611 Handyman Business Names To Screw Your Competition

Handyman Business Names

If you’re here, you’re likely on the cusp of starting your own handyman business.

The first challenge? Naming it.

A name isn’t just a label; it’s the first handshake with your future clients, setting the tone for all interactions to follow.

But finding a name that’s catchy, memorable, and encapsulates your brand’s essence is no small feat.

It’s like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole.

Fear not, because we’ve been there and done that.

At Soocial, we’ve helped countless businesses find their perfect name.

In this guide, we’ll take you through a curated list of handyman business name ideas, spanning various styles and themes.

We’re talking catchy, funny, cool, creative, good, clever, unique, and more.

So, let’s dive in!

Catchy Handyman Business Names

The Hook of Catchiness

In the world of business, especially handyman services, a catchy name is like the hook in a catchy song – it sticks.

A catchy name grabs attention and is easy to remember, making it more likely for customers to think of you when they need handyman services.

The Secret Sauce

What makes a name catchy?

👉 It’s a blend of rhythm, simplicity, and a dash of fun.

👉 It should roll off the tongue and bring a smile to your face.

Remember, the goal is to stand out in a sea of competitors.

Time for Some Catchy Ideas

And now, without further ado, here are names that hit the catchiness bullseye:

  • Handy Harmony
  • Quick Fix Handyman
  • Ace Handyman Services
  • Oh My Handyman
  • Handy Hercules
  • One Call Handyman
  • Toolbox Titans
  • Next Level Handymen
  • Flawless Fixers
  • Mister Handyman
  • Handy Heroes
  • Your Handy Helper
  • Home Sweet Repairs
  • Pro Fixers
  • Your Handyman
  • Tool-tastic Services
  • Hammer Time Handymen
  • The Handy Hands
  • Sir Fix-a-Lot
  • Tool Time Experts
  • Handy Helpers
  • Mr. Fix-it-All
  • Maintenance Masters
  • Your Handy Connection
  • We Do The Deed Handymen
  • Your Local Handymen
  • This Old Crack House
  • Handy on Demand
  • Abracadabra Home Services
  • Crew of Courageous Handymen
  • Affordable Handyman
  • All American Handyman
  • Big Daddy’s Handyman Service
  • The Repair Revolution
  • Nick of Time Jobs
  • Handyman Heroes
  • Prodigy Handymen
  • Fast Freddie’s Handyman Service
  • Fix It Squad
  • The Handy Savants
  • Fix-It Masters
  • Hammer Heads
  • Handy Mike
  • Skillful Solutions
  • Let Us Handle It
  • Skilled Workers
  • InstaFix Handyman Service
  • The Fast Handyman
  • The Fixers
  • House Doctor
  • Ye Olde Handyman
  • Affordable Handyman Service
  • The Ace Handyman
  • Repair Rangers
  • Tooltime Taskers
  • Local Handyman Services
  • Achiever Handyman Services
  • Go Green Plumbing
  • Prime Property Improvements
  • Fix It Fast
  • Hammer & Nail Services
  • Mr. Fix It Service
  • Home Repair Heroes
  • The Fixer-Uppers
  • Reliable Repair Pros
  • Handy Connections
  • Helpful Handy Guys
  • Handyman for U
  • Fixation Services
  • Quick Fixers
  • Handy Guys
  • Happy Handyman Services
  • Fast Fix Handyman Services
  • Skillful Hands
  • Handy Dandy
  • Home Saviors
  • The Handyman Squad
  • Deluxe Handy Man
  • The Handyman
  • The Go-To Crew
  • Skilled Hands Handyman Services
  • On the Spot Handyman
  • Crafty Hands
  • Awesome Handyman
  • The Handy Guy
  • The Fix-It Man
  • Handy Home Maintenance and Repairs
  • Best Handyman Around
  • Hammer Brothers
  • Handy Man Stan
  • Extra Handyman Service
  • Hanky Panky Handyman
  • Tim The Toolman
  • The Prodigy Handymen
  • Helpful Hands
  • A-1 Handymen
  • House Helpers
  • Snap Solutions
  • Quick Fix Handymen
  • Got Tools? Handymen
  • The Go-To Guys
  • Your Local Handyman
  • The Tool Belts
  • The Handyman Hub
  • Awesome Handyman Services
  • Master Fixers
  • Ace All Trades
  • Fixology Services
  • Anywhere Handyman Service
  • Your Handy Helpers
  • Precision House Helpers
  • Home Makeover Masters
  • Ace Handyman
  • Task Rabbits
  • Get-It-Done Guys
  • A+ Handyman Services
  • The Home Doctors
  • The Hammer Handyman
