313 Catchy Soap Company Name Ideas That Work

Soap Company Names

Are you in the process of starting a new small soap business? Sick of not knowing what to name your soap company? We feel your pain. You’ve come to the right place. This is where you’ll find hundreds of unique, catchy, and thought-provoking soap company name ideas.

Soap is something everyone uses, so it’s important that your business name appeals to a wide audience. The right name will make your business memorable and help it stand out from the competition. There are many different factors to consider when choosing a name for your soap business that we’ll discuss later in this post.

Before launching, you definitely want to scratch that itch and make sure that the name for your soap business is just right, and for that, this list might do the trick.

So, without any further ado let’s take a look at some really awesome soap company name ideas so you can hit the ground running with another profitable product.

Catchy Soap Company Names

So you want to start a soap company, eh? We’re sure as much as you love creating beautiful skin soaps in your kitchen, you’re also looking for a catchy and memorable name. A name that is not only Google friendly but will stand out in the minds of your markets. If yes, then let us help you!

Relax and check out this list of catchy soap brand name ideas for you to choose from.

  • Bathing with Bubbles
  • Zesty Orange Soap
  • White Wave Soap
  • The Soap Zone Inc.
  • Beauty and the Bath
  • The Happy Tree Soap Co.
  • Lasting Impression
  • Savvy Soaps
  • Creamy Lathers
  • Rise and Shine Soap Co.
  • Purity Soap Co.
  • Sudsified
  • Liquid Luxury Soap Company Inc.
  • After Earth Soaps
  • Always Arriving Soaps
  • Amethyst Soaps Co.
  • Archer’s Choice Natural Soap
  • Apricot Foundry Soaps Company
  • Ancestral Alchemy
  • Up & Go Soap Company
  • Ambrosia Soap
  • Black Friday Soaps
  • Deluxe Bathology
  • Purple Unicorn Soaps
  • Sunshine Co. Handcrafted Soaps
  • Swanky Suds for You
  • Blandford’s Finest Soaps
  • Green Life Soap
  • Benson’s Natural Soap
  • Colors of the Rainbow
  • The Village Soap Company
  • Spa by Nature
  • Naked Soap
  • Freshly Laundered Soap
  • Scrub my Duds
  • My Soap Box
  • Grab a Bar Soap Co.
  • Mr Suds to You Soaps
  • Sensations2feel
  • Royal Baths
  • Llama Washin’ Soap Company
  • Apothecary Soap Works
  • Big Red Soaps Co.
  • Earthly Delight Soaps
  • Spa of Tomorrow
  • Froggy Bubbles Soaps
  • Green Groaning Soap Company
  • Bay Brewed Soaps and Treatments
  • Earth Altered Products Corp
  • Tall Oaks Soapworks
  • Urban Spa Company
  • Beautiful You and Me
  • Incognito Soap Company
  • My Little Bird Soap Works
  • Sprout Handmade Soaps
  • Glamour Bath and Body
  • A Touch of Elegance Soaps
  • The Smelly Sheep Soap Co.
  • Soap Shack
  • Lilac Nectar
  • The Soap Safari
  • Balms and Creams Natural oils
  • Hand Crafted with Love
  • Blooming Naturals
  • Soap Bar Manufacturing
  • Libby’s Lil’ Bubbles
  • Soapy Secrets
  • Grass Roots Soapworks
  • Purely Pampering
  • Hand-milled Soaps
  • The Spa Girl Inc.
  • Aiden’s Naturals Soap Company
  • Anne and Rose Soaps
  • Bubble Gum Soap Shop
  • Butterfly and Pear Soaps
  • Cold Weather Therapy Company
  • The Frozen Lotion Factory
  • Honey Bee Bath Works
  • Lush on the Shore
  • Minty Land
  • Ocean Wave Bubble Baths
  • Awesome Scentuals
  • Bay Rum Soap
  • Bubbles Galore
  • Calendula Spa
  • Dreamy Days and Nights Shower Skincare
  • Soap Making Kit Store
  • Ivory & Co Soap Company
  • Squeaky Clean Soap Company
  • The Old Potting
  • Aromatherapy Body Wash
  • Milk and Honey Soap Co.
  • Oatmeal and Honey Company
  • The Lather is Good!
  • Peppermint Splashes
  • Scentsy
  • You’re in Good Hands
  • Original Bath Works
  • Pamper Luxe
  • London Calling Soaps
  • Soaps aplenty
  • Pink Pearl Soap
  • Jean’s Bubbles
  • Sicilian Sunshine
  • Honey Drips
  • Smells Like Spring
  • Tropical Delights
  • Wood Notes and Berries
  • Scattered Petals and Roses
  • Bitter Orange Blossom Solutions
  • Pear Blossoms & Grass Scent Unscented Soap
  • Gourmet Fresh Soap
  • Pure Home Soap Co.


