203 Catchy Shampoo Slogans and Taglines

Shampoo Slogans

Shampoo slogans, for starters, are really important because they get you top-of-mind awareness. Your slogan should be catchy, direct, and short as possible but loud.

Are you looking for more great shampoo slogans to use on your next campaign? If yes, then this article is made for you.

Catchy Shampoo Slogans

Shampoo slogans are a tricky thing. You want something that will catch attention but won’t offend or make you sound cheap. A memorable and catchy shampoo slogan will stick in people’s minds even if they aren’t necessarily thinking about your product.

These upbeat, catchy shampoo slogans will sway your audience to try your shampoo:

  • The shampoo of the future
  • Your hair will love our shampoo.
  • Pamper your follicles
  • Get gorgeous hair, naturally
  • Your best hair day ever starts here.
  • Make your hair stronger and happier.
  • So much more than a shampoo.
  • Be kind to your hair
  • Make your hair feel alive with our shampoo
  • Messy hair shouldn’t come with messy showers.
  • Get cleaned up now for that date tonight!
  • Clean hair is healthy hair!
  • A good rinse down can be contagious!
  • Get rid of that bad hair day with just one squeeze of shampoo
  • Shower anytime, anywhere
  • Defeat dandruff and bad odor
  • Tired of your dirty dry hair? Say hello to our fresh shampoo
  • The best shampoos are made with the purest of ingredients.
  • Shampoo that won’t weigh your hair down
  • Wash more, pay less.
  • Add some hair-raising adventure to your shower.
  • Hair health should always come first.
  • Give your hair the deep hydration it needs without weighing it down.
  • Never underestimate the power of a great hair day.
  • Enriching your curls and waves since 1987
  • Good for all hair types
  • No more frizz
  • Clear, fresh, weightless
  • Your hair deserves the best
  • It’s a good hair day every day
  • Gentle enough to use every day
  • The next best thing to healthy hair
  • Double the volume, without the weight!
  • The right look starts with the right hair
  • Give your hair a lift
  • A good head of hair starts with a good shampoo
  • Your hair never looked so healthy
  • It does what it says … Shampoos your hair.
  • Pssst! Your hair needs a bit of help.
  • Don’t expect miracles, just expect the best
  • Make your hair feel like silk
  • Clean right down to the roots
  • You can never have enough bubbles
  • Protects and nourishes
  • Detangles and conditions
  • Makes hair manageable and beautiful
  • Dry shampoo. Cleans. Absorbs oil. Stays put. What’s not to love?
  • Our clean, cruelty-free formulas are free from harsh detergents, sulfates, and parabens
  • Because hair is not just hair. It’s an extension of who you are
  • Shampoo: it’s as simple as ABC.
  • Shine your brightest
  • Just lather it on, let it soak in.
  • From the shower to the salon.
  • Slay your style and slay your hair
  • Your hair is a reflection of you.
  • No other shampoo leaves your hair this fresh!
  • Mankind has searched for this very specific clean feeling for millions of years
  • Cleans the hair and gets rid of dandruff using a gentle formula
  • Good hair days begin with a shower
  • Give your hair that extra bounce
  • It’s time for us to play
  • Freshen up your look and make a great first impression.
  • Making hair beautiful since 1853
  • Gain Flings. Lose Tangles.
  • When your hair looks good, everyone will notice.
  • A better way to wash your hair
  • Use the power of nature to transform your hair.
  • Look good, feel better
  • 100% natural – no animal testing – 100% cruelty free
  • Helping hair stay its best
  • Turning water into foaminess
  • Great hair starts here
  • Your hair, cleaner and healthier.
  • Shampoo that makes your hair feel good every time
  • Give your hair what it’s been begging for all along.
  • You’ll feel a world of difference with this amazing shampoo from the first time you use it!
  • Shampoo for every hair type.
  • We give hair that youthful, fresh bounce.
  • Lather, rinse, rejoice
  • Fight greasy roots and embarrassing flakes
  • A shampoo that doesn’t leave soap scum in your hair
  • No more itchy scalp! Finally, a shampoo that works for you!
  • Give your hair a boost
  • For hair that’s soft to the touch
  • Get hair you’ll love to share with the world
  • Fights dandruff and dryness from the roots out
  • The only thing better than your hair
  • Adds volume to your hair
  • Everyday lather with lavender


Funny Shampoo Slogans

Hair products are an essential part of every human being’s life. Especially if it comes to shampoo brands, in order to get the best high-quality products, the manufacturers should be extra smart and clever while coming up with slogans for their hair products.

It makes sense that they rely on a good or possibly even a funny slogan to find buyers of their products. Actually, a funny slogan is one of those things that could turn even a common shampoo bottle into something more interesting and unique:

  • Hair so natural, it feels like your own
  • The only shampoo that is also a shaving cream.
  • You can’t comb your hair with a hammer.
  • Love at first shampoo
  • Dandruff is a thing of the past!
  • Hale on the horizon
  • The secret to fuller-looking hair is no longer a secret.
  • For an out-of-this-world experience, try our shampoo!
  • Be warned, using this shampoo may make your hair incredibly sexy.
  • This shampoo helps keep your hair looking silky and gorgeous while you’re asleep.
  • Our shampoo makes your hair so healthy it will heal itself.
  • Don’t mistake it for that new shampoo you bought which has stopped working.
  • Make your hair color last longer than ever before
  • Instant intensive repair shampoo cleanses and volumizes to give you full, strong hair
  • Look good, smell like flowers
  • Every hair in place!
  • We made this shampoo emoji to get your hair feeling clean AF 🕶
  • Get campy with our earth-friendly, sustainably packaged shampoo 🌳😀
  • 🛁 Don’t let a little rain (or snow) spoil your fun plans. 🙅‍♀ 🌧☔️
  • Now is the time to get your hair back in shape for the fall ahead
  • Makes hair so soft you’ll want to pet the next person you see.😻
  • The world is full of beauty. So why shouldn’t your hair be?