  • Mr. Fix-It
  • Handy Experts
  • Handy HQ
  • Fix-It Now
  • We Do The Work
  • Fairly Handy Repair Service
  • Home Helpers
  • Home Doctors
  • Handyman Pros
  • Home Service Heroes
  • Fix-It Fast
  • Humble Handyman
  • Task Force
  • Dependable Home Repair
  • Tool Time Handyman Solutions
  • All-Rounders Handymen
  • The Repair Team
  • Pro Handyman Solutions
  • Problem Solvers
  • Fix Masters
  • Home Solutions Specialists
  • Fast And Friendly Repair
  • Maintenance Men
  • Handy Hands
  • A-One Handyman Services
  • Find A Handyman
  • The Fix-It Five
  • Master Maintenance Men
  • Handy Help
  • Big Daddy Handyman
  • Handy Jack
  • Fix-It Felix
  • The Handymen Connection
  • Hammer Time
  • Anything You Need Handyman
  • Pro Fix Home Services
  • Aloha Handyman
  • Helping Hand Services
  • Fast Fixes
  • Get It Done Construction
  • Fixer Upper Pros
  • Tool Time
  • Quick Fix Solutions
  • Master Renovators
  • Prodigy Repair
  • Hammer Time Handyworks
  • Modern Menders
  • Wrench Warriors
  • Master Handymen
  • Best Handyman Services
  • Top Notch Fixers
  • American Muscle Handyman
  • On the Spot Handymen
  • Go-To Handymen
  • ASAP Handyman
  • The Handy Heroes
  • All The Right Moves
  • MacGyver & Sons
  • Reliable Handyman
  • Angel Handyman Services
  • Job Jockeys
  • Fast & Friendly Handymen
  • Jack of All Trades
  • We’ve Got You Covered
  • Swift Solutions
  • Your Reliable Repairmen
  • American Dream Handyman
  • Prestige Pro Handyman
  • Anytime Anywhere Handyman
  • The Handyman Guru
  • The Handy Hub
  • Backyard King Handyman
  • Handyman Works
  • The Handy Guys
  • The Handy Bunch
  • Handy Andy
  • All Around Handymen
  • All Round Handyman
  • Home Perfectors
  • Ace Handyman Service
  • The Tool Guys
  • On-The-Spot Repairs
  • ASAP Home Repairs
  • The Handy Team
  • Home Fixers
  • Drill N’ Fill Construction
  • Blue Collar Handyman Service
  • Skillful Handyman Services
  • Home Revivers
  • Home Repair Champs
  • Mac Gyver’s Apprentices
  • Master Craft Handyman Solutions
  • Handyman 24/7
  • Mr. Fix-It-Quick
  • Anytime Anywhere Anything Handyman
  • Handy Dan’s Repairs
  • Tool Time Heroes
  • Odd Jobs R Us
  • The Fix Squad
  • We Fix It!
  • Your Go-To Guys
  • Fix-It Flash
  • Repair Specialists
  • Elite Fixers
  • Pro Care Handyman Services
  • Good As New Home Services
  • Job Solvers
  • Perfect Fix Home Services
  • The Handymen
  • Handy People
  • Wrenchin’ Around
  • Fast Fixers
  • Precision Maintenance
  • The Fixxers
  • Nail It Right Now
  • House Doctor Handyman Services
  • Sharp Solutions Handymen
  • The Fixer Gurus
  • Trusty Repairs
  • Five Star Handyman
  • All-Pro Handyman
  • The Uncommon Fix
  • All Rounders Handyman Service
  • Got Tools? Handyman
  • Project Professionals
  • Blue Sky Handyman Service
  • House Doctors
  • Handy Hero
  • Hardware Connection
  • The Fixer Upper
  • Problem Busters
  • All Day Handyman
  • Captain Home Improvement
  • DIY Disaster Squad
  • The Hammer Guys
  • House Fixers
  • Swift Fix Home Repairs
  • Fix It All Services
  • Handy Squad
  • Expert Handyman Services
  • The Affordable Handymen
  • Ace Home Repair
  • The Crafty Workman
  • The Local Handyman
  • Home Fixit Pals
  • Home Repair Solutions
  • All Handy Services
  • Projects Done Right
  • The Fix-It Fellas
  • Jack Of All Trades Services
  • First Class Fixers
  • The Fixer Uppers
  • Fix-It Wizards
  • Tool Time Pros
  • Angry Handyman
  • Home Sweet Home Repairs
  • Emergency Handyman
  • Service Spectrum
  • Fast and Friendly Repairs
  • All Seasons Handyman
  • Pro Craft Handyman
  • Spic and Span Family Handyman
  • The Handy Stalwarts
  • The Crafty Handyman
  • Hammer Bros
  • Handyman Unlimited
  • Better Home Improvement
  • Fix-It Crew
  • Handy Helper Services
  • Home Fix Pros
  • No Job Too Small
  • Wrench Wizards
  • Work Well Handymen
  • Just-in-Time Handyman
  • Skill Smiths
  • Professional Handyman Services
  • Craftsmen 365
  • The Handy Homies
  • Tool Gurus
  • Handyman Repair & More
  • Urban Rescue
  • Handy Dan
  • Home Menders
  • The Tool Crew


