237 Meal Prep Business Name Ideas to Get You Started

Meal Prep Business Names

Planned to start a meal prep business but having a tough time deciding what to name it? If yes, you’ve arrived on the right page. In this article, we’ll share with you tons of catchy, cool, and unique meal prep business name ideas to get your creative gears rolling and help you pick an awesome name for your startup.

With the rise in popularity of healthy and sustainable diets, meal prepping as an industry has exploded into a multi-billion dollar industry! 

When starting your own healthy meal prep business, it’s hard to choose a name without getting lost in the vastness of the internet.

It’s essential to pick a name that is as creative and unique as your service. Having the right name will give you a good head start and help you find success.

You’ll need to consider your target market, the purpose of your business, and whether you want your company name to be descriptive of what you plan on providing or if you’d like it to be creative enough to stand out from the competition.

When picking a name for your meal prep business, you want to not only make sure that it’s original but also SEO-friendly.

When people search for meal prep delivery on google, if they see your company name and think, “wow, that’s a great name. I’ll definitely try them out!” then you’re already halfway there.

To make it easier for you, we have gathered a lot of attractive meal prep business name ideas to provide you with the inspiration you need to pick a well-fitting name for your venture. 

So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

Catchy Names For Meal Prep Business

The name of your meal prep business can have a large impact on your overall success. It has the power to set you apart from competitors in your niche and can make or break your marketing efforts.

The name should be eye-catching and reflect the authority and experience you have in this industry. At the same time, not only does it have to be relevant to your niche, but it also has to be memorable. 

With this in mind, we decided to curate and compile a list full of catchy meal prep business name ideas for you to get inspiration from. Take a look!

  • Meal Zilla
  • Food to Go
  • Little Carbs
  • Meal Prep Savior
  • Fresh Goodness
  • Happy Kitchen
  • Pantry Perfect
  • Meal Labs
  • Power Lunch
  • Fast Prep
  • Prepped Meals
  • Hearty Dish
  • Meal Easy
  • Quickie Meals
  • Golden Spoon
  • Prep Station
  • Grub Delicious
  • Prep’d Food
  • Meal Prep Empire
  • The Dish Chef
  • Fast Lunch
  • Meal Prep Queen
  • Meal Capsule
  • Meal Planning
  • My Chef
  • Kitchen Rescue
  • Gladly Cooks
  • Meal Prep Nation
  • Meal Prep Pro
  • Eat Smart
  • Meal Prep Society  
  • Get Fit Snacks  
  • Meal Prepping Simplified  
  • Pack A Lunch  
  • Meal Prep Hub
  • Pantry Done Right!
  • Healthy and Delicious
  • Meal Prep Fanatic
  • Get Your Meal On
  • Meal Prep King
  • Home Meal Replacement
  • Organic Meal Prep
  • Get Your Greens On
  • Homemade Meals
  • Meals To-Go
  • Meal Prep Solutions  
  • Meal Made
  • Kitchen Prep
  • Meals Together
  • Meal Making
  • X-Meals
  • Meal Starter
  • Fresh To Go
  • Meal Prep Emperor
  • I Love Meal Prep
  • Meal Prep Duo
  • Meal Prep Family
  • The Mealfessional 🥑
  • Ham Hands Meals
  • Meal Prep Mavens  
  • Meal Prep Doll
  • Main Squeeze
  • The Lunch Box
  • Vegan Meal Prep
  • Meal-A-Day
  • Meals Made Easy
  • Healthy Meals to Go
  • Meal Prep Bunch
  • Meal Prep Couple 
  • Meals From The Heart
  • Fit Foods
  • Healthy Chef Express
  • Detox Kitchen
  • My Healthy Meal Prep
  • Meal Prep Guru
  • Meal Prep for Life
  • Healthy on The Go
  • Lunch 2 Go
  • Meal Prep Cravings
  • Meal Prep Diva Inc.
  • Veggies & Meals LLC
  • Healthy Favourites
  • The Meal Master
  • Make Your Meals Special
  • Home Chef’s Delight
  • Grab N’ Go Meals
  • Home Food Heroes
  • Meal Stack
  • Meal Prep Buddy
  • Healthy Home Cooking
  • Everything Meal Prep
  • Purple Meal Prep
  • Meal Prep Darling
  • Perfect Prep Meals
  • Balanced Meals
  • The Healthy Eater
  • Nutritionist On-The-Go
  • Eat Cleaner
  • Grub Stash
  • Bean Cookin’
  • Paleo Meal Prep
  • Snack Prep Cooks
  • Affordable Lunch


Creative Meal Prep Company Name Ideas

Meal Prep is a very popular business nowadays, and because of the huge demand, more and more people jump on this opportunity. People are flocking to this healthy lifestyle like never before.

But choosing a name for your business is a pain in the ass, right? It takes a long time to think of one, and you can always feel like you’re missing out on something. 

To save your time and energy, we have put together plenty of interesting meal prep company name ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Enjoy!

