221 Perfect Essential Oil Business Name Ideas

Essential Oil Business Names

You have an interesting idea for an essential oil business and you’re ready to start your business. Now what? One of the first and most crucial steps in starting a business is choosing a brand name. Have you tried to think of a suitable name but can’t come up with something interesting. If so, you are in the right place. In this article, we have gathered hundreds of catchy essential oil business name ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Figuring out what to name your business can be tough, especially when you are just starting out. That’s why we created this list of interesting essential oil business name ideas.

We based the list on our own experiences and conversations with other essential oil lovers. If you are trying to figure out what to call your essential oil business, this list will surely help you! So, without further ado, let’s begin!

Catchy Essential Oil Business Names

Essential oils have risen to fame this year and have been voted by a few to be the next biggest thing since sliced bread.

You want to have a beautiful name that can reflect the kind of products you are into. But, is that enough? If you want to establish a great business, in order for it to be recognized by people and make them trust you, you need to have a catchy name for your essential oil company.

Below, we have listed plenty of catchy name ideas for your essential oil business. As you browse through these essential oil business name ideas, be sure to give them each a thorough analysis and determine what is best for you or your company.

  • Aroma Shop
  • Nurturing Essence
  • Lavender Bliss
  • The Oil Man
  • Aroma Wellness
  • Serenity in a Bottle
  • Essential Energizers
  • Oil of Delight
  • Wisdom of the Ancients
  • Blue Mary X
  • Cosmic Scents
  • Citrus Breeze
  • Aglow Resources
  • Aroma Beauty Solutions
  • Bianca Oils
  • Botanical Alchemy
  • Calming Waters
  • Cindy’s Essentials
  • CPT Essential Oils
  • Eugenia’s Wholesale Oils & More
  • Aroma Oils
  • Rainbow Aromatics
  • Boomers in Bloom
  • Bees Buzzing
  • Coming Attractions
  • Aura Essentials
  • Eden’s Garden
  • Aroma Magic & Wellness
  • Bottles & Blends
  • Breathe Beautifully


Creative Essential Oil Company Names

Choosing the best name is crucial in establishing a strong presence on the web and in search engines, as well as building brand recognition for your business. To help you with choosing a great name for your essential oil company we’ve created a list of creative name ideas for your essential oil company.

Go through the list and see if you can find something impressive.

  • Feel Good Now
  • Gentle Naturals
  • Green Aroma
  • Herb Essentials
  • Clear Air Solutions
  • Essential Oils for Anxiety
  • The Scent Perks
  • Saavy Scent
  • Aroma Aromatics
  • Scenting your Day
  • Scents-it
  • Love Wellness
  • Dry Skin Remedies
  • Lovely Life
  • Explore Essence
  • Smart Essential Oils
  • The Essence of Life
  • The Fragrant Bin
  • Nature’s Wonder
  • Super Vibe Energy
  • The Essential One Oil
  • Petal Springs Essential Oils
  • Plant Therapy Essential Oil
  • Bloom Wellness
  • Earthly Essentials
  • Scent to Know
  • Aroma Essential Oils
  • Deep Forest and Pure Wild Oil
  • Fancy Frangrance
  • French Lavender
  • Gentle Touch Health Care
  • Hands of Love Botanica Inc.
  • Swiss Heaven Body Care
  • Blissfully Pure
  • Aroma Bright
  • Loving Earth
  • Natural Living Cottage
  • The Right Scent
  • Fresh and Floral
  • Misty Mountain Naturals
  • Bright Oils
  • Simply Natural Solutions
  • The Essential Oil Emporium
  • Soothe and Calm
  • Peaceful Mind
  • Gold Mine Oils
  • Oils of Nature
  • Healing with Nature
  • Essential Oils and Aromatherapy
  • Happier you Essential Oils
  • Touchable Oils
  • Clove & Spice Oils
  • Cinnamon Bark Oils
  • Nature’s Remedy
  • Apollo’s Oils
  • Bouquet Oils
  • Aroma Therapy Oils & Blends
  • Clear Essential Oil
  • The Real McCoy’s Essential Oils
  • Mile High Oils
  • Serenity Essential Oils (a relaxing name)
  • Wonderful Oils (the benefits they provide)
  • Citrus Oils
  • Cheerful Essentials
  • Aroma Therapeutics
  • Earthly Essence
  • Aromatherapy Associates
  • The Essential Care Company


Unique Essential Oil Business Names

There’s one problem with essential oil business names. They’re too generic. Most of the good ones are already taken. And, if a name isn’t unique, then it’s not worth using.

But don’t worry! We are here to help. We have listed below plenty of unique yet creative essential oil name ideas that’ll help you stand out from other essential oil businesses in the market.

