21 Ice Cream Consumption Statistics To Make You Scream (2024)

Ice Cream Consumption Statistics

Who doesn’t like ice cream? There’s hardly a person who dislikes it, as it comes in so many different flavors, textures, and shapes. There are even pizza-flavored ice creams and scoops that glow in the dark.

Eating ice cream is the best way to cool down during summer, and that’s precisely why ice cream has been around for so long. In fact, it was invented around 200 BC, and many important historical figures were fond of it.

Check out our comprehensive ice cream consumption statistics if you want to know more about ice cream, who eats it the most and why, the health risks of eating ice cream too often, and other fascinating things.

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Ice Cream Consumption Trends, Facts, and Stats (Editor’s Pick)

  • The annual ice cream consumption in Australia stands at 18.0 liters per capita.
  • UK residents consume seven liters of ice cream per capita per year.
  • Americans eat about 22 pounds of ice cream and other frozen desserts every year.
  • More than 90% of people in the US consume ice cream.
  • 68% of American survey respondents claim that they eat ice cream all year round.
  • Ice cream consumption among females is 15% higher than males in the US.
  • Older American consumers account for 27% of the impulse ice cream market’s value share.
  • Three to four servings of ice cream account for more than half of an adult’s daily calorie intake.

Global Ice Cream Consumption Statistics

1. People from New Zealand consume 28.4 liters of ice cream per capita per year.

(World Atlas)

New Zealand eats ice cream more than any other country. Statistics suggest that New Zealanders annually consume more than 28 liters of ice cream per capita. Their favorite flavors are vanilla and hokey pokey, invented in New Zealand.

The market is very competitive in this country so manufacturers have to be inventive to stay ahead of their competitors.


2. In Australia, the annual ice cream consumption stands at 18.0 liters per capita.

(World Atlas)

Australians consume ice cream the most during summer. In Australia, grocery stores and supermarkets account for 67.6% of the ice cream sales, and 21% of shoppers purchase ice cream cartons every two to three months.

Australian ice cream consumption statistics also reveal that consumers are more interested in fruit-based ice cream varieties than before.


3. About 3.16 million people in Great Britain regularly ate ice cream in blocks and tubes from 2015 to 2020.


Statista’s report shows that approximately 3.16 million Brits consumed ice cream in blocks and tubes two to three times a week, while 4.57 million ate it once a week. Also, roughly 3.8 million people in Great Britain were heavy ice cream users in 2020, more than the year before.


4. The average Brit consumes seven liters of ice cream per year.


As statistics on ice cream consumption by country indicate that people from the UK consume seven liters of ice cream per capita annually. Nevertheless, frozen desserts are quite popular among UK consumers (some even eat ice cream from a tub every day).


5. The Asia-Pacific ice cream market is expected to have the highest growth rate by 2031.

(Allied Market Research)

Ice cream consumption statistics by region predict that the ice cream market in the Asia-PAcific region will have the highest growth rate by 2031, thanks to the demand from the emerging economies.

Furthermore, the increase in disposable income and rise in living standards are projected to boost the growth of this market.


6. Ice cream consumption in Spain increased 4% in 2021 compared to 2020.


It turns out that the coronavirus pandemic influenced people in various ways. According to ice cream consumption by climate statistics, confinement and climatic factors (increase in temperature in the seasonal months) stimulated the ice cream consumption among Spanish people, leaving a turnover of over 554 million euros.


7. Chocolate is the most popular ice cream flavor in the world.

(Google Trends)

Ice Cream Popularity By Flavor

Based on search popularity data from Google Trends, chocolate ice cream is the most popular flavor in the world, followed by vanilla and strawberry. It makes sense that chocolate ice cream is loved all around the world. It’s rich and delicious, with a deep, dark flavor and a creamy texture. There’s nothing like it!

But who would have thought that vanilla takes second place? Even though it may seem simple and not very exciting on its own, it is extremely versatile. You can add anything to it, from cookies to caramel to nuts or candies, or even just keep it simple. Vanilla is a blank canvas for your imagination!

Strawberry, the third favorite flavor, is also delicious on its own but even more delicious when you add some chocolate sauce or whipped cream. Like vanilla, strawberry can be used as a base for a huge variety of other toppings and flavors.

Together, these three flavors are responsible for the majority of all ice cream sales in the entire world! And with good reason—they’re all amazing on their own and even better when you mix them together!