Funny Handyman Business Names

The Power of Laughter

Humor is a powerful tool in branding.

A funny name not only makes your company memorable but also creates a positive, approachable image.

It’s about breaking the ice before you even meet your customer.

The Fine Line

But be cautious – humor should be tasteful and universal.

You don’t want to offend potential clients.

The key is to be light-hearted and relatable.

Ready for a Chuckle?

Here are funny Handyman Business Names that are sure to bring a grin:

  • HaHa Handyworks
  • Handy Randy’s
  • Hammer & Nails Handyman Services
  • Your Handy Hero
  • Fast Fix Handymen
  • Jack of All Trades Handymen
  • The Odd Jobbers
  • Two Guys And A Hammer
  • The Repairologists
  • Hire A Handyman
  • Handymen At Work
  • Crazy Nails and Screws
  • Fix-It Solutions
  • Home Hero Handyman Services
  • Reliable Repairs
  • Pro Handyman Services
  • A+ Handyman Solutions
  • Toolin’ Around Town Handyman
  • Nailed It! Handyman Solutions
  • Handy Andy’s Home Repairs
  • We’ll Fix It, Maybe
  • The Tool Time Crew
  • The Wrench Wizards
  • The Handy Hooligans
  • Mayhem Menders
  • Handyman Hanks
  • Barely Qualified Contractors
  • The Quirk Squad
  • The Glue Crew
  • Hammers and Hilarity
  • General Incompetents
  • Wrench Wenches
  • Handy As Can Be
  • Men At Work
  • The Clumsy Carpenter
  • Screw It Construction
  • McGyver Repairs
  • Dodgy Repairmen
  • Mc Gyver & Sons
  • Your Neighborhood Handyman
  • Fix It Felix And Friends
  • Nailed It Repairs
  • Jane Of All Trades


Cool Handyman Business Names

The Essence of Cool

‘Cool’ is a vibe.

It’s about being modern, sleek, and slightly edgy.

A cool name makes your company look like the new kid on the block – the one everyone wants to know more about.

Crafting Coolness

A cool name often incorporates current trends or a play on words.

It’s about being bold and confident, but not over the top.

