317 Flower Shop Names That Let Your Business Bloom

Flower Shop Names

Have you decided that you want to get into the flower shop business? Before you can start your own flower store, you need to come up with a name.

Deciding on the name of your new flower shop may be one of the hardest parts. It can take a lot of effort to find the perfect name. You want something that is catchy but also describes exactly what your shop is all about.

If you’re wondering where to start when it comes to naming your flower shop, this article is just for you.

With all the flower shop start-up costs and the difficulty of operating a flower shop, it is important you get your name right from the get-go. To aid you in this difficult process, we have provided flower shop names that are beautiful, elegant, and perfect for your new business.

Short Flower Shop Name Ideas

Not many businesses smell and look as nice as a flower shop does. Owners should be as creative as their floral arrangements when they are going through flower shop name ideas for a new store. A short and sweet name is memorable for customers.


The name ‘Florista’ is memorable as a flower shop name because of the term ‘florist.’ The name works well for any flower shop owner who has a minimalistic outlook. It will also have a lasting impression on customers who want orders filled immediately and have a lot more to give.


The name instantly evokes an image of a bunch of flowers. The image along with the short and sweet name has a sticking quality that can keep customers coming back for more.


A flower shop with this name can appeal to customers who appreciate a good pun when they see it. It is an ideal name for a flower shop that sells dark/goth flowers such as Queen of the Night tulips, black roses, or black velvet petunias for instance.

Are you thinking of opening a florist business but are afraid that your flower shop name is too generic? I’ve got good news for you – it’s not! There are many short flower shop names available if you just know where to look.

These short flower shop names are selected based on readability, memorability, and brandability:

  • Bouquets
  • Blooms
  • Rosetta
  • Flora’s
  • Petalon
  • Ladyfloras
  • Sweetpea’s
  • Frenchies
  • Secret Garden
  • Heavenly Flowers
  • Mayflowers
  • Bed of Roses
  • Sunshine Flowers
  • Happy Florists
  • Rainbow Flowers
  • Pansy’s Florals
  • Flower Power
  • Unicorn Florists
  • Jasmine’s Flowers
  • Chic Flowers
  • Ruby’s Flower Boutique
  • Floatists
  • Ivy’s
  • Fiona Flora
  • Flower House
  • Sweety Bell’s
  • Merryweather’s
  • Colorful Creations
  • Creative Buds
  • Molly’s Flowers
  • Bleeding Hearts
  • Carnations
  • Flower Retailers
  • Flower Therapy
  • Blooming Butterfly
  • Flower Junction
  • Secret Admirer
  • Fancies
  • Loose Tulips
  • Lunar Florists
  • Fern Gullies
  • Flower Tower
  • Happy Petals
  • Casanovas
  • Flower Room
  • Best Wishes
  • Divinity Flowers
  • Majestic Blooms
  • Bleeding Blooms
  • Budding Blooms
  • Bunchas
  • Stems
  • Joy
  • Fae Flora
  • Flower Trough
  • Botanique
  • Stemmery


Flower shop names that are guaranteed to be winners 🌸💸


Gamma Bloom

Gamma Bloom is the ideal name for a floral shop because:

Flowery Theme: Gamma Bloom is very flowery, and clearly suggests flowers; bright and beautiful.

Easily Remembered: The name is easy to remember, it is short and sweet.

Floral Involvement: It is florally related.

Scientific sound: It conveys the message that customers can trust the quality and get flowers in different sizes and varieties.

Story: Open your door to the world of floral with Gamma Bloom

Suggested Slogan: Flowers That Bloom

Buy GammaBloom.com for your flower shop now before someone else does!




Floralta. The perfect brand name for a floral shop, exotic flower shop, and even gift shop.

This fresh and visually appealing brand name is a highly successful choice for your shop.

Floralta also suggests both floral and florist, connecting the two concepts. “Flor” comes from flower, as you would expect in a floral shop, while “alta” stands for your high standards of quality in making arrangements for your customers.

The use of only eight letters gives the name an elegant quality and the beautiful “-ta” ending gives it a feminine touch.

