387 Karaoke Bar Name Ideas That Make You Want To Sing

Karaoke Bar Names

Wow, you really did it. You’re opening a karaoke bar!

Or at least, you’re thinking about naming your karaoke bar. And we just know that’s the first step to your next big life adventure.

So let’s get to it, shall we?

Your karaoke bar’s name should make you feel like the star you are. It should catch people’s eyes and inspire their curiosity. And it should stand out from all the other bars in town so people will be able to remember where they heard about it.

Now that you’ve found us, you’re probably feeling pretty inspired already! We’ve got plenty of karaoke bar business name ideas for you to choose from, and we’d love to help you think them up. After all, now that you’ve found us, we can’t wait to see what happens next.

Karaoke bars are the newest trend in nightlife, and they’re bringing a whole lot of money into the economy. People are spending billions on these bars every year, and it makes sense when you consider how much fun karaoke is.

We’ve all been there: You sing a song at a party or a wedding and feel like your inner diva was unleashed! You get all the attention and bask in the glory of your vocal prowess—it’s an amazing feeling! But now imagine if millions of people did that regularly? Even better than that: Imagine if millions of people did that regularly and spent hundreds or thousands of dollars on those nights? That’s what karaoke bars are doing for people. It’s literally turning “Glee” into reality for them!

Let’s get underway with the list of karaoke bar name ideas.

Catchy Karaoke Bar Names

We’ve been hearing that you’re thinking of launching a karaoke bar. Can’t blame you—karaoke is a great way to connect with your friends and strangers alike, get out of your shell, and have a ton of fun in the process. We did it at our last company holiday party, and we highly recommend it.

But if you’re planning to get into the karaoke business yourself, then know this: you’ll need to find the right name for your business. A name that’s catchy, unique, and memorable. The right name can turn your business into a go-to spot for fun nights out with friends, and the wrong one can leave people scratching their heads and wondering what your business is about.

Luckily for you, we’ve come up with a list of catchy karaoke bar business names. So if you’re looking for some inspiration or are just stumped on where to start, check out our list!