However, the flavors preferred by people around the world vary widely. In Thailand, for instance, chocolate is not as popular as it is here—instead, people there prefer the coconut flavor.

Most popular ice cream flavors by country


US Ice Cream Consumption Statistics

8. Ben & Jerry’s was the leading ice cream brand in 2021, and it had 202 million unit sales.


There’s no such person that loves ice cream and doesn’t know about Ben and Jerry’s. Statista’s reports reveal that this brand was the most popular among US consumers in 2021 and 2019. Häagen-Dazs is the second on the list, with 711 million unit sales in 2021.


9. Americans eat roughly 22 pounds of ice cream and similar frozen desserts every year.


Ice cream is the favorite frozen treat among Americans. Moreover, July is the national ice cream month in the US. According to the ice cream consumption statistics by state from the IDFA survey, the majority of ice cream companies have been in operation for over 50 years and are family-owned businesses.


10. More than 90% of Americans consume ice cream.

(Research and Markets)

It’s pretty hard to imagine anyone not loving ice cream! And it turns out, a lot of people love it. In fact, according to a study conducted by Yahoo Foods, America’s favorite dessert is ice cream. 

As Research and Market’s report indicates, North America was one of the leading ice-cream markets in the world last year. Some reasons for that are the increase in consumer health awareness, the prevalence of lifestyle disorders, and the availability of healthier and innovative ice cream varieties such as lactose-free, low-fat, and gluten-free ice creams.


11. Ice cream cones are the most popular in California.


According to ice cream consumption statistics by state, people from California love ice cream cones the most, along with Oklahoma, New Jersey, New York, and Florida.

On the contrary, southern states aren’t that fond of it. As the data shows, Minnesota, Alabama, Wyoming, and Alaska don’t consume ice cream in cones much.


12. 68% of Americans claim that they eat ice cream all year round.


For almost 70% of Americans, winter isn’t an obstacle when eating ice cream is in question. Conversely, YouGov’s 2021 survey reveals that only 17% of respondents consume ice cream when the weather is warm. Interestingly, 3% of respondents eat ice cream only during cold weather.


13. 17% of Americans say that chocolate is their favorite ice cream flavor.


It’s true: you can’t go wrong with chocolate or vanilla. That’s how Americans think, too. Most popular ice cream flavors statistics from a YouGov’s 2020 survey, 17% of people prefer chocolate ice cream flavor the most, while 15% claimed vanilla is their favorite. Other flavors aren’t so common, not even fruit-based ice creams.


14. 33% of Americans prefer to get ice cream in a cup.


Americans prefer Ice cream served in cups, along with waffle cones. We must admit that eating ice cream from cups is practical, especially if you’re on the go.

As YouGov’s 2021 survey reveals, 32% of Americans prefer to get ice cream in a waffle cone. Apart from that, 16% like sugar cones, while 8% would go for cake cones.


15. Alaska is the state where ice cream is consumed the most.

(Only in Your State)

It’s amusing that one of the coldest states in the US consumes the most ice cream. Nevertheless, this statistic proves that you don’t need to wait for high summer temperatures to indulge in ice cream.

There are so many incredible ice cream shops in Alaska, and some of them are Hot Licks Homemade Ice Cream, Jorgensen’s Ice Cream Corner, and Denali Glacier Scoops.


Ice Cream Consumer Demographics

16. In the US, ice cream consumption among females is 15% higher than males.

(PR Newswire)

As ice cream demographics point out, females are more prone to eating ice cream, regardless of its category (artisan, impulse, or take-home). That’s essential data for marketers, as they need to pay attention to consumer behavior for effective targeting.


17. Older US consumers account for 27% of the impulse ice cream market’s value share.

(PR Newswire)

Impulse ice creams are water-based ice lollies made of dairy. Ice cream consumption by age group varies, and older consumers are fond of it the most. Children are in second place, as they account for 20% of the market share. It’s important to add that 22% of children and 20% of older adults consume artisan ice cream.


18. 28% of Canadians aged over 55 said they would pay more for ice cream and frozen treats made of natural ingredients.


Our taste preferences are different. Still, we can’t deny that ice cream made of natural ingredients is a healthier option.