Floralta’s logo design could feature the combination of a flower with a heart sign and/or a stylish font reminiscent of the type seen in designer stores.

Floralta as a brand name is perfect for creating online or paper promotional materials, as well as slogans or any other marketing campaign.

Buy Floralta.com for your flower shop!



Passion Floral

Passion is what drives a floral shop owner. Passion for flowers and passion for the art of creating something beautiful. Passion is what fuels the floral business. And, Passion Floral is the ideal name to be the brand name of a flower shop.

Another benefit of using this as a brand name for a floral shop is that it’s very easy to remember. It’s memorable and will stick in people’s minds, which makes the name ideal for a business looking to draw customers into your store.

The words “passion” and “floral” together convey a sense of your core services. “Passion” in the sense that you are passionate about what you do – an important trait to instill in your customers – and floral as in the word “floral” – flowers!

Story: Our carefully selected team of dedicated floral specialists make any floral occasion one to remember. 

The phrase itself is easily searchable and recognizable, allowing you to promote your business online with ease.

Buy PassionFloral.com for your passion! 🙂 before someone else does!


Catchy Flower Shop Name Ideas

Based on our experience creating more than 1,000 flower shop websites and marketing materials, we’ve put together this massive collection of catchy flower shop names that will help your floral business succeed.

A flower shop that has a cute and catchy name remains with customers long after they have left the store. Besides eliciting a few chuckles, you won’t grow bored with the name either.

A New Leaf

Anyone who is trying to make up with an angry spouse or wants to apologize with flowers will be attracted to this name. It sends a message that your flower shop has options for anyone who wishes to turn his/her life around. This includes recovering addicts and other individuals who have turned into ‘a new leaf.’

What in Carnation!

The funny name is sure to appeal to people who have a sense of humor whether they need flowers for a birthday celebration, wedding, Valentine’s Day, or an anniversary. The word ‘carnation’ will also attract high schoolers who want to get a carnation for their prom dates.

Chrysanthemum’s the Word

The cheeky name can attract a lot of customers during Mother’s Day along with other special occasions such as their mom’s or grandmother’s birthday. It will also appeal to people who have a sense of humor.

Here are catchy flower shop names that will make passersby’s take notice:

  • Petal Power
  • Flower Fetish
  • Pleasing Pansies
  • Best Buds
  • Budding Romance
  • Tasteful Buds
  • Re-leaf Florists
  • Nip in the Bud Florists
  • Guns N Roses
  • Peony for your Thoughts
  • Backpetal
  • You Grow Girl!
  • Star Flower
  • Austin Flowers
  • Fabulous Flowers
  • Run Florist Run!
  • Floressence
  • Flavor Florists
  • Floral Dilemma
  • The Witching Flower
  • Chimp-Pansies
  • Floral Fantasy
  • Kickass Flowers
  • The Jewel in the Crown
  • Buy Her Florets
  • First Come Flowers
  • Blooming Glory
  • Cluster Buds
  • Flower Stop
  • Smell the Roses
  • Flower Smith
  • Nature’s Bounty
  • Buddy’s
  • Anytime Blossoms
  • A Blooming Business
  • Memorable Flowers
  • Morning Glory
  • Simple Cuts
  • Tulips Together
  • Pickup Flowers
  • Flowers by Post
  • Artful Flowers
  • Kabloom!
  • Bloomerangs
  • Stem to Stem
  • Poppy Petals
  • Creative Carnations
  • Bloomed Out
  • Floral Essence
  • Mr Greens
  • Life Blooms
  • Simple Florals
  • Floral Scents
  • Crystalline’s
  • Nature’s Delight
  • Wishful Florals
  • Water Lily


Creative Flower Shop Name Ideas

A creative flower shop name is easy to recall. More people can recommend your store to others. It will also set your shop apart from competitors with simple or easy-to-forget names.

Here are imaginative and creative names we have picked for your flower shop:

Sweet Smelling Posies.

The name appeals to the sense of smell which triggers pleasant memories or images of a field of flowers. Even if customers don’t want posies, they will be attracted to the shop. It is an ideal name for a flower shop that specializes in posies and other small arrangements.

