293 Makeup Artist Name Ideas to Get You More Clients

Makeup Artist Names

Are you starting as a makeup artist and looking for a catchy name to call yourself? If so, this post is for you. This article will provide you with tons of catchy makeup artist name ideas to give you a good kickstart in the brainstorming session and help you find a well-fitting name for your makeup artist business.

Makeup artists are known for being some of the most creative people out there, and while many think of this profession as something reserved for women only, men are starting to get involved too! The demand for makeup artists is always increasing and there are big opportunities out there for talented artists.

The hardest part of starting as a makeup artist business is deciding on the brand name. Whether you want to freelance or work for a famous film production house, it’s important you get the name right. Your personal brand is just as important as your makeup brush technique.

There are many factors to consider when choosing a unique artist name like what it will represent about you, how memorable it is, and will it stand the test of time, etc.

Are you finding it hard to find one that reflects your personality and best fits your brand? Don’t worry! We got your back.

From simple to creative, from funny to serious, we have put together a huge collection of names ideal for professionals working in the makeup industry. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you’ll be able to find a name that suits your style and personality.

So, without any further ado, let’s begin.

Catchy Makeup Artist Names

If you want to be successful in the makeup industry, you need a brand name that is catchy, one that customers will remember. An eye-catching makeup artist name can be a powerful marketing tool and save you a lot of advertising costs in the future.

With that in mind, here are a bunch of catchy makeup artist name ideas that will help you decide upon a suitable name for your new venture.

  • Fancy Faces
  • Bella Beauty
  • Pink Beauty
  • Eyelash Queen
  • Face of Beauty
  • Beauty Express
  • Glam Nation
  • Stunningly Beautiful
  • Beauty Glitz
  • Glitz and Glitter
  • Glam Alert
  • Sparkle And Slay
  • Blush Addict
  • Melody Makeup
  • New Look
  • Flawless You!
  • Vanity Girl
  • Natural Looks
  • Angel Makeovers
  • Color Me Pretty
  • Cosmetic Guru
  • Chic Makeup Studio
  • Beauty Studios
  • Artistic Touch Makeup
  • Makeup Magic
  • Mascot Makeup
  • Beauty and the Best
  • Bella Beaute
  • Couture Makeovers
  • Glamorous Faces
  • Posh Pageants
  • Makeup My Style
  • Special Occasion
  • Glitz Angel
  • Elegant Touch
  • Shine on Cosmetics
  • Flair for Faces
  • Matchless Beauty
  • Ooh La La Lashes
  • Lipstick Lover
  • Glam Dolls Beauty
  • Makeup Emporium
  • Venus Makeup Artist
  • Mermaid Makeup Artist
  • Ruby Red Lipstick
  • Eyes Like Fire
  • Eyelash Professionals
  • Pretty Pink Parlour
  • Essential Beauty
  • Mystery Shade Makeup
  • Ideal Eyes
  • Color Me Impressed
  • Orange Crush
  • East End Makeup Artist
  • Glitz Makeup Studio
  • Energizing Makeup Artist
  • Funky Makeup Artist
  • House of Vanity
  • Beauty Expert
  • Bridal Beauty
  • Pageant Makeup Artist
  • The Beauty Queen
  • Beauty Artistry
  • New Look Makeup Artist
  • Fashionista Makeup Artist
  • Makeup You
  • The Makeup Lady
  • Natural Makeup Artist
  • Marvelous Makeovers


Cute Makeup Artist Names

As a professional makeup artist, your name is one of the first things people see. The name will help to set and reinforce your brand’s identity, and therefore it is essential that you consider every aspect and possibility when choosing your name.

To help you out, we’ve put together plenty of cute and memorable makeup artist names that will surely give you an advantage and make you stand out from the sea of competitors.

  • Bonjour Makeovers
  • Cosmetica Beauty
  • Daisy Makeup
  • Love Me
  • Makeup Junkies
  • Illusion Makeup
  • Cover Girl Cosmetique
  • Exotic Stylish
  • Dusty Rose
  • Makeup Artistry
  • Chic Style Enhancements
  • Aesthetic Eyes
  • Eyes Wide Shut
  • Peaceful Nature
  • Wonder Cosmetics
  • Creams ‘n’ Crayons
  • Bespoke Lips
  • Cynderella
  • Alter Ego Makeup
  • Sheer Vanity
  • Homage to the Arts
  • Beauty Looks Inc.
  • Flame N’ Cream
  • Volcano Smoke Shadow
  • Doll Face Makeup
  • Kiss Me
  • Cream Eyes
  • Regal Coolness
  • All That Glitters
  • Limestone Eye Shadow
  • Butterfly Beauty Co.


