301 Graphic Design Company Names To Catch Attention

Graphic Design Company Names

Finding the right company name for your graphic design business is more difficult than it seems. Your company name has to be memorable, easy-to-pronounce, appropriate for your industry and make you look like a star. Oh, and it also has to be unique.

Check out this list of company names created by an award-winning branding agency and choose one that is ideal for your graphic design business.

Short Graphic Design Company Names

Graphic design companies deliver visual concepts created using computer software or artists. They typically aim to communicate ideas and inspire viewers with imagery. A short graphic design company name should be creative and inspire others.

Here is a list of short names for graphic design companies inspired by minimalism trends and best seller logos:

  • Dezignist

Dezignist is a short and catchy name that instantly conveys the company’s focus on design. This name works well for any graphic design company that prides itself on out-of-the-box thinking and creativity.

  • Pal8

Pal8 is a short name that references the term “palette”. Color palettes are an essential part of graphic design, which makes this name great for any graphics company that prides themselves on their color choices.

  • Epixel

This name combines the terms “epic” and “pixel” to make a short name that is catchy and memorable. Epixel would be a fitting name for any graphics company that touts itself as the best in the business.

  • Graphers
  • Graphicslada
  • Graffix
  • Kalaedoskop
  • Nulenz
  • Pixelite
  • Upgraphix
  • Mgraphics
  • Pixeldesk
  • Sprectrex
  • Emulsiv
  • Orbitals
  • Texther
  • Illuminex
  • Graphisside
  • Mipset
  • Elutime
  • Nimbit
  • Weaves
  • Cologs
  • Digitat
  • Animatter
  • Aggraphy
  • Lography
  • Visuallet
  • Techip
  • Visurol
  • Graphickup
  • Immersieve
  • Virtualasis
  • Graphly
  • Scroller
  • Kapixel
  • Graphcast
  • Vivideo
  • Airtech
  • Hyperics
  • Graphcafe
  • Pixayout
  • Animats
  • Pixlogy
  • Pgraphics
  • Cology
  • Graphicle
  • Geform
  • Opencil
  • Pixmind
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Catchy Graphic Design Company Names

Finding a catchy, compelling, and professional business name for your graphic design company is difficult to achieve. With so many possible combinations of words and letters, it can be frustrating to find one that stands out.

Many graphic design companies choose catchy names that stay in your mind. These names generally stand out from competitors while also conveying something about the company’s values.

  • Kaleidoscope Corp

A kaleidoscope is an optical instrument meant to dazzle and inspire viewers with patterns and colors. This is similar to the way graphics dazzle and inspire website viewers. Naming your company Kaleidoscope Corp conveys creativity and wonder.

  • Color Matrix

Color Matrix is a psychedelic sounding name that conjures up images of intricate patterns with a broad range of colors. This company name is also easy to remember, which makes it great for marketing purposes.

  • Tricolor Consultants

They say graphic designers can do amazing things with only three colors. Naming your company Tricolor Consultants conveys this resourcefulness and creativity to your clients.

  • Graphics Modulator
  • Visual Devs
  • Design Gurus
  • Virtual Artists Collective
  • Digital Snow
  • Automated Graphics
  • Masterson Designers
  • Pocket Pixels
  • Hyper Design
  • Binary Modules
  • Fusion Graphics
  • Intellectual Animation
  • Dreamcoat Developers
  • Graphic Sonus
  • Iconic Imagers
  • Operation Graphix
  • Acumen Design
  • Cyber Canvas
  • Reboot Graphics
  • Spectrum Optimal
  • Edge of Design
  • Ping Animation
  • Prism Developers
  • Tetra Color
  • Munsell Corp
  • Virtual Domain
  • Enigma Designers
  • Three Zone Design
  • Primary Shades
  • Modern Tint
  • Better Hues
  • Saturn Corp
  • Digital Dreams
  • Web Splatter
  • Textured Designs
  • Ascension Graphics
  • Portrait Bytes
  • Absolute Animation
  • Paint Force
  • Sketch Agility
  • Graphics Spire
  • Artificial Design
  • Periscope Graphics
  • Scripted Pixels
  • Modern Canvas
  • Mantra Design
  • New Age Art


Creative Graphic Design Company Names

The graphic design industry is saturated with competitors. The best way for a company to stand out in the digital era is to choose a creative name that shows clients what they can expect from using their services.

It takes serious time to come up with a creative company name for your graphic design business. Time is one thing you don’t have enough of. Especially with your daily tasks with your graphic design agency.

