417 News Blog Name Ideas To Spark A New Revolution

News Blog Names

In today’s rapidly changing world, news is the name of the game. Whether you’re passionate about politics, totally into technology, or simply a junkie for juicy headlines, starting a news blog can be a rewarding venture.

But hold on, before you pen that first article, you’re gonna need a name for your blog that grabs attention, tells people what you’re all about, and is SEO-friendly. That’s where this guide comes in.

Below we have plenty of names that we’ve brainstormed over time for those of you who might be starting a news blog.

Catchy News Blog Names

News and blogging go hand in hand with each other. It seems like there’s no end to the number of news stories cropping up these days. Even sites like Huffington Post and BuzzFeed rely mostly on news stories to pique people’s interest.

When you’re in the news space, it’s all about getting attention. The internet is a busy place and news spreads like wildfire. To keep up with the pace, you need a blog name that’s instantly memorable, easily searchable, and super catchy.

A catchy name can be a game-changer; it’s like the headline to your own story, a business card that tells people, “Hey, come see what I’m all about.”

Catchy doesn’t mean cheesy or shallow. It means impactful. It means each word counts. It means having a name that resonates with your target audience, a name that sticks in their minds and leaves them wanting more.

So, how do you create a catchy news blog name?

👉 Use rhyming words: They’re memorable and roll off the tongue.
👉 Keep it short: Less is more when it comes to memorability.
👉 Include keywords: Make sure your audience knows what the blog is about from the get-go.
👉 Be bold: Use strong language that makes a statement.

We know starting a new blog is hard and giving it a catchy name might be one of the toughest things. In this section, we will share with you a list of catchy names for your news blog.

