Top 13 Mini Excavator Brands That Reign Supreme (2024)

Mini Excavator Brands

Whether you are looking at renovating your farmland or starting a construction company, a mini excavator is a must. They are essential for digging out trenches, and since they are compact they make transporting soil much easier than if you were operating a full-size excavator. Mini excavators are also a lot easier to operate than full-size excavators–their controls are less complicated and more user-friendly.

What To Look For In A Mini Excavator Brand

While there are several great brands to choose from when selecting a mini excavator, the one you choose needs to meet your needs. Therefore, before we jump into our first brand let’s look at the things to consider when choosing a mini excavator.

  • Safety: Safety is always the number one priority, but what does that look like in excavator terms? A safe mini excavator means that mechanical systems are hydraulic rather than mechanical. For example, hydraulic brakes stop a lot faster than mechanical ones, and they also have better modulation.
  • Tracks: Where are you planning on using your mini excavator? If you are working on dryer soil or grass, rubber tracks are ideal. However, if you are working on wetter ground, steel tracks would be better because they can grip the ground more efficiently.
  • Digging Depth: Typically, heftier excavators mean they can dig deeper. However, depending on your projects, a smaller excavator may be more than efficient enough.
  • Reach: How high do you need your excavator to reach? Again, the bigger the excavator, the higher it typically reaches. As with the depth though, you may not need that extra reach.
  • Tail Swing: For a mini excavator, it’s usually best to have no tail swing because then it is easier to maneuver in tight spaces.

With these factors in mind, consider what types of projects you will use your mini excavator for. Then, look for those factors in the brands below. This will ensure you choose the brand that is best for you.

Mini Excavator Brands

Wacker Neuson

Wacker Neuson

Wacker Neuson is a construction vehicle manufacturer that has been around since 1848. Hermann Wacker actually invented the first electric rammer, so innovation has been the foundation of Wacker Neuson for almost two centuries.

Many diverse models and systems have been initiated by Wacker Neuson. In 1991, they introduced the first trench roller to the world, and they have been booming with ideas ever since. Wacker Neuson has even managed to manufacture zero-emission vehicles for the construction market.

Wacker Neuson has a lot to offer when it comes to mini excavators. They have three different models that can handle many different kinds of projects. These three models are featured with either tracks or wheels, with or without rear projection, and they have durable builds.

Wacker Neuson ET20

  • Easy maintenance access
  • Rubber tracks
  • Rear projection


Wacker Neuson EZ26

  • Rubber tracks
  • No rear projection
  • Transports with included trailer


Wacker Neuson EW65

  • Wheels with rubber tires
  • Operates in eco and power mode
  • Support stabilizers in front and rear


All three of the Wacker Neuson models have hydraulic systems to make your excavating optimal. These excavators also have 360° visibility in the vehicle, so you can see everything that is going on around you.

Wacker Neuson is overall a trustworthy company considering that they have been around for almost two centuries, and customers are still buying through them.




Kubota is a Japanese corporation that started in 1890. This company specializes in agriculture and construction equipment as well as vending machines, so if you’re in the market for a tractor and a soda dispenser, Kubota has you covered.

Kubota engines range from .276 liter to 6.1 liters and take diesel and gasoline. In terms of cylinders, Kubotas typically have one to four, but they do have some equipment with up to six cylinders.

When it comes to compact excavators, Kubota has two main models: U and K series. The Kubota U series has smaller dimensions and nearly zero tail swing compared to the K models.

Let’s take a look at some models in detail:

Kubota U10-5

  • 5’5” digging depth
  • Zero tail swing
  • 10.3 horsepower


Kubota U17

  • 5’9” digging depth
  • Zero tail swing
  • 16.1 horsepower


Kubota K008-3

  • 5’9” digging depth
  • Up tp 60° swing angle
  • 10.3 horsepower


Kubota KX018-4

  • 6’3” digging depth
  • Up to 75° swing angle
  • 16.1 horsepower


Kubota has an excellent range from small and mighty excavators to big and hefty ones depending on your excavating needs. This excavator company has been said to be fantastic for small farms considering the user-friendly controls and heavy-duty abilities.