Cool Makeup Artist Business Names

As a makeup artist, you need to find a name that will define you and your work and show your uniqueness in the type of service you would offer, and the image you want to put forth. You do not want to choose a name that undermines your work.

Many makeup artists make the mistake of choosing something too generic which makes it difficult to stand out from the crowd, hindering business growth.

To help you avoid that, here are some cool makeup artist business name suggestions that’ll solidify yourself in your potential client’s minds.

  • Makeup Expressions
  • Makeup In Motion
  • Realistic Makeup
  • Beautiful Confidence
  • Back 2 Beautiful
  • Makeup Talk
  • Illuminating Makeup
  • Beautiful Lashes
  • Beauty Boudoir
  • Eyelashes Inc
  • Lipstick County
  • Blush On
  • Tinted Kisses
  • The Cheeky Lipstick
  • Liquid Beauty
  • Pout Paint
  • Defining Curves
  • Cheeky Blush
  • Basic Beauty
  • Misfit Cosmetics
  • Fox on Fire Cosmetics
  • Just Peachy Cosmetics
  • Lip Struck Cosmetics
  • Nude Appeal
  • Pink Pout
  • Beauty Days
  • Oh My Makeup!


Permanent Makeup Artist Names

A great name is essential for your successful career as a permanent makeup artist. Especially if you want to distinguish yourself from the competition in an ever-growing industry. You have to be very creative, and use any resource at your disposal to find a memorable, yet professional, name.

We’ve taken the time to curate tons of awesome permanent makeup artist name ideas to get your creative juices flowing and energize your brainstorming process. Have fun!

  • Eyeliner Specialist
  • Brow Artistry
  • Lip Machine
  • Temptation Makeover
  • Shades of Blush!
  • Pixel Perfect Looks
  • Pixel Shark!
  • The Perfect Face
  • Naturally Cosmetics
  • Big City Ink
  • Just for Looks
  • Luxe Beauty
  • Black Tie Beauty
  • The Permanent Artist
  • Permanent Cosmetics
  • Center of Attention
  • Lip Perfection
  • Luscious lips
  • That Lady in Red
  • Makeup with Class
  • Lashes for Days


French Makeup Artist Names

Looking for a trendy, interesting, and professional French makeup artist name for your business?

Use this list of classy French makeup artist name ideas as inspiration, and you’ll have no problem finding an awesome name for your upcoming brand.

  • Le Blush
  • 1st Kiss
  • Maquillage de France
  • Marie Claire Makeup
  • Paris Fashion
  • Beautiful In Paris
  • Le French Touch
  • Red Lipstick Co
  • Les Yeux de Beaute
  • Elegante Make-Up
  • Atout Beauté Make-Up
  • Chroma Beauty
  • House of Kontour
  • Petite Addictions Boutique
  • Arty Paris
  • Blue Cosmetics
  • Candy Dolls
  • Curvy Girls
  • De La Mer
  • Exclusive and Chic
  • Jewel Eyes
  • Madame X
  • Mascara Queen
  • Cosmetics of Paris
  • Smokey Eyes Magic
  • Luxury Lip Gloss
  • Colour Me Smitten
  • Lipstick Princess
  • Shimmer & Shine
  • Glam Beauty
  • Hot Lips Makeup
  • Frosted Hot Makeup
  • Rainbow Beauty Co.
  • Makeup Mania
  • Shine Beauty
  • Wet N Wild
  • French Chic
  • Rouge D’Love
  • Parisian Afters
  • Bellapierre
  • Fountain of Beauty
  • The Beau Visage Salon
  • Beautifly
  • Lush Beauty Parlour
  • Makeup Love
  • Makeup Revolution
  • Get Gorgeous
  • My Beautiful Face
  • Loraine & Co. – Feminine and a soft way to sound French
  • Valeur Makeup – This marketing is beautiful in more ways than one
  • Hush Squad – This would be ideal for a makeup company that wants to stay mysterious
  • 1st Lips – Perfect for someone wanting to attract young consumers
  • Last Nail – All nails will look good with this mark!
  • 4 Peas In A Pod – Another great name for a cosmetic or nail business


Makeup Artist Names For Instagram

A lot of makeup artists build an online presence on Instagram and use their Instagram profile as a platform to advertise their services. If you are planning to start an Instagram page to showcase your work, the first thing you need is an attractive name.

