237 Henna Business Name Ideas That Are Simply Stunning

Henna Business Names

Do you want to start a henna business but struggling to come up with a good name for it? If yes, this article is for you. Here, we’ve put together a long list of Henna business name ideas that are cute, unique, and beautiful. The aim of this collection is to get your creative juices flowing and help you during your brainstorming session.

Henna, also known as Mehndi, has been used in body art for thousands of years. In the past few decades, henna tattoos have grown from a little-known, traditional aspect of Indian weddings to becoming increasingly popular among Western women. Henna for weddings is a huge industry that is growing every year.

Starting a henna business can be an extremely lucrative and fun endeavor. Henna is one of the oldest dyes used by humans and has been around for centuries. The dye used for this purpose is known as henna paste, which is obtained by grinding henna leaves into a fine paste.

Among other things, it is used as a skin conditioning, coloring, and strengthening agent for the skin, as well as to dye skin, hair, and fingernails. And it’s completely safe and natural!

A key part of building your henna business is to have a great name. Naming your Henna business something catchy is the first step in getting noticed. It’s your calling card – your unique selling proposition – therefore, it should capture the purpose, the personality, and the essence of your services.

You want the name to be memorable, easy to spell, fun to say, and something that you can build your brand around. But finding such a name can get very challenging. To make it easier for you, we’ve gathered a lot of eye-catching Henna business name ideas that’ll definitely assist you in the naming process.

So, without any further ado, let’s browse through the list!

Catchy Names For Henna Business

The henna industry is growing from strength to strength; it is now a billion-dollar industry. It is a great business, as you don’t need a lot of money to start and the supplies are very affordable. But first, you need to come up with a good name for your business.

The business name plays a huge role in attracting clients and converting customers. Since this is an important matter that greatly affects the growth of your business, choosing a name requires careful consideration.

When starting a Henna business, it’s important for you to have a catchy name that sticks in the minds of potential customers. A memorable name will help your business stand out from competitors, encourage potential clients to purchase your services, and generate trust among new customers.

With that in mind, we’ve gathered a bunch of catchy name ideas for your Henna business. Hopefully, you’ll find something interesting here.

  • Mehndi Bliss
  • All Seasons Henna
  • Enchanted Henna
  • Henna Tales
  • Party with Henna
  • Henna Delight
  • Everlasting Henna
  • The Golden Palm
  • Mehndi Studio
  • Henna Kingdom
  • Urban Henna
  • Artful Appeal
  • Miss Henna
  • Pretty in Henna
  • Holy Henna!
  • Radiant Henna Lady
  • The Henna Fairy
  • Black Lotus Art
  • Color My World
  • Dark Designs
  • Henna Hair Care
  • Henna N Fun
  • A Spot of Henna
  • The Henna Exchange
  • Misty Meadows Henna
  • Endless Henna
  • Rainbow Henna
  • Perfectly Painted Hands
  • Neon Sea Designs
  • Morning Henna
  • Oasis of the Earth
  • Color Play Henna
  • Indigo Moon Design Co.
  • The Twilight Collection
  • Sealicious Henna Studio     
  • Henna & Lashes     
  • The Creative Chameleon
  • Nature’s Henna
  • Planet Henna
  • Energetic Henna
  • Henna for the Soul
  • Dark Horse Henna
  • Perfectly Natural Me
  • Henna For Real Life
  • Ocean of Henna
  • Henna Queen
  • Ginger Henna
  • Lovely Henna
  • Peaceful Earth Henna
  • Henna4 U
  • Magic of Henna
  • Henna Cart
  • Be Natural Henna
  • Glamorous Henna
  • Live Naturally Henna Shop
  • Kiss It Better Henna
  • Endless Summer Henna
  • Euphoria Henna
  • Hand Me Down Henna
  • Kool Henna
  • Henna Crafter
  • Henna Express
  • Red Rocks Henna
  • Mystic Henna
  • Glowing Henna
  • Infinity Touch Henna
  • Color Me Beautiful
  • Festival Girl Henna
  • Magical Henna Designs
  • The Geometric Henna
  • Natural Beauty Henna
  • Perfect Henna
  • Henna Passion
  • Henna Pixie
  • Bellissima Henna
  • Cha Cha Henna
  • Henna Me Crazy
  • Henna for You
  • Henna Naturally
  • Beautiful Henna Boutique
  • Henna Hut
  • Henna Creations
  • Golden Touch Henna
  • Henna Pearl
  • Henna Designs
  • Mehndi Design Studio
  • Henna with Attitude
  • Mad Henna
  • Monsoon of Life Henna
  • Heavenly Henna
  • Henna on The Go
  • Professional Henna Artistry
  • Henna and Me
  • The Desi Henna Lady
  • Henna for Love
  • Boho Henna – The easy going vibe of this name evokes a feeling of being carefree and relaxed. While negative associations with the word bohemian may cause some people to shy away from this option, the punny nature could be a blessing in disguise.


Henna Tattoo Business Names

Ah, henna tattoos. The ancient art of temporary, picturesque skin art. Are you surprised by the sudden popularity of henna tattoos? We were too. But there’s no denying that henna tattoos are becoming increasingly popular. So popular, in fact, that you don’t have to go to a festival to get one. This ancient art form is an integral part of many wedding ceremonies around the globe.

If you’re considering starting a henna tattoo business, you need to pick an equally beautiful name for it. There are lots of things to take into consideration when naming your business.

The name has to be relevant, unique, easy to remember, and that rolls off the tongue. To help you out, we’ve curated a list of Henna tattoo business name suggestions to inspire you. Take a look!