Takeuchi is another Japanese manufacturer that has a dealer located in the United States. This company introduced its first mini excavator in 1971, but it has been around since 1963.

Takeuchi and Kubota actually used to be the same company, but Kubota split off to focus more on agriculture and mining machinery. That being said, Takeuchi excavators are pretty similar to Kubota ones.

However, Takeuchi specializes in construction equipment. Therefore, depending on the type of project you are working on, Takeuchi could better suit your excavating needs.

Because Takeuchi specializes in construction machinery, their excavators are a lot more heavy-duty and can dig a lot deeper than Kubota excavators.

To begin, let’s take a look at the smaller models and then move up from there.

Takeuchi TB210R

  • Smallest available excavator
  • 5’9” dig depth
  • 10’9” reach


Takeuchi TB230

  • Medium-sized available excavator
  • 9’3” dig depth
  • 15’10” reach


Takeuchi TB2150R

  • Largest available excavator
  • 19’9” dig depth
  • 28’10” reach

Overall, Takeuchi excavators are great for heavy-duty work, considering their hefty build and ability to dig deep. This company would be an excellent choice for a project on difficult soil or uneven ground.




Bobcat is a farming and construction equipment company based in America. It was founded in 1947 in Gwinner, North Dakota by a pair of brothers who ran a welding and repair shop.

Bobcat mini excavators are best known for their specialized attachments such as various sizes of buckets, clamps, and breakers. All of the machinery is run by hydraulic systems which means they will run smoothly and safely.

There are two mini excavator models associated with Bobcat – the R series and the R2 series. The R series’ excavators are “ultra-compact” according to the Bobcat website. These would be ideal for narrow workspaces due to their size and zero tail swing.

The R2 series are more heavy-duty compared to the R series. The excavators are bigger and they have various arm options. An R2 series model would be ideal for more intense excavating.

Here is a look at some excavators from both series:

Bobcat Series R E20

  • 13.9 horsepower
  • Zero tail swing
  • 8’2” dig depth


Bobcat Series R E26

  • 24.8 horsepower
  • Minimal tail swing
  • 9’6” dig depth


Bobcat Series R2 E35

  • 24.8 horsepower
  • Zero tail swing
  • 10’1” dig depth


Bobcat Series R2 E35 (Longarm)

  • 24.8 horsepower
  • Zero tail swing
  • 11’1” dig depth

Each R2 series’ excavators come with the option to upgrade to an extendable or long arm. The longer the arm, the deeper it can dig and the higher it can reach.

Bobcat excavators are an excellent choice if you are looking for versatility. They offer many different models and attachments.


John Deere

John Deere

John Deere is another America-based farm equipment manufacturer. Unlike Bobcat, John Deere was founded just under 200 years ago. However, this company has a lot of experience under its belt when it comes to manufacturing.

John Deere is marketed primarily towards farmers, but many different kinds of people buy equipment through this company.

In terms of compact excavators, John Deere offers six models whose operating weights range from 1.7 to 6 metric tons. Similar to Bobcat, John Deere offers many excavator attachments that offer versatility.

Let’s take a look at all of the details:

John Deere 17G

  • 14.5 horsepower
  • 7’2” digging depth
  • Operating weight of 3,790 lbs


John Deere 30G

  • 23 horsepower
  • 9’2” digging depth
  • Operating weight of 7,220 lbs


John Deere 60G

  • 53 horsepower
  • 12’4” digging depth
  • Operating weight of 13, 620 lbs


Something that stands out from this brand is the immense horsepower John Deere mini excavators have. Compared to Bobcat’s largest mini excavator, John Deere’s has more than twice the horsepower. Therefore, John Deere is an excellent choice if you are looking for an excavator that can handle tough work.




Cat is part of the Caterpillar construction equipment company that was founded in America in 1925. In addition to Cat, Caterpillar is the face of many brands such as Anchor and Hindustan. However, Cat is the brand most focussed on manufacturing construction equipment.

