165 Rug Business Name Ideas to Head You Towards Success

Rug Business Names

Thinking about starting a rug business but can’t decide what to name it? Tired of trying to brainstorm and coming up empty? If yes, you are on the right page. In this article, we have gathered hundreds of cool and unique rug business name ideas to spark your creativity and help you develop an awesome name for your rugs company.

Rugs are wonderful pieces of art that can spruce up any decor and make a room come alive. The best thing about rugs is the fact that they possess a natural flair for imparting warmth and coziness into any space.

When starting a business, it is very important to choose an attractive name that fits with the type of products you are selling. Your business name will be the first thing new customers see, and it should represent your company well to make a good first impression. You want the name to stand out and be memorable as well as professional.

To ease up your naming journey, we have compiled a long list of interesting rug business name suggestions to get your creative juices flowing. You should use these as a starting point for brainstorming and for providing ideas that you might not have considered along the way.

So, without more delay, let’s begin.

Catchy Rug Business Names

Rug businesses are popping up all over the market, vying for target customers’ attention. That’s why it’s important to give your business a name that stands out and makes people remember you.

Finding the right name is a tough decision to make, but it is important because it helps define your brand. A good one can convey credibility, professionalism, and inspiration all at once.

To help you out, we have listed below plenty of catchy rug business name ideas that’ll surely inspire you. Take a look!

  • Rugz
  • Modern Rugs
  • The Rug Studio
  • Dreamy Brooms 
  • Carpet Kingdom
  • Rugs by Design
  • Paradise Rugs
  • Rugs and More
  • Dwelling Rugs
  • Carpet Empire
  • Royal Rugs
  • Artistic Touch Rugs
  • Ace Rugs
  • The Carpet Authority
  • Beauty Rug Co.
  • Good Vibes Only
  • Artisan Rugs
  • Horizon Homes Rugs
  • One Stop Rugs
  • UniRugs
  • Synthetic Feel Rugs
  • Indoors Out Rugs
  • All Over Rugs
  • Rug Labs
  • Fashion Fabrics
  • The Rugs
  • Rug Arts
  • Fabric Point 
  • Fabric Corner
  • Design Master Rugs
  • Bargain Rugs
  • Rug Expo
  • Sleep on Rugs
  • Rug Connection
  • Global Rug
  • Rugs and Stuff
  • Rugs in Style
  • Persian Fancy Rugs
  • The Rug King
  • Cherished Home Rugs
  • Mystic Rugs
  • Contemporary Rugs
  • Shaggy Rugs
  • Antique Oriental Rugs
  • Trendy Area Rugs
  • Oriental Carpets
  • Stackable Rugs
  • Amber Carpets
  • Avalon Rugs
  • Persian Rugs, Inc.
  • Oriental Rugs
  • Sheepskin Rugs
  • Rugs and Beyond
  • Rug Emporium Inc
  • Luxurious Carpets
  • The Rug Queen
  • ABC Rugs
  • Purple Palace Rugs
  • Contemporary Rugs
  • Handmade Rug Co
  • Mellow Rugs
  • Rugs R Us
  • Yes Rugs
  • The Rug Company
  • Sage Rugs
  • Green Rug Company
  • Simple Rugs
  • Absolutely Beautiful Rugs
  • Habitat Rugs
  • Quality Handmade Rugs
  • Applause Rugs
  • Comfortable Rugs
  • Floors to Rugs
  • Facet Carpets
  • Carpet Express
  • Beautiful Carpets
  • Rug World
  • Earth Rugs
  • All-Star Carpets
  • Mid-Century Rugs
  • Rugs N More
  • Rugs Galore
  • Playful Rugs
  • Rug Depot
  • Carpet Bazaar
  • Aardvark Carpets


Cool Rug Company Names

If you’re in the market for starting a rug business, it is crucial to have a cool name. There’s nothing worse than a bland, boring name. You want people to remember you, and a cool or trendy name can help you achieve that.  

Stand out from competing companies and show off your awesomely creative side by naming your rug business something that it truly reflects who you are and what you stand for!