Here’s a ready-to-use list of creative graphic design company names you can use, register, and re-register now:

  • Agile Producers

Agile Producers is a creative name that conveys speed. This would make a great name for any graphic design company that wants to highlight the efficiency of its operations.

  • Color Flow

Color Flow is another creative name that combines colors with movement. graphic designers often need to follow a special workflow during the design process, and this name highlights this aspect.

  • Fibonacci Spectrum

The Fibonacci sequence is a recurring number sequence or pattern that occurs in nature. It holds deep significance in both the art and financial worlds. The name Fibonacci Spectrum sounds modern yet exotic, and would be the perfect name for a graphic design firm that combines natural beauty with digital age aesthetics.

  • Philart Corp
  • Non-Linear Studios
  • Graphics Virtuosos
  • Adept Design
  • Versatile Devs
  • Sophomore graphic design
  • Pixel Elite
  • Graphic Essence
  • Ethereal Textures
  • Distilled Art
  • Xcite Designers
  • Delta Studios
  • Forager Graphics
  • Augmented Dreams
  • Design Emporium
  • Alt Sketches
  • Laminar Studios
  • Connect the Dots
  • Caricature Art
  • Spectrum Consultants
  • Division Design
  • Unison Graphics
  • Polyphonic Sight
  • Monophase Fusion
  • Prime Genius Studios
  • Intelligent
  • High Contrast
  • Pantone Gurus
  • Color Theorists
  • Shallow Gradient
  • New Hue
  • Saturated Tints
  • Spectral Icon
  • Artist Grid
  • Super Scale Consultants
  • Aspect Textures
  • Knolling Digitally
  • White Space Corp
  • Hi Rez
  • Silhouette Graphics
  • Purity Design
  • Skeumorphic Portraits
  • Flat Canvas
  • Vector Grid
  • Raster Systems
  • Digital Stylist
  • Teal Monkey


Unique Graphic Design Company Names

Everyone is always on the lookout for unique things in the digital era. Many businesses take on a unique look or aesthetic because it helps them leave an impact on clients. This also applies to graphic design companies that take on unique sounding names.

Coming up with a unique name that reflects your business is hard work. Sifting through countless options will consume huge amounts of your time and effort, and ultimately it will all be for nothing. Can you really afford to create the wrong impression with your company name?

  • Artist Vibe

Artist Vibe is a cool sounding name that highlights the artistic aspects of graphic design. Clients that are looking for a creative studio to handle their graphic design needs may choose Artist Vibe for how the name resonates with them.

  • Coloring Station

Coloring Station is a creative sounding name that conjures images of artists gathered in one place and filling in sketches with a broad spectrum of colors. This name is also easy to pronounce and remember, which makes it great for marketing purposes.

  • Beatnik Studios

The term “beatnik” typically refers to artists who march to the beat of their own drum. Beatniks created gorgeous and unique artwork that resonated with others in the art community. Naming your graphic design company Beatnik Studios demonstrates your commitment to creating unique graphics that also hold a wide appeal.

  • Elys Studio
  • Remote Designers
  • Velvet Lab
  • Primal Graphics
  • Zoover Consultants
  • First Choice Designers
  • Grapevine Art
  • Firewire Pixels
  • Rainbow Spectrum Studios
  • Rebel Graphics
  • Abyss Design
  • Stallion Animation
  • Virtue Canvas
  • Mixtone Producers
  • Graphics Vine
  • Roxette Designers
  • Studio View
  • Sonic Palette
  • Visual Production Limited
  • Graphified Corp
  • Spectral Warehouse
  • Color Tribe
  • Roce Studios
  • Flixa Textures
  • Theativate Corp
  • Astrid Consultants
  • Gogo Graphix
  • Pinch Design
  • Digital Craftwork
  • Midwest Animation
  • Photogram Experts
  • Visual Pros
  • Videoratory Corp
  • Deskhibition Solution
  • Studiolab Consultants
  • Coloring Experts
  • Hue Research
  • Craftgram Studios
  • Solstice Designers
  • Midnight Oil Graphics
  • Select Animators
  • Super Sketchers
  • Digital Entropy
  • Color Guild
  • Juno Animation
  • Priority Graphics
  • Pinnacle Design


Trustworthy Graphic Design Company Names

You can put a stop to choosing bad company names like XXXDesign or YYYCompanyName. It seems obvious but too many people don’t do this and end up settling for substandard names that they later regret because these names make their business look unprofessional in nature.

Clients often place their trust in graphic design companies. These companies are tasked with choosing a style that fits the client’s needs and helps attract attention.