The first thing you might notice about Cat is that the digging depth of the most compact model is much smaller than other companies’ most compact excavators. It is smaller by a few feet. However, depending on the job at hand this may be more than suitable for your needs.

Even if this brand’s most compact model may not have the digging depth you need, it is only oen of the brand’s mini excavators. As a whole, Cat currently offers a variety of 18 different mini excavator models.

Each excavator works on hydraulic systems, and they range from 1-10 metric tons. Here is a more detailed look at some of the most popular models.

Cat 300.9D

  • 13 horsepower
  • 5’7” digging depth
  • Optimal for indoor demolition work due to being very compact


Cat 304

  • 45 horsepower
  • 11’6” digging depth
  • A good in between size for various kinds of work


Cat 310

  • 69.5 horsepower
  • 17’1” digging depth
  • The largest mini excavator–good for hefty work


As mentioned above, the compact mini excavator may not suit your digging needs. However, the largest mini excavator has a whopping 69.5 horsepower and a 17’ digging depth. Therefore, if you need a brand that offers variety – Cat would be the brand to go to.




Yanmar is another Japanese heavy machinery manufacturer. Like many heavy machinery manufacturers, all of this brand’s equipment runs on diesel.

While the environmental effects of diesel are not ideal for many people, especially farmers, this may be a drawback of many brands. However, Yanmar is doing its best to mitigate the environmental impact Diesel by providing an eco mode.

The eco mode on its mini excavators helps to moderate the amount of emissions produced by the mini excavator.

Yanmar offers a great variety of mini excavators from small ones the size of a driveable lawn mower to large ones that can handle tougher jobs. In addition, six of Yanmar’s mini excavators have zero tail swing which is fantastic if you are looking for a compact vehicle.

Here is a variety of the models offered by Yanmar:

Yanmar SV08-1D

  • 10.3 horsepower
  • Adjustable width tracks
  • Fits in small spaces


Yanmar SV40

  • 39 horsepower
  • Easy to quickly change attachments
  • Tight tail swing


Yanmar SV100-2A

  • 72 horsepower
  • The most powerful mini excavator Yanmar offers
  • 10 tons

Compared to other brands, Yanmar has the most powerful mini excavator. Yanmar would be an optimal choice if you have an intense project for a mini excavator.




Komatsu is another Japanese manufacturer on our list. Komatsu specializes in construction, mining, and military equipment.

Investing in a Komatsu mini excavator means you are investing in a vehicle made for not only construction work but also mining. This could be quite beneficial depending on the work you need to do.

Komatsu offers six mini excavators, which is the least amount compared to the rest of the brands. However, while there may be a small variety to choose from, these mini excavators range from 24 horsepower to 68 horsepower. Therefore, providing an exceptional range.

Here is a look at the six mini excavators provided by Komatsu and a few of the factors the brand likes to highlight:

Komatsu PC30MR-5

  • 24.4 horsepower
  • .21 yd bucket capacity
  • 7,143 lbs operating weight


Komatsu PC35MR-5

  • 24.4 horsepower
  • 8,532 lbs operating weight
  • .24 yd bucket capacity


Komatsu PC45MR-5

  • 38 horsepower
  • 11,001 lbs operating weight
  • .21 yd bucket capacity


Komatsu PC55MR-5

  • 38 horsepower
  • .24 yd bucket capacity
  • 11,618 lbs operating weight


Komatsu PC78US-11

  • 68 horsepower
  • 18,188 lbs operating weight
  • .26 yd bucket capacity


Komatsu PC88MR-11

  • 68 horsepower
  • .26 yd bucket capacity
  • 19,224 lbs operating weight


Between these six mini excavators, Komatsu provides a range of reach and digging depth. As a whole, this brand has pretty standard specs compared to other companies’ mini excavators. Therefore, if you are looking for a reliable mini excavator without the bells and whistles, Komatsu would be a good choice.




