237 Frozen Yogurt Shop Names to Freeze Your Competition

Frozen Yogurt Shop Names

Before you start a frozen yogurt store, it is crucial to come up with an appealing name that will tell people what to expect once they walk through the door. Are you struggling to find a nice catchy name for your frozen yogurt shop? If so, you are in the right place. This article will provide you with a huge collection of awesome name ideas that you can use as a helping hand in order to find the perfect name for your new business.

So, you’ve decided to take the plunge and follow your passion for starting your own froyo shop. Perhaps your decision was influenced by your favorite frozen yogurt franchise located in town. Or perhaps it was due to the health value of this dessert treat, flavored with fresh fruits and other ingredients.

Whatever the case may be, if you are thinking about venturing into the frozen yogurt business, you need to find the right name for your business. Choosing an attractive name is a critical step in getting your business off the ground smoothly.

A name can either make or break your marketing efforts; therefore, you need to choose wisely. Ideally, it should be original, memorable, easy to spell, and that reflects your business well.

But the brainstorming process is not as easy as it seems. You’ve searched high and low with no luck, so we decided to take matters into our own hands and create this ultimate list of frozen yogurt shop names.

Hopefully, by the end of this collection, you’ll have a great name that will help attract potential customers and leave competitors in the dust.

So, without any further ado, let’s jump right in.

Cute Frozen Yogurt Shop Names

Frozen yogurt is the dessert of the decade! The trend in frozen yogurt is on the rise, with lots of new businesses popping up in our local areas. You can differentiate yourself by coming up with a cute shop name that appeals to your target customers.

If people connect with your shop because of the name, they’ll be more likely to walk in and try your products. With that in mind, we have put together plenty of cute frozen shop name ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Enjoy!

  • Frozen Dreams
  • Heavenly Soft
  • Froyo Bliss
  • Chilly Cow
  • Froyo Squad
  • Sweet Scoops
  • Creamy Delight
  • Moo Licious
  • Simply Yogurt
  • Froyo Heaven
  • Yummy Berry
  • Froyo Planet
  • Freezing Good
  • Yogurt Lounge
  • Frozen Kiss
  • Bites of Bliss
  • Tropical Treats
  • Yogurt Luv
  • Moo Berry
  • Valley Creamery
  • Minty Frozen Yogurt
  • Mister Moo
  • Funky Frosty
  • Froyo On Earth
  • Taste the Rainbow!
  • Go Fro Yo!
  • The Icy Stuff
  • Chill and Unleash
  • Slurrpy
  • Sweet Opinion
  • Frozey Goosey
  • The Frozery
  • Tasty Froyo
  • Frozen Creamery
  • Yogurtly
  • Frozzy
  • True Hearted Yogurt
  • Yogurt and Love
  • The Yogfather
  • Berry and the Spoon
  • Froziva
  • Yogurt Swag
  • Empress Flavor
  • Summer Freeze Inc.
  • Berry Nectar Frosty Treats
  • Heavenly Yogurt
  • Berrylicious
  • Frozen Yogurt Delight
  • Berry Abundance
  • Scoop Me Healthier
  • Super Yum Yogurt
  • The Perfect Treat
  • Big Yogurt
  • Cool Razzle
  • Frutti Frozen
  • Bubble Pops
  • Dairy Queen
  • Freeze-Pop Froyo
  • Yog’s N Treats
  • Froyo Delight
  • Chill-O-Rama
  • Froyo Gossip
  • Wild Cherry Yogurt
  • Sudz-A-Licious Frozen Yogurt
  • Be Sweet
  • Frozen Frenzy
  • Fro Cool
  • Ice Dreams Creamery
  • Phrozen Yogurt
  • Zesto
  • Blueberry Mint
  • Frozen Dawg
  • Blueberry Delight
  • Berry Grove
  • Froz Cold
  • Berry Good
  • Chillaxin’
  • Frothy Friends
  • Fun Mint
  • Sparkle Balls
  • Treat Spot
  • Creamy Delights
  • Yogurty Bear
  • Frozen in Time
  • Pinkberry
  • Fairy Frozen Yogurt
  • Fruppi Frozen Yogurt Bar
  • Yogurt Plus
  • The Moo Spot
  • Yogurt Mountain
  • Frozen Island Yogurt
  • Frozen Yogurt Utopia
  • The Fro-Yo Factory
  • Yogurt Quest
  • Sweet Cow Treats
  • Pink Cloud Creamery
  • Honey Bee Organic Yogurt
  • Gratitude Frozen Yogurt
  • Frozen Treatz
  • Sweet Cream
  • Frozen Yogurt Place
  • Froyio