Use one of these trustworthy graphic design company names and grow your business:

  • Perfect Pixels

Few company names sound more trustworthy than “Perfect Pixels”. Clients that see this company name are reassured that every tiny detail in their graphics will be pristine and perfect.

  • Reliance Art

What better way to convey trust and reliability than with a name like “Reliance Art”? This name is easy to remember and rolls off the tongue easily. Reliance Art can take on any challenge and come through without delay.

  • Digital Muse

A muse is a Greek Goddess that presides over art. Many consider muses to be a source of inspiration for artists. Naming your company Digital Muse introduces this term into the modern era where it can inspire other digital artists.

  • Grounded Graphics
  • Dependence Studios
  • Authentic Artists
  • Sincere Spaces
  • Genuine Graphics Consultants
  • Realiti Studios
  • Slick Designs
  • Felix Art House
  • Grand Designers
  • Craft Staff
  • Corduroy Gauge
  • Insight Graphix
  • Fresher Designs
  • Design Guardians
  • Gapless Animation
  • Myriad Artists
  • Highland Studios
  • Jackpot Graphics
  • Sketch Machine
  • Mundo Art
  • Graphics Quad
  • Platinum Colors
  • Solid Rainbow Studios
  • Bullion Graphics
  • Designplex Corp
  • Color Scanner
  • Trident Design
  • Royal Animation
  • Digital Signals
  • Website Decorators
  • Digital Space Sprucers
  • Virtual Auteurs
  • Coloring Pros
  • Additive Art
  • Subtractive Design
  • Digital Nature
  • Synthetic Realities
  • Cusp Animation
  • Turning Point Graphics
  • Ocular Innovation
  • Virtual Spacers
  • Whitespace Magicians
  • Canvas Consultants
  • Digital Wiz
  • Color Wheels
  • Hi-fi Graphics
  • Flutter Studios


Cool Graphic Design Company Names

Some graphic design companies like to stand out by choosing cool sounding names. These names do not follow any set pattern. However, they typically highlight the cool aspects of graphic design.

Our list of cool graphic design company names will help get you inspired and think outside the traditional box:

  • Colossus Artists Collective

The name Colossus Artists Collective simply sounds massive. This name informs readers that the graphic design company is staffed by a large collection of artists and that they can expect great things from the company.

  • Rolling Art

Art is derivative of the society it is created within. This means it shifts with time, similar to how waves roll across a coastline. Naming your company Rolling Art acknowledges the ever-changing graphics art landscape and your commitment to being part of each wave.

  • Lunar Designs

A name like Lunar Designs informs readers that your company’s graphic designs are out of this world.

  • Gypsy Design
  • Lexicon Studios
  • Digital Tesseract
  • Solypsis Art
  • Graphics Maestros
  • Indigo Spectrum
  • Tectonic Images
  • Melodic Pixels
  • Equilibrium Studios
  • Mercurial Graphics Corp
  • Vermillion Space
  • Epiphany Animation
  • Cascade Studios
  • Digital Doodles
  • Paint Lagoon
  • Color Wave
  • Papyrus Digital
  • Parabolic Ideas
  • Quixotic Reality
  • Living Dream Studios
  • Illuminated Spectrum
  • Crimson Choices
  • Vertical Collaboration
  • Tricolor Ideas
  • Pontiac Spectrum
  • Supercharged Studios
  • Peng Hive
  • Pulse Collective
  • Teal Tribe
  • Visual Funk
  • Punk Style
  • Digital Tapestry
  • Webdesk Animation
  • Bedside Studios
  • Media Lab
  • Imagination Broadcasters
  • Fruition Corp
  • Artistic Isle
  • Northern Canvas
  • DesignWorks
  • Studio Hive
  • Splash Artists
  • Cannonball Creations
  • Delicate Designs
  • Automated Ideas
  • Visionfield Studios
  • Artified
  • Lush Vibe


Conclusion: Graphic Design Company Names

We did what any good designer would do and we looked for inspiration in typography, color theory, and composition – the three basic elements of design. We then used all this to create this ultimate list of company names for graphic design business owners.

Naming your new business is hard! What’s in a name? It has to be short, it has to give clues about what we do but be usable by potential customers. It needs to make us look up and take notice because it sounds interesting. The list goes on and on.

Maybe Soocial can help? After hundreds of naming projects, you would think we’ve seen it all. The weird, the wonderful, controversial, but nobody is without an opinion when it comes to naming a business.

We hope this article solves your dilemmas and gives you plenty of ideas for your new graphic design venture.

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