Rose Vibe.

A name that can appeal to anyone who has a sunny disposition or wants to send a loving message to a special someone. It is a perfect name for a florist who sells a variety of roses for a range of occasions.

Green Bees.

The combination of ‘green’ with ‘bees’ makes people think of growth and sustainability. With climate change a real threat, more and more people are going for eco-friendly options. A flower shop that is working to reduce its carbon footprint can attract a similar clientele with this name.

  • The Green Thumb
  • Nature’s Finest
  • Classical Carnations
  • Mix it Up Florists
  • Flowerinas
  • Ethereal Buds
  • Tomflowery
  • Same Day Flowers
  • Fine Perennials
  • The Flower Patch
  • Painted Daisies
  • Make it Bloom
  • Obsessive Blooms
  • Raining Petals
  • What’s in Bloom
  • Flower Hour
  • The Sweet Touch
  • Abundant Flowers
  • The Flower Site
  • Doc Flowers
  • Blossoming Love
  • Happiness Delivered
  • NextDay Flowers
  • Floral Secrets
  • Fresh Blooms
  • Cherished Memories
  • Blushing Roses
  • Longlasting Florists
  • Handpicked Flowers
  • Occasion Bouquets
  • Standout Flowers
  • Dreamcatchers
  • The Flower’s Market
  • Fresh-Minted Flowers
  • Let’s Talk Flowers
  • Buncha Flowers
  • Care With Flowers
  • All in Bloom
  • Flower Cart
  • Flower Guild
  • Je taime Flowers
  • Floral Masterpieces
  • Blushing Blooms
  • The Tilted Tulip
  • Blossoming Dreams
  • Mother Florist
  • Meadowville
  • Jimminy Florals!
  • Refined Florals
  • Designer Flowers
  • Natural Rosery
  • Order Blossoms
  • Simon’s Florals
  • Delicate Stems
  • Floral Origins
  • Flower Crown
  • Perennials


Unique Flower Shop Name Ideas

A flower shop that faces stiff competition from other shops on the same block can stand out with a unique name. Even if the shop sells similar flowers, the distinctive name will make people pause and take notice.

Here are some unique flower shop names that can make this happen:

Fashionable Flowers

The word ‘fashionable’ in this flower shop name appeals to jet setters and fashionistas who want to make an impression on followers and fans. A flower shop with this name can attract models, their boyfriends, or anyone who is proud of their fashion choices.

Flower Studio

A studio brings a photoshoot in mind. A flower store with this name brings to mind picture-perfect floral arrangements that customers and potential customers can appreciate. Post pictures of those flowers on Instagram and attract more customers.

Flower Hive

The word ‘hive’ brings bees to mind, insects that are vital for a flower’s growth and health. A flower store that displays this name is promising fresh blooms that look as if they are freshly plucked.

  • Rose Palace
  • Butterfly Love
  • Ladybug Florals
  • Buzzing Florals
  • Sexy Florals
  • Bouquet Queen
  • Kissable Blooms
  • Huggable Florals
  • Alpha Flowers
  • All-Start Florals
  • Flower Cornucopia
  • Fragrant Buds
  • In-Bloom
  • Ravishing Roses
  • Charming Clusters
  • Lifegiving Florals
  • Flower Storm
  • Flower Agents
  • Tickled Pink
  • Tender Shoots
  • Regal’s
  • Sun-kissed
  • Tender Tulips
  • Thorny Roses
  • Dawning Blooms
  • Flower Grabber
  • Glittering Goldies
  • Stigma
  • Flower Harvest
  • Fruitful Florals
  • Silky Florists
  • Rustic Buds
  • Flower Pros
  • Floomingdales
  • Bountiful Terrain
  • Bouqs Sweet
  • Flowers HQ
  • Huge-ass flowers
  • Flower Muse
  • Supple Sepals
  • Stalking Flowers
  • Whimsical Carnations
  • Fanny’s Florals
  • Farmgirl Flowers
  • Flower Sage
  • Flower Guru
  • Flowers Rule!
  • Kingly Florals
  • WoW Florists
  • Green Fingers
  • Wildly Florals
  • Sunny Side
  • Fresh Florals
  • Pandora’s Flowers
  • Chilling Florals
  • Thirsty Florists
  • Springtime Flowers


Cool Flower Shop Name Ideas

Appeal to a young generation of flower enthusiasts and customers with a flower shop name that sounds cool. Jump on the pop-culture bandwagon if you have to when you are brainstorming ideas.