  • Karaoke Box
  • The Singing Squirrel
  • Karaoke Heaven
  • Melody Lane
  • Sweet Harmony
  • The Right Note
  • Pitched Perfect
  • The Rockhouse
  • Singing Machine
  • The Love Shack
  • One Note Stand
  • The Singing Bee
  • Karaoke Towne
  • Lip Sync Legends
  • Tuned Tunesmiths
  • Wild West Karaoke Bar
  • Singing Stars
  • Mellow Tones
  • Rockin’ Out Loud!
  • Serenade Lounge
  • The Sing-Off
  • Sing It Out Loud
  • Karaoke Night Fever
  • Singing in the Gutter
  • Dogtown Karaoke
  • Crazy Madam’s Karaoke Bar
  • Kara Oke
  • Sweet Home Aloha
  • Old Town Tavern
  • The Empty Keg
  • Singular Sensations
  • Karaoke Korner
  • Take the Stage Karaoke
  • Karaoke Kingz
  • The Singing Stop
  • Midnight Karaoke
  • Five Star Singing
  • The Standoffish Singers
  • Singing Says It All
  • Perfect Pitch Karaoke Pub
  • The Backyard Stage
  • Friendly Ferret Karaoke Bar
  • The Vocal Venue
  • The Backstreet Beat
  • Whiskey Wagon Karaoke Pub
  • The Street Sign Songsters
  • The All-Night Singers
  • Never Stop Crooning
  • Tune Time
  • Inn the Mood to Sing?
  • Let’s Sing Together
  • Shouting Sheep Karaoke Shack
  • Vibrant Vocalist Karaoke
  • Rolling Rover Karaoke Palace
  • Karaoke Superstar
  • The Singing Cat
  • Karaoke for Winners
  • Sing Your Heart Out
  • Karaoke Kitten
  • Don’t Stop Believing
  • My Heart Will Go On
  • Time Warp Karaoke Bar
  • The Crooning Cat
  • Karaoke X
  • The Beer Joint
  • Singing Shriekers
  • The Dive Bar
  • Karaoke Kitty
  • The Singing Sparrow
  • Whiskey River Saloon
  • The Serenading Snake
  • The Watering Hole Bar
  • Singing Crows
  • The Howling Hyena
  • The Singing Pint
  • Knock Knock Sing-Along
  • The Concert House
  • Kangaroo Music
  • The Singing Room
  • The Trumpeting Trumpeter
  • Singsation Karaoke Bar
  • Karaoke Society
  • The Singing Crab
  • Glamourous Nights Karaoke Bar
  • Funkytown Karaoke Bar
  • Jealous Karaoke Lounge
  • Rainbowdaze Karaoke Bar
  • The Wailing Warthog
  • Tipsy’s Bar and Grill
  • The In-Tune Inn
  • One Mic, One Night
  • Singing Warblers
  • High Note Karaoke Club
  • Karaoke Kidz Clubhouse
  • The Singing Seagull
  • A Little Night Music Cafe
  • Singing Snakes
  • The Loud Karaoke
  • Sideways Screamers
  • Cute Cat Crooners
  • The Karafunhouse
  • Coyote Shrieking
  • Hula Hoopers Karaoke Cafe
  • Possum Poppers Karaoke Bar
  • Singing Hyenas
  • The Drunken Irish Lion
  • Foodies Karaoke
  • The Singing Swan
  • Pleasure Seekers Karaoke Bar
  • The Bellowing Bison
  • Rock on Tonight
  • The Quiet Storm
  • The Show Must Go On
  • Big Show Karaoke Bar
  • Amethyst Entertainment Bar
  • The Singing Pyramids
  • After Dark Karaoke Bar
  • Karaoke Paradise
  • Karaoke Revolution
  • Sing-A-Gram
  • Karaoke Station
  • Krazy Karaoke Nightclub
  • After Hours Karaoke Bar
  • Karaoke Wonderland
  • The Backstage
  • Forever Young
  • Rising Sun
  • Karaoke Castle
  • Melody Lounge
  • Risque Rookies
  • Frightened Friends
  • Carefree Carolers
  • Overjoyed Operatics
  • Intoxicated Innocents
  • Singing Seniors
  • Sublime Songstresses
  • Nervous Newbies
  • Riverside Karaoke Bar
  • The Whistler
  • Drunk Tank
  • Singing Owls
  • The Tipsy Pig
  • Sing-Along Palace
  • Do You Realize? (wonderful for a karaoke bar that features psychedelic music)
  • No One Like You (lots of potential with this one; cute and unique)
  • The Karaoke Klub (We think this name is just perfect for an upscale karaoke bar. It’s fun, catchy, and gives off an old-school vibe with that “K” sound!)


Funny Karaoke Bar Names

When you own your own karaoke bar, you’re helping people create memories they’ll never forget.

And when you name your bar something that makes people laugh and feel good from the moment they walk in, you’re ensuring those memories are going to be positive ones.

With a funny name for your karaoke bar, you’re making sure everyone in the room is feeling relaxed and happy.

There are many benefits to choosing a funny name for your karaoke bar. The first is that it shows an appreciation for humor, which is something that people love about this type of entertainment. Secondly, it makes them laugh and feel good about themselves – which means they’re more likely to come back again! Finally, if your customers know they’ll have fun while they’re there then they’ll be more inclined to buy drinks and snacks, which means higher profits all around! What’s not love?

So, choosing a funny name for your karaoke bar is a sure way to get some attention towards your business. The more humorous and different it is, the better chances you have of standing out from the competition. Some of these names are pretty catchy and might make you laugh!

