331 Laboratory Name Ideas to Change The World

Laboratory Names

Have you finally got your license and are now ready to open your own laboratory? Awesome! Now, the first thing you need to do is to decide what to name your laboratory. This article will provide you with a huge collection of catchy, cool, and creative laboratory name suggestions to get your creative juices flowing and help you find a suitable name for your lab.

A major technology trend anticipated in the coming years is the rise of the use of laboratory testing services in drug discovery and development. Laboratory activities are carried out in various fields such as nutrition, forensic pathology, forensic toxicology, forensic biology, forensic chemistry, and forensic botany.

There is a growing need and an increasing number of people benefiting from the use of Lab services for diagnosis, health care, food safety testing, etc.

Not many people are trained in this field of work, and this is why it’s one of the most rewarding business opportunities these days. It combines the passion for science with the pleasure of entrepreneurship. However, there are many challenges that must be met before one can be successful in this industry. Naming your laboratory is the first one.

Everything goes through a process. And naming a laboratory is no different—it takes time and a lot of creative energy. The name of your lab should showcase what you do, as well as give insight into your business’s core values. A good name will resonate with your potential clients and help you stand apart from the competition.

To make things easier for you, we’ve put together a list of interesting laboratory name ideas for you to take inspiration from. Let’s go through these.

Cool Laboratory Names

Ah yes, you’ve finally decided to start your own laboratory. This is exciting. But one thing you probably haven’t considered yet is what name to give your laboratory.

It’s an important consideration, of course. You can’t just name it something boring and think that people will still come. Instead, you need a cool, interesting name that will pull in new clients! Here are some great suggestions that you can use.

  • Evergreen Laboratories
  • Black Hole Labs
  • Nano Innovation Labs
  • Bright Spark Labs
  • Supernova Laboratory
  • Pure Genius Labs
  • Break Thru Labs
  • Miracle Cure Labs
  • Logical Laboratories
  • High Octane Labs
  • Forward View Labs
  • Black Panther Labs
  • More Than Science
  • Nano Innovations
  • Green Potions
  • Ruby Laboratory
  • Science At Work
  • The Nutritional Lab
  • Cherry Blossom Laboratories
  • Geo Environmental Laboratory
  • Marvel Labs
  • The Fortune Teller Laboratory
  • Solar Energy Research Lab
  • Biogenix Lab
  • Alpha School Laboratory
  • Arctic Fox Labs
  • Bravado Laboratories
  • Aero Tech Labs
  • Chromatic Laboratory
  • Clean Lab
  • Fly Labs
  • Jiffy Labs
  • Molecule Fragments Lab
  • Cosmetology Laboratory
  • Charmed Labs
  • Bright Ideas
  • Instant Science
  • Laboratory for Success
  • The Must-Have Labs!
  • Gifted Innovations
  • Green Science
  • Pink Elephant Laboratory
  • Dragon Labs
  • Brainpower Lab
  • Miracle Laboratory
  • Red Discovery Laboratories
  • Drip Drop Scientifics
  • EZ Brilliant Labs
  • Aquamarine Laboratories
  • Biopharmaceutical Laboratory
  • Emerald Diamond
  • Einstein Lab
  • Practical Science
  • Rapid Lab Results
  • Extreme Labs
  • Hollywood Labs
  • Balanced Science
  • Numeric Labs
  • Medico Laboratories
  • Genex Labs Inc
  • Tranquility Labs
  • Pinkster Labs
  • Life Lab
  • Data Detective Lab
  • Nanopace Inc
  • Science of Everything
  • Magical Research Laboratories
  • Queenie Labs
  • Serenity Labs
  • Alternative Medicine Laboratory
  • The White Lab
  • White Rabbit Labs
  • Science Express
  • Clone Corporation
  • Global Chem Labs
  • Deer Creek Laboratories
  • Sunrise Laboratories
  • Aztec Labs
  • Clinical Microbiology Lab
  • Cleaner Laboratory
  • Pro Labs
  • Resonance Labs
  • Bison Research Lab
  • The Clinical Lab
  • Psychokinetic Lab
  • Factory Labs
  • Aardvark Laboratories
  • Alpha Beta Testing Labs
  • Absolute Testing Laboratories
  • Elite Labs


Fictional Laboratory Names

Fictional laboratories are often used in movies, video games, and more. These facilities are often run by mad scientists or biohackers who do unethical experiments. But these fictional laboratories are more than just plot devices. They are ideal for science fiction writers to get inspiration for their own work.

It’s important to choose a name that stands out in both look and in its meaning. The experts at Soocial will help you come up with a compelling brand name for your fictional laboratory.

The fictional laboratory names below combine quirky, modern concepts with traditional values. These names bring to mind exciting new ideas, intelligent inventions and cutting-edge discoveries.

