425 Jewelry Business Name Ideas That Shine Like You Do

Jewelry Business Names

Have you ever found yourself in need of a quick, catchy name for your jewelry business? If so, then this blog post is sure to help you out! No problem! In this post, you will plenty of jewelry business name ideas that can help you pick the best name for your business.

After all, the name of your jewelry company will set the tone for what your customers expect when they walk into your store. That’s why it’s so important to choose wisely.

We did our best to make this post useful for all levels of entrepreneurs and crafters. Enjoy 🙂

Catchy Jewelry Business Names

What’s in a name? A lot! Pick the right name and your business could get off to a flying start. Choose the wrong one and you could struggle to get customers.

To help you find that perfect name, here are plenty of catchy jewelry business names to get you started:

  • Bold and Bright
  • Shining Branches
  • Diamond in the Rough
  • Twist and Turn Jewelry
  • Shine Zone
  • Clear Choice Jewelry
  • Golden Chain Jewelry
  • Fantastic Rings
  • Eighteen Karats
  • Platinum Collection
  • Day Dream Designs
  • All Things Golden
  • Redstone Jewelry Co.
  • Sparkling Minds
  • Catchy Crystals
  • Sparkly Lady
  • Fusion of Love
  • Crystal Shine
  • Shining Light
  • Sparkling Diamonds
  • Coloured Quartz
  • Precious Gemstones
  • String Of Pearls
  • Simply Unique Jewellery
  • One Step Ahead
  • On a Roll
  • Diamonds are Forever
  • Big-Little-World
  • Gold Rush
  • Modern Style
  • Sounds Good
  • Just Like Diamonds
  • Pretty Wild
  • Jewel of the Sea
  • Makes Me Feel Alive
  • Love That Feeling
  • Perfectly Diamond
  • Jewelry Creations
  • Gold Ring
  • Sterling Silver
  • Grand Fine Jewelry
  • Gift Box Jewelry
  • Everlasting Stones
  • Gemstone Designs and More
  • Treasured Gold Designs
  • Royal Ruby Designs
  • Cute and Cuddly
  • Crystal Spring Designs, LLC
  • Crown Candy
  • Crown Jewels
  • Diamond Crown
  • Royal Crown
  • Dauntless Diamonds
  • Posh Diamonds Inc.
  • Ribbon Jewelry Company
  • See Me Sparkle, LLC
  • Solstice & Co.
  • Stone Designs Galore
  • Aquamarine Collection
  • Krystal Crown Collection
  • Empress Jewels Collection
  • Silver Lining Collection
  • Divine Deities Collection
  • Pearl Beach Collection
  • Gems of stories
  • Jewels of imagination
  • Diamanteria
  • Gemstone Jewellery
  • Collectors King
  • Jewelry Works
  • Mesmerizing Jewelry
  • The Jewelry Boutique
  • Diamond Mine
  • Pearls & Co.
  • Dimond Girls
  • Simple Gold
  • Fine Silver
  • Jewelry Junction
  • Silver Charms


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Handmade Jewelry Business Names

You want to make sure the name of your handmade jewelry business is memorable, catchy, and one that your customers will remember. You also want it to reflect who you are and what you do.

Keeping this in mind, we’ve put together this list of creative handmade jewelry business name ideas to help you come up with a winning name:

