301 Electrical Company Name Ideas for You to Choose From

Electrical Company Names

Being in the industry for so long, it is no secret to reveal that electrical business names are considered as one of the most difficult things to come up with. This is particularly true if you are new to this game and probably have no idea what goes into naming your own electrical company.

There are tons of electrical companies in existence, as it is such a common trade, and finding the “right” name has been a thorn in the side of many business owners. Believe me, I know!

Below you will find a huge selection of great names that you can use for any type of electrical company. Some of these names are so good, you won’t believe they’re free!

Short Electrical Company Name Ideas

Everyone is dependent on their electricity company for their power supply but with the competition getting serious year by year, you need a name for your company that can shine the brightest. Here are some of the best short Electrical Company Name Ideas that can help you do just that:

Essential Electric

The name is a clever way to hone in on the needs of home and business owners who cannot afford blackouts for even a few minutes. An electricity company with this name is sure to get instant attention.


This cheeky and short name is sure to grab the attention of any frantic customer who is looking for a new electricity supplier.

Giga Watts

What better name for an electrical company than an actual unit of electrical power? A company that has the confidence to choose this name also has the confidence to ensure consumers are always happy with their service even if they have to go above and beyond to serve them.

  • Electrical Works
  • Static Solutions
  • Elec Tricks
  • Power Control
  • Eco-electric systems
  • Shine Bright
  • Omega Electric
  • Renew Electricity
  • Sonic Electrics
  • Blackout Nomo
  • Spark Plugs
  • Sparky Electricals
  • Sparky’s Electric
  • Clean Energy Corp
  • Wire Guys
  • Power Surge
  • Helios Electricity
  • Automatic Electricity
  • Lightspeed Electricals
  • Flux Electric
  • Electron Power
  • Energy Providers
  • Solar Powerful
  • Atomic Charge
  • AC/DC Providers
  • Electricity Distributors
  • Energy Management
  • Electricity Conductors
  • Electrical Loads
  • Metered Power
  • Lighting Electricity
  • HighBar Electricals
  • We Volted
  • Influx Electrics
  • Fivestar Electric
  • Greased Lightning
  • CableWIres
  • Discount Electric
  • Power Fulls
  • Spike Energy
  • Switch Electricals
  • Thermal Electric
  • Wattage Solutions
  • Harmonious Electrical
  • Ideal Power
  • Power Solutions
  • Mr. Volted
  • Chain Electrics
  • Solarix Systems
  • Power Prowess
  • Energy Tree
  • AllGo Electrics
  • Smooth Electricity
  • GK Electrics
  • Surge Solutions
  • HighEnergy Electrics
  • Power Professionals


Catchy Electric Company Name Ideas

A catchy name for a business especially one that provides power just makes sense. With the sheer number of competitors in the market, a name that captures the imagination is sure to make your electric company stand out. Here are some examples you can use:

Sweet Relief Electrics

An electric company with a name like that promises sweet relief for customers who are sick and tired of poor electricity supply or poor customer service from their old company. No one wants to stick with an electrical company that cannot fulfill its promises when it comes to service.

Appliance Savior Electric

This name speaks for itself for people who want to save their appliances from electrical surges that end up costing them thousands of dollars. Power surges can fry expensive equipment that can take months to replace. Very few people have thousands of dollars saved up!

Electrics R Us

The name is a homage to one of the most recognized brand names, ToysRUs but with electrical services rather than toys.

  • Free Energy Edu
  • The Power Professor
  • Fission Electricals
  • Magnetic Electric
  • Ampere Hour
  • Reactive Electric
  • Conducive Solutions
  • Kilowatt Electric
  • Polar Solutions
  • Electrical Solutions
  • Power House
  • The Electrical House
  • Electrifying Solutions
  • Turnbased Electrical Solutions
  • Discount Appliances
  • Horizon Electricals
  • Green Electric
  • Rich Electric
  • Homeowner’s Electric
  • Office Elec Solutions
  • Load Solutions
  • Loaded Electricity
  • LoadOff Electric
  • Voltage Solutions
  • Electromotive Electric
  • Frequent Electricity
  • Green Energy
  • United Power
  • United Electricity
  • Millennial Electric
  • Personal Electricity
  • Off-Grid Solutions
  • Fab Electric
  • Evergreen Electric
  • Ecofriendly Electricity
  • NoImpact Electric
  • Eversource Energy
  • Onyx Electric
  • Pika Power Solutions
  • Transformer Solutions
  • Substation Nation
  • Circuitry Solutions
  • Electric Avenue
  • Smooth Electricity
  • High Bar Electric
  • Amigo Electric
  • Bulls-eye Electricity
  • Monarch Electric
  • Butterfly Electric
  • Wise Electricals
  • National Grid Electric
  • Empire Power
  • OneSource Electric
  • Pro Electricals
  • Electrical Renewables
  • UpTime Electricals
  • WhiteWatting


