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Customer Service Company Names

Time and again, the importance of customer service has been emphasized. Indeed, nothing can take the place of good old customer service. If you’re looking to start a customer service company from scratch or rebrand your existing company, and want a catchy name for your brand, this article is all you need.

Did you know that there are over 1 million searches for the word ‘customer service’ each month in the United States alone? With all this action surrounding customer service, it should come as no surprise that countless companies and independent professionals are looking for website names centered on customer service.

We’ve worked hard on this list of ready-made customer service business names that you can use to start your own company. This is the ultimate list of company names for customer support companies, call centers, and BPO businesses dealing with inbound or outbound customer service.

Short Customer Service Company Names

Do you plan on launching your new customer service company soon? Are you looking for the perfect name for your new venture? Well, then you’re at the right place because that is our specialty. Choosing the right name for your company can be a daunting process. With so many options and ideas, it can feel challenging to identify the right one.

We always recommend companies to choose a name that is short because it is easier to remember such names. In this section, we are going to offer you excellent short name ideas for your customer service company. Check them out below:

Front Desk

Front Desk is an excellent choice for a short and straightforward name. This name accurately represents the services that your company offers, i.e., customer service. When we think of getting help from a company anywhere, the first thing that comes to mind is the “front desk.” That is why this name makes such a good fit for a customer service company.


MySupport is another of our top short name choices. It connects two words to make a short company name. The additions of ‘My’ adds a touch of personalization and a sense of familiarity for the clients. The name is an accurate representation of the kind of services your company offers to its clients.


QuickDial is a simple, yet effective name for your customer service company. It tells your customers that support is only a quick call away. The name joins the two words “Quick” and “Dial,” so it will make all your branding ventures convenient. QuickDial makes an excellent name choice for customer service companies because it is super easy on the tongue and leaves a lasting impression.

  • SupportBiz
  • CustomerCare
  • SupportBot
  • Help Squad
  • Customer Server
  • Support Professionals
  • Customer Corp
  • Customer Services
  • SupportStation
  • Service Mix
  • Alpha support
  • Talk It Out
  • QuickMend
  • Service Stop
  • Quick Service
  • Fix Point
  • CustomerStop
  • Customer Desk
  • Reception fIX
  • Instant Fix
  • Servicology
  • MyCustomer
  • FirstCall
  • Customer Help
  • Help Call
  • Helpers
  • Customers Supporters
  • Major Customer
  • FirstCustomer
  • Fixup
  • Hear Out
  • Need Help
  • Helping Hands
  • AskAway
  • User Help
  • User Support
  • Use Service
  • Customer Relations
  • Customer Help
  • Help Gurus
  • Help Desk
  • Call Help
  • Service Guru
  • Customer Now
  • MaxSupport
  • FullSupport
  • SupportStar


Customer Service Company Names HandPicked By Branding Experts (Domains Included)


Custimy is a stellar brand name for a customer service company for many reasons. 

The name sounds professional, is easy to spell, and easy to say. It conveys exactly what you do – helping customers in a customized manner.

It provides feelings of being personalized customer service making it really easy to get your customers to develop an emotional attachment with your company. 

Use the brand name and profit immediately!


Catchy Customer Service Company Names

Catchy names are another one of our top recommendations for new companies in the market. If you want to get the attention of customers, you need to think outside the box and choose a fun company name. Catchy names stick to memory quickly and create an impression immediately.

Here are catchy name suggestions for your customer service company:

Customer Usher

Customer Usher is one of our top catchy names of customer service companies. It has a very trendy touch to it and will establish your company as a competent service provider in the market. The name is also very memorable and has the potential to stick with anyone who sees/reads it.

Customer Cover

Another top choice for catchy customer service names includes “Customer Cover.” It is a simple name but it conveys the purpose of the company effectively. This name is sure to be received well in the market. Your clients will feel confident working with a company with such a professional name.


This name brilliantly joins two words that are quintessential to the services that you provide, i.e., “Service” and “Voices.” It implies that the voice of the customers will be heard and their concerns will be addressed immediately by the company. Servoices is a super catchy name and it will stick with your audience right away.