  • Natural Henna Tattoo
  • My Henna Designs
  • Touch of Magic
  • Impressions Designs
  • Henna for Success
  • Success Henna Designs
  • Passion of My Soul
  • The Best of Me
  • Princess Henna Tattoos
  • A Beautiful Thing
  • Exotic Dreams
  • Henna Inspiration
  • Crazy Henna
  • Zen Tattoo Henna
  • A Hennaful Delight
  • Mehndi Nights
  • Henna Me Baby
  • Mehndi Madness
  • Mehndis Unlimited
  • All Henna’d Up
  • 7th Heaven Designs
  • Chakra Haven
  • Delights of Arabia
  • Tattoo and Be Happy
  • You Are Beautiful
  • Freedom Henna
  • Truth is Beauty
  • Ink Me Now!
  • The Boho Arts
  • Flash of Color!
  • Black Cat Tattoos
  • Fast Lane Tattoo
  • Girls Night Out Tattoo


Creative Henna Business Names

Henna has become hip. It is an ancient tattoo-like art form that is practiced all over the world, but you can see its resurgence here in the United States.

It is a beautiful art with a history that goes back thousands of years and needs to be treated as such. The best thing is that it is completely safe to apply to the bodies of all ages, whether young or old.

When starting a henna business, it’s important to name it something creative yet catchy. A creative name will set you apart from competitors by showing how professional yet unique your services are.

Keeping this in mind, we’ve curated a list of creative henna business name ideas for you to take inspiration from. Have a look!

  • Lotus Blossom Henna
  • Enchanting Henna Artistry
  • Mehndi Designs
  • Henna Heaven
  • Enchanted by Henna
  • Henna Emporium
  • Henna Magic
  • Harmony Henna Designs
  • Mystical Henna Studio
  • Sweet Henna Designs
  • Henna Creations
  • Rose of Fire Henna
  • Full Moon Henna
  • Cute Street Henna
  • Henna for Happiness
  • Chilled Minted Hennas
  • Majestic Henna Designs
  • Raining Roses Henna
  • Wild Hearted Woman Henna
  • Henna & Co.
  • The Doll Henna Parlour
  • Touch of Oasis Henna
  • The Henna Expert
  • Bold and Beautiful Henna
  • Henna Asian Beauty
  • Henna Your Day
  • Colorful Henna
  • Henna Aura
  • Signature Henna
  • Just Henna Me
  • Luscious Henna
  • The Funky Henna Artist
  • Heaven Scent Henna Art
  • Jasmine’s Henna Designs
  • Artsy Henna Designs
  • Enchanting Henna Designs
  • Hennarific Designs
  • Rhapsody of Henna
  • Sapphire Henna
  • Little Dot of Henna
  • Jazzy Hands
  • Henna Pocus
  • Temptation of Henna
  • Henna Ventures
  • The Henna Lady
  • Henna for Fun
  • The Henna Garden
  • Threads of India Henna Arts
  • Arabesque Henna
  • The Artistic Henna
  • A Touch of Henna
  • Three Sisters Henna
  • Chameleon Henna


Henna Artist Business Names

Everybody loves henna art. It’s fun, colorful, and traditional. Henna artists are like mini-celebrities among the women in the community–gorgeously adorned for special ceremonies and cultural celebrations.

If you’re a Henna artist preparing to launch your own business, you need to come up with an attractive name for your business. To help you out, here are some interesting Henna artist business name suggestions for you to choose from.

  • Handcrafted Body Art
  • Heaven on Earth
  • Jazzy Henna with Love
  • Mehndi Body Decorations
  • Mystic Lotus Henna Artists
  • Beauty Mark
  • Fill Her Palms
  • Henna Me
  • Pretty in Henna
  • Henna Trendz
  • Simply Henna
  • Paradise Mehendi
  • Henna Drama
  • International Mehndipity
  • The Body Beautiful
  • Navratna Henna
  • Tangerine Touch
  • Mehndi Expressions
  • Amazing Henna
  • Dream Henna Lounge
  • Perfect Day Henna
  • Your Style Henna
  • New Life Henna Designs
  • Henna Delights
  • Lush Henna
  • Relaxing Henna
  • Everyday Beauty
  • One Day Wonder
  • Rhapsody in Me
  • Henna in A Flash
  • Mehndi Nation
  • Elegant Henna Designs
  • Purely Mehandi Body Arts
  • Tinting the World
  • Henna Couture
  • Henna Forest
  • Radiant Rose Henna Studio
  • Misty Mountain Henna Studio
  • Henna Up
  • Little Henna Shop
  • Deep Purple Henna
  • Serene Touch
  • Henna Heirloom
  • Henna Caravan
  • Casablanca Henna
  • Sweet Serenade Henna
  • Dark Embrace Henna
  • Hearts of Gold Henna
  • Cosmopolitan Henna
  • Diva Henna
  • Red Light Henna
  • Neon Angle Henna
  • Henna Art House
  • Art on Skin
  • Art of Henna


Conclusion: Henna Business Names

We have finally reached the end of our list of henna business name ideas. This should serve as a good starting point for brainstorming your own unique name for your Henna business.

Remember, your business name should reflect the vision you have for your company, and it needs to be memorable to establish yourself as a market leader. You want something catchy that will resonate with your target customers.

Thanks for stopping by. We hope you enjoyed reading this article and found it useful. If you have any questions or concerns, please write us an email. We’ll try to respond as soon as we can.

Have a nice day!

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