Creative Electrical Company Name Ideas

A creative name can do wonders for the reputation of your electricity company especially if you want to become the go-to company for people in your district. Here are some great ideas you can try:

Electrical Vibes

This name will stand out for millennials and for younger generations who are for example living in their first apartment and finally have to pay all of the bills on their own.

All Systems Go!

Similar to the first name, this one will appeal to people who love pop culture and will appreciate the homage the name gives to the sci-fi genre. It also promises a 24/7 electricity supply which besides homeowners and business owners, gamers will appreciate as well.

The Electric Express

The name screams energy efficiency, something which customers will appreciate especially those who need 24/7 uninterrupted supplies of energy.

  • Radiant Electricity
  • Arc Solutions
  • Tin Man Electricals
  • Ready Electricity
  • Power PR
  • Running on Ready
  • Power Poles
  • Gold Medal Electric
  • TopNotch Electricals
  • Power Prose
  • FixIt Electricals
  • A-Grade Electricity
  • Ace Electrical
  • Bargain Electricity
  • Budget Electric
  • ACDC Company
  • Lights On Always
  • First Light Solutions
  • Sparkly Electric
  • Let There Be Light!
  • Power Point Solutions
  • Great Power!
  • Wire Tappers
  • Wire Cutters
  • Wire Jumpers
  • Shocking Electric
  • NoTricks Electrical
  • Connection Nation
  • ZapFree Electric
  • Timely Electricl
  • On-Tine Electricity
  • TipTop Electricity
  • Elec Sol
  • Blooming Energy
  • Generator Joe
  • Innovative Electricals
  • Energy Progress
  • Progressive Electricals
  • Service Electrical
  • Top Electrical Service
  • Pacific Power
  • Urban Electric
  • Terra Electric
  • Grounded Electric Solutions
  • Power Stat!
  • Positive Electricals
  • Urban Electric Solutions
  • Connect Electric
  • Electricity Input
  • Plug It In
  • WasteNot Electricals
  • Atlas Electricity
  • Helix Electricals
  • Metering Solutions
  • Zoom Energy
  • Xooming Electricals
  • CityWide Electricals


Unique Electrical Company Name Ideas

Electricity suppliers or electricians that have unique names prove that they can also provide unique solutions when it comes to electrical works. Here are some names you can use if you think your company is a cut above the rest:

Power Computing

An electric company with this name also makes people assume that they offer high-tech solutions for their electricity needs. Just make sure you do offer them before taking on this name.

Consumers Energy Solutions

Consumers are the lifeblood of any business and an electric company with this name shows that it is dedicated to theirs.

White Bright Electric

No home or business owner can stand fluctuations in electrical supply. A company with this name promises to offer an uninterrupted supply that will keep spaces well illuminated.

  • Winkle Electricals
  • Altman Electric
  • PowerDa World
  • Service Electric
  • Convenient Appliances
  • Kiwi Energy
  • FotoElectricals
  • Persistent Electricals
  • Touchstone Energy
  • Oracle Electrics
  • Super Powers
  • Sooper Electricals
  • Iconic Electricals
  • Edisons Solutions
  • Ampere Solutions Inc
  • Power Market
  • Brotherhood Electricals
  • DaisyDuke Electricals
  • Bugs Electrical
  • Bug-Free Electricals
  • Electrifying Electricals
  • Key Energy Solutions
  • Apollo Electricity LLC
  • Sunshine Electricals
  • MakeIt Electricals
  • Cascading Electricity
  • Stoneway Electricals
  • Electrical Suppliers
  • Supply Electric Solutions
  • Vaulted Energy
  • Save Energy Solutions
  • The Power Corporation
  • Make it Shine
  • Waste Energy Resource
  • Standard Electricals
  • Duke Energy Solutions
  • Earl’s Energy Solutions
  • SolarMass Electricals
  • The Volt Mill
  • The Energy Mill Co
  • Specialty Electricians
  • Electric Bank
  • Eccentric Electricals
  • Aristocratic Electricals
  • Expect Electricity
  • Power Moves
  • Power Plus Solutions
  • PostIt Power
  • Electrical Electricians
  • Amazing Electricals
  • Metering and Electricals
  • Smart Energy Solutions
  • Constellation Electricals
  • Commerical Electrical Service Inc
  • Unlimited Electricals
  • Custom Electricals
  • HighBar Electric
  • Empowering Electricals
  • TLC Electricals
  • Canon Electricals