A creative name allows people to easily find and navigate through your Instagram profile and call you whenever they need your service. But finding a great makeup artist name for Instagram is hard. It’s highly competitive and it’s really hard to stand out!

Here are some amazing makeup artist name ideas you can use on Instagram. Take a look!

  • Aesthetic Beauty
  • Beauty Games
  • Cheeky Cosmetics
  • Glam Queen
  • Gold Eye Shadow
  • Fuller Lashes
  • The Phoenix
  • Golden Goddess
  • Yummy Lips
  • Bonjour Rose
  • Eyes Expert
  • Shake N’ Spray
  • Allure Affair
  • First Look Cosmetics
  • Face Time
  • Glam Squad
  • Beauty Marked
  • The Cosmetics Closet
  • Avon Makeup Artist
  • Black Rabbit
  • Booty Parlor
  • A Beautiful Face
  • Sheer Love Beauty
  • Makeup Geek
  • Makeup Musings
  • Beauty Diary
  • Makeup by Amy
  • The Beauty Blender


Freelance Makeup Artist Names Ideas

As a freelance makeup artist, creating your own personal brand is important.

Whether you’re a full-time makeup artist or just doing makeup as a side hustle, you need to focus on finding great makeup artist name ideas that resonate with the target audience.

You want something short that reflects your style and gets the attention of everyone who sees it.

To save you time and energy, we scoured the web to find plenty of unique yet creative freelance makeup artist name suggestions for you to choose from. Have fun!

  • Awesome Beauties
  • Make Art
  • Urban Beauty Parlour
  • Cosmetic Makeover
  • From the Heart
  • Makeup Nights
  • Grand Looks
  • All Eyes on You!
  • Ultimate Makeup
  • Pretty Woman
  • Beauty Triangle
  • Max Factor
  • Colors In Makeup
  • Dashing Diva
  • Make up Sweetie
  • Bright Eyelashes
  • Wink or Kiss
  • I Love Mascara
  • Color Me Beautiful
  • Be Classy
  • Blush on Flush
  • Fresh Face
  • Funky Party Makeup
  • Special FX
  • Dressed to Impressed
  • Empower Your Beauty
  • Love, Kisses & Beauty
  • Make Correction
  • Face It
  • Best Looking Star
  • You Look Pretty


Makeup Artist Name Generator

Bored of coming up with generic name ideas and need something interesting? No worries! We are here to help! Take a look at these amazing names generated by a makeup artist name generator. Hopefully, one of these tickles your fancy.

  • Fantasy Maker Makeup
  • The Artist
  • Alluring Faces
  • Smokey Eyes
  • Desert Rose Diva
  • Rainbow Faces
  • Airbrush Shades
  • Brush Gorgeous
  • Bottles N Brushes
  • Earth Angel
  • Dark Velvet Lipstick
  • Inconceivable Makeup
  • Cyber Chick
  • Contour Makeup
  • Candy Coated Makeup
  • Fine Lashes
  • Lipstick Addicts
  • Beauty on The Fly
  • The Beauty Guru
  • Aurora Beauty Studio
  • Beauty Guru
  • Kitten Kisses
  • Beauty At Home
  • Youthful Makeup Artist
  • Soothing Serenity
  • Makeup by X
  • Sassy Look Makeovers
  • The Makeup Fairy
  • The Eyebrow Stylist
  • Eye Makeup Artist
  • Eye to Eye Makeovers
  • Dreamy Makeup Artist


Conclusion: Makeup Artist Names

So, there you have it – a huge collection of makeup artist name ideas. We hope this list helps you choose an awesome makeup artist name and give you a head start in the industry.

There is no denying that your makeup artist name is an important element in your overall branding strategy. After all, it is the first chance you will get to make a good impression with your potential clients. If you don’t come up with something that stands out, then you will also miss out on many profitable opportunities that come your way.

Thanks for reading this article. We hope you found this helpful and if you did, please feel free to share it with your friends. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, feel free to drop us an email. We’ll love to hear your thoughts.

We wish you all the best and have a great day!

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