Florida Boomer Slams Sunshine State, Says He Can’t Wait to Return to California’s Better Weather and Lifestyle

Florida Boomer Wants to Move Back to California

A resident of Sarasota, Florida, is eagerly anticipating a move back to California.

After living in Los Angeles for eight years, Mark Adams, 63, relocated to Florida. Now, he’s planning a return to California, citing Florida’s weather and lifestyle as key reasons.

Mark Adam
Mark Adams

Adams relocated to Florida in 2018 for a business opportunity following his mother’s death.

However, the constant heat and “disingenuous” lifestyle have driven him to start house hunting in California again, despite the higher costs.

“I’ve made the decision to move back to California,” Adams stated. “It’s more expensive, but I’m aware of the financial trade-off.”

Between 2021 and 2022, nearly 51,000 former Californians moved to Florida, according to US Census data.

Charts show how many Californians are migrating to Florida

Many sought a lower cost of living and a slower pace of life. However, as prices rise and more affluent out-of-staters move in, some like Adams are moving out — with over 28,500 making the reverse journey from Florida to California during that same period.

In total, nearly 490,000 people left Florida from 2021 to 2022, while 739,000 moved in.

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While many are drawn to Florida’s beaches and palm trees, others are deterred by the weather, low wages, and housing costs.

“The perception of Florida, in general, doesn’t match the reality,” Adams commented.

Moving Between Coasts


Adams grew up in Western New York, enduring harsh winters. As a child, he aspired to move to either Florida or California.

After earning a scholarship to a school in central Florida, he moved to Orlando for a job in film and television.

The 2007-2008 financial crisis forced him to move to California, where he worked as a professional writer for eight years.

California, i 20 luoghi cult on the road - la Repubblica

“I fell in love with California,” Adams recalled. “The weather suited me perfectly.”

He returned to New York when his mother fell ill, a period he described as “three years of hell.”

After her death, he moved to Florida four years ago, continuing his writing career. However, he found Florida increasingly unappealing.

“I just don’t like anything about it now,” Adams admitted. “It’s flat, transient, and uninspiring.”

Seeking a Cooler Climate


Florida Swelters Through One of Its Hottest Junes on Record | Weather.com

Last summer, Adams noted his car’s temperature gauge reached 111 degrees Fahrenheit.

A few days later, it hovered around 108 degrees — the highest he’d seen in Florida.

“This is uninhabitable,” he said, adding that the heat has worn him down physically and has led others to retire early.

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A drought in Sarasota last summer exacerbated the heat, which was a shock given the usually predictable rain.

By contrast, the consistently warm but less humid weather along California’s coast has been calling him back.

Even though temperatures sometimes reached the 90s near Studio City, they consistently dropped into the 60s at night.

Adams also noted an increase in political polarization in Florida, which he didn’t experience as much in California.

He missed the cultural diversity of Los Angeles, finding his current area more homogeneous.

California Is the Most Diverse State in the U.S.

However, neither Florida nor California has matched the sense of community he felt in New York.

Despite the higher housing costs in California, Adams is willing to pay more for the peace he finds there.

He observed a significant price difference between apartments in coastal Los Angeles and his current residence in Florida, with Santa Monica and Studio City being even more expensive.

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Still, he noticed rising rents in Orlando, where he lived before Sarasota, due to an influx of out-of-state residents. Affordable housing is becoming scarce.

“Florida’s cost of living savings are shrinking,” Adams observed. “It’s not as cheap as it used to be, and houses don’t last long on the market.”

He believes many out-of-staters moved to Florida due to a “vacation effect,” only to find their expectations unmet. Florida’s advertised “beautiful outdoor paradise” often loses its appeal after a few months.

“I want to walk out of a 7-11 with a coffee in my hoodie on a crisp, cool morning and see a mountain in the distance,” he said.

In addition to Southern California, Adams is considering moves to Colorado or Utah for their natural beauty and similar cost of living to Florida.

As a writer who can work remotely, his final decision will depend on financial considerations.

“I’m looking forward to the seasons, escaping the heat, and enjoying skiing and hiking,” Adams concluded. “I just need to do some homework.”

The Struggle for Home


Mark Adams’s journey is not just about a physical relocation but also about finding a place that feels like home.

