313 Cigar Business Name Ideas to Smoke the Competition

Cigar Business Names

Made a decision to start your own cigar business but can’t think of a good name for it? If so, you’ve arrived at the right place. Here, we have compiled a huge collection of catchy, unique, and cool cigar business name ideas to help inspire your creativity and get your brainstorming started.

Are you one of those folks who enjoy a good cigar on occasion? If so, maybe you’ve thought about starting your own cigar business to sell your hand-rolled stogies.

Well, starting a cigar business can be one of the most rewarding and lucrative ventures you opt for in your lifetime. It just takes a little bit of money and cigar knowledge, and you could be making good cash. However, it’s important to consider that running a business takes a lot of effort and dedication.

One of the first crucial steps is the naming process. Choosing a name for your business is a big decision, and sometimes it can be hard to make up your mind. It is important to choose a name that is catchy, marketable, and easy to remember.

The name you pick should be compelling and ultimately capture the brand that you are trying to build. It’ll be the most important element in establishing a brand identity. It should convey the quality of your product and what sets you apart from the competition. And every name that bears similarities with other cigar businesses already in the market will be rejected on trademark grounds.

To make things easier for you, we’ve done the research and put together an extensive collection of cigar business ideas for you to consider. With this list, you’re sure to find a name that suits your needs!

So, grab your notepad and pen to take notes, and let’s get started.

Catchy Cigar Bar Names

Cigar bars are about a lot more than just smoking a cigar. It’s about enjoying a relaxing atmosphere with some great conversation and entertainment.

If you’re looking for the perfect name for your cigar bar, you’ve landed in the right spot. Our branding experts have created an extensive list of cigar bar name ideas.

  • The Big Smoke
  • Cigars in The Air
  • Smoke City
  • Pipe Dreams
  • Super Smokers
  • Smoke and Chill
  • Lit Cigars
  • Cigar Affair
  • Tobacco Tavern
  • Havana Nights
  • Cigar On The Rocks
  • Smoker’s Haven
  • Wonderful Smoke
  • Cheeky Cigar
  • Up in Smoke
  • Smoker’s Retreat
  • The Back Room
  • Cigar-ing Experience
  • Cigar Boogie
  • Cigar Box Sports Bar
  • Cigar Caddy Clubhouse
  • The Backyard
  • Cigar Lords
  • Cigars-A-Go-Go
  • The Tobacconist
  • Hit N’ Smoke
  • Club U Cigar
  • The Pipe and Cigar Shop
  • Tobacco Boutique
  • Backyard Pleasures
  • Down & Dirty
  • One Finger Salute
  • Supreme Cigar Bar
  • Top Shelf Cigar Co
  • One Of A Kind Cig
  • Cigar Dude Co
  • Nickle N-Lite Cigars
  • The Perfect Ash
  • Brown Cow Cigars
  • Blue Smoke
  • Natural Smoke Co
  • Big Bad Smoke
  • Cigar Palace
  • The Happy Bachelor
  • Cuban Cigar Man
  • Big Smoke Bros
  • Cigar Den
  • Cigar Lover Club
  • Fine Cigar Emporium
  • Old Havana Cigar Shop
  • Fine Cigars
  • Midnight Habana
  • Smoker’s Haven
  • Hookah Dreamz
  • Doctor Smoke
  • Cigar Smoker’s Haven
  • Crux Cigars
  • The Bearded Lady
  • Smoke X
  • Smoke and Pout
  • Sultry Cigar Bar
  • The Smoking Jacket
  • Latitude Zero
  • Resolute Cigars
  • Forty Two Cigars
  • The Blockhouse Club
  • The Velvet Cigar
  • Tobacco Tincture
  • Tobacco Road
  • Smoking Jacket
  • 5 Points Cigar Bar
  • Ash-aholics
  • Affordable Cigar
  • Brilliant Blend
  • Entertainer’s Paradise
  • Plus One Cigars
  • The Imagination
  • The Freedom Fighter
  • Smoke and Wine


Creative Cigar Shop Names

When it comes time to name your business, you have to be strategic and think long-term. You want to pick a name that will help your shop grow and stand out in the crowd. It should help build your brand and get people interested in trying your products.

Keeping this in mind, we’ve listed below a bunch of creative cigar shop name ideas for you to choose from. Hopefully, you’ll find the one that tickles your fancy.