  • Meals Made Easy
  • Your Daily Greens
  • Clean Eating Meal Box
  • Portable Pantry
  • Meal Prep Hero
  • Meal Prep Pros
  • Make-Ahead Meals
  • Clean Eats and Greens
  • Fit Mealz
  • Meal Prep on Wheels
  • Fresh Meal Delivery
  • Bargain Bites
  • Real Meal Revolution
  • No BS Meal Prep
  • Ready Set Eat
  • Peachy Meal Prep
  • Meals in Minutes
  • Meals On Call
  • Sustainable Eating
  • Meal-A-Prep
  • Hungry Bunch
  • Healthy Lunch
  • Digi Kitchens
  • Fit and Fabulous Meals
  • Yummy Yummy Meals
  • Quick Meal Prep
  • Yummy Dinner Prep
  • Hot Lunch Hero
  • Meal Maker
  • Green Goodness
  • Grab and Go Meals
  • Healthy Bites!
  • Blended Recipes
  • Quick Recipes
  • Meal Prep Heaven
  • Meal Prep Kingdom
  • Lean and Green 
  • Food-N-Joy
  • Meal Prep Unicorn
  • Healthy Prep
  • Healthy Foodie
  • Meal Prep Box
  • Crafty Meal Prep
  • Luxury Meal Prep
  • Mealtime Excitement
  • Healthy Eats
  • Recipe Ready Cooking
  • Vegan Meal Prep
  • Home Grown Eateries
  • Lifestyle Eats
  • Meal Prep Haven
  • Packer’s Delight
  • Healthy Soul Meals
  • Meal Prep Ninja
  • Meal Prep Goddess 


Unique Healthy Meal Prep Business Names

It’s no secret that just about everyone is looking to get in on the booming healthy meal prep business since health-conscious individuals always look for options to make them stay fit and healthy. With a lot of competition, it’s getting harder to come up with a good name that is not yet taken. 

If your goal is to open a healthy meal prep restaurant or start selling packaged meals in your city, you will need a brand name that resonates with the target audience.

To help you out, here are some unique yet attention-grabbing healthy meal prep business name ideas to ease up your brainstorming process. Check these out.

  • Last Minute Deli
  • Green Meal Prep
  • Pure Breakfast Station
  • The Health Nut Cooker
  • Meals Delivered
  • Generous Portions
  • Munch-N-Serve
  • Perfect Fresh Meals
  • Prep N Cook
  • Gourmet Meal Prep
  • The Week Ahead
  • Grab and Go
  • Mealster!
  • Healthy Organic Meals
  • Ready to Eat Meals
  • Meal Prep Chick
  • Empty Nesters’ Delight!
  • Ultimate Meal Prep
  • Healthy Express
  • Busy Chef’s Meal Prep
  • Lunch Box Station
  • Protein Nosh
  • Meal Prep Mom
  • Freezer Meals
  • Bag & Box It!
  • Fit Kitchens
  • Portion Perfection
  • Foodie Meal Prep
  • Food for Fit Lifestyle
  • Preplanned Meals
  • Flex Meal Prep
  • Meal to Go


Meal Prep Business Name Generator

Couldn’t find a suitable name yet? No worries! Your friends at Soocial are here to help.

Here are some delicious meal prep business names that were generated by a meal prep business name generator. Browse through these names and pick whichever suits your company theme the most.

  • Easy Meal Prep
  • One Meal Love
  • Meals in A Box
  • Right Ingredients
  • Meal Chef
  • Healthy Packing Company
  • Get a Din-Dins Delivery
  • Meal Time Rocks
  • Super Duper Meals 
  • Clean Eats
  • Home Run Meal
  • Meal Prep Boss
  • Good for You Meals
  • Meals on The Fly
  • Easy Cook
  • Aloha Prep
  • Meal Prep Chameleon
  • Bakery Style Meals
  • Meal Prep Central
  • Quick to Your Door
  • Meal Prep Guy
  • Meal Prep Warrior
  • Eat Clean 
  • Healthy Meals Delivered
  • Mealminator
  • Meal Prep Rocks
  • Meal Masterminds
  • Healthy Nutrients
  • Real Food Fast
  • Organized Meals
  • Express Cookery
  • Diet Delivered
  • Meal Prep Kitchen
  • Crockpot Meal Plans
  • Meal Prep Genie
  • Kitchen Express
  • Healthy Corner Store


How to Name a Meal Prep Business?

Meal prep is all the rage, with millions of Instagram posts storming the internet. The idea of getting in shape by preparing your own high-quality meals is an excellent one and has really helped thousands of people.

Naming your meal prep business is incredibly important since it’s part of the first impression people get about your business.

What’s in a name? A lot! It’s the first and the most important thing which gives shape to your business. The right name can also be used to cement your brand identity, communicate your offerings and more easily differentiate yourself from competitors.

An attractive name is crucial in getting people to choose you instead of a competitor. It can do wonders for your marketing. You need one that’s catchy and easy to spell and remember without getting confused with another already established brand in the market.

On the other hand, a bad name can make you look unprofessional and untrustworthy. And you don’t want your brand name to be a failure because that can do serious reputational damage to your business.

Here are some things that you need to keep in mind while naming your meal prep business:

  • Keep it short, easy to remember, and something that rolls off the tongue
  • Aim for a name that speaks to your target market
  • Whoever hears your business name should immediately be able to imagine the vibe, quality of food, and service
  • Choose a name that associates your business with a positive feeling
  • Use keywords that are searched for often and relate to your audience
  • Your name should be an emotional experience for customers
  • Pick a name that reflects your business’s personality and the kind of food you deliver
  • Watch out for trademark or copyright infringement
  • Avoid using numbers and hyphens
  • Ensure the domain name is available


Conclusion: Meal Prep Business Names

There you have it — hundreds of innovative meal prep business name ideas. We’ve dug through so many web pages to put together this collection of meal prep business names. 

Thanks for sticking with us till the end. Take a deep breath and pat yourself on the back because you deserve it. This was a lot of name ideas jam-packed into this list. 

Thank you for reading. We hope this list inspired you to create a great name for your business.

Did you enjoy reading this article as much as we’ve enjoyed researching and writing it? If yes, don’t forget to share this article on Twitter and Facebook. Good day!

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