  • Awesome Chemical Wonders
  • The Science Man
  • Royal Bio Lab
  • Factory of Violence
  • Glimmering Laboratories
  • Black Hole Research Facility
  • The R&D Unit of Doom
  • Unnatural Selection
  • The One Way Corridor
  • Lightning Labs
  • No Way Out
  • The Ultimate Experiment
  • Oh God Why?
  • Lab Of The Rings
  • Faster Than Light
  • Laser Storm Laboratories
  • Frozen Fireworks
  • Psych Lab Zero
  • Inverse Cube Cone
  • Sinister X-Prime
  • Parallel Universe Labs
  • Big Pharma Labs names
  • Space Pirates of the Apocalypse
  • Techno-Genetics Laboratories
  • Advanced Laser Research Lab
  • Beheaded Saints Inc.
  • The Wall of Knowledge
  • Society of Decency
  • Environmental Dynamics Agency
  • Mutagenesis Laboratory
  • Laboratory of Homicide
  • Forensic Chemistry Group
  • The Lord Knows Everything
  • The Paranormal Lab
  • Nightshift Labs
  • Crumbling Manor Research Lab
  • Hell’s Kitchen
  • The Robot’s Glory
  • Geeky Fun
  • Radioactive Spider Labs
  • Quantum Leftovers
  • Bringers of Awesome Destruction
  • Insanity Laboratory
  • Black Death Incorporated
  • Fury Laboratories
  • Asylum of Tragic Affairs
  • Atom Imploders of Evidence
  • Maximum Impact Labs
  • Apocalypse No Restart Inc
  • Acid Rainbow
  • The Humbling Curve
  • The Upside of Evil


Funny Laboratory Names

The mission of the labs is usually to invent something useful, life-saving, or just fun. If you want your lab to become popular, its name should be catchy. You have to use your humor, and this could also add to the charm of your laboratory.

Here are some funny name ideas you can use when brainstorming for a name for your lab.

  • Lab of Laughs
  • Silly SciLab
  • Salty Solutions
  • Spook Science Labs
  • Gene Logic Inc
  • Fart Labs
  • Screaming Clown Labs
  • Boom! Labs
  • That Thing That Exploded
  • Formula 420 Labs
  • Misapplied Science
  • Fat Chance Labs
  • Nitroglycerine Factory
  • All Fired up Research
  • Chemical X Lab
  • Exploding Kittens Lab
  • Project Bluebird
  • Ender’s Game
  • Hydrophobic Monkey Research
  • Positive Energy Research
  • Alien Extractor
  • Atomic Acid Plant
  • Big Bang Generator
  • Panty Research Labs
  • Cat Camouflage Development
  • Jumping Frog Biosciences
  • The Mad Scientist Network
  • Chroma Chemical Laboratory
  • Accurate Diagnostics
  • Hip Hip Hooray for Science
  • Energizing the Universe
  • Nematode Research Unit
  • Cross Labs
  • Danger Enterprises Inc.
  • Fright Labs (Dr. Fright)
  • Aardvark Research Inc
  • Frog Pharmaceuticals Inc
  • Mice Laboratories
  • Alligator Biotech Inc
  • The Parapsychology Division
  • Anti-Gravity Group
  • Mushroom Tower
  • Cave of Wonders
  • Sewers of Doom
  • Ice Castle Lab
  • Midnight Brewing
  • Cacophony Lab


Medical Laboratory Names

It involves performing tests that need to be carried out meticulously to obtain precise and accurate results that will greatly help diagnose patients.

If you are looking to start your own medical laboratory, choosing the perfect name for it is key. Naming a laboratory is a serious endeavor that needs careful attention to detail and consideration.

A good lab name can help you stand out, motivate clients to choose your lab, and increase sales. The name must be unique and catchy enough to grab the attention of potential customers. But finding such a name can get quite challenging.

To help you with the process, we’ve listed below a bunch of catchy medical laboratory name ideas for you to consider. Take a look!

  • Meditech Labs
  • Biomedica Laboratories
  • iHealth Labs
  • Physician’s Choice Genomics
  • Vector Labs
  • Quest Diagnostics
  • Big City Medical Labs
  • Clinilabs Corp
  • Lab to The Core
  • Laboratory of Tomorrow
  • Genome Lab
  • Molecular Labs
  • Genetic Science Labs
  • Headquarters of The Healthy
  • Disease Surveillance Laboratory
  • Medical Microbiology Laboratory
  • Wellness Labs
  • Partners in Care Labs
  • Biological Sciences Laboratory
  • Anaconda Labs
  • Bio Sciences International
  • Acute Care Labs
  • Antigen Laboratories
  • Advanced Precision Labs
  • Lab of Health
  • Lab Advantage
  • The Last Resort
  • Last Chance Labs
  • Stem Cell Labs
  • Probiotics Lab
  • Scientifically Speaking


Dental Laboratory Names

You’ve made the decision to take the plunge and start your own dental laboratory. Congratulations! Choosing a name for your business is one of the first major decisions you’ll make as an entrepreneur. Unfortunately, it can also be one of the most difficult decisions to make.