As the data from Statista’s 2016 report shows, older ice cream consumers in Canada are more willing to pay more for ice cream made of natural ingredients. On the contrary, 23% of those aged 18 to 34 would do the same.


Other Interesting Ice Cream Consumption Trends, Facts, and Stats

19. 22% of Americans are somewhat or very interested in trying mac and cheese flavored ice cream.


Making mac and cheese-flavored ice cream sounds almost impossible. Yet, it exists, and some people would even try it. In other words, 10% of YouGov’s survey respondents are very interested in eating it. On the other hand, 63% aren’t interested at all and would instead stick to less extreme ice cream flavors.


20. 88% of Americans who bought seasonal menu items were more likely to try a new ice cream flavor if the menu item was seasonal.


Ice cream sales statistics point out that people in the US are more prone to experimenting with new flavors if they’re seasonal (for example, eating sweet potato ice cream during Thanksgiving). Such periods are perfect for manufacturers, as they can test new flavors without committing to them fully.


21. Three to four servings of ice cream account for over half of an adult’s daily calorie intake.


Be careful not to eat too much ice cream, as every serving contains around 23 g of sugar. According to the American Heart Association, it’s best to limit daily added sugar intake to 36 g for men and 24 g for women. The suggested ice cream intake is half a cup per day.


Related Questions (FAQs)

How much is ice cream consumed annually?

Ice cream consumption depends on the country. For instance, Americans consume about 22 pounds of ice cream and similar frozen desserts every year. On the contrary, seven liters per capita are consumed in the UK in the same period. Apart from the US, only New Zealand consumes more than 20 liters of ice cream per capita per year.


Which state has the highest per capita consumption of ice cream?

According to the 2020 data, people from New Zealand eat ice cream the most. More precisely, their per capita consumption is 28.4 liters per year. Therefore, the manufacturers of ice cream in Zealand have to be innovative to dominate the market. Also, Zealand’s dairy product manufacturers adhere to strict quality and hygiene standards.


Why do Alaskans eat so much ice cream?

The reason for that is probably its proximity to snow or the long and sunny summer days. Alaskans make a traditional ice cream called Yakut. It’s made of whipping snow, berries, and seal oil. It’s important to mention that Alaska is the state where ice cream is consumed the most.


What age group eats the most ice cream?

Research shows that children aged 4-10 years old eat more gallons of ice cream annually than any other age group. They are followed closely by those aged 1.5-3 years and those over 65 years old.

There are many reasons for this, including that children enjoy sweet treats more than adults, do not have as many health problems related to eating too much ice cream (such as high cholesterol), and are usually less concerned about gaining weight than adults are.

Regardless, everyone does (well, at least all of us who are sane) eat ice cream! Ice cream is a timelessly delicious treat that brings joy to people of all ages. Still, it’s difficult to accurately say what age group consumes ice cream the most because there’s no new data about it.


Who is the target market for ice cream?

The target market for ice cream is anyone with a sweet tooth. Ice cream is typically eaten by people of all ages, from very young children to the elderly. It is the top-selling dessert in the United States, where it is eaten year-round.


What gender eats the most ice cream?

Females eat more ice cream than males, at least in the US. Ice cream consumption among US females is 15% higher. However, it’s important to note that ice cream trends constantly change. Since there’s a gender gap in ice cream consumption, marketers could consider gender-based advertising.


How often does the average person eat ice cream?

Statista’s data from 2020 reveal that approximately 3.16 million people in Great Britain ate ice cream two to three times per week that year, while 4.57 million ate it once per week. Also, ice cream consumption statistics from the PR Newswire’s report suggest that 90% of Americans regularly consume ice cream.



Wherever you go, you’ll find ice cream (even in cold places, such as Alaska). It’s interesting to note that ice cream consumption has nothing to do with the weather.

When ice cream trends are in question, it seems that Americans still stick to the chocolate and vanilla flavors and don’t commonly experiment with the unusual ones.

Even if you love ice cream, it’s probably a bad idea to eat it every day, as it’s not the healthiest food option. Consuming too much ice cream can increase the risk of various chronic conditions. Still, you can safely indulge in it from time to time.

We really hope you enjoyed these ice cream consumption statistics. We know you had a lot of fun reading them, and we hope they will help you as you plan your next ice cream-related endeavor.

Please, don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions, or would like to share a tip with us!

Thank you so much for taking the time to give us your attention today.

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