  • The Right Karaoke Club
  • The Last Tune Inn
  • Karaoke Kafe
  • The Microphone Stand
  • Oh My Gosh Karaoke!
  • Tune In Time Karaoke Bar
  • The Little Singing Hut
  • Mirth-O-Matic
  • Bar None Singing
  • Tuning Up Karaoke Bar
  • The Singing Chicken Karaoke
  • Crouching Tiger Karaoke
  • Jukebox Junkies
  • Sing It Like You Mean It!
  • The Bar-Key Pony
  • The Singing Cowboy
  • Red-Hot Karaoke Club
  • The Karaoke Clubhouse
  • The Giggle Box
  • Laughing Horse Tavern
  • The MicDrop Inn
  • The Embarrassing Karaoke Bar
  • Off Keyed
  • Karaoke Room
  • 7th Dimension Karaoke Bar
  • Sound of Silence
  • Don’t Karaoke Here
  • Hooray for Karaoke
  • Funtime Karaoke Bar
  • Pass the Mic
  • Lyrics, Please!
  • Fat Cat Karaoke
  • Let’s Make Out Karaoke
  • I Just Want to Sing!
  • Chocolate Thunder Singing Bar
  • The Squeaky Wheel
  • Whiskey Voice Karaoke Bar
  • Dirty Singalong
  • Karaoke Krazed
  • Singin’ in the Rainforest
  • Tunes & Brews
  • The Microphone Bar
  • Singing Mood Tonight!
  • The Crackalackin’ Karaoke Shack
  • Big Mouth Karaoke Lounge
  • Karaoke-oke-oke!
  • Musical Madness
  • Singing the Night Away
  • The Karaoke Basement
  • Harmonious Karaoke Bar
  • Down by Downunder
  • Berry Berry Good Bar
  • Karaoke On The Rocks
  • Never Gonna Sing Karaoke
  • Tasteful Temptations Bar
  • The Karaoke-holics
  • Barely Listening
  • Hit It Off Karaoke Bar
  • The Bogus Vocalists
  • Sing It Proud
  • Sing With Me Tonight
  • Top of the Pops Karaoke Bar
  • The Karaoke Buffet
  • You’re So Vain! Karaoke Bar


Japanese Karaoke Bar Names

“I promise you, friend. There will be no escape.”

Well, technically, we can’t promise that.

We know you have a lot of options when it comes to naming Japanese karaoke bars. There are lots of choices, and they’re all good. But if you want a Japanese karaoke bar that’s so fun your customers won’t want to leave, then we’ve got some great ideas for you!

We know you’re looking for something different. Something that will make your customers actually WANT to stay and sing until they’re hoarse. Here is a collection of Japanese karaoke bar name ideas that will help you achieve just that.

  • Kodokoro Karaoake
  • Cute Karaoke Café
  • Karaoke Queen
  • Hot Karaoke Night
  • Bonfire Karaoke
  • Bored Cow Karaoke
  • Deserted Island Karaoke Bar
  • Hoshino Karaoke
  • Party Room Karaoke bar
  • Ketsudan Karaoke
  • Cues and Lyrics Bar
  • Karaoke Sunshine
  • Harmony Square
  • Tokyo Sound Bar
  • Timber Karaoke
  • Tengu No Ichigeki Karaoke Bar
  • Akai Hana Karaoke Bar
  • Tengoku Karaoke Bar
  • Nightingale Lounge
  • Dokidoki (Heart-Beating) Karaoke Bar
  • Eternal Love Karaoke Bar
  • The Singing Squid
  • 2nd Hand Karaoke Bar
  • Karaoke Paradise
  • Tokyo Nights Karaoke Bar
  • Open Mic Night
  • Play, Play, Play
  • Tune Me Tokyo
  • That’s Entertainment!
  • Hello Diva Karaoke Bar
  • Karaoke Express
  • The Vocal Lounge
  • Howl at the Moon
  • The Singing Cave
  • The Blue Note
  • The Croaking Frog
  • The Golden Throat
  • Gokiburi Karaoke
  • Karaoke Planet
  • Daimyo Karaoke
  • Karaoke Kaikan
  • Karaoke Hut
  • Jukebox Café
  • Rhythm Palace
  • Rolling Cheers
  • Pink Vocalist Bar
  • Black Pearl
  • Stars & Cosmos
  • Unicorn Karaoke
  • Koto-Kichi Karaoke bar – for lovers of music and song
  • Seishin Karaoke bar – the spirit of karaoke, to enjoy singing and feel at one with music
  • Biru-no Chaya Karaoke Bar – a serene haven for relaxation amid the hubbub elsewhere
  • Sakura Karaoke – meaning Cherry Blossom Karaoke
  • Karaoke-Koji – A little bit of karaoke, a little bit of Koji
  • Kanna No Sato – a humming town
  • Oishii Karaoke – delicious karaoke
  • Jidori Karaoke – freely singing karaoke
  • Honjitsu no Karaoke Bar – Karaoke Today
  • Otakebi no Sato – This translates to “The Village of War Cries” and it’s an amazing name for a karaoke bar because it really captures the essence of what karaoke is all about—being loud and proud in your performance.
  • Egao Karaoke – This one means “Smiling Karaoke” in Japanese, and we think this name is easy to remember and sounds fun, too. The only downside is that it’s not very creative—there are lots of other karaoke bars with this name already out there!
  • Hitotsuboshi Karaoke – The literal translation of this one means “one star,” but in English this could also mean “One Star Karaoke.” We think this name is perfect for anyone who wants something simple but also unique enough that no one else has it yet!
  • J-Karaoke – The “J” stands for “Japanese” and the “Karaoke” part is obvious.
  • Karao-Japa – This name combines the word for “singing” with the word for “Japan” in an easy-to-pronounce and easy to remember way.
  • Japaroke – This is another fun play on words that means what it sounds like: Japan + Karaoke = Japaroke!