It’s the first thing every potential client sees; therefore, you need to choose wisely. A good dental lab name can set you apart from the competitors and boost your marketing efforts. On the other hand, a poorly chosen name can haunt you for years to come.

With that in mind, we’ve listed below plenty of interesting dental laboratory name ideas that we could come up with. Check these out!

  • Dental Anomalies Inc
  • Creative Smiles
  • Angel Smile
  • Athena Dental Laboratory
  • Belle Dentistry
  • Crystal Springs Dentistry
  • Dentist’s Support Labs
  • Dental Solutions Inc
  • Dental Works Corp
  • Direct Dental Laboratory
  • Accuracy Dental Lab
  • Advanced DentLab
  • Dental Design
  • Amazing Smile
  • Lux Dental Lab
  • Smile Aesthetics
  • Pure White Dental
  • Glow Bright Dental
  • Horizon Dental Lab
  • Flossy Dental Studio
  • Lion Dental Care
  • Tooth Town Labs
  • Team Teeth Labs
  • Dentistry Zone
  • Premier Dentists
  • Smile Masters
  • Dynamic Dentistry
  • Startling Smiles
  • Expertly Effective Dentistry
  • Launch Your Smiles!
  • Beyond Ordinary Dentistry
  • Successful Smiles
  • Precision Care
  • Smile Dimensions
  • Dental Excellence
  • Filling the Gap
  • Altitude Dental
  • Root Canal Works
  • Dental Procedures Unlimited
  • The White House
  • Dental Departures
  • Smile-n-Wave
  • Consummate Smiles, Inc.
  • Impressive Teeth
  • Mouthfuls of Memories, Inc
  • Rainbow Dental
  • Express Dental Studio
  • Smile Center
  • Pearly White Labs
  • Tooth Matter


Science Laboratory Names

Science laboratories are at the heart of research, development, and innovation. These institutions are made to conduct experiments, create innovative products, and conduct tests.

From the alkali metals lab to the marmite makers, these science lab names offer an unrivalled selection of results chock-full of names that are remarkable, exciting and just plain cool.

  • Scientific Solutions
  • Limitless Science
  • Chempath Labs
  • Apex Biotechs
  • DNA Analysis Lab
  • Organic Chemistry Lab
  • Science Factory
  • Happy Science Labs
  • Legends Lab
  • Ace Labs
  • Brain Science Inc.
  • Brainstorm Labs
  • Quick Lab Solutions
  • Dream Lab
  • Starbright Laboratories
  • Glowing DNA
  • Advanced Micro Lab
  • Space Adventures
  • Academy of Applied Science
  • Atomic Time Laboratories
  • Super Science Research Laboratory
  • Dynamic Research and Invention Lab
  • Progressive Research Laboratory
  • The Microbiology Laboratory
  • Frozen Heart Labs
  • Moonshine Lab
  • Electronics Testing Laboratory
  • Environmental Sustainability Labs
  • Chemical X Laboratories
  • United Innovations Labs
  • Bunsen Burner Labs
  • Extraterrestrial Laboratory
  • Blue Sky Research
  • Cortisone Labs
  • Heroic Research Laboratories


Laboratory Names Generator

Couldn’t find anything interesting yet? No worries! We aren’t finished yet. Here are some super cool name ideas generated by our AI-based laboratory names generator tool. Hopefully, you can find something relevant here.

  • Hippocrates Laboratory
  • Super Ninja Research Lab
  • Natural Phenomena Laboratory
  • Meteor Impact Laboratory
  • August Laboratories
  • Atomic Energy Laboratory
  • Dr. Horrible’s Lab
  • Broadway Laboratory
  • Northern Light Laboratories
  • The Forensic Lab
  • Black Opal Lab
  • Bluebird Labs
  • Atlas Lab
  • Acoustic Lab
  • Psychiatric Research Lab
  • Astrobiology Labs
  • Platinum Laboratories
  • Hyperspace Wave Analysis Lab
  • Proactive Consulting Labs
  • The Black Cat Laboratory
  • Chemical Explosion Labs
  • Platinum Refining Lab
  • The Aquatic Lab
  • Green Oasis Laboratories
  • The Biological Lab
  • Armadillo Labs


Conclusion: Laboratory Names

We’ve reached the end of our list of laboratory name ideas. We hope it provides you with a helping hand when coming up with a name for your laboratory.

As you can see, laboratories can be named after physical locations, minerals, chemicals, metals, even abstract concepts like time. This is by no means an exhaustive list of laboratory names; it’s just a sample of the wide variety of possibilities.

Thanks for taking the time to check out this article. This post gave you the building blocks for creating your own names and variations to fit your sciency needs. If you liked it, show us some love by sharing it on your favorite social media.

And if you have any questions related to this post, please write us an email. We’ll try to respond as soon as we can.

We wish you all the best!

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