The Cool Collection

Check out these cool Handyman Business Names:

  • Trendy Tools
  • Chic Craftsmen
  • Sleek Service
  • Edgy Engineers
  • The Handyman Co
  • Bright Stars Handyman Service
  • EZ Maintenance Solutions
  • Handymen of America
  • Amazing Handymen
  • Ace Home Maintenance
  • Anytime Handyman Services
  • Around the Clock Handyman
  • Genuine Handyman Service
  • Dependable Handyman Services
  • Guaranteed Handyman Service
  • Absolute Home Care
  • First Class Handyman Services
  • The Fixperts
  • Task Masters
  • Home Improvement Homies
  • Hammer Time Handyman
  • Your Go-To Guy
  • Odd Jobs Done Right
  • Hands On Handyman
  • The Odd Job Squad
  • Handy Haven
  • The Handy Crew
  • Handy Heros
  • Master of Maintenance
  • The Tool Team
  • Fixology
  • Master Craftsmen
  • Master Craft Handymen
  • Golden Hammer Handyman
  • Fix It All Handyman Services
  • Fix It Pros
  • Home Repair Gurus
  • Easy Breezy Repairs
  • Reliable Renovators
  • The Repair Squad
  • Fix-It Pros
  • Swift Fix Experts
  • Renovation Gurus
  • Pro Fix Solutions
  • The Tinkerers
  • Home Serve Pros
  • A-Team Handymen
  • Fix-It Felix & Sons
  • The Toolbox Guys
  • Handy Smiths
  • Home Serve Handymen
  • The Crafty Workshop
  • House Doctor Handyman
  • Pro Fix Handyman Services


Creative Handyman Business Names

Unleashing Creativity

In the handyman business, creativity isn’t just about the services you provide; it’s reflected in your company name too.

A creative name shows you think outside the box.

The Art of Naming

To craft a creative name, think metaphors, puns, or uncommon combinations.

It should evoke curiosity and showcase your company’s unique approach.

Creative Inspirations

Here are creative handyman business names to spark your imagination:

  • Crafty Constructors
  • The Artistic Fix
  • Puzzled Parts
  • Imaginative Installs
  • Conceptual Crafts
  • Hammer Time Heroes
  • Handy Maestros
  • Hammer and Nails Handyman Services
  • Your Handy Heroes
  • The Handy Squad
  • Your 911 Handyman
  • Midas Touch
  • Master Menders
  • Tool Whisperers
  • The Reliable Handyman
  • Expert Touch Renovations
  • Ace Handyman Solutions
  • Quick-Fix Contractors
  • Tool Time Solutions
  • The Home Doctor
  • Renovation Rockstars
  • Home Wrights
  • Handy Works
  • Home Serve Solutions
  • Flawless Fixtures
  • Reliable Renovations
  • Craftsman’s Touch
  • Home Tech Repair


Good Handyman Business Names

The Gold Standard of Names

A good name is straightforward, professional, and instills trust.

It tells clients you’re reliable and serious about your work.

The Ingredients of a Good Name

It should be clear, easy to spell, and relevant to the services you offer.

Think of it as your business’s firm handshake.

Good Names Galore

Here are good handyman business names:

  • Trusty Technicians
  • Pro Handy Hub
  • Supreme Services
  • Expert Fixers
  • Mac Gyver It
  • Helpful Handymen
  • Handy Home Assist
  • Master Craft Handyman Services
  • Fix It Right Solutions
  • Golden Hands Home Repairs
  • All Star Handyman Crew
  • Reliable Renovation Masters
  • Elite Fix Home Services
  • Prime Craft Handyman Solutions
  • Reliable Repair Services
  • Skillful Handymen
  • Handy Help Solutions
  • Crafty Fix-It Crew
  • Efficient Handyman Services
  • Quality Fixers
  • Masterful Maintenance
  • Prompt Handy Helpers
  • Home Rescue
  • Master Craftsman
  • Elite Home Services
  • Handyman Solutions
  • The Repair Rangers
  • Home Heroes
  • All Hands On Deck
  • The Handy Helpers
  • Renovation Rescuers
  • Handy Pros
  • Home Tech Pro


Clever Handyman Business Names

The Wit Factor

A clever name is a smart play on words or concepts related to the handyman industry.

It shows you’re not only skilled with tools but also with words.

The Strategy of Cleverness

Combine industry terms with unexpected twists.

The goal is to be memorable and thought-provoking.