Cool Electrical Company Name Ideas

Cool electricity company names promise more than the fact that they offer electrical solutions, they also prove that they remain cool under pressure. Here are some names you can use if your company has this trait:

Barbed Wires

The name is quirky and it also titillates the imagination making it perfect for an electricity company that wants to stand out from the get-go.

Noble Electrical Contractors

One of the first things that people examine when they are searching for an electrical company is whether it is trustworthy or not. Lies and empty promises can lead to costs they may not be able to afford especially if they have a big family to support. The name promises to remain noble in its cause to be the most trusted electrical company that consumers can ask for.

Wattage Pros

This name is perfect for an up-and-coming electrical company that specializes in ensuring customers receive a steady supply of electricity 24/7.

  • Xcel Electrics
  • Line Power Pros
  • Solar Mass Power
  • Electric Eye
  • Electrifying Corp
  • Big Electric
  • Simply Electric
  • Artistic Electric
  • Emerald Electricals
  • Office Electricals
  • Family Electrical Solutions
  • Best Electrics
  • Demand Electricity
  • Spectra Electrics
  • Skylar Electricals
  • Jackpot Electricals
  • Electricity Suppliers
  • 180 Electricals
  • Match Electrics
  • Ray Electrics
  • Venus Electricals
  • Butch’s Electriks
  • Elektricals Co
  • Tricks Electrics
  • Orbaze Electrics
  • Phantom Electrics
  • Simple Ray Electrics
  • Ace Electrics
  • Society Electrics
  • Community Electricals
  • Crescent Electrics
  • Barn Electricals
  • Farmer’s Favorite Electricals
  • Friendly Electricians
  • Einstein Electrics
  • Radius Electricals
  • Speedo Light Electricals
  • Just Energy Related
  • Urban Electric Company
  • Neverending Electricals
  • Midtown Electricity
  • Pilot Power Electricals
  • Zeus Power Electricals
  • Electrical Source
  • Fix Electricals
  • Lightning Electricals
  • Xoomies Electricals
  • SmokeFree Electricals
  • BowNArrow Electricals
  • Keysight Electricals
  • Spirited Electricals
  • Era Energy Resources LLC
  • Advanced Electricals
  • ElectroMates
  • Accel Electrics
  • Chariot Energy Co
  • Vysionary Electrics
  • Innovizdom Electricals
  • Simpatico Electrics
  • Key Solution Electrics
  • FlowMotion Electricals
  • Gamma Electrics


How to Name an Electrical Company?

Once you decide to open an electrical contracting business, the next thing on your mind is how to name your new company.

Most startup businesses that are about to open their doors tend to delve deeply into the process of naming their companies. It is vital for a company owner to put in time and effort in coming up with a new name for his or her business.

As much as possible, your focus should be placed on creating an original name that won’t easily be forgotten by the public. While some people find it difficult to come up with themed names for their businesses, this task can readily be accomplished through brainstorming and asking for help.

  • Avoid corporate words, but use electrical industry terms
  • Register the name without any punctuation marks
  • Keep your specific type of work in mind
  • Stay away from negative words
  • Avoid abbreviations and numbers
  • Pick a name that reflects your brand values
  • Don’t forget to check if the .com domain is available
  • Let your company’s personality show through


Conclusion: Electrical Company Names

Just like picking names for any other business is crucial to its success, so is picking the right name for your electrical utility company.

At this point, you have all the knowledge and information you need to create the perfect electrical company name for your company. You now know about various sub-specializations within the industry, how similar companies constructed their names, and what naming trends are popular.

Never underestimate the importance of a company name and logo on your success.

We’ve received an enormous amount of requests from our users asking for help choosing a company name for their electrical contracting business. That’s why we created this article to help you choose the most dependable name for your own electric company.

Good Luck!

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