  • News Nest
  • Info Inferno
  • The Daily Scoop
  • BuzzPulse
  • Veritas Voice
  • The Word Street
  • News Navigator
  • Savage Scoops
  • No Holding Back
  • The Daily Scoop
  • Story Surge
  • News Nirvana
  • Thought Throttle
  • The ChatterBox
  • Hashtag Headlines
  • SwipeHype
  • Visionary Viewpoint
  • News Nucleus
  • Binge Worthy Bulletin
  • The News Flasher
  • Real Reads
  • ChronoCritic
  • Urban Uproar
  • Trust In Truth News
  • IntellectWire
  • Regulatory Review
  • Facepalm Facts
  • Nuance News
  • Narrative Nucleus
  • Fresh Press
  • LOLcal News
  • Truth Trend
  • Mind Buzz
  • Pixelated Press
  • Info Sway
  • Chic Chat News
  • Inked Ideas
  • The Hourly Howl
  • Mosaic Minds
  • Voxelle
  • Quirk Report
  • Globe Groove
  • Metro Mingle
  • Neo Narrative
  • Wisdom Warp
  • Page Turner News
  • Candid Chronicle
  • Terra Tales
  • Woke Wire
  • Flash Flash News
  • Spectacle Speak
  • Trendy Tribune
  • Prism Press
  • Grit Grid
  • Pulse Point
  • Digi Dose
  • The Zeitgeist Journal
  • Social Scroll
  • Echo Edge
  • Nomad News
  • Life Lens
  • The Candid Quill
  • Whiz Words
  • Culture Crumbs
  • Minute Matters
  • Headline Harmony
  • Trailblazer Tribune
  • Opulent Observer
  • Millennial Memos
  • Insight Inferno
  • Cortex Courier
  • Binge Briefs
  • Global Glimpse
  • Paradigm Post
  • The Spark Speaks
  • Youth Yarn
  • Chatter Chest
  • Wave Word
  • Epoch Echo
  • Cosmic Commentary
  • Zing Zone
  • Tidbit Times
  • Time Turn News
  • Cityscape Scoop
  • Scoop There It Is
  • Hot Mess Express
  • Trending But True
  • Scrolls Gone Wild
  • Not Fake Just Fierce
  • Clicks And Giggles
  • Unfiltered Unicorn
  • Tea Timely
  • The Vibe Tribe
  • Truth Or Dare Daily
  • Spill The Beans
  • Bae Watch
  • Holy Smokes News
  • Wait What Weekly
  • LOLitics
  • Snack Attack News
  • Gif Of Gab
  • FOMO Files
  • Sliding Into The News
  • Ghosting Gone News
  • No Fluff Just Snuff
  • Double Tap Daily
  • Drama Digest
  • The Hustle Herald
  • Media Magnet
  • The Echo Express
  • Perspectives Press
  • The Lively Ledger
  • Instant Intel
  • Revelation Report
  • The Story Scoop
  • Instant Informant
  • Current Connect
  • Current Cue
  • Daily Drift
  • The News Nucleotide
  • Bold Broadcast
  • Prolific Press
  • Proactive Press
  • The Chronicle Catalyst
  • The Fresh Flash
  • Quick Quill News
  • Quick Query
  • The Chronicle Cave
  • Fresh Flash News
  • The Info Instigator
  • Fresh Facts Finder
  • Rapid Report
  • The Telling Times
  • News Nebula
  • The Informer Ink
  • News Narrator
  • Quotidian Quest
  • Chronicle Corner
  • Vital Viewpoint
  • News Nectar
  • The Tidbit Teller
  • Upfront Update
  • Scoop Scope
  • The Update Universe
  • The Contemporary Chronicle
  • News Niche
  • The Insight Impulse
  • Breaking Bulletin
  • The Gossip Globe
  • The News Nook
  • The Insight Isle
  • The Report Repository
  • The Informer Island
  • The Fact Fountain
  • Info Insight
  • The Fact Front
  • Truth Teller
  • Info Ignite
  • Daily Digest
  • Event Echo
  • The Event Enquirer
  • Public Pulse
  • Storyline Sphere
  • The Insight Oasis
  • Flash Facts
  • The Newsworthy Niche
  • Pulse Point News
  • The Update Usher
  • Current Chronicles
  • Daily Dose Dispatch
  • The Minute Mirror
  • The Info Ignitor
  • The Daily Decoder
  • Global Glimpse
  • Today’s Telegraph
  • The Chronicle Chariot
  • Gossip Gazette
  • The News Nest
  • The Daily Drifter
  • Rapid Relay
  • Quick Quip News
  • Relay Review
  • The Insight Ignition
  • The Update Utopia
  • Live Ledger
  • The Headline Haven
  • The Update Oasis
  • The Chronicle Capsule
  • Information Island
  • The News Nucleolus
  • The Gist Guru
  • The Briefing Beacon
  • The Chronicle Cloud
  • The Broadcaster Blog
  • Contemporary Clarity
  • The Headline Hive
  • The Gossip Gem
  • The Insight Inquirer
  • Timely Tidings
  • Timeless Times
  • The Info Icon
  • News Nowhere
  • The Current Chronicle
  • Clip Clarity
  • The News Nymph
  • Instant Insight
  • The News Nudge


Creative News Blog Names

Let’s shift gears a bit. Maybe you’re the kind of person who likes to think outside the box. You’re not just reporting the news; you’re adding a unique perspective, exploring uncharted territories, and providing deep dives that no one else is doing. For you, a creative blog name is key.

A creative new blog name isn’t just different; it tells a story. It gives people a hint of what to expect, whether it’s investigative journalism, opinion pieces, or storytelling journalism. In the overcrowded world of news, being creative can help you stand out from the rest.

To craft a creative news blog name, consider the following:

👉 Use metaphors: Choose words that evoke the essence of your blog’s focus.
👉 Combine different elements: Mix in parts of words or concepts that are central to your blog’s mission.
👉 Be abstract but relatable: Use names that encourage the reader to think but are not too obscure to understand.

Luckily for you, we’ve come up with this list of creative names to help you decide on a name for your very own news blog.

