223 Photo Booth Name Ideas that Grab Attention (Snap, Click, Sell)

Photo Booth Names

Do you want to start a photo booth business where people would queue up to get their photos clicked and struggling to find a catchy name for it? If so, then you are definitely on the right page. In this article, we have compiled a huge collection of catchy photo booth name ideas to spark some creativity in you and help you come up with an attractive name for your photo booth.

Whether you’re looking to set up your own booth at weddings, for events, or even a special event at your local club, it’s important to have a catchy and memorable name. You want something that fits with the theme but is also original and attractive.

Coming up with a great name takes time, and it’s easy to run out of good ideas if you rely on your own creativity alone. A lot of people get stuck trying to come up with a suitable name for their businesses but luckily for you, we’ve done the hard work!

We’ve brainstormed hundreds of cool and funny photo booth names that will help ensure yours stands out from the rest. Whether it is for a business or as a fun hobby, this will most likely give you some direction on how to come up with a suitable name.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

Catchy Photo Booth Names

A photo booth is a great investment as it offers fun for both kids and adults. The best way to attract visitors to your booth is with a catchy name. But the brainstorming process can get a little frustrating.

The good news is that if you dig deep enough, there are tons of great options out there. But why eat a sandwich when you can have a buffet!?

We took the time to come up with this list of catchy photo booth name ideas so you don’t have to waste your precious time thinking about silly names.

  • Fun Times
  • The Photo Spot
  • Photo Box Expressions
  • Jazzy Photo Booth
  • The Shutterfly Booth
  • Capture the Moment
  • Enchanting Moments
  • Make Memories Last
  • Picture This
  • Pop Photo Booth
  • The Picture Shack
  • Beautiful Memories
  • Photo Place
  • Snappy Snaps
  • Snapshot Studio
  • Candid Camera
  • Royal Portrait
  • Groovy Booth
  • Photo Station
  • Instant Capture
  • Photo Booth Pro 
  • Awesome Photo Booth
  • Awesomesauce
  • Ace Photo Booth
  • Fabulous Photo Booth
  • Sizzling Photobooths
  • Cool Photobooths
  • Insta-Photo Booth Co.
  • Photo Booth Inc
  • Marvelous Photobooths
  • Bae-Cute Photos
  • Be You Studios
  • Boomerang Booth
  • Mobile Photo Booth
  • Topaz Shutterbug
  • Snap Happy Studios
  • Fort Knox Foto
  • Pix-Star Productions
  • The Hollywood Portrait
  • Picture Perfect Portraits
  • I Heart Photos
  • The Picture Shoppe
  • Studio Booth
  • Winter Memories
  • Glamorous Aesthetics
  • Jaguar Photo Booth
  • A1 Photo Booth
  • Picture Perfect Memories
  • Fun Snap Photo Booth
  • Flashback Booth
  • Pro Photo Booth
  • Boom Picture Booth
  • Digital Photo Booth
  • Red Hot Picture Frames
  • Pic Booth Express
  • Photo Booth Zone
  • Picture Perfect Parties
  • Photo Fun Booth
  • X-Sight Photo
  • Ray of Sunshine Photo Booth
  • My Picture Place
  • Picture Perfect Portraits
  • Pimp My Photo Booth
  • Snap a Shot 
  • Art Photo Booth
  • Photobooth Headshots
  • Crazy Photo Booth
  • Hit-A-Pose Photo


Funny Photo Booth Names

Party hosts, this section is for you! You know the importance of finding a funny or clever name for your photo booth. The wrong name can be a serious party faux pas and dampen everyone’s spirits. But choosing the right name for your photo booth is very challenging especially if you want it to be funny and easy to remember.

To help you out, we scoured the Internet to find you some cool and funny names that will make people chuckle as soon as they see them. Hopefully, at least a few will tickle your fancy.

  • Piggy Booth
  • Kiss-a-Matic
  • Smile Central
  • The Booty Booth
  • Wacky Selfie Booth
  • Busted Poses
  • Glamour Shots
  • Making Faces
  • Throwback Photos
  • Funny Framez
  • Stupid Faces
  • Flash of Awesomeness!
  • Big Camera
  • Face 2 Face
  • One Shutter
  • Best Face Forward
  • Silly Pictures
  • Smile Hole
  • Photo Sprout
  • Poser Pro
  • Baby Booth
  • Kiss-o-Matic
  • Rockstars Only
  • Glamour Shot
  • Selfie Central
  • Shot in The Dark
  • Shutterbug
  • Disaster Photo-booth  
  • Picture Me Rollin’  
  • Get Animated
  • Aisle Of Love
  • Spectacle Island
  • The Kissaholic
  • Picture Me!
  • Kisses Photo Booth


Unique Photo Booth Names

There are plenty of photo booth businesses out there in every event and as a result, it is getting more competitive. If you want your business to thrive, you should use a unique name that will attract customers. It will work as a marketing tool to get your foot in the door at events and get people to flock around your booth.