Hitachi is a well-recognized brand around the world. It is well known for its expertise in various types of machinery and has been on the construction scene since the early 1980s.

With manufacturing facilities in the United States and Japan, this brand is a globally recognized expert in construction machinery. This includes mini excavators.

To learn more about what Hitachi offers take a look at the brand’s mini excavators detailed below.

Hitachi ZX17U-5N

  • 14.5 horsepower
  • 3,790 lbs operating weight
  • Max dig reach: 12’ 6”
  • Max dig depth: 7’ 2”
  • The smallest Hitachi excavator, this machine is made for tight spaces. The tail stays close making it easy to maneuver in any tight space.


Hitachi ZX26U-5N

  • 20 horsepower
  • 5,560 lbs operating weight
  • Max dig reach: 15’ 2”
  • Max dig depth: 8’ 6”
  • While this is still a smaller machine, it continues to provide a lot of power. It also has the same advanced hydraulics, versatile controls, and strong structure as the ZX17U-5N.


Hitachi ZX30U-5N

  • 23.3 horsepower
  • 6,680 lbs operating weight
  • Max dig reach: 16’
  • Max dig depth: 9’ 2”
  • This is the model Hitachi designed for those who don’t know when to quit. Compact and powerful with a reduced tailswing, this machine gets the job done in any tight space.


Hitachi ZX35U-5N

  • 23.3 horsepower
  • 7,584 operating weight
  • Max dig reach: 17’ 1”
  • Max dig depth: 10’
  • An excellent machine that will get tough work done in close quarters. In addition to being used for excavating, it also works well for loading trucks and other similar jobs in outdoor spaces.


Hitachi AX50U-5N

  • 36.3 horsepower
  • 10,560 lbs operating weight
  • Max dig reach: 19’ 7”
  • Max dig depth: 11’ 7”
  • Listed as one of the top 100 new products in 2022 by the Construction Equipment website, this small but versatile and powerful machine is an industry favorite. It is durable, reliable, and fuel-efficient.


Hitachi ZX60USB-5N

  • 53.1 horsepower
  • 13,382 lbs operating weight
  • Max dig reach: 20’ 5”
  • Max dig depth: 12’ 4”
  • Enjoy the benefits of a cab with more room and better visibility that still gets tough jobs done in small spaces. In addition, this machine’s reliable engine makes it fuel efficient while meeting emission standards.


Hitachi ZX75US-5N

  • 53 horsepower
  • 17,831 lbs operating weight
  • Max dig reach: 22’ 8”
  • Max dig depth: 15’ 1”
  • This compact construction excavator has a reduced tailswing that is perfect for residential jobs. It provides the same power and ease of operation as the larger excavators by Hitachi.


Hitachi ZX85USB-5N

  • 53 horsepower
  • 18,735 lbs operating weight
  • Max dig reach: 25’ 3”
  • Max dig depth: 14’ 10”
  • Even though this model is at the larger end of the compact excavators it still works wonderfully in tight and congested spaces. It offers excellent power and smoothness with the benefit of a reduced tailswing.


If you want to go with a brand that you recognize, Hitachi is a great place to begin. With a wide range of excellent machines, you are likely to find the perfect fit for your job.




Kobelco is an American company that has been around for almost a century. Since first coming on the scene in 1930 this brand has continued to be a leader in the world of excavators.

Brands do not stay around for almost 100 years by keeping things the same and Kobelco knows that. While they maintain a strong base in what makes a mini excavator excellent they also continue to be innovators.

One of the things Kobelco is known for is creating the first short rear swing excavator. This is just one of the qualities found in Kobelco mini excavators.