Here are some cool rug company name ideas for you to choose from:

  • Classic Rugs
  • Homely Rugs
  • Unique Handmade Rugs
  • Pretty Big Rugs
  • Bamboo Rugs
  • Carpet Classic
  • Terrific Rugs
  • Looking Rugged
  • Extraordinary Rugs
  • Pile High Rugs
  • Restful Rugs
  • Blue Tapestry
  • Treasured Rugs
  • Rugnasium Inc.
  • Aim High Rugs
  • Nourish Rugs
  • The Rugged Rug Co
  • All-Star Rugs
  • Green Garden Rugs
  • Rug Warehouse
  • Floral Rugs
  • Rugs to Riches
  • Kleen Carpets
  • Rosewood Rugs
  • King of Rugs
  • Tapestry Turf
  • Rug Elegance
  • Rug Expressions Inc
  • Archer’s Choice Rugs
  • The Natural Rug Co
  • Blush Rugs
  • Dress Circle Rug Co
  • Vintage Rugs
  • Hand-Tufted Rugs
  • Dragon Rugs
  • Lilac Rugs


Creative Rug Store Names

Rug business names are all about creativity. You need good, evocative words that speak to the core of your brand’s values.

Finding a good name for any kind of business is no easy task. Your brand has to be memorable, creative, and relevant to your business, so it’s worth the effort finding a good name. 

We’ve put together a list of creative rug business names for you to get some inspiration and help you create the perfect brand name for your business.

  • Rug Gurus
  • Fun House Rugs
  • Oriental Plaza
  • Rug It Up
  • Final Touch Rug Company
  • Smart Rugs
  • Fabulous Rugs
  • Carpet Master Co.
  • Plush Home Decor
  • Rugs of Paradise
  • Absolute Carpets
  • Perfection Rugs
  • Rugs USA
  • Decorative Rugs
  • Rug Man Inc
  • Rugs Are Rollin’
  • Super Rugs
  • Rugs-In-A-Box
  • Beautiful Rugs
  • Revival Rugs
  • Luxe Rugs
  • Downtown Rugs
  • Retextured Rugs
  • Natural Fibers Rug Co
  • Dancing Carpets
  • Loose Knot Carpets
  • Naturally Beautiful Rugs
  • Red Door Rugs
  • Big, Bold, and Beautiful Rugs
  • The Carpet Baggers
  • Big Rug Company
  • Dash of Color Rugs
  • Nomadic Rugs


How to Name Your Rug Business?

Your company or brand name marks the identity of your business and will have a profound impact on how your customers perceive you. It helps to set the tone for your business and establishes trust between you and your customers.

Naming a business is a lot more than just coming up with something catchy. You will want your name or brand to reflect who you are and what you stand for as a company. Good names are easy to remember, relatively short, and they’re able to convey the idea behind them.

A few considerations to make when choosing your rug business name are:

  • Keep the name short, simple and memorable
  • A great name is simple, easy-to-pronounce, fun to say, and memorable
  • Think about your target audience
  • Name your business after the type of rugs you make
  • Get creative with your naming process and ask your family and friends for input
  • Spend some time finding out what your customer is looking for when they search online for a rug
  • Brainstorm names based on your core product and customers
  • Don’t include any special characters or numbers in the name
  • The name needs to reflect the quality of the rugs you sell
  • Make sure the domain name is available


Conclusion: Rug Business Names

In this article, we discussed so many awesome rug business name ideas. We mentioned the key aspects that will help you while choosing the name for your business. We also discussed the benefits of a good name and gave you some good points worth considering.

We’ve reached the end of this article. Hopefully, it wasn’t too rough on your old bones, and you got some good name choices for your rug business, so you can call it quits on this search.

Now, it’s your turn. Take some time and think about which one of these names suits your business well, considering various parameters like brand-ability, availability, uniqueness, etc. If nothing seems suitable at the moment, no worries. You can email us with your requirements, and we’ll find a good one for you.

Thanks for reading this blog post. If you liked it, please don’t forget to share it!

Have a great day!

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