To save your time and efforts, we have found some unique yet creative photo booth business name suggestions for you to get inspiration from.

  • Novelty Photo Booth
  • Fun Times
  • Photo Fun
  • Printing Our Memories
  • Smile Please
  • Camera Ready?
  • Families First Photography
  • Marked for Fun Pictures
  • Keepsake Memories 
  • Photo Booth Nation
  • Love Booth
  • Party Photo Booths
  • The Smiles Lounge
  • Photo Booth Me
  • Oh, Snap!
  • Booth of Memories
  • Have a Snap
  • iPic
  • Snap Prints
  • Foto Fun
  • Show Time
  • Field of Photos
  • Your Photo Spot
  • Trip the Light Booth
  • On the Spot
  • Party Photo Maker
  • Blast Booth
  • Blue Booth
  • Black & White Booth
  • Arcane Booth
  • Beach Boothie
  • Big Heads Booth Inc.
  • Hollywood Boulevard
  • Spy Booth
  • Photo Lab
  • On Camera Forever
  • Capture the Hearts 
  • Expertly Captured 
  • Photo Jukebox
  • Professional Snappers
  • Rabbit Photo Booth
  • Snap Happy
  • Nighttime Photos


Wedding Photo Booth Names

You’ve decided to get a photo booth for your wedding, now it’s time to think about what you want to call it. Are you going for a funny name? An old-school one? Are you going for something related to the area where you are holding your wedding or perhaps a cute play on your own names?

No matter what style you want to go with, it should be memorable, it should relate to weddings, and it should have the ability to communicate a sense of fun or whimsy.

With that in mind, here are some innovative names to help you find that perfect name for your wedding photo booth.

  • Romantic Steps 
  • Royal Bank of Love
  • Please the Bride
  • Fairytale Bridal
  • The Knot
  • Cupid’s Bow
  • Wedding Lite
  • Wedding Crush
  • Good Vibes
  • Love Birds Photobooth
  • Bride’s Choice Photos
  • Dreamy Delights
  • Wedding Wonderland
  • I Do Forever
  • Your Fairytale Wedding
  • The Best Day Ever!
  • Big Bad Booth
  • All Gussied Up Booth
  • Sweet on You Booth
  • Go For The Gold
  • Something Blue Photo Booth
  • I Do? Yes!
  • Your Wedding Photo
  • Pinwheel and Confetti
  • Groom’s Corner Booth
  • My Country Wedding
  • Bride’s Corner Booth
  • Ring-A-Ding-Time 
  • Crown Princess Weddings
  • Love Lettering
  • Love Story
  • Love Notes
  • Elegant Walks
  • Junior Princess Weddings
  • Kisses of Romance 
  • Lovestruck by Design
  • Love Mushrooms


Photo Booth Name Generator

Didn’t like the above-listed names and need something more interesting? No worries! We aren’t finished yet. Take a look at these amazing name ideas suggested by a photo booth name generator. Have fun!

  • Booth Mania
  • Picture Perfect Photo Booth
  • Pop Culture Photos
  • Swag Photo Booth
  • Say Cheese Photo Booth
  • Snap Happy Photos
  • Digital Image Kiosk
  • Hollywood Glitz
  • Photo Finish
  • On the Go Photo Booth
  • Snap Happy Memories
  • Digital Snapshot
  • Posing Delight 
  • Selfie Station
  • Mr. and Mrs. Photobooth
  • Blush Photo Booth
  • Smile Photo Booth
  • Photo Momento
  • Big Snap Photo Booth
  • Magic Mirror Pro
  • Perfect Party Pics!
  • Photo Personified Inc
  • Cool Photo Booth
  • Photo Buddy
  • Starry Night Photo Booth
  • Party Time Photo Booth
  • Sparkle Photo Booth
  • Polaroid-O-Rama
  • Blue Box Photo Booth
  • The Pic Stop
  • Boudoir Photo Booth
  • Party Pix Studio
  • Concentric Ring Photo Booth
  • Deluxe Photo Booth
  • Your Portrait Story
  • Modern Studio Style
  • Grande Photobooth
  • Jumping Jack Photo Booth
  • Big City Booth LLC
  • Digital Moments


Conclusion: Photo Booth Names

Phew! So, that was our list of creative photo booth name suggestions. Take your time and think through all the options we have listed above. Hopefully, some of these names got your creative juices flowing and inspired you to come up with your own original name. 

It’s time to wrap up this article. Thanks for visiting. If you enjoyed this article, feel free to share it with your friends on social media. If you have any questions please feel free to ask via email. We’d be happy to answer.

Now get out there and start making some awesome memories!

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