  • White Dog Cigars
  • Cigar Rollers Delight
  • Cigars Unlimited
  • The Smoke Stick
  • Sweet Cigar
  • Odyssey Cigars
  • Sweet Tobacco
  • Bully Boy Cigars
  • King of Cigar
  • Lighter Side of Life
  • EZ Smoke
  • Atomic Smoke Shop
  • Diamond Crown Cigars
  • Something Fishy Cigar Shop
  • Cigar Cave
  • House of Tobacco Pipes
  • Towering Heights Cigars
  • Tobacco Empire
  • Embassy Cigs
  • The Lucky Cigar Shop
  • Cigar City
  • Blondie Tobacco Emporium
  • Smokes on the Square
  • Pleasure Dome Cigars
  • Tobacco Barn
  • Mr Good Smoke
  • Vintage Cigar Shoppe
  • Smoke Till You Drop
  • Smokey Mountain Cigars
  • Smokey Cigar Palace
  • The Gentlemen’s Club
  • Smoke and Ash
  • Cigar Crafters
  • Smokes and Butts
  • Puff Smokey
  • Cigar Crafters
  • The Smoke Pit
  • Gentlemen’s Cigar Lounge
  • The Grand Cigar
  • Leafy Green Cigars
  • Land of Dream Cigars
  • Nasty Little Cigars
  • Two Guys Smoke Shop
  • Cuban Crafters Inc.
  • Bling Cigar Co
  • Boundless Skies Cigar Co.
  • Puff & Smoke
  • Barking Dog Cigars
  • King Pin’s Smoke Shop
  • Havana Blendz


Cigar Brand Name Ideas

Cigars are a fun and exciting niche business to be in. Cigar brands have a strong and loyal following and always guarantee to create a buzz wherever they are.

With so many new cigar brands entering the market, it’s important to put some thought into the name before release. You want something that can catch cigar lovers’ attention every time they hear it. It’ll give you a head start in building brand awareness and make your brand recognizable and marketable.

With this in mind, we’ve gathered plenty of catchy cigar brand name ideas to help you get started. We hope you find these helpful!

  • Mambo King
  • Honeysuckle Tobacco
  • Cigar Hut
  • Cigar Divas
  • Presidential Cigars
  • Cigar Castle
  • Churchill Cigars
  • Kicking Ash
  • Smokey Joe’s
  • Fire Line Tobacco
  • A Fistful of Cigars
  • Kings Club Cigar
  • The Humble Smoker
  • Little Havana Co
  • Elegant Smoke
  • Smokin’ Hot Tobacco
  • Burn One Down
  • Acorn Tobacco
  • Smoke and Mirrors
  • Amber Leaf Humidor
  • Smokey Cannon
  • Cigarette Boutique
  • The Nostalgic Cigar
  • Old Havana Cigars
  • 4 Kings Cigars
  • Catch 22 Cigar
  • Havana Sunrise
  • Smoke and Smoke
  • Stogies and Stuff
  • The Cigar Aficionado
  • Havana Bound Cigars
  • Caribbean Heat
  • Pete’s Pipe Palace
  • The Hemingway House
  • Smoke Signals
  • Cigar Craziness
  • Just Tobacco
  • New World Cigars
  • Blue Skies Cigar Co
  • Cigar Stand
  • My Smokey Cigar
  • Aroma De Cuba
  • All Things Cigars
  • Cuban Blendz
  • Smokey O’s Outfitters
  • The Red Spark
  • Smoke Co
  • Spice of Life
  • Tobacco Emporium
  • Cigars and More
  • Round Robin Cigars
  • Sizzling Cigars
  • Havana Nights
  • Extremely Rustic Cigars
  • Remedio Cubano
  • Diamond Crown Cigar House
  • Cuban Affair
  • World of Cigars


Cool Cigar Lounge Names

When it comes to owning and operating a cigar lounge, no matter the size, you need to ensure that everyone in your community knows its location. You don’t want them to keep on living their lives without being properly informed of the amazing experience they can get out of visiting your cigar lounge.

Therefore, one of the important tasks at hand is coming up with an appealing name for your establishment. You want something cool-sounding that resonates with your target audience. At the same time, it must be short, snappy, and easy to recall.

To save your time, we scoured the top cigar forum sites and collected a bunch of great name suggestions for your cigar lounge. Take a look!