Catchy Frozen Yogurt Shop Names

Frozen Yogurt is all the rage right now. From Pinkberry to Red Mango to Sixteen Handles, Frozen Yogurt Shops are popping up left and right. When starting a new frozen yogurt shop, you want to make sure your store name stands out from the crowd. It’s often smart to consider something pithy, punchy, and short.

Listed below are some brilliant name options that will help shape the future of your frozen yogurt empire. We hope you find an appealing name that tickles your fancy.

  • Adorable Yogurt
  • Froyo Nation
  • The Froyo Factory
  • Frozen Bites
  • Yogurt Zone
  • Golden Yogurt
  • Frozen Froyo
  • Yogurt Hut
  • Your FroYo
  • Yogurt House
  • Frozen Moo
  • Froyo On
  • Yogurt Oasis
  • Yummy Breeze
  • Fresh Froyo Co.
  • Frozen And Sweet
  • Creamy Dreamer
  • Froyo Nirvana
  • Fruity Mango Treats
  • Yolo Frozen Yogurt
  • Just Desserts!
  • Fruity Flakes Yogurt
  • Yogurt Burst
  • Sweet Frozen Yogurt
  • The Yogurt Bar
  • Sweet Yogurt Shoppe
  • Frozen Treats
  • Sparky’s Frozen Yogurt
  • Candy Land Yogurt
  • Yogo Smoothie


Cool Frozen Yogurt Business Names

Finally! You are now in the process of opening your very own froyo shop. Awesome! You must be excited. But before you start jumping with joy just yet, there is one more step which you have to go through: Choosing a name for your business.

It’s tempting to go with something like YoYo Yogurt, but it’s so overdone and not unique at all. You want something cool that will make people stop in their tracks, look up at your shop’s name, and say, “Cool! This place looks nice.”

We’ve put together a bunch of cool froyo business name ideas for you to get inspiration from. Check these out.

  • Froyo Mania
  • Yogurt Latte
  • Go Bananas Yogurt Co.
  • Fruity Freezey Yogurt
  • Yogurt Lovers Delight
  • Froyo Fresh
  • Sweetheart Froyo
  • Froyo Biz
  • Greek Frozen Yogurt
  • Froyo Mania
  • Yogurt Express
  • Yogurt Lab
  • Ultimate FroYo
  • Yogurt Guy
  • Frozen Yogurt Delights
  • Sweet Scoops
  • Red Mango Frozen Yogurt
  • Blue Yogurt
  • Golden Spoon Frozen Yogurt
  • Yogurt Lover’s Dream
  • Frosty’s Frozen Yogurt
  • Just Yo!
  • Yogurt Haven
  • Your Treat Frozen Yogurt
  • Yo-Yo Berries
  • Berry Good Froyo
  • Krazy for Fro-Yo
  • Yo-Mama Yogurt
  • The Froyo King
  • Silly Cow Frozen Yogurt
  • Yum Yogurt Galleria
  • Creamed Frozen Yogurt
  • Froyo Goofy
  • Cool Breeze Creamery
  • Fro Zee
  • Yogurt Basket
  • Mr. Froyo
  • Froyo World
  • Scream for Yogurt
  • Gourmet Frozen Yogurt
  • Monkey King Yogurt
  • Yogurt Shoppe
  • FroYo 4 U


Creative Frozen Yogurt Brand Names

Frozen yogurt is the ultimate dessert, and if you’re going to open your own frozen yogurt shop, it might as well have an irresistible name.