Let’s look more closely at the other important factors that Kobelco highlights in their mini excavators:

Kobelco SK17SR-6E

  • 14.5 horsepower
  • 3,681 lbs operating weight
  • Max digging height: 12’ 1”
  • Max digging depth: 7’ 3”
  • Tail swing radius: 2’ 1”
  • Intentionally designed for use in extremely tight spaces


Kobelco SK25SR-6E

  • 19.7 horsepower
  • 5,644 lbs operating weight
  • Max digging height: 14’ 2”
  • Max digging depth: 9’ 2”
  • Tail swing radius: 2’ 6”
  • A simple design with a standard LCD display for routine maintenance


Kobelco SK30SR-6E

  • 23.1 horsepower
  • 7,320 lbs operating weight
  • Max digging depth: 9’ 2”
  • Max digging height: 15’ 9”
  • Tail swing radius: 2’ 7”
  • Full-size performance in a compact size for routine maintenance.


Kobelco SK35SR-6E

  • 23.1 horsepower
  • 8,555 lbs operating weight
  • Max digging reach: 18’ 6”
  • Max digging depth: 11’
  • Tail swing radius: 2’ 10”
  • Kobelco’s smallest excavator includes cooling technology and other value add-on features.


Kobelco SK45SRX-7 Canopy

  • 37.0 horsepower
  • 10,295 lbs operating weight
  • Max digging depth: 11’ 3”
  • Max digging height: 18’ 10”
  • Tail swing radius: 3’ 10”
  • Agile, powerful, and equipped with a cooling system to keep it running quietly and efficiently.


Kobelco SK45SRX-7 Cab

  • 37.0 horsepower
  • 10,648 lbs operating power
  • Max digging depth: 11’ 3”
  • Max digging height: 18’ 6”
  • Tail swing radius: 3’ 10”
  • Similar to the SK45SRX-7 Canopy with the same hydraulic and cooling systems.

Kobelco SK55SRX-7 Canopy

  • 37.0 horsepower
  • 11,857 lbs operating weight
  • Max digging depth: 12’ 9”
  • Max digging height: 19’ 6”
  • Tail swing radius: 4’ 2”
  • More digging power and performance options with a new hydraulic system make this design more productive and efficient.


Kobelco SK55SRX-7 Cab

  • 37.0 horsepower
  • 12,147 lbs operating power
  • Max digging depth: 12’ 9”
  • Max digging height: 19’ 6”
  • Tail swing radius: 4’ 2”
  • Similar to the SK55SRX-7 Cab with the new hydraulic system plus a high-strength canopy for operator safety.


All of these models have minimal rear swing and zero tail overhang which makes them all excellent choices for any job in a small space. Kobelco is great at being transparent with all the features provided by each machine which makes it easy to find the right fit for you.




What started as a one-man operation out of a garage is now a global company. Since its humble beginnings in 1945, JCB has become one of the most recognizable names in the agricultural machinery industry.

One of the reasons JCB has been able to continue to grow over the last several decades is its commitment to innovation. This includes a commitment to quality research and development as well as a commitment to sustainability.

This brand’s innovative ideas have allowed them to create some of the best mini and compact excavators on the market. They even have an electric machine.

Take a look at the wide range this brand offers to see how they stack up to others mentioned above.


  • 4,193 lbs operating power
  • Max dig depth: 9’ 2”
  • Max dump height: 9’ 2”
  • Electric power
  • Conventional tailswing
  • This is the brand’s first fully electric mini excavator that runs on a 4-battery pack and produces zero emissions. This allows you to easily work anywhere for 5 hours and also requires less servicing and maintenance than traditional diesel-powered machines.



  • 15.7 horsepower
  • 3,856 lbs operating weight
  • Max dig depth: 8’ 5”
  • Max dump height: 8’ 7”
  • Compact with zero tailswing, this is a classic mini excavator to use on outdoor projects in tight spaces.



  • 15.7 horsepower
  • 4,211 lbs operating weight
  • Max dig depth: 9’ 2”
  • Max dump height: 9’ 2”
  • Conventional tailswing
  • Built to be used at the toughest job sites but also to be easy and affordable to repair if needed. 100% steel bodywork and bushed dig end with hoses that go through the boom and dipper.