Cleverness Unleashed

Here are clever handyman business names:

  • Nailed It! Handyman Services
  • Screw It, Let’s Do It! Repairs
  • Hinge and Bracket Solutions
  • Drill Sergeant Repair Co
  • Plumb Crazy Plumbing
  • Fix-a-Lot Handyman
  • Hammer Time Home Repairs
  • Patch and Paint Pros
  • Toolbelt Titans
  • The Duct Tape Dynamos
  • Leak Geeks
  • Grout About Town
  • Sawdust Savants
  • Wired Right Electrical Services
  • Pipe Dreams Plumbing Co
  • Knock Knock Handyman
  • The Toolbox Thinkers
  • Smooth Operator Sanding Services
  • Lock and Key Masters
  • Nailed It Services
  • Bright Bulb Repairs
  • Clever Clamps
  • Fixer’s Insight
  • Wrench Whisper
  • Chip ‘n Patch
  • The Skill Squad
  • Crafty Fixers
  • Fixation Experts
  • All Fix Solutions
  • The Home Healers
  • Hammer and Nail Handymen
  • Master of Repairs
  • Dwell Doctors
  • Magic Hammer
  • Trusty Tool Repairs
  • Handy Harry’s Home Help
  • Quick Fix Handyman Services
  • The Home Houdinis
  • Fixit Felix Home Services
  • Master Fix Maintenance
  • Mend Taskers
  • Reno Genius
  • House Whisperers
  • The Hammer Heads
  • Mc Guiver’s Fixes
  • Craft Force
  • Tool Time Team
  • The Home Heroes
  • The Tool Tutors
  • Build Mates
  • Handy Help Hub
  • The Repair Renegades
  • Pro Handyman Crew


Handyman Services Company Names

The Essence of Service

When naming a handyman service company, the focus should be on the range and quality of services offered.

It’s about projecting reliability and professionalism.

What’s in a Service Name?

A great service-focused name should be descriptive yet catchy.

It should highlight your expertise or a unique aspect of your service.

Service-Centric Suggestions

Here are names that exemplify top-notch handyman services:

  • Total Repair Pros
  • Service Savvy Handymen
  • All-Around Fixers
  • Precision Handymen
  • Odd Jobs Done Properly
  • Handymen on Call
  • Precision Handyman Services
  • Quick Repair Pros
  • 24/7 Handymen
  • Professional Handyman
  • Premier Handyman Services
  • Elite Home Repair and Maintenance
  • Instant Home Solutions
  • Fix-It All
  • Total Home Repair
  • Quick-Fix Experts
  • The Fixer Upper Company
  • Master Craftsman Solutions
  • Home Repair Pros
  • On the Spot Handyman Services
  • Fix It Right Services
  • Handy Solutions
  • Fix It Now
  • The Handyman Company
  • Your Home Heroes


Unique Handyman Business Names

Stand Out from the Crowd

In a sea of handyman businesses, a unique name helps you stand out.

It’s about being different and memorable.

The Art of Being Unique

Think unconventional.

Your unique name could be inspired by something personal, a play on words, or even something seemingly unrelated but intriguing.

Unique Name Nuggets

Here are unique handyman business names:

  • Quick Fixes
  • Odd Job Outfitters
  • A1 Handyman Service
  • Top Dog Handyman Services
  • The Pro Handyman
  • We Do It All
  • Encore Handyman
  • Handy Dandy Man Services
  • All Around The Clock Handyman
  • Five Star Handymen
  • The Enthusiastic Handyman
  • Trusty Handymen
  • Handy Home Repairs
  • The Right Hand Man
  • Trusty Hands
  • On the Spot Repairs
  • Your Helping Handyman
  • Hammer Time Services
  • The Handy Husbands
  • 24/7 Handy Helpers
  • Pristine Property Solutions
  • Craftsmen Elite
  • Pro Home Gurus
  • Perfect Fix
  • The Fixery
  • Reliable Restorations
  • Fix-It Pro
  • Craftsman’s Corner
  • The Repair Master
  • Handy Haven Solutions
  • Home Wrench Heroes
  • Skillful Handiwork
  • The House Whisperer
  • Craft Master Solutions
  • Fix It Pro


Handyman Business Names Generator

The Modern Approach

Sometimes, you need a little tech help.

A Handyman Business Names generator uses algorithms to offer a variety of options based on keywords.