Growing up in Western New York, Adams was no stranger to harsh winters and the tough resilience required to endure them. However, as a child, he dreamt of warmer places, setting his sights on Florida or California as his ultimate destinations.

After winning a scholarship to a school in central Florida, Adams’s dreams seemed within reach.

He moved to Orlando after graduation, working in film and television.

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However, the economic downturn during the 2007-2008 financial crisis hit hard, forcing him to move to California. There, he found not just a job but a lifestyle that resonated deeply with him.

San Diego's Best Views | Days Inn San Diego Hotel Circle

“In California, I found everything I was looking for,” Adams said. “The weather was ideal, the culture vibrant, and it felt like I could truly be myself.”

This idyllic period lasted eight years until his mother’s illness brought him back to New York.

Those three years, marked by personal hardship, contrasted sharply with his previous life in California. The move to Florida after her passing was meant to be a fresh start, but it didn’t turn out as expected.

Disillusionment with Florida


Florida, which once held the promise of new opportunities and a warmer climate, soon revealed its less appealing aspects to Adams.

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The unrelenting heat, which initially seemed manageable, became oppressive.

“In the summer, the heat is unbearable,” Adams noted. “You can’t even walk to your car without being drenched in sweat.”

This extreme weather took a toll on his physical health and overall well-being. Additionally, the social environment in Florida didn’t align with his expectations.

Adams found the local lifestyle to be disingenuous and transient, lacking the genuine connections he cherished.

Economic Realities


While many move to Florida for its lower cost of living, Adams found this advantage diminishing.

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The influx of new residents has driven up housing prices and living costs, making Florida less affordable than it once was.

“People talk about Florida being cheaper, but that’s changing,” he said. “The housing market is crazy, and it’s getting harder to find a place that fits within my budget.”

Despite these challenges, Adams continued to work as a professional writer, a job that thankfully allowed him the flexibility to live anywhere.

However, the financial pressures and environmental factors in Florida pushed him to reconsider his options.

The Lure of California


The allure of California’s climate and lifestyle remained strong.

Adams missed the mild, consistent weather and the cultural richness of Los Angeles.

Even though the cost of living in California is significantly higher, he believes the quality of life justifies the expense.

“I’m willing to pay more to live in a place that makes me happy,” Adams explained. “California offers a lifestyle that aligns with my values and interests.”

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He reminisced about the cool, crisp mornings and the breathtaking scenery, elements that Florida’s flat and uninspiring landscape couldn’t match.

The thought of returning to a place where he felt truly at home was a powerful motivator.

Political and Social Climate


Another factor influencing Adams’s decision was the political and social climate in Florida.

He observed increasing polarization and a creeping presence of politics in daily life, which contrasted sharply with his experience in California.

Florida activists say young people need to know the risks they are taking when they organize | WFSU News

“In Florida, it feels like politics is everywhere,” he said. “In California, people seemed more focused on community and cultural diversity.”

This difference in social atmosphere made California’s diverse and inclusive environment even more appealing. Adams missed the sense of belonging and community he had found in Los Angeles.

Future Prospects


While Southern California tops his list, Adams is also exploring other potential destinations such as Colorado and Utah.

These states offer natural beauty, outdoor activities, and a cost of living comparable to Florida.

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As a writer who can work remotely, he has the flexibility to choose a place that best suits his needs and lifestyle.

“I’m open to different possibilities,” he said. “Colorado and Utah have a lot to offer in terms of nature and outdoor activities.”

Ultimately, his decision will hinge on a combination of financial considerations and personal preferences.

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The prospect of enjoying the changing seasons, escaping the heat, and engaging in outdoor pursuits like skiing and hiking excites him.

“I’m looking forward to a new chapter,” Adams concluded. “I just need to do some research and figure out the best place for me.”



Mark Adams’s story is a testament to the complexities of finding a place to call home.

His journey from New York to California, back to New York, then to Florida, and now potentially back to California or another state, highlights the interplay between personal aspirations, economic realities, and environmental factors.

For Adams, the quest for a better life involves more than just a change of address.

It’s about finding a place that aligns with his values, offers a supportive community, and enhances his overall well-being.

Whether he ends up in California, Colorado, or Utah, his journey reflects a common desire to seek out a place that feels like home.

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