  • Cigar Secret Society
  • Smokes Unlimited
  • The Velvet Cigar
  • Downtown Hookah
  • Tobacco Vault
  • Twister City Vapor
  • Tobacco Leaf Cigar Lounge
  • The Cigar Lounge
  • Angels of Smoke
  • Platinum Cigar Club
  • 2 Guys and a Cigar
  • Blu Cigar Lounge
  • Cigar Caddy
  • Cigar Factory
  • A Cigar and Scotch
  • The Gracious Cigar
  • Amber Room Cigar Lounge
  • 420 Cigar Lounge
  • Seven Cigars Lounge
  • Relax Cigar Lounge
  • Wishful Cigar Lounge
  • Infidels Tobacco Lounge
  • Zebra Lounge
  • Aroma Lounge
  • The Red Lounge
  • The Connoisseur’s Den
  • South Beach Cigar Club
  • First Class Cigar Lounge a
  • Lucky Leaf Sports Lounge
  • Pleasure Dome
  • The Chills
  • Taste of Havana
  • Purple Leaf Cigar Lounge
  • The Fine Ash
  • The Smoke Box
  • Mr Chews
  • Astonishing Cigars
  • Luxury Rest
  • Smoke is Good Lounge
  • Ultimate Taste Experience
  • The Smoking Club
  • Smoke by the Water
  • Leaf-Lite Lounge
  • Underground Cigar Bar
  • The Oak Hanger


Funny Cigar Bar Names

If you are planning to open up a cigar bar, why not name it something funny? A humorous name works great in grabbing the attention of target customers and hence, boost your marketing efforts.

Here are some funny cigar bar names that are clever, witty, and have a good ring to them. Hopefully, these will spark some creativity in you.

  • Ciggies and Booze
  • Cheers Cigar Bar
  • The High Life
  • The Pour House
  • All Fired Up
  • Smoke Rings
  • Smokers Temple
  • Crackers Up Cigars
  • Nice Ash Cigar Bar
  • El Cubano Cigars
  • Cigar Up Bar and Lounge
  • Glimmering Cloud Cigar
  • Swanky Cigar
  • Angry Cigar
  • Spliff Cafe
  • Blunt Brothers Cigar Lounge
  • Deadly Sins Cigars
  • The Dark Side of Havana
  • Fat Charlie’s Smoke House
  • No Drinking On Duty
  • Smokin’ Ain’t Easy
  • It’s Always Happy Hour
  • Cigar Oasis
  • Shady Haven
  • Smokin’ Good Times
  • Cigar Over Easy
  • The Rolling Smoke
  • Abacus Cigars
  • Warehouse of Smokes
  • The Mad Hatters
  • Hit the High Notes
  • Caught in a Blue Moon
  • Flamingo Cigar bar
  • Red Lion Tobacconists
  • Head in the Clouds
  • Sunshine Cigar Café
  • The Art of Smokes
  • Brew and Smoke
  • Ciggies Anonymous
  • Lucky Strike Lounge
  • Black Jack Bar and Grill
  • Enjoy Your Smoke
  • Rising Smoke
  • Satisfy Your Thirst
  • The Smoking Monkey
  • Funky Fingers n Sips
  • Black Sheep Cigar Bar
  • Ash to Ashes
  • Cold Smoke
  • Wet and Wild


Cigar Company Name Generator

Bored of coming up with generic names and need something out of the box? No worries! We’ve listed below some awesome names generated by a cigar company name generator tool. Check these out!

  • Havana Havoc
  • Fired Up Cigars
  • Chillin’ Out
  • Hav-A-Cuba Cigar Co.
  • Nirvana Cigars
  • Cigar Galore
  • Rock-A-Feller Cigars
  • Back Yard Cigar Co
  • Cuban Legacy Cigar
  • Cigar Maven
  • Cigar Manor
  • Cigar Buddies
  • Secret Havana
  • Cuban Round Cigars
  • Cigar Time
  • Havana Club
  • Fuma Dominica
  • Aristocrat Cigar Co.
  • Tropical Nights Cigar Club
  • Misty Mountain Cigars
  • West of Havana Cigar
  • The Smoke Jumpers
  • Burnt Toast Cigars
  • Big John Cigars
  • Havana Dreams
  • The Lung Barn
  • Cigar Heaven
  • The Burn Zone
  • Express Cigars
  • The Mermaid Cigars
  • Farmers Choice Tobacco


Conclusion: Cigar Business Names

So there we have it. We’ve explored a number of name ideas for your cigar business. But where does this leave you? Well, hopefully, better equipped to make a decision about what business name to use.

Now, pick some visually-appealing cigars, grab an ice-cold glass of scotch, and enjoy reflecting on the hard work we’ve put in to come up with these cigar business name ideas.

Thanks for reading this article. We hope you enjoyed this article and found it helpful. If so, feel free to share this article with your friends on Facebook or Twitter. And if you need any other help getting your cigar business up and running, just let us know. We’d be happy to help in any capacity we can.

We wish you all the best!

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