Creative Karaoke Company Names

We’re going to tell you something that might sound a little crazy. But follow us here.

There are a ton of karaoke bars out there. A TON. We know it can feel like they’re all just the same, but they’re not. There are different kinds of karaoke bars, and they’re not just differentiated by their cocktails or their clientele. They are differentiated by the names that they’ve chosen for themselves:

How many times do you see a place called “Karaoke Bar”? What about “Karaoke House”? Or “Karaoke Time Fun Palace”? These places might be great in their own ways, but we think that you can make your bar stand out from the pack if you give it a unique name—one that’s creative, one that’s interesting, one that makes people want to go there and say it aloud just to hear how it sounds when they hear it in their own voice.

  • The Catchy Tune
  • Light Hearted Lion’s Den
  • Last Note Lounge
  • The Karaoke Palace
  • Triple Threat Karaoke Bar
  • All Night Long Lounge
  • Hawaiian Night Club
  • Easy Street Karaoke
  • Karaoke Blowout
  • Big Music Box
  • Lollipop Lounge
  • Good Karaoke Fun
  • Twang It Out Karaoke Bar
  • Ground Zero Karaoke
  • Funky Monkey
  • Singing Windmill
  • Checkerboard Lounge
  • The Singing Cactus
  • A Bar Above
  • Excitement Karaoke Bar
  • Kady-Oke Dreamz
  • The Pop Factory
  • Swirly’s Singing Emporium
  • Cool Kitty Karaoke
  • The Lollipop Lounge
  • Classic Karaoke Bar
  • The Jukebox
  • Which Man’s Karaoke Club
  • Hip Hop Karaoke
  • Daddy O Kool’s Bar
  • The Place to Sing
  • Sing Along Now
  • The Singing Canary
  • That Kool Katz
  • Sounds on Fire
  • The Melody Ranch
  • Black Hole Karaoke Bar
  • Sunset Karaoke
  • World of Songs
  • Karaoke Cowboy
  • Barn of Dreams Karaoke
  • Big Time Karaoke Bar
  • Cha Cha Lounge
  • Let’s Do Karaoke
  • The Singing Hound
  • Pitch Perfect Karaoke Bar
  • Gone Bananas
  • Bite Me Karaoke
  • Sing-O-Nite
  • The Boom Room
  • Beer Station Karaoke
  • The Barfly
  • Old School Karaoke
  • The Black Sheep
  • Sing It Loud (SIL)
  • The Karaoke Cave
  • High Notes
  • Punk Rock Karaoke
  • Down to Scream
  • Singing Spirits Tavern
  • Wall of Sound
  • Diva City Karaoke
  • Abracadabra Karaoke Bar
  • Karaoke Junkies
  • Big Mike’s Karaoke Cafe
  • Karaoke Country
  • Sugar & Spice
  • Karaoke Oasis
  • The King’s Bar
  • Unplugged Pub
  • The Karaoke Platter
  • Sing King Karaoke Bar
  • Area 51 Karaoke Bar
  • Eight Ball Karaoke Bar
  • Karaoke Nirvana
  • Crazy Karaoke
  • Bring on The Music!
  • Hells Bells Karaoke Bar
  • The Singing Annex
  • Get Loud
  • The Singing Geek Bar
  • Abracadazzle Karaoke
  • Karaoke City
  • Sonic Boom
  • Alpha Karaoke
  • Stars on Stage
  • Queen of Karaoke
  • Star Hit Karaoke Bar
  • Red Note Bar & Grill
  • Happily Ever After
  • The Open Mic Café
  • The Singing Bar
  • Whisper Your Lullaby
  • The Rodeo-Lite Room
  • Sing It Sweetie
  • Beach Baby’s Karaoke Bar
  • The Screaming Eagle
  • Hullabaloo Karaoke Lounge
  • Great Kings Karaoke
  • Shagging Chick Karaoke Bar
  • The Melody Road
  • Hillbilly Karaoke Night
  • The Singing Cocktails
  • Rock ‘n’ Roll Cafe
  • The Singing Canary
  • Start Me Up Karaoke
  • The Sing-Off
  • The Songbird Club
  • The D 9 Lounge
  • Karaoke Bar of Love
  • Drink, Sing & Dance (DSD)
  • Juke Box Heaven
  • The Private Karaoke


