183 Catchy Swimming Slogans and Taglines

Swimming Slogans

The swimming industry is an exciting one. It’s filled with dynamic athletes and corporations, from minors to the pros. Whether you are going for a casual swim in a pool or a lap at the lake, just to get your heart pumping and some endorphins running,  there is something for everyone no matter what level they’re at.

Is it time to think of a new slogan for the swimming pool? If so, this post will be an invaluable resource for you. You’ll find swimming slogans here including clever puns and awesome one-liners. Of course, it could be that you need some inspiration for your own pool store.

Whether your business is targeting swimmers, parents of swimmers, or swim coaches – we’re sure you will find these to be very helpful for your business.

Catchy Swimming Slogans

Swimming slogans are one of the most effective ways to convey a message or promote a business. Catchy slogans can help people remember your company on those occasions when the opportunity for them to do business with you doesn’t present itself.

Here is a list of catchy swimming slogans that have been created by branding agency Soocial:

  • Swim for the enjoyment of swimming
  • We live to swim!
  • Swim. Breathe. Dream.
  • No matter what they say, keep swimming
  • Swim On!
  • Feel the splash of summer
  • Make swimming a part of your lifestyle
  • We’re making swimming less tedious
  • Swim and look beautiful
  • Swim beyond the boundaries
  • One stroke at a time!
  • The next big thing in swimming
  • Swimming Sustainably
  • You can’t buy happiness, but you can go swimming
  • Go ahead. Dive in to summer.
  • A moment of fun in every pool
  • Love is like a swimming session
  • >Never be out of shape
  • The swimming short that will bring you closer to the water
  • Cool, calm and quick in the water
  • Get up to speed underwater 🛀
  • Your swimwear says a lot
  • Swimming is fun!
  • Celebrate your body
  • Be active! Swim!
  • Let’s get wet!
  • Pool is the new beach
  • You don’t swim alone, we are in this together.
  • Swimming creates a healthy lifestyle
  • Living healthy begins in the pool
  • Reducing stress is easy in the water
  • Swim as if you are a mermaid or merman
  • Swimming makes you smart.
  • When life throws you lemons, swim faster
  • Nothing says summer quite like sunshine, sandy beaches, and swimming.
  • Aquatic fun at its finest!
  • Anybody can swim.
  • If you can walk, you can swim!
  • If you’re not swimming, you’re just surviving
  • Swimming is good for total health and well-being
  • Come find your sea legs.
  • There’s nothing the pool can’t fix!
  • Swimming rocks.
  • Nobody gets more people swimming than us.
  • Stay on top of your game and smash it out of the water!
  • Make swimming fun again!
  • We have pool supplies from A to Z.
  • Swim Relentlessly.
  • Swim into swim season with our new and improved jammers 🏊‍♂️
  • You can’t be a hero if you don’t know how to swim.
  • Swim like a sea turtle, not like a jellyfish.
  • Splish splash, we’re in for a splash 🎣 🏊‍♀️
  • You only have one chance to make a first impression. Make it a splash.
  • What we all love about swimming is that we can escape the hustle and bustle of life
  • Swim to catch your dreams
  • Swim in a swimsuit and feel confident
  • Relax and unwind
  • Everyone can swim!
  • Fun, safe and engaging
  • Come for the sun, stay for the fun!
  • Our pools are your shores!
  • For water lovers, life on the waves
  • Where crystal-clear water meets soft golden sand
  • Swim to become stronger
  • The spot for a splash in the sun
  • Swim Happy
  • Can’t see us? We’re underwater
  • When in doubt, swim!
  • We’re all swimming in the same pool.
  • Keep calm and swim on
  • Go the distance.
  • Anybody can swim
  • Fight for your right to swim
  • The best 1/2 hour of the day
  • Swim faster than your boss
  • Swim like a dolphin, not a walrus
  • Swim like a fish
  • Splash it on!
  • Swimming is your own personal time machine.
  • Become a better swimmer by swimming
  • So you think you can swim?
  • Let’s suit up and dive in
  • Just keep swimming
  • H2-oh yeah!
  • Swimming is fun. We make it more fun.
  • It’s your time to swim.
  • Take the plunge with a splash of encouragement
  • Swim for your health.
  • Swim Hard. Work Harder.
  • Let the weight go!
  • Swimming makes for a great cardio workout
  • Swim with ease and style
  • Embrace your unique style and love your body
  • Stay healthy and active with summer swimming
  • Bathe in wonders of the ocean world
  • Your pool, your rules
  • Share the water
  • Go for a dip in the ocean of fun
  • Swimming is a great way to stay in shape
  • Enjoy the waves!
  • The ocean is the place to be!
  • No crying in the pool
  • Go with the flow
  • Do make a splash
  • Swimming is a sport for all
  • Before you swim, you must learn to float.
  • Look cool in the