What’s in a name? A lot when it comes to frozen yogurt brands. With chain brands like Pinkberry and Red Mango already having a strong presence in the market, you can’t just go by any name that pops in your head.

Here are a bunch of creative name ideas for your frozen yogurt brand to give you a kickstart in the brainstorming process. Have fun!

  • Yum Yogurt
  • Sweet Chill
  • Yogurt Station
  • Frozen Freak
  • Yogurt Land
  • The Fro-Yo Factory
  • Cool Ville Yogurt
  • Yogurt Stop
  • Yogurtz
  • Frost Quick Yogurt
  • Fruit Lovers Frozen Delight
  • Froyo World
  • Rock N Yogurt
  • Fruity Rainbow
  • Yummy Treats
  • Frolic Frozen Yogurt
  • Cold Spoonfuls
  • Amazing Creations Yogurt
  • Yogo Cafe
  • Fro-Yo-Licious
  • Frozen Yogurt Factory
  • Yog It
  • Fro-Yo Mama
  • Fro Yo Yum
  • Yogurt Shack
  • Yogurt and You
  • Angel Frozen Yogurt
  • Yogurt Frolic
  • Yogurty Twist
  • Dr. FroYo
  • Hearty Yogurt
  • Frozen Banana Inc.
  • Polar Bear Frozen Yogurt
  • Yogurt Run
  • Ferro Yogurt
  • Tiger Frozen Yogurt
  • Almond Milk Yogurt
  • All FroYo’s
  • Frozen Yogurt Prince
  • Froyo Fix
  • Yogurt Mountain
  • Joyful Yogurts
  • Yogurt-A-Go-Go
  • Basket Weave Yogurt Co.
  • Summertime Treats
  • Yogo Stop
  • Yogurt and More, Inc.
  • Yogurt on The Rocks
  • Yo-Moo Frozen Yogurt
  • Yogurt Time
  • Rocket Fuel Frozen Yogurt
  • Yum Tummy
  • Mr. Frosties Yogurt


How to Name Your Frozen Yogurt Business?

So, you’ve decided to start a frozen yogurt business. Congratulations! Now the real work begins. You need to come up with an appealing name for your business. It’s crucial that you make your business catchy enough to stand out from the rest.

Naming a business is no easy task, and there are many things to think about before settling on a name. Being creative and, at the same time, capturing the essence of your yogurt shop in just one name is a challenge. Your chosen name has to communicate the direction that you want your company to take.

It needs to be catchy, and it needs to accurately represent your products and services. You’d want to make it short and easy to pronounce. At the same time, it must resonate with the potential customers. Overall, you want something original that will capture your customer’s attention and allow them to remember your name.

Below is a list of useful tips that will definitely help you come up with an amazing name for your frozen yogurt shop!

  • Keep it short, sweet, and easy to remember
  • Choose words that are easy to pronounce and understand
  • Stay away from regional names as it limits your scaling possibilities
  • Think about how do you want the public to feel about your froyo brand
  • Look for trending hashtags related to frozen yogurt on social media
  • Do not use generic names like ‘Yogurt Shop’ or ‘The Yogurt Store’
  • Avoid negative connotations
  • Check if the domain name is available
  • Make sure to check for any potential trademark, copyright, or patent issues


Conclusion: Frozen Yogurt Shop Names

You are now armed with hundreds of creative frozen yogurt shop name ideas to inspire you to come up with a solid business name. Some were hilarious, some were cool, and some were downright strange, but overall, it was fun diving into this world of frozen yogurt name ideas.

Remember, the demand for frozen yogurt shops is expanding rapidly. If the market in your area is still fairly new, then you should have a huge advantage over the competition!

Thank you for reading this article. If you have any comments, questions or suggestions, please drop us an email. We’ll like to hear your thoughts.

We wish you all the best (to scoop more profits)!

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