How to Name Your Karaoke Bar?

Have you ever been to the karaoke bar? Have you ever had a chance to sing your heart out to your favorite song in front of a crowd? If yes, have you ever thought about how awesome it would be if you had your own karaoke bar where people could come and sing their hearts out while having a good time?

Opening up a karaoke bar is no easy task. You need to have the right location, enough money for both the initial setup and monthly expenses, and experienced staff. But before all of that, you need to be able to answer one important question: how should I name my karaoke bar?

Recently, we’ve been getting a lot of requests for karaoke bar business name ideas. I’m going to walk you through our creative process so you can try it yourself and come up with your own bar name!

Here’s how it works:

First, think about what kind of mood and vibe you want your bar to have. Are you looking for something more modern? More traditional? More family-friendly? More hipster? More upscale? More college-student-y? Once you’ve figured this out, make a list of words that are related to the mood and vibe you’re shooting for.

What kind of karaoke do people usually sing at your bar? Are there certain types of music that are popular at your bar that aren’t as popular in other bars? Do people mainly sing pop songs or country songs or rock songs or whatever? Make a list of all the artists or types of music that people like to sing at your bar.

Next, think about the theme and decor of your bar. Is there anything interesting about the design or layout of the space that could be included in the name? Maybe there’s a really cool alleyway entrance, or a place where people can sit on old milk crates, or a good spot for outdoor seating that makes people feel like they’re “out” even when they’re inside… whatever it is, write it all down! Put it all into a list—words related to the mood/vibe, words related to the theme/decor.

Now it’s time to start combining your ideas into potential names! Pick 2 or 3 words from your list and mash them together, then pick 1 or 2 words from your decor list and combine those together, too. brainstorm as many names as possible. Try to come up with at least 40 before narrowing down your list. This will help you come up with some really creative bar names that really speak to what your business is all about!

Finally, pick a shortlist of names that reflect all the elements from the above steps. Get feedback from friends, family, and business partners on those names to make sure they like them too!

Once you’ve got a shortlist of names that everyone agrees on, run them by legal and see if there are any issues with trademark or copyright (sometimes people have already registered a similar-sounding name). This could trigger a lawsuit from the other company—even if you never hear about it until after you start using it! In this case, it’s better safe than sorry!

If everything checks out, then it’s time to register your business name. We recommend registering your business as an LLC. It’s a great way to protect your personal assets while still being able to take advantage of the tax benefits of sole proprietorships and partnerships.


Conclusion: Karaoke Bar Names

We’re all tired, but we’ve also had a lot of fun. There was a lot of excitement at the beginning, but as we got deeper into it, we discovered there was a lot to think about. After doing our research, we’ve learned there are so many different types of karaoke bars. That’s very exciting!

And now that we’ve gone through hundreds of karaoke bar name ideas, it’s time for us to call it quits for today.

We hope this list has inspired you and given you some ideas for your own karaoke bar name.

Remember: the most important thing is to pick a name that really describes your bar, speaks to what it is, and makes people want to come in and sing!

We can’t wait to hear about your new karaoke bar name! Please let us know how it goes!

Happy karaoke-ing!

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