Baby Shampoo Slogans

Mothers have been singing lullabies to their children for generations. They’ve also been buying baby shampoo in massive quantities, which means people have leveraged this status quo to create baby shampoo slogans that will help your brand stand out.

Looking for inspiration for a baby shampoo slogan? Browse this list of catchy baby shampoo slogans to get some ideas.

  • Get the best of both worlds with cute and clean
  • Give a baby that sparkle with sparkly shampoo
  • Of castles and kings, this shampoo reigns supreme!
  • Old spice foamy for baby
  • See how much softer your baby’s hair becomes after just one wash.
  • Your baby will thank you for it.
  • 7th heaven for your baby
  • Our 2-in-1 foamy formula washes your little one from head to toe
  • No tears, but tons of fun
  • Made by babies, for babies
  • Spa-inspired shampoo that nourishes babies
  • Squeak and clean with this soft shampoo
  • Clean your way to pure bliss
  • The baby smell sensation!
  • Delicate on your baby’s skin and hair with calming chamomile extracts
  • Keeps your babies hair smelling fresh and clean
  • Bubbles o’ plenty
  • Foamy fun
  • Bubbly shampoo
  • A scent for a little babbler
  • Give your baby soft, smooth hair.
  • Cute, compact, and stylish.


Shampoo Taglines

If you’re feeling like your shampoo tagline could use a little er, sprucing up, these are the catchy taglines that will attract even more customers. Besides, if you use any of these ideas, we expect a royalty check (just kidding).

These shampoo taglines will have people running to the store to check out your products while they’re still fresh in their minds:

  • Your hair is unique, why treat it like everyone else’s?
  • All shampoos are not made equal
  • Take the plunge!
  • Keep Shampooing
  • We’re making hairdressers redundant.
  • Shampoo that grows on you
  • Packed with practical ingredients
  • Like a soft breeze
  • Inspired by nature
  • For every kind of hair
  • The perfect choice
  • You’ll love the way we leave your hair
  • Perfect for every hair type
  • Made for your hair
  • Enjoy perfect nourishment
  • Your head will thank you
  • You can’t stop good hair.
  • It changes everything.
  • We want your hair to speak for itself.
  • Solid shampoo, fresh scent
  • Love your hair again with herbal essences
  • Stop fighting your hair and start living with it
  • It’s all about hair
  • Fall in love with your hair again
  • The smell of a new beginning
  • You’ll fall for it all over again.
  • We formulated our shampoo with the highest-quality ingredients, which we sourced from all over the globe.
  • It’s the best shampoo you’ll ever use. Or your money back.
  • Making your hair shine is easy when you use the right shampoo.
  • Hassle-free, fresh hair.
  • Adds volume, body, and shine from roots to ends
  • What have you done for your hair today?
  • Get that beach goddess look at home.
  • Wash, rinse, repeat.
  • Let your hair do what it wants to do.
  • You can never have too much lather
  • Shampoo for every occasion
  • For beautifully and healthy-looking hair
  • You can live without it, but you’d be a happier person if you had some of it
  • For vibrant beautiful hair
  • There is more to shampoo than the hair on your head
  • Hair for every sassy girl
  • Time to shine
  • Shampoo brings out the best in you
  • Infinitely delightful
  • Big, glossy, bouncy hair!
  • A shampoo that cares
  • Like a sunset on your hair
  • Better hair, one shampoo at a time
  • The creamy lather of passion
  • Your hair’s best friend
  • Transforms your hair’s texture, softness, and shine
  • A new hair day is just a scoop away.
  • Beautiful hair days start from within
  • A little splash of sweet. A little dab of dry.
  • Discover our 2-in-1 shampoo & conditioner that’s sure to shine as brightly as your smile.
  • Your hair deserves the best.
  • Stronger, longer, thicker hair.
  • Our original formula builds body, fullness, and strength while making hair noticeably stronger.
  • Better hair begins with better hair care. It’s science.
  • Powerful cleansing for a healthy scalp.
  • Our promise to the world is simple: Clean hair that is not damaged.
  • Less chemicals, more care
  • Gently cleanse your hair
  • Invigorate your locks
  • Prolong and protect your Style
  • The secret to natural volume
  • The movie stars trust it, and so should you.
  • Say goodbye to split ends and frizzy hair and hello to smooth, shiny hair.
  • Makes boring hair look, feel and smell amazing.


Conclusion: Shampoo Slogans

The shampoo and hair care industry is constantly growing every year. While everyone loves having their heads buried in those wonderful smelling products, there is nothing better than having a product that gives your head that extra sparkle.

Businesses are always looking for new ideas and strategies to help spur their businesses into new heights, and what better way than with a great slogan.

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