  • Customer Advisor
  • Customer Communication
  • Customer Consulting
  • Customer Focus
  • Expediting Service
  • Customer Point
  • Customerline
  • Helpmeets
  • Custodial
  • Custoappeal
  • Custolight
  • Connect2us
  • Customer Empowerment Systems, Inc.
  • After Sale Customer Service, Inc.
  • Cyber Customer Services, Inc. (CCS)
  • Digital Customer Care Solutions (DC2)
  • Demand Generation Experts (DGE)
  • Empowered Customer Care Group, LLC (ECCG) 
  • Customer Is King LLC
  • Customer And Friends
  • Trust Customers
  • CustomerWin
  • CustomerAlly
  • ClientWins
  • ClickHelp
  • Supportech
  • Supportek
  • CustomerSpecial
  • SupportService
  • ClientCare
  • Support+
  • Support Zone
  • Service Now
  • Help Found
  • Help Center
  • Service Universal
  • Service Care
  • This is Us
  • Happy Customers
  • Client-First LLC
  • Problem Solvers at Work, LLC
  • 360 Total Customer Services
  • Arc of Success
  • Don’t Settle Inc
  • Customer App
  • Helper
  • Helpit
  • Fixup
  • Fixit
  • WeCare
  • WeHelp
  • MyAssistant
  • AssistNow
  • MyHelp
  • VHelp
  • VCare
  • WeServe
  • HelpU
  • Service Pros
  • ServiceXpert
  • Help Source
  • CustomerOne
  • ServiceOne
  • Help 1
  • Service In
  • Support Point
  • Servicology
  • Swift Service
  • Premium Care
  • Premium Service
  • Premium Help
  • Access Support
  • Access Help
  • Helpdesk Access
  • Access Now
  • Quick Support
  • Correspondents
  • Patchers


Creative Customer Service Company Names

When your company name reflects creativity and originality, it develops a very favorable image of your brand with potential clients. One of the best ways for new companies to get attention is to get creative with their names. The name of your customer service company should be one that entices potential clients to get in touch with you.

Choosing a creative and attention-grabbing name for your web design company will work wonders for getting new customers. Here are a few creative customer service company name options for you:


Supportal makes an ideal option for your customer service company. It is a play on words and joins the words “Support” and “Portal,” sending a message to the customers that you provide a portal of support. It is a short and creative name, which makes it highly memorable. This name is bound to stand out among the competitors.

Customer 1st

Customer 1st is another excellent name option for customer service companies. The name speaks for itself and will make customers feel prioritized. It sends out a message that your company always puts the needs of its clients first. It will help you establish your company’s reputation as a reliable, competent, and professional service provider in the market.

Support Room

Support Room is another creative, simple, yet effective name for a customer service company. Its simplicity and straightforwardness makes it highly memorable. Your clients are likely to find the name a professional and favorable representation of your company’s services.

  • Service Upgrade
  • Enhanced care
  • Help One
  • CustomerPlus
  • Client Care
  • Client Support
  • Client Service
  • Helper Pro
  • Assistant Pro
  • Assistance One
  • Ace Assistance
  • Max Support
  • Max Assist
  • Service Point
  • Help Real 
  • Supportastic
  • Net Help
  • Net Support
  • Customer Zone
  • Help Task
  • Service TaskForce
  • Assist Control
  • Service World
  • Elite Support
  • Service Lane
  • HelpLine
  • LineHelp
  • MySupport
  • CallSupport
  • Support Services
  • We the Helpers
  • Support Street
  • Assistance Pro
  • Help Hack
  • Fixers
  • Issue Lift
  • The Resolvers
  • Customer Guide
  • No Complaints
  • Support Markers
  • Service Core
  • UpService
  • Customer Up
  • Flawless Support
  • SupportUp
  • Customer Design
  • Fix Mix


Cool Customer service Company Names

From the variety of categories to choose your company name, “cool” names are the most popular currently. They are usually in line with the latest trends or pop culture. There are tons of customer service companies out there with cool names – some were even named by yours truly.

Here are cool customer service company name options for you:

Support System

Support System is a very trendy, cool, and apt name for a customer service company. In pop culture, support system refers to a group of people, usually family or friends that act as a constant source of support and encouragement in a person’s life. This name fits well in the context of customer services because it sends out a message that your services will always be available at the client’s disposal.

Support Pros

Support Pros is another super trendy and cool name. It established your staff as a professional and highly-equipped team ready to support customers at any time.


CustomerWare is a great name option for customer service companies. It puts the customer first quite literally. It is also catchy and memorable, so it is bound to make a lasting impression.