  • 24.7 horsepower
  • 7,840 lbs operating weight
  • Max dig depth: 11’ 5”
  • Max dump height: 11’ 7”
  • Zero tailswing
  • A reliable and durable machine that will last for years. 100% steel bodywork and heavy-duty kingpost features that are all easy to use.



  • 48.3 horsepower
  • 11,089 lbs operating weight
  • Max dig depth: 11’ 11”
  • Max dump height: 13’ 5”
  • Zero tailswing
  • One of the newest designs, this has been manufactured to exceed expectations by being highly productive, compact, easy to maneuver, and easy to use.



  • 47.9 horsepower
  • 11,830 lbs operating weight
  • Max dig depth: 12’ 7”
  • Max dump height: 14’ 0”
  • Zero tailswing
  • One of the highest performing mini excavators by JCB machines. It is ideal for tight work spaces while still providing a 181” bucket rotation.


JCB 85Z-2 Compact Excavator

  • 64 horsepower
  • 18,298 lbs operating weight
  • Max dig depth: 12’ 2”
  • Max dump height: 16’ 5”
  • Zero tailswing
  • One of the most comfortable and ergonomic cabs to support long working days: 6% more space than most cabs, a fully adjustable suspension seat, and switches that are laid out in an ergonomic manner.


JCB 86C-2

  • 64 horsepower
  • 18,960 lbs operating weight
  • Max dig depth: 14’ 10”
  • Max dump height: 21’ 1”
  • Conventional tailswing
  • Similar comforts as the 85Z-2 Compact Excavator, plus a hydraulic valve block that is isolated from the chassis to help with reduced noise and vibration.


JCB 90Z-2

  • 74 horsepower
  • 19,621 lbs operating weight
  • Max dig depth: 15’ 9”
  • Max dump height: 17’ 9”
  • Zero tailswing
  • Two separate dig modes so that you can adjust your performance for each individual job. Doesn’t require a diesel particulate filter, which improves fuel efficiency and reduces the need for frequent maintenance.



  • 74 horsepower
  • 21,495 lbs operating weight
  • Max dig depth: 16’ 8”
  • Max dump height: 18’ 6”
  • Conventional tailswing
  • Low engine speeds allow for efficient work without sacrificing power or performance.

If you are looking for a company that can provide you with a mini excavator for any job, consider JCB Machines. With both electric and diesel options as well as an extensive range of dump heights and dig depths, this brand is one of the most versatile around.


New Holland

New Holland

Another United States based company that started out as a one-man show is New Holland. With an even longer history than JCB Machines, New Holland began in 1895 in New Holland, Pennsylvania.

Originally a repair shop, this tiny shop grew into one of the largest construction machine manufacturers to date. Throughout its rise in the industry, New Holland has been an innovator in the industry. This innovation has provided them with the opportunity to develop one of the largest catalogs of mini excavators.

The first in the New Holland lineup is its first electric machine, the E15X. Beyond this new addition is a full lineup of classic mini excavators that make up the New Holland C-series. Keep reading to learn more about all of these machines.

New Holland E15X

  • 21 horsepower
  • Max Digging Reach: 7.1’
  • Minimum tailswing with 6” overhang
  • This is New Holland’s first electric machine. Due to zero emissions and tracks that hydraulically retract it can easily fit through doorways and can safely be used indoors. It can also be used outdoors where zero emissions are environmentally friendly.


New Holland Compact Excavator C Series

The C-series by New Holland includes the majority of compact excavators by this brand. Each of them is run by diesel and has a zero to minimal tailswing.

Each machine has standard equipment and provides a powerful dig in tight spaces. The primary difference between these six machines is that each one adds a bit more horsepower than the one before it. In addition, the max digging reach increases with each model.