  • Baubles & Bangles
  • Bling & Bling
  • Got gems?
  • Moon Shine
  • Silk Rose Bracelets
  • Aura Chic
  • Artifact Jewelry
  • Castle Hill Design
  • Citrine Designs
  • Quartz Crystal Jewelry
  • Veiled in Silver
  • Quicksilver Star Gems
  • Sunshine Silver Designs
  • Two Lovely Birds
  • Bling on a Budget
  • Artisans Guild
  • Rainbow Crysta Mills
  • Shimmering Nuggets
  • Echo-rocks
  • Flow-of-stones
  • Demi-luxe
  • Greensleeves
  • Loose Diamonds
  • Exquisite Jewels
  • Adornment
  • Blissful
  • Jewelry Craftsmen
  • Aurora Diamond
  • Earring Junction
  • Sunshine Pearlz
  • Blaze of Glory Shop
  • Sunset Time Jewellery
  • Radiant Gems Jewellery
  • Rose Gold
  • Silver Crystals
  • Gold Smoky Quartz
  • Chandelier Collection
  • Bellas Collection
  • Black Diamond Bracelet
  • Pearls and Gold Rings
  • Handmade Earrings
  • Fine Crafts
  • Handcrafted Jewelry
  • Designer Jewelry
  • Twinkle Designs
  • Serendipity Jewelry Design
  • Jewel of Life
  • Flourish Fine Art & Gifts
  • Urban Ascent Jewelry Designs
  • Craft Creativity
  • Handmade Creations
  • Your Life Your Art
  • Made with Love
  • Ornament of My Heart
  • Handcrafted with Love
  • Stringing Ideas
  • Jewelry Monitor
  • Artisan Beads
  • The Craft Box
  • Adornment Inc.
  • Aesthetica
  • Bauble Boutique
  • Bling Studio
  • Curiosity Boutique
  • Morpheus Crafts
  • More Than Personalized Jewelry
  • Onyx Designs
  • Jewlry Cartel
  • Just Like Gold
  • Sky Beads
  • Sugarpixie
  • The Pearl Collection
  • Treasure Chest
  • Blue Knight Jewels
  • Purple Jewels
  • Beige Crystal Jewelry
  • Teal Jewels
  • Green Jewels
  • Maroon Jewel
  • Maroon Gemstones
  • Cluster Gemstones
  • Golden Edge
  • Amber and Silver


Paparazzi Jewelry Business Names

Deciding on a business name can be difficult and overwhelming. Still, if you haven’t decided on your Paparazzi Jewelry business name, we can help.

Here are the most dependable ones we could create to help inspire your own naming creativity for your Paparazzi jewelry business:

  • Paparazzi Jewelry
  • Team Paparazzi
  • Purple Lady
  • Imminent Gems
  • Diamond Disk
  • Sweet Pearls
  • Wild Obsession
  • Shining Stars
  • Flashing Diamonds
  • Arch Jewelry
  • Mizzen and Main
  • Jewelry Flicks
  • Diamond Darby
  • Angel Kisses
  • Moonstruck Shop
  • Namaste Designs
  • Secret Princess
  • Paparazzi Diamonds
  • Paparazzi Sparkle
  • Jewelry Shine
  • Shine With Brilliance
  • A Sparkle Of Life
  • Showing Some Love
  • Goldie Bling
  • Oh It Ring or It Don’t Ring
  • A&J’s: All And Jewels
  • Bling You
  • Get Real Girl
  • A Happy Experience
  • Brilliant Lines
  • Diamond Rings
  • Just Express It
  • Big Earring Surprise
  • Deja Vu Designs
  • Glamorous Creations
  • Paparazzi Pride
  • The Paparazzi Fleur
  • Paparazzi Rose


Unique Jewelry Business Names

As you know, the key to success in an entrepreneurial venture is a great idea. When brainstorming jewelry business name ideas, we should move beyond only the similar-sounding jewelry-related terms.

There are millions of businesses out there that use a derivative of their product and service as their name. That road has been traveled many times before, and it may be difficult to stand out in your market if you choose that path.

To help you out, we’ve shared below a lot of unique jewelry business names to help spark some creativity:

  • Primal Jewelry
  • Pen and Pearl Pendant Co
  • Pink Octopus Designs
  • Planet Ocean Jewelry
  • Platinum Gold
  • Diamonds and Pearls
  • ABA- Accentuate your Beautiful Attributes
  • ACD – Always Correct Diamonds
  • ARA – Angelic Radiance and Affection
  • CQV Jewelry  – Creative Quality Valued Jewelry
  • HDA – Heavenly Distractions Approved!
  • Badley Beads
  • Bahama Bay
  • Cahill Collections
  • Charming Cherry
  • Amulet
  • Adornment
  • Dazzle Dangles
  • Guava Blossom
  • Glittering Glamourous Pearls
  • Hearty Handcrafts
  • Classic Gold Jewelry Inc.
  • Unique Perfections
  • Dreamy Designs
  • Romantic Custom Jewelers
  • Excelente Designs
  • Flawless Unique
  • Exquisite Iconic Designs
  • Glamorous Fashion Jewelry
  • Charm Department
  • Coco Diamonds Inc.
  • Cottage Connection Inc.
  • Crystal Closet Inc.
  • Copper Connection LLC
  • Arrow Jewelry
  • BJ Jewels
  • Bliss Jewelry
  • Bling Jewelry
  • The Jewelry Drill
  • Blue Jewelry
  • Boxwood Jewelers
  • Julie’s Jewels
  • Kisses N Gems
  • Babelicious Jewelry
  • Clear Crystal Box
  • High Jewelry Company
  • Elegant Buckle Jewelry
  • Amber Gems
  • Sparkling Things
  • Precious and Pretty Things
  • Expressive Identity
  • Zingy Zebra Gems
  • Dazzling Diamonds
  • Blue Sapphires
  • The Golden Bow
  • Zebra Print Jewelry
  • The Gold Rush
  • Emeralds and Pearls
  • The Little Gem
  • Bolo Bling
  • Elegant Jewelry
  • Earthly Diamonds
  • Toeriffic Jewelry
  • Pieces of Heaven
  • Prosper Plum
  • Shiny Star
  • Fancy Frost
  • Exquisite Emerald
  • Pretty Pearl
  • Diamond Diva
  • Wide Charming Jewelry
  • Jewel-incredible
  • The Earl Diamond
  • Cutting Edge Jewels
  • Jaguar Jewelry
  • SeaShell Jewelry


Cool Jewelry Company Names

Your business name is one of the most important aspects of your jewelry store. It is what you’ll be known by so it’s important to get it right. The ability to really stand out in today’s highly competitive markets can’t be underestimated.

Here’s a list of cool jewelry business names for you to get inspired by:

  • The Gem Hunter
  • Precious Picks
  • The Silver Bow
  • Enchanted Diamonds
  • Impressions Jewelry Designs
  • It’s A Ring Thing
  • Neckline Diamonds
  • Three Classics Co
  • Always Rings True
  • Delicate Designs
  • The Crown Jewels
  • Diamonds In The Rough
  • The Finger Pointer
  • Platinum Bling
  • Adornments and Gems
  • Birthstone Inc
  • Copper Crown
  • Diamonds Inc
  • Disguise Jewelry
  • Earthly Treasures international Inc
  • Fashion and Belle
  • Golden Memories Diamond Company Inc
  • Lover’s collectibles
  • Lux Crystal Ltd
  • Luxury Line International Ltd
  • Jewelry Auction
  • Jewelry Candles
  • Jewelry Factory
  • Top Jewelry
  • Jewelry World
  • Online Jewelry
  • Unique Jewelry
  • Cheap Jewelry
  • Love Jewelry
  • Costume Jewelry
  • Just Jewelry
  • Indian Jewelry
  • Jewelry Online
  • Paris Jewelry
  • Luxury Jewelry
  • Jewelry Outlet
  • Vintage Jewelry
  • Your Jewelry
  • Flower Jewelry
  • Endless Jewelry
  • Bridal Jewelry
  • Jewelry Love
  • Bling Jewelry
  • Karma Jewelry
  • Art Jewelry
  • The Jewelry
  • Amber Jewelry
  • Jewelry Boxes
  • Wedding Jewelry
  • Royal Jewelry
  • Smart Jewelry
  • Fine Jewelry
  • Love and Eternity Co
  • Love in A Blue Colour Limited
  • Rock on
  • Diamonds Rings and Things, Inc.
  • Shoestring Ruby
  • High Fashion Pearls
  • Glamour and Glitz Inc.
  • Beaded Necklaces


Cute Jewelry Company Names

The name you choose for your business can speak so much about the services you provide, as well as the market that you aim at. It is for this reason you should choose a cute name that can evoke a pleasant feeling among the visitors.