  • The Intel Inn
  • Data Digger
  • Report Relay
  • The Beacon Blog
  • Factual Files
  • The Bulletin Bridge
  • The Epoch Express
  • Tidbit Times
  • Globe Glimpses
  • Intel Ignition
  • The Intel Insight
  • Buzz Beacon
  • The Pulse Prism
  • Report Repository
  • Fresh Flashpoint
  • Event Enigma
  • Revealed Report
  • Update Universe
  • Story Sphere
  • Dispatch Diary
  • Today’s Teller
  • The Scuttlebutt Source
  • The Beacon Brief
  • News Nucleus
  • Byte Bulletin
  • Flash News Focus
  • Byte Beacon
  • Timeline Trends
  • Happening Highlights
  • Gist Globe
  • The Gist Gazebo
  • The Daily Dish
  • The Bulletin Bubble
  • The Pulse Pinnacle
  • The Perspective Prism
  • The Gist Galaxy
  • Info Igniter
  • The Intel Island
  • Fresh Flicker
  • The Insight Isle
  • Decoding Dispatch
  • Glimpse Grasp
  • Daily Bulletin Bytes
  • Info Incubator
  • InfoPulse
  • Report Resonance
  • The Info Ikon
  • The Headline Hype
  • The Fresh Flash
  • Relay Roundup
  • The Epoch Enclave
  • Gist Gazer
  • The News Nook
  • The Update Umbrella
  • Timeline Tour
  • The Chronicle Cruise
  • The Chronicle Compass
  • News Frontier
  • Stellar Stories
  • Byte Buzzer
  • The Chronicle Capsule
  • Report Radar
  • Headline Harvest
  • The Update Utopia
  • News Nebula
  • The Pulse Portal
  • The Gist Grid
  • News Node
  • Info Impulse
  • Pulse Pursuit
  • Globe Glancer
  • The Epoch Echo
  • The Bulletin Buzz
  • The Insight Infinity
  • Glimpse Globe
  • Update Uprising
  • Flashpoint Focus
  • Time Capsule Today
  • Insight Intrigue
  • The Update Oasis
  • Chronos Chronicle
  • The Chronicle Cube
  • The Headline Haven
  • Headline Hopper
  • Insight Instigator
  • Fresh Feed
  • Fresh Frequency
  • Herald Hub
  • Gist Glimmer
  • Informed Infinity
  • Facts Factory
  • The Update Orbit
  • Truth Tracker
  • News Nuggets
  • Impulse Insider
  • Tomorrow’s Tidings
  • News Navigation
  • The Chronicle Crest
  • The Intel Island
  • News Nova
  • Fresh Factoid


Unique News Blog Names

Let’s talk about being unique. With millions of news blogs out there, having a unique name can help you carve out your own space on the internet. A unique name can be a conversation starter; it’s a surefire way to make people stop scrolling and think, “What’s this all about?”

Being unique is more than just avoiding cliches or not being boring. It’s about authenticity. It’s about choosing a name that encapsulates the unique angle, presentation, or perspective that you bring to the table.

Here’s how you can come up with a unique news blog name:

👉  Use foreign words: Incorporate words from languages that are relevant to your blog’s focus.
👉  Invent new words: Combine existing terms in a new and interesting way.
👉  Add a personal touch: Use your name or initials, if they add value to the blog name.

And because unique blog names are tough to come by, we decided to take matters into our own hands and create a bunch of unique news blog names that would make any muckraker proud.