New Holland E17C

  • 16.8 horsepower
  • 3,910 lbs operating weight
  • Max digging reach: 12’ 10”


New Holland E26C

  • 24.8 horsepower
  • 5,520 lbs operating weight
  • Max digging reach: 14’ 8”


New Holland E30C

  • 24.8 horsepower
  • Canopy model: 6,306 lbs operating weight
  • Cab model: 6,636 lbs operating weight
  • Max digging reach: 15’ 3”


New Holland E33C

  • 24.4 horsepower
  • 7,110 lbs operating weight
  • Max digging reach: 17’ 0”


New Holland E37C

  • 24.4 horsepower
  • Canopy model: 7,990 lbs operating weight
  • Cab model: 8,330 lbs operating weight
  • Max digging reach: 17’ 5”


New Holland E57C

  • 66.9 horsepower
  • 12,050 lbs operating weight
  • Max digging reach: 20’ 2”


New Holland E60C

  • 64.7 horsepower
  • 12,940 lbs operating weight
  • Max digging reach: 25’ 5”

When it comes to options, New Holland is by far the brand to look to. As you can see, they provide an extensive selection of mini excavators for jobs of all sizes. Plus, the choice of an electric motor for indoor projects.





CASE prides itself on being a brand that is not only committed to creating quality products but also to creating quality relationships. Therefore, they are mindful of working with retailers that believe in community and customer service.

They have proven themselves as leaders in construction machinery in each of the communities they are a part of. Their equipment is popularly used in jobs that are as big as hospitals and schools to important community projects like parks.

While larger machines are typically used in the development of these larger projects, CASE has a quality lineup of mini excavators to support smaller projects like building homes.

Get more details about this brand’s mini excavator lineup below.


  • 21 horsepower
  • 3,186 lbs operating weight
  • Electric machine with zero emissions
  • 60-degree left and 70-degree right swing boom
  • This machine can easily fit through most doors and is easy to transport, which makes it ideal for indoor and outdoor use. An excellent choice for personal ownership and use.



  • 16.8 horsepower
  • 3,910 lbs operating weight
  • Zero tailswing with adjustable boom
  • This fuel-efficient machine has a retractable undercarriage and low profile canopy, which makes it easy to maneuver through gates and other work areas.



  • 24.8 horsepower
  • 5,520 lbs operating weight
  • Max dig depth: 8’
  • Zero tailswing
  • Lightweight and compact, this is an excellent machine for those working in developed neighborhoods. In addition to excellent power and performance, it also provides a heated cab to allow for outdoor work all year long.



  • 24.8 horsepower
  • 6,020 lbs operating weight
  • Zero tailswing plus adjustable boom
  • Fuel-efficient diesel that requires little maintenance
  • Automatic 2-speed travel system, choice of SAE or ISO setups, and a push blade for added stability and backfilling. Ideal for jobs in extremely close quarters.



  • 24.4 horsepower
  • 7,990 lbs operating weight
  • Zero tailswing with adjustable boom
  • A multi-use machine that can be used with a variety of attachments. This machine uses Cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation (CEGR) to keep the machine running smoothly with little effort or maintenance. It also makes it more efficient while still being powerful.



  • 43.3 horsepower
  • 9,259 lbs operating weight
  • The newest mini excavator by CASE, this machine is the only one in its size to have zero tailswing. It also has three power modes, a 7-inch LCD color display for operating, and the choice of several attachments.



  • 66.9 horsepower
  • 12,270 lbs operating weight
  • Conventional tailswing
  • While this machine is still considered a mini excavator, it leans to the larger size. This larger design allows for more horsepower to assist with tougher excavation jobs.



  • 64.7 horsepower
  • 12,940 lbs operating weight
  • Short radius tailswing
  • This is the largest of the mini excavators. However, while it is larger in size, the short tailswing still allows this machine to work in tight spaces but with a digging force more powerful than smaller models.

Like New Holland, CASE has an extensive line-up that can get any job done. Whether you have an indoor job that needs an electric machine, or you want to dig outdoors in the snow, CASE has a mini excavator that can get the job done.



There are many options when looking for a mini excavator. Deciding on the one for you depends on what work you are using the excavator for.

Two key things to consider are how large the area that you will be working in is, as well as how deep you need to dig. In addition, you may consider how powerful you want the excavator to be.

Using this information you can choose the best mini excavator brand for your needs.

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