  • Service Vision
  • Customer Reboot
  • Service Bound
  • Support Portal
  • Service Portal
  • Service Avenue
  • Support Avenue
  • Customer Avenue
  • CustomerAid
  • Support Machine
  • CustomerAll
  • Support Works
  • Service Board
  • Customer Support Maestros
  • Customer Care Pros
  • Support Go
  • Service Domain
  • Help Spree
  • Customer Lift
  • Service Mechanics
  • Help Stop
  • Support Live
  • Live Support
  • Customer Care Premium
  • Customer Base
  • Service Drive
  • Customer Loop
  • Find Assistance
  • FindSupport
  • FindHelp
  • Ultra Care
  • Customer Flex
  • Customer Doc
  • Help Vibe
  • Instant Support
  • Instant Care
  • Customer Care Nerds
  • Customer Supporters
  • Help Fix
  • Customer Realm
  • Web Tags
  • HelpCall
  • Support Call
  • BuzzHelp
  • SupportHere
  • SupportNow
  • CustomerNow


Unique Customer Service Company Names

Are you looking for a company name that sticks? Then we recommend choosing something unique. A unique name stands out in the crowd and gives your company a prominent look. It will create a lasting first impression and will help your company get recognition in the market quickly.

Here are a few unique customer service company name options for you:


This name suggests that your company’s primary service is to provide instant support to customers. It is a trendy and short name that will help your company stand out and become instantly noticeable.


WeCare is another excellent choice for your customer service company. It represents your company as a caring service provider that puts its customers’ needs first and works on resolving their issues right away. It also adds a touch of warmth and familiarity and will surely attract clients.

Problem Fixer

The name is as self-explanatory as it gets. When you name your customer service company “Problem Fixer,” the customers will expect you to address and solve their issues immediately, allowing you to create a trustful bond with them.

  • Help Check
  • Support Force
  • Help Brain
  • Support Essentials
  • Customer Essentials
  • Pro Support
  • Max Support
  • Customer Catch
  • Support Lab
  • Query Fixer
  • Customer Advisor
  • Support Guide
  • Customer Assist
  • Client Assistance
  • Service Wired
  • Services Optimize
  • Service Track
  • UnQuery
  • Support Tribe
  • Realtime Support
  • Support Code
  • Customer Hub
  • ServiceWays
  • Query Mentor
  • Query Guide
  • Help Deck
  • Customer top
  • Service Core
  • MyCustomer
  • My Servicer
  • On Call
  • Supportaro
  • Industry Service Army
  • Supportsters
  • Support Employees Inc.
  • Customer Inc
  • Support Begin
  • Initiate Support
  • Customer platform
  • Customer Plus 
  • Service Post
  • Service Spot
  • Zero Search
  • Service Line
  • Customer Line
  • Service Works
  • Customer Support Gurus
  • Support Pros
  • Customer Pros
  • Customer Care alpha
  • Customer Support-Go
  • Support Customer Service
  • Customer support booth
  • CustomerXperts
  • Support Providers
  • Provide Customer Care
  • Designated Customer Service
  • WebShift
  • Support Crew
  • Service Lock
  • Service Nest
  • Relevant Customers Only
  • Support Lock
  • Support Nest
  • Customer Approved
  • Satisfactory
  • Customer Feedback Hero
  • Customer Satisfiers
  • Serve Clients
  • Customer Bloom
  • Support Bloom
  • Support Boost
  • Customer Care Boost
  • Ultra Care
  • Ultra Support
  • Quality Care
  • Quality Support
  • Care Community
  • Service Team
  • Customer Team
  • Customers & beyond
  • Share&Care
  • The Customer Service Department
  • Care Vibe
  • Caretaker
  • Customer Caretaker
  • Customerry
  • Qualified support
  • Customer Care Skills LLC
  • Ranked Support
  • Customer Help Pros
  • Professional Support
  • Customer Care Professionals
  • Customer Support Team
  • My Customer Service
  • My Customer Support
  • Customer Rest
  • Relax Fix
  • Queries & Beyond
  • Service Direct
  • Customer Direct
  • Direct Link
  • Linked Support
  • Support Web
  • Customer Track


Conclusion: Customer Service Company Names

Wow, that was a lot of work. I’m exhausted. Nonetheless, we’ve come to the close of this article! Hopefully, this has been helpful in your research for a customer service company name.

You made it to the end, so we’re giving you a bonus to aid your naming process. For all of you out there that are trying to find a good customer service company name, we have a list of premium customer service brand names (with .com domains) that you might enjoy. All you need to do is to contact us.

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