  • Vox Veritas
  • Paradigm Pulse
  • News Ripple
  • Info Pulse
  • Intel Spectrum
  • Inform Inspire
  • Matter Matters
  • Report Relay
  • Prime Pulse
  • News Nuggets
  • Informative Insight
  • Intel Ignite
  • Fresh Flash News
  • Current Clip
  • Epoch Echo
  • Pulse Point
  • News Nexus
  • Insight Ignite
  • Global Glimpse
  • Intel Inception
  • Event Envelope
  • Matter Mirror
  • News Narrative
  • Intel Illuminate
  • Chronicle Cave
  • News Niche
  • Story Sphere
  • Trend Tracker
  • Intel Instinct
  • Epoch Essence
  • Matter Magnet
  • Global Grasp
  • Reality Ripple
  • Report Radar
  • Info Influx
  • Query Quorum
  • Pulse Panorama
  • Current Chronicle
  • Daily Diligence
  • Update Umbrella
  • Intel Impression
  • Matter Matrix
  • Clip Century
  • Epoch Examiner
  • Story Stream
  • News Nerve
  • Globe Gazer
  • Reality Radar
  • Prime Perspective
  • Report Reactor
  • Info Inception
  • Query Quartz
  • Pulse Prism
  • Report Reverberation
  • Epoch Estate
  • Intel Investigator
  • Panorama Press
  • Matter Maestro
  • News Nectar
  • Daily Dose
  • Intel Impact
  • Ally Affairs
  • Report Renew
  • Query Quiver
  • Global Gaze
  • Insight Island
  • Update Utopia
  • Matter Maker
  • Panorama Pulse
  • Blog Blast
  • Info Invincible
  • Story Symphony
  • Intel Infinity
  • News Nova
  • Report Ripple
  • Echo Epoch
  • News Nucleus
  • Info Impulse
  • Pulse Precision
  • Clip Catalyst
  • Story Sage
  • Intel Insider
  • Chronicle Craze
  • Matter Master
  • Echo Element
  • Prime Pioneer
  • Gazette Gusto
  • Story Stellar
  • Chronicle Cube
  • Informative Illusion
  • Reality Revelation
  • Update Urge
  • News Nimbus
  • Intel Iris
  • Matter Mosaic
  • Chronicle Cortex
  • Epoch Enigma
  • News Nebula


News Blog Name Generator

A blog name generator is a tool that creates names for your blog. This tool will generate hundreds if not thousands of different domain names using various combinations of words, prefixes, and suffixes. A blog name generator is a quick way to generate hundreds of names for your news blog.

But using a blog name generator is NOT the greatest idea if you want your site to do well.

The problem with using one of these tools is that you will be choosing from thousands of others who have used them as well, and your site will simply blend in with other sites. If you want your blog and website to stand out, you should not be using a blog name generator.

A blog name generator should never be relied upon to name your blog. Blog name generators simply produce tons of dull and boring names, and you shouldn’t trust them to be able to create something you are proud of in the long term.

Here are a few disadvantages of using a name generator for your blog:

  • It generates overly generic names
  • You will look less professional
  • There is no creative thinking involved
  • It can give your blog a feel of a spam site
  • Not as much credibility
  • No branding value


How To Choose A Suitable Name For Your News Website?

With the growth in popularity of news blogs, it’s becoming increasingly important to come up with a catchy name. So before you start with the final touches of your website, you need to take some time to develop an eye-catching and highly clickable name for your blog.

Picking clever news blog names is no easy feat. It is always challenging to choose the perfect name for your business which you want to engage in for years to come.

You do not want to change your blog name just after few months of blogging. All the hard work that goes into getting traffic and building a brand overnight is not worth it if you chose the wrong blog name.

Therefore, we have some tips on how to choose a suitable name for your news blog:

  • Pick a name that’s memorable
  • Consider ease of spelling, remembering, and saying
  • Be careful of trademark and copyright claims
  • Keep it short and sweet
  • Try a unique name that reflects the nature of the blog


Conclusion: News Blog Name Ideas

There are literally millions of news blogs out there. But what about the ones that don’t exist yet? Being creative is often one of the toughest parts when creating a news blog. It’s no wonder then that many people struggle to come up with blog names when starting off their own news blog.

Now that you have plenty of news blog names, you can choose the one that suits your topic. These were some of the catchiest news blog name ideas that are both SEO-friendly as well as entertaining.

You can also tweak these names so it’s more relevant to your niche. Hopefully, this article can serve as a starting point or inspiration for your own news blog name idea.

Remember, your blog’s name is the first step in building a brand that resonates with your audience. Choose wisely!

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