Here is a list of cute jewelry business names to help you find the one that best matches your style and requirements:

  • You and Me
  • New Beginnings
  • Love and Happiness
  • Pink Poodle
  • Pandora’s Jewels
  • Prism Gems
  • Shimmering Gems
  • The Purple Pearls Inc
  • Bits of Bling
  • The Jewel Affair
  • Diamonds R Here
  • Lovely Lockets
  • Grand Designs Co Ltd
  • The Precious Things
  • Amber Designs
  • Beauty in Jewels
  • Sparkle Biz
  • Shimmer Bracelets
  • Crimson Adornments
  • Pretty in Pearls
  • Kissing Monster Jewelry Co.
  • Crafty Chicks Bling’s
  • Sparkly Things
  • Gemstone Creations
  • Diamond Rocks!
  • Wizardry Designs
  • Wondrous Bling
  • The Jewelry Line
  • Wonderful Bracelets
  • Dainty Bangle
  • Happy Jewelry Shop
  • High Class Jewels
  • Magic Lace
  • Friends Collection
  • Family Jewels
  • Fashion Friends
  • Mates Jewellery
  • Your Family Jewels
  • Diamonds and Friends
  • Friends Forever Jewelry
  • Purely Friends
  • Absolutely Special
  • Sparkly Diamonds
  • Charmed Memories (nice name, simple)
  • Gold Goddesses (great name, cute message)
  • Diamonds Street (nice, edgy, creative)
  • Chic Silver
  • Lovely Gems & Things
  • Necklacez
  • Jolly Jewels
  • Wearable Art
  • Friendly Fox
  • Bling Bling
  • Shiny Sparkly Silver
  • Sparkle and Sparkle
  • The Bling Company
  • Glitter Me This
  • Wonderland Jewels
  • Loveable Jewels
  • A Piece of Your Heart Beads
  • Art Debut
  • Seed of Style
  • Bead Maker
  • Behind Closed Doors
  • Little Shop of Gems
  • Cute is What We Aim For
  • Little Bit Brittle
  • When You Wish Upon a Gem
  • Wonderful Pearls
  • Work of Art Jewels


How to Name a Jewelry Business?

How to choose a good name for the jewelry business? It is no less important than choosing the right gemstones for your jewelry.

A huge problem most jewelry sellers face is settling on a business name. This makes sense when you think about it. Your business name and brand become an extension of yourself and should reflect your overall company image.

The name you choose will be the foundation for your company. Your business’ identity is a powerful weapon for attracting new clients and customers.

Choosing a name for your jewelry business isn’t easy because the name has a strong impact on how much customers will trust your business. You want to choose a name that quickly describes what you do so that customers can make a decision about you and your service or product without any doubt.

A well-thought name makes people remember you and give you an edge in the highly competitive industry.

Here are tips on how to choose a good name for your jewelry business.

  • Choose a name that’s short, simple, and easy to remember (not more than 3 words)
  • Avoid hard to pronounce and hard to spell names
  • Stay away from numbers or hyphens
  • Think about what your brand stands for
  • Think about some of the most successful jewelry brands and find what’s common in their brand names
  • Keep it unique and easy to recollect for your customer group
  • Make sure the domain name is available
  • Don’t copy or spoof someone else’s trademarked name


Jewelry Business Name Generator

The business name generator trend took the internet by storm about a year ago. Everyone was using them to come up with the next big business name. While we believe in utilizing tools, we also believe you should never use these generators for the purpose of choosing a name for your business.

Business name generators are terrible. These tools take random words and combine them with cliche business terms to generate boring and overly generic names.

These generators are made to produce hundreds of name ideas in a single click and for this reason, people are often tempted to use these. But trust us, you’ll regret your decision in the long run.

When you are a new entrepreneur, the worst mistake that you can do is to use a boring generated business name. Therefore, as a branding agency, we recommend our readers not to use these generators for the purpose of choosing the name for your business.


Conclusion: Jewelry Business Names

Well, there you have it – a huge list of jewelry store name and business name ideas. We hope that through this article we have given you some food for thought and also some really great name ideas for your Jewelry business. Now that you have so many relevant ideas you can narrow down a few great options and then finalize the one that best suits your business.

Remember that business names should not only be catchy and memorable but most importantly they need to accurately represent the nature of your business.

Regardless of which name you choose for your business, make sure that the business name that you ultimately select has a unique and memorable ring to it in order to help you establish your brand as an original leader in the industry.

Good luck and thanks for reading!

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