Leveraging Technology

Enter keywords that resonate with your brand’s values, services, or unique selling propositions.

The generator will do the rest, offering a plethora of options.

Generator Gems

Here are names suggested by our generator:

  • Repair Rendezvous
  • Craft Masters
  • All Around Help
  • Mr Fix It
  • Skill Menders
  • Tool Masters
  • Pro Handyman
  • Handy Dudes
  • Tool Hero
  • Fix It Easy
  • Skill Masters
  • Ace Handiwork
  • Tool Genius
  • Mr Fixer
  • DIY Master
  • All Fixes
  • Handy Fix
  • Tool Pro
  • House Fix
  • Task Genius
  • Skillful Handyman
  • Fix Hero
  • Handy Helps
  • Pro Handiwork
  • Mr Fix All
  • Skill Crafters
  • Fix Right Now
  • Craft Pro
  • Handy Hub
  • On The Spot Fix
  • Skill Smith
  • House Help
  • Quick Fix Co
  • Home Hero
  • Handy Pro
  • Fix Genius
  • Fixers Hub


How To Name Your Handyman Company

Naming your handyman business is a crucial step in your business journey.

It’s the first impression you make on potential clients and the word that will be passed on through word-of-mouth recommendations.

Steps to the Perfect Handyman Company Name

Step 1: Reflect Your Craft

Identify Your Niche:

Are you a jack-of-all-trades, or do you specialize in specific services like plumbing, electrical work, or carpentry? Your name should give a hint of your area of expertise. For instance, “Pipeline Prowess” for a plumbing-focused handyman service.

Local Landmarks or Slang:

Consider incorporating local landmarks or regional slang into your name. This not only resonates with your local customer base but also gives a community-centric vibe to your brand.

Step 2: Emphasize Reliability and Skill

Use Words That Convey Trust and Expertise:

Words like ‘reliable’, ‘trusted’, ‘pro’, or ‘expert’ can boost the trust factor in your brand. For example, “Trusted Touch Handymen” or “Pro Handy Solutions.”

Create a Visual:

Use words that create a mental image of your work’s quality and efficiency, like ‘Precision’, ‘Craft’, ‘Master’, or ‘Ace’.

Step 3: Keep It Simple and Memorable

Easy to Pronounce and Spell:

Your company name should be easy to remember and share. Avoid complex jargon or overly lengthy names.

Test the Name:

Say it out loud, write it down, and check if it rolls off the tongue. Ask friends or potential customers to pronounce it and see if they find it appealing and easy.

Step 4: Ensure Legal Viability

Trademark Search:

Conduct a thorough search to ensure your chosen name isn’t already trademarked. This step is crucial to avoid legal complications later.

Domain Availability:

Check if the corresponding domain name is available for your website. In today’s digital age, having an online presence is critical.

Step 5: Get Creative with Wordplay

Puns and Wordplay:

Consider using puns or creative wordplay that connects with the handyman theme, like ‘Fix-It-Phenomenon’ or ‘Mend Minders’.

Blend Words:

Combine two relevant words to create a unique name, like ‘ConstructCrew’ or ‘RepairRover’.

Step 6: Feedback Loop

Community Feedback:

Share your top choices with friends, family, and potential customers. Getting feedback from a diverse group can provide valuable insights into how your name is perceived.

Professional Opinion:

If possible, get input from marketing professionals or branding experts. They can offer a unique perspective and help you refine your choice.

Step 7: Visualize Your Brand

Logo and Colors:

Think about how your name will translate into a logo and the color scheme of your branding. A good name should lend itself well to visual representation.

Brand Story:

Your name should be a part of your brand story, encapsulating the essence of your business and the values you stand for.


Conclusion: Handyman Business Names

And there you have it – a comprehensive guide to naming your handyman company.

Whether you’re looking for something catchy, funny, cool, or unique, there’s a name out there that’s just the right fit for your business.

Remember, your company name is the foundation upon which your brand will be built.

Use the insights and tips provided here to make a choice that resonates with your values and appeals to your target audience.

We’d love to hear your thoughts.

Which names caught your eye? Do you have any other ideas?

Drop a comment below and let’s discuss.

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