Handmade Soap Company Names

If you’re selling handmade soap, you need a name that lets potential buyers know that your products are handmade. Your brand name is an important aspect of your business, it’s what customers recognize you by, and it’s very important how you present yourself.

Your handmade soap business name is something that you are going to be in business with for a long time which means it’s worth taking some time to come up with a suitable name so you can have an edge over your competitors.

To help you out, we’ve listed so many handmade soap company name ideas below.

  • Scrubs and Beyond
  • Lakeside Soaps & Scrubs
  • Lollipop Soap Co.
  • The Bubble Factory
  • Plain Jane Body Wash
  • Dead Sea Soap Company
  • A Penny for Your Soap
  • Gorgeous Botanicals
  • Pretty Pumpkins
  • Eye Candy
  • Sweets for the Skin
  • Philomena’s Soap
  • Bubbles Inc.
  • Coconut Scents
  • Cream Soap Co.
  • Kinky Lavender
  • Merry Citrus
  • Ocean Breeze
  • Soaps Galore
  • Blissful Secret
  • All-Natural Cleansing Co.
  • Soapy Sisters
  • J’Adore La Lavande
  • Into the Woods
  • Lush Cosmetics


Cool Soap Company Names

A name is the first part of creating a brand and helps define your business. For a handcrafted soap business, you want to choose an attractive name that reflects the quality of your products.

A cool, well-thought-out soap company name will encourage potential customers to click on your listing in search results, visit your website, and potentially make a purchase.

Here is our list of cool soap company name ideas you can use to pick a suitable name for your business.

  • Great Soaps
  • The Divine Soap Co.
  • The Lather Logo
  • Lather Up
  • Fun Time Soaps Co.
  • Soap Box
  • Soap Flakes
  • Soap on a Rope
  • Luxurious Bar Company
  • Scented Earth Soap Co.
  • Busy Lathers Inc.
  • Sweet Dreams Inc.
  • Scandalous Beauty Products LLC
  • Smells like Home Soaps
  • Lime Crush Soap
  • Sugar and Spice Co.
  • The Phoenix Soap Collection
  • Warm Vanilla Sugar Soap
  • Soapsicle Bars
  • Shave of Approval
  • Lather and Handel
  • A Touch of Magic
  • Faux Acacia Soap
  • Land of Enchantment Soap
  • Sand Castle Designer Soap
  • Cashmere Soaps
  • Cozy Bedtime Soap Company
  • Cottage Magik Soap Company
  • Dawn Catcher Soap Company
  • The Perfect Shower


Unique Soap Business Names

There are literally thousands of handmade soap companies on a path to failure. Sadly, most don’t even see it coming. They’ll blame the economy or competition. The cold hard truth is, they failed before any of that even happened…by failing to give themselves a chance for success by having a memorable name.

Whether you are launching a new business or wanting to rebrand an existing business, a unique name will help you stand out from the crowd, improve your brand’s SEO rankings and boost your social media following.

To help you pick a unique name for your soap company, we have listed below plenty of unique yet creative soap business name ideas for you to choose from.

  • A Shower of Stars
  • Bath, Body and Beyond
  • Bath-o-Plenty Inc.
  • The Enzyme Soap Co.
  • Glowing Dirt Remover
  • Tea Tree Soap Company
  • Butter Scrub Bubbles
  • C’est Moi Soap Company
  • Dreams Come True Soaps
  • Baby Powder Soap
  • 24 Carrots Natural Soaps
  • Backpacker’s Pantry Soap Bars
  • Crafty Crayon Soaps
  • Honey Soap Friends
  • The Flying Soap Company
  • Rainforest Natural Bath Soaps
  • Purple Rain Fragrances
  • The Mousse Soap
  • Fresh Flo
  • Foam-Away Bubbles
  • Fresh-Pressed
  • Soap, Rinse, Repeat
  • Wash and Peppermint
  • Herbal Burst Soap Company Names
  • Aloe Cure
  • Extra Pure
  • Ivory Cleanser
  • Glisten Up
  • Après Soap
  • Chelsea Bath And Body Shoppe
  • Liquid Soap Solution
  • The Gossamer Foam
  • Miraculous Lather Works
  • Clean Since 1972!
  • Moisturize or Die!
  • Butter Up – creamy and smooth!
  • The Babbling Brook
  • The Cajun Spice
  • Cedar Lake Soap Co.
  • The Charming Soap Company Inc.
  • The Amazing Dye Bees Soap Kitchen
  • Sassy Green Soaps
  • The Smelly Alley Soaps
  • Homemade in the UK
  • The Honey Pot Soap Co.
  • Honeysuckle Soap
  • Winter Miracle Soap
  • Bee’s Knees Soap
  • Tropical Palm Oasis Soap
  • Olive Branch Soap
  • Snowflake Mountain Soap Company LLC
  • The Aspen Soap Co.
  • Lavish Me Products LLC
  • Suds & Duds Soap Co.
  • Liv on Suds Street Co.
  • Catch My Drift Inc.
  • Ex Libris Soap Company
  • Scrub Stew Inc.
  • Artisan Soap Co.
  • Castle Dawn Soaps
  • Cozy Heart Co.