Here are cool flower shop name ideas that these target customers would find appealing:

Hipster Flowers

A hipster is anyone who has bold fashion choices and music interests that are far from mainstream. Teenagers and customers in their early 20s who are trying to discover themselves will gravitate towards a florist with a name like this.

Gram Flowers

We are, of course, referring to Instagram. Lovingly called “The ‘Gram” by teenagers, a florist with this name will attract them in droves. In fact, anyone with an Instagram account will gravitate towards it especially if they are influencers looking for new content for their fans.

Pin-Up Flowers

The term ‘pin-up’ makes us think of Pinterest, a social media platform that tweens, teens, and young adults will not miss either. Use it to attract customers who want to fill their feed with blooms that can appeal to their followers.

  • Eco-friendly florals
  • Florists, Assemble!
  • Dainty Daisies
  • #Florists
  • Travelling Petals
  • Just Bloom
  • Flower Pot
  • Teleflorals
  • Wishful Buds
  • Flower Fairy
  • Say Hyacinth!
  • Peach Blossoms
  • Doris Florist
  • Floral and Hardy
  • Flower Works
  • Blooming Boulevard
  • Floral Perfectionists
  • Stylish Blooms
  • Mamasita’s Blooms
  • Flower Master
  • Twisted Tulips
  • Desert Rose
  • Rainbow Petals
  • Bellavista Florals
  • 4Ever Flowers
  • Posy Pusher
  • Dandelion Divine
  • Fuchsia Florist
  • Sublime Stems
  • Couture Florals
  • Gem Stems
  • Life in Bloom
  • Crystal’s Flowers
  • Flower Bros
  • Busy Bee
  • Flower Quest
  • Classy Carnations
  • Just Flowers
  • Scentsation
  • Everblooming Story
  • Glam Florals
  • Click Flowers
  • Daisy Man
  • Flowering Around
  • Unique Botanique
  • Botany Bay
  • Flower Labs
  • Tootsie’s Flowers
  • Fort Florals
  • The Squeezebox
  • The Flower Bar
  • Toot Suites
  • Monstrose
  • Heaping Florals
  • Long Stems
  • City Farm
  • City Florals


How To Name A Flower Shop (Tips and Suggestions)

  • Think of your brand’s target audience
  • Make a logo for your flower shop
  • Choose a suitable signboard color
  • Choose the name of your shop based on the type of flowers you sell
  • Do some research, check if there is a similar flower shop name in the area
  • Make sure that you own the .com domain name of your brand
  • Be consistent with all shop details
  • Don’t include words like “And” or “The”
  • Go for ease of pronunciation
  • Avoid words that don’t sound good together
  • Start with a verb or adjective that embodies what you are trying to sell  (ex: blooming, bloom, flowers)
  • Make it personal to you and your personality
  • Limit the number of factors you are trying to convey at one time
  • Have fun with it! (most important 🙂


Conclusion: Flower Shop Names

When you start your flower shop you have so much to think about. Your budget, your photography, your website…enough to keep you up all night.

Choose from the three recommended flower shop brand names (GammaBloom, Floralta, PassionFloral) that have been tried and tested by experts and that will take care of the most crucial part – your brand.

What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. Or something like that. In the spirit of making something out of nothing, we hope our list of flower shop names inspires your imagination.

The list of flower shop names is ideal for anyone looking to start a floral business (or is in the midst of re-branding their existing flower business)

We have put our branding hats on once again to produce these flower shop names for you. We have lots more available so if this isn’t enough then make sure to contact us.

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