  • Heavenly Scent Services
  • Pure Grace Essential Oils
  • Bloomin’ Gems Essential Oils
  • Capital Oils Trading Co., Inc
  • Caring With Essential Oils, LLC
  • Crystal Essence
  • Essential Oil Blends
  • Lavender Oil
  • Pure Essential Oils
  • Natural Cleaning Company
  • Healing Oils for Men
  • Be Happy Essential Oils
  • Blissful Aromas
  • Little bit of heaven
  • Apple Rose Aromatherapy
  • Almighty Oils
  • Appletini Fusion
  • Aroma Dollar
  • Aroma Therapy Gifts
  • Beachwood Botanicals
  • Aroma Essentials
  • Australian Oil Labs
  • Azja Lifestyle
  • Bliss for Her
  • Clean and Clear
  • Essence of Life
  • The Essential Store
  • Feel Good Living
  • Uncle Sam’s Oil
  • Viva La Olive Oil
  • Orange and Tangerine Essential Oils
  • Blissful Living Oils
  • Body, Mind and Soul
  • Chakra Blossom AromatherapyDeep Earth Essential Oils and Wellness Center
  • Essential Blends of Life
  • Essential Oil Creations
  • Attraction Oil Co.
  • The Alluring Scent
  • Sublime Essence
  • The Incense Cartel
  • Pure Bliss Aromatherapy
  • The Soothing Oils
  • Scents of Success
  • Circle of Temptation
  • The Oils and Me
  • Oregano Essential Oil Co.
  • Essential Oil Scent Traders
  • Eucalyptus & Peppermint Essential Oils
  • Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Essential Oils
  • Island Essence Ltd.
  • Abundance Essential Oils
  • Aqua Mia Beauty Oil
  • Energize Essential Oils
  • The Perfect Balance
  • Aromatherapy Boutique
  • The Good Oil
  • Scent Of The Sun
  • Natural remedies shop
  • Aroma Angel
  • Aroma Buddy
  • Aroma Magic
  • The Essential Oil Company
  • Nature’s Healing Touch
  • Mother Nature’s Medicine Chest
  • Universal Oils
  • Holistic Aromatics
  • Mother Nature’s Remedies
  • Pure Essence Oils


Essential Oil Business Name Generator

The most important thing to create a successful business is a good, unique name. And to help you find one, check out this list of interesting names generated by an essential oil business name generator.

  • The Essential Oilsmith
  • Aroma Traditions
  • Aroma’s Emporium
  • Secreting scents success
  • Aloe Fix
  • Anything Essential
  • Around the Clock Oil
  • Aromatic Aura
  • Natural Aromatherapy
  • Aroma Magic
  • Aroma Therapy Connections
  • Art of Aloe
  • Lavender Fields
  • Bridal bliss
  • New day essential oils
  • Garden of Eden
  • Five Star Oils
  • Sandalwood Oils
  • Mountain Valley Oils
  • Lyceum Essential Oils
  • Blissful Handcrafted Soap
  • Oil of Choice
  • Oil of Argan
  • Peace Hill Organics
  • Brookside Aromatics
  • Crush an Aroma
  • The Fragrance Works
  • Brown’s Essence
  • The olfactory Experience
  • Oasis
  • Fragrant Life
  • Natural Distillery
  • Enchanted Naturals
  • Aura Botanicals
  • AwakenEssentials
  • Bio Essential Oils
  • Botanica Natural Products
  • Botanical BalmStore
  • Caress of Nature Spa Supplies Inc.
  • Fragrant Oils & Aromas
  • Silky Touch Oils
  • Exotic Aromas Worldwide Inc
  • Botanical Healing Treatments Inc
  • Friendly Organic Oils


How To Name An Essential Oil Business?

Are you ready to help people and heal them with essential oils but not knowing what to name your business? Well, we know finding the right name for your essential oils business is harder than it seems but it is really important that you get this right. It will be the first thing that people will see or hear about your business.

Using the right brand name for your website will allow it to gain a following very quickly and effectively promote your business. The name you choose will reflect the philosophy of your company and will follow you for years!

A good Essential oils business name can be a hard thing to come up with. There are a lot of factors you have to consider when choosing an essential oil business name — is it SEO-friendly? Can it also be used as an acronym for your company name? Are there any already taken brands out there that you want to steer clear of?

Many people feel like it needs to reflect the type of oils that will be carried in the store or that it needs to have something to do with natural healing or that it has to convey what essential oils will be used for.

Here are some tips that’ll help you pick a good name for your essential oil business:

  • Choose a name that is short, simple, and easy to remember
  • Keep it easy to spell and pronounce
  • Think about your target customers
  • Add your intent to the name
  • Use ‘aromatherapy’ in your branding
  • Stay simple and straightforward
  • Be consistent with punctuation
  • Make it relevant to the industry you are in
  • Avoid including numbers or hyphens in the name
  • Ensure the name describes your business and that you enjoy saying it out loud
  • Check the domain name availability


Conclusion: Essential Oil Business Names

So, there you have it – a huge list of essential oil business name ideas to spark your creativity. Now that you’ve finished this list of essential oil business name ideas, it’s time to start shortlisting names that appeal to you and do some analysis on each of them.

They are specifically designed to be unique and catchy and can be adjusted and tweaked if necessary to find one that fits your needs.

Remember, finding the right business name is a crucial thing so choose wisely. Just like a poorly chosen domain can lead to traffic problems for your website, a name that’s not aligned with your brand can damage your business.

Hopefully, this article helped you land on the perfect name for your essential oil brand or business! If you have any questions please email us. Also, don’t forget to share this post to help your friends and fellow essential oil lovers find this list of essential oil business names. Thank you for visiting!

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