Funny Soap Brand Names

In the spirit of creativity and curiosity, we thought it would be fun to come up with funny name ideas for your soap business.

We’ve put together a list of inventive, hilarious, and witty soap company names that will make your customers laugh and have them questioning where on earth did you get this hilarious soap brand name from.

  • Completely Soap
  • I Can’t Believe It’s Soap!
  • Beemoaning Lather
  • Without a Trace Soap
  • Soapsolid
  • Soapnificent
  • Foamy Soap
  • Lord of the Rings Soap
  • Stayfree Soap – Finally, something that really works!
  • Scented Soaps
  • Smells Like The Holidays
  • Summer Splash
  • Swallow Heart
  • Golden Turtle Soap
  • Aqua Bath
  • Always Lathers
  • Kinky Bubbles
  • Foaming Bubbles
  • Tears of Tomato
  • Stain Wizard
  • Love Potion
  • Essential Scents
  • The In-Laws (soap that attracts great in-laws)
  • Shower Power


Soap Company Name Generator

Need some more interesting name ideas for your soap company? Of course, you do. Don’t worry! Let’s take a look at some really awesome name ideas generated by a soap company name generator.

  • The April Scent
  • Artistic Hand Soap
  • Banana Flower Soap
  • Bar Soap Boxes
  • Bejeweled Soap
  • Bespoke Soap Company
  • Berry Basket Bath Products
  • Blackberry Scentsations Incense Company
  • Bold & Beautiful Lavender Company
  • Bronze Beauty Candle Co.
  • White and Sparkling Soap Company
  • Soapsoup
  • Chocoholic Soap Company
  • Bath Bomb Business
  • Bubbling Bliss Bath & Body
  • Soap Opera
  • Scentual Delights
  • Scentsational
  • The Diva Soap Co.
  • White Birch Soap
  • Ice Cube Fancy Soaps
  • Aardvark Soap Co.
  • Skinny Dip Soap Co.
  • Mad Tatter’s Soap Co.
  • Liquid Soap Co.
  • A Little Bubbles – This product line wants to fill you with joy
  • Adolf’s Hand Soap – This soapy brand name will be sure to make everyone refreshed and clean
  • Atomic Wash – Durable enough to last through anything a nuclear winter may bring
  • Enough Deodorant – This over the top deodorant is prickly and pungent enough
  • The Happy Soap Company
  • The Squeaky Clean Soap Company
  • Who Pooped Soap Company LLC
  • We’re Purely Clean!
  • Charmed Life Soap Company
  • Another Brick in the Wall Soap Shop
  • The Wood Shed Soap Company
  • Castle O’ Clean
  • The Old Soap Rendezvous
  • Urban Soap
  • Moisture Junkie
  • Natural Soap Shop
  • Soaptopia
  • Charming Butterfly Soaps
  • The Soaping Regiment
  • Shower of Roses Soap Company
  • Soap and Glory
  • Nature’s Miracle
  • Rescue Bath Solutions
  • Soapy Thoughts
  • Magnificent Cleansing Soap Company
  • Soap & Suds
  • Sudsy Soap Shop


How To Choose A Good Name For A Soap Company?

Choosing your new soap company name can be overwhelming if you are first starting out. The process of naming your business is something to take seriously because it’s the first thing that new customers will see and will play a big role in how they view your brand.

That’s why it’s important to spend some time coming up with a great name for your business. You don’t want to rush into this decision and end up choosing a lame name.

Your brand name can either make or break your business. Especially if one competitor is beating another on the street because of their brilliant marketing strategies, one way to get an edge over them and generate more sales is by coming up with a good name for the soap company.

The name should reflect what exactly your company does because this is how you are going to attract the kind of audience you need to succeed.

It is always advisable that you choose a unique name for your soap company. This helps in making sure that you do not meet any challenges while registering your name.

Here are some things you need to keep in mind when choosing a name for your soap business:

  • Keep it short and easy to remember
  • Choose a name that fits and is relevant to your industry
  • Aim for a name that is unique
  • Avoid names that are too long or hard to pronounce or spell
  • Avoid numbers and hyphens in the name
  • Make sure the name is easy to trademark
  • Aim for a name that has positive connotations e.g. Heaven, Earth, Wind, Water, Scent
  • Check for the domain name availability


Conclusion: Soap Company Names

So, there you have it – a lot of catchy, unique, and creative soap company name ideas to inspire you. Feel free to add some spice to your branding by using one of these naming ideas for your own soap company.

This guide was created to help anyone looking to start or rebrand a soap company with an eye toward creating a memorable soap brand name that grabs the attention of a wide audience.

There really isn’t a hard-and-fast rule when it comes to picking a soap company name, but there are some guidelines that we’ve found are more effective at generating interest.

Thanks for reading this article. In case, you have any questions related to this post, feel free to email us.

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