate consumption of chicken wings can normalize brain activity, improve the immune system, regulate blood glucose levels, and increase. the blood hemoglobin


Can diabetics eat chicken wings?

Chicken wings are an excellent choice of protein for people who have diabetes. In addition, as the chicken wing consumption statistics reveal, chicken wings are low in carbs, making them a friendly meal for diabetics. Also, there are various healthy sauces that people with diabetes can eat with chicken wings.



So, that’s it for this deep dive into the world of chicken wings.

We hope you’ve found some interesting statistics about chicken wings to share with your friends and family. And if there’s one thing we want to make sure you know, it’s this: there’s no such thing as too many chicken wings!

As always, if you have any questions or comments, please let us know. We love hearing from you.

Happy eating!

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