263 Illustration Business Name Ideas to Get Bigger Clients

Illustration Business Names

Have you been scratching your head wondering what to name your new illustration business? If so, this post is for you. In this article, we’ve gathered hundreds of catchy, unique, and creative illustration business name ideas that you can take inspiration from when creating your own brand.

When starting a new business, it is important that you brand it well. The right choice can not only tell potential customers a lot about your business, but it can also help you stand out from the competition.

Naming your new business is always fun, but it can be difficult to come up with something that is memorable and original. A business name that is eye-catching, easy to pronounce, and easy to spell is your key to success in the potentially overcrowded illustration industry. It’s a huge undertaking, and you have to put your heart into it.

After all, if your name doesn’t stick in your clients’ minds, they probably are going to go with another illustrator instead. The last thing you want is to leave money on the table because of a bad name.

We’ve spent countless hours brainstorming, working tirelessly until we came up with bucketloads of names that met all the criteria for a stellar brand. So, without any more ado, let’s take a look at our list of illustration business name ideas that can help you pick the perfect one for your business.

Catchy Illustration Business Names

The name you choose for your illustration business will set the tone for your entire brand. Thousands of potential clients will search online for a reliable, experienced, and professional illustration service company. This means your business name should be attractive enough to draw attention from far away customers in a sea of competitors.

To help you out, we’ve put together a huge list of catchy illustration business name ideas for you to use. Take a look!

  • Illustrious Art
  • Imagination Ink
  • Flying Sparks Illustrations
  • Illustra Graphics
  • The Illustration Place
  • Charming Illustrations
  • Stunning Graphics
  • Inkspot Inc
  • Sketchopolis
  • Cravings Illustrations
  • Illustrative Imagery
  • Serene Illustrations
  • Illustration House
  • The Visualizer
  • An Illustrated World
  • Lovely Illustrations
  • Instant Illustrations
  • Illustrators Paradise
  • Cute Designs
  • Imagiminds
  • Busy Bee Illustrations
  • Illustrated Memories
  • Imaginative Sketches
  • Inscribed for You
  • Magic Images
  • Colorful Ideas
  • Sketch It Out
  • Creative Design Illustrations
  • Mosaic and Illustration
  • Fantasy Artworks
  • Drawing Cottage, Inc.
  • Sparks of Design
  • Firefly Creative Works
  • Glowing Clouds
  • Dawn Sky Studio
  • Sunrise Magazine
  • Butterflies Studio
  • Butterflies of Magic
  • Lilypad Illustrations
  • Inner Child Illustration
  • Muddy Colors
  • Breath-taking Designs
  • Super Ilustrations
  • Drawing Together
  • Virtual Sketching Sessions
  • Kute Kritters
  • Heroes of The Pen
  • Book Illustration Agency
  • Picture Perfect
  • Simply Illust
  • The Ink Consortium
  • Ink Pen & Paper
  • Illustration Place
  • House of Illustration
  • The Illustration Bee
  • Hi-Resolution Illustrations
  • The Edgy
  • Monkey and Mousey
  • Illustration Avenue
  • Incredible Art Team
  • Cool Graphics
  • Money Making Illustrations
  • The Drawing Board
  • Impressions in Ink
  • Let’s Illustrate Ourselves
  • Loaded Brush Media
  • Paint by Numbers
  • Wild Ink Monkey House
  • Colorful Creations
  • Loopy Line
  • Epic Draw
  • Jump to Life
  • Representation Inc


Digital Illustration Business Names

Creating a name for your digital illustration business is a crucial part of growing and marketing your brand effectively. It’s also an area of the business that many artists overlook and end up struggling with.

You need to make it right because when it comes to having a business that creatively works hand in hand with art and visuals, making the wrong choice on its name doesn’t seem like a good call to make.

Here are some awesome digital illustration business name ideas that will make your decision easy!

  • Illustration Paradise
  • Professional Illustrator
  • Sketching Parties
  • Artistic Output
  • Illustrations & More
  • Charming Illustration
  • Unique Illustrations
  • Image Graphics Artwork Design
  • Visually Appealing
  • Endless Creativity
  • Drawn Together
  • Adorable Illustrations
  • Freelance Illustrators
  • Colourflair Illustration
  • 2D Imagination
  • Delicious Designs
  • Art Attack Inc.
  • Magnificent Drawings
  • Superb Illustration
  • Incredibly Illustration
  • Sketchy
  • Bright Illustrations
  • The Illustrating Company
  • Established Illustrators
  • Truffula Drawing Studio
  • Dream Designs Inc.
  • You Know I Love Illustration
  • Dream Clips
  • Picture Perfect Art & Design Inc.
  • Images with Inspiration
  • Picture Perfect Designs
  • Kid Illustrations and Designs
  • Elegant Image
  • Fantasy Artwork
  • Illustration Central
  • My Illustrations
  • Illustrate Me
  • Heart and Soul Designs
  • Outstanding Illustration
  • Doodle Shop
  • Illusimage
  • The Best Illustrations
  • Studio One
  • Drawing Fun
  • Freelance Illustrator
  • Picture This! Designs
  • Illustration World
  • Colorful Pencils
  • Happy Cog Artworks
  • Colorful Illustrations Ltd
  • Pixel Push Designs
  • Cornerstone Illustration
  • Brilliant Sketches
  • Gorgeous Graphics
  • Bright and Bold Illustrations
  • Marvelous Illustration
  • Picture It Well
  • Picture Capture
  • Pro Arte Associates
  • Snapshot Gallery
  • Colorful Ink
  • A Bit of Ink
  • Ink Buzz Illustrations
  • Illustration Art
  • Gorgeous Illustration
  • Illustrative
  • Stylus Arts
  • Hand Drawn Logos
  • Happy Cactus
  • Illustration Journal
  • Colour Me Good
  • Children’s Book Illustrators
  • Icy Art
  • Artistic Ambiance
  • Lively Imagery
  • All Honest Designs
  • I Draw Sketches
  • Couffin Portrait
  • Line and Color
  • Freelance Portraits
  • Bright Ink Illustrations
  • Writer’s Digest Books
  • Illustration Interiors
  • The Coloured Pencil Co.
  • Simple Illustration Company
  • Miss Illustration
  • Dripping in Creativity
  • Illustrating Services
  • Myriad Illustration
  • Funky Designs
  • Icons & Illustrators
  • Illustrated Options
  • Popsicle Stick Illustrations
  • Colorful Design Co.
  • Cool Designers Portfolio
  • Illustrious Illusions
  • The Artful Designer
  • Drawing Classes
  • Spectrum Designs
  • Alice’s Web Graphics
  • Let Paint Be Your Voice
  • Amazing Illustration
  • The Paintbrush Business
  • Scratch N’ Sketch
  • Doodle Forest
  • Paper Bot


Illustration Agency Names

Finding the perfect name for your business can be a difficult and time-consuming process. The saying “You only get one chance to make a first impression” pretty much holds true. A good business name is your brand identity, with which you make an impression on future customers.

Whether you are starting from scratch or rebranding, finding the right illustrator business name is the foundation for every other task ahead, including registering a domain name, setting up your website, managing social media accounts, and much more.

To make it easier for you, here are some of the creative illustration agency name ideas we could come up with. Have a look!

  • Illustrious Creatives
  • Illustration Kingdom
  • Image Factory
  • Image Maker
  • Illustraitor Inc.
  • We Visualize Ideas
  • Visible Ink Design
  • The Illustrious Illustrators
  • Glorious Graphics
  • Zero Gravity Art
  • Infinite Art Studio
  • Ink Octopus
  • View from The Top
  • Illustration Clinic
  • Image Plus Illustration
  • Just Art Ltd
  • Dream Hall Designs
  • Stunning Illustrations
  • Craft Workshops
  • Pretty Doodle Doo Doodles
  • Kiddy Drawings
  • Illustrate Good
  • Realm of Ink
  • My Little Eye Spy
  • Illustration Creations
  • Imaginationise!
  • Pixel Chix
  • Fantastic Lines
  • The Great Illustrators
  • Graphic Garden Therapy
  • Picture Perfect
  • The Papercraft Parlour
  • Illustration for Kids
  • Hand Sentimental Illustration
  • Drawing Crafter
  • Creative Colors
  • Design Doodle
  • Funky Illustrations
  • Luminous Ideas
  • International Illustrators
  • Creative Sparks of Creativity
  • Wildflower Designs
  • High-Quality Work
  • Being Original Illustrator
  • Purple Illustration
  • Ink and Lines
  • Illustrator’s Dinner
  • Visualizing Creative
  • Fresh Logo Design
  • Inked up Illustrations
  • Creative Sparks
  • Calligraphic Journeys
  • Happy Doodle Fun
  • Cool Sketching
  • Scrumptious Illustration
  • Ink and Water Color Design
  • A Sketchbook
  • Sequential Art
  • Illustrator Heaven
  • Spiral Art
  • Hand Drawn Logos
  • Dynamic Drawings
  • Just Graphics
  • Royal Artist
  • The Brush Stroke
  • Portrait Farm
  • Design Works Studios LLC
  • Dragonfly Designs
  • Scratch Illustrations
  • Enchanted Illustrations
  • Cookie (for a Dog Illustration Service)
  • Paint Your World
  • Ink Cozy
  • Illustration Lounge


How To Name Your Illustration Business?

When it comes to starting a business, choosing the right name can be challenging. There are so many things to consider when selecting a name. It’s important to pick something that’s memorable and fun while also conveying what your business is all about.

With the right name, you can make your business sound big and established, even if it’s small. It sets the tone for your brand and helps send the message that you are in fact who you say you are. A bad name, on the other hand, will drive your customers away, and you’ll have to spend a lot on marketing and promotion.

You have to take your audience into consideration when choosing the name, the competition, and whether you can get a good domain name.

Here are some useful tips that will help you choose a good name for your illustration business so you don’t break the bank once your company is established.

  • Aim for a name that is short, easy to spell, and memorable
  • The name should inspire trust among potential clients
  • The simpler, the better, but also make it memorable
  • Choose something that describes what you’re good at!
  • Create a name that can grow with you
  • Think carefully about how it sounds: Does your name flow nicely?
  • Make sure it is easy to pronounce
  • Stay away from hyphenated words and numbers
  • Be original and creative. It shouldn’t be confused with any other similar brand
  • Check the availability of the domain name


Conclusion: Illustration Business Names

There you have it! Plenty of creative name ideas to help you come up with a good name for your illustration business.

Remember that a good business name is not just nice-looking, it should also lead people to trust your brand. Your brand name will serve as the first impression for your potential customers. Therefore, it is vital that you put careful thought into creating a business name that will sell.

It’s been a lot of fun putting this blog post together and we hope you’ve learned some interesting things. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this article please feel free to drop us an email.

Good luck and thank you for reading this article!

229 Digital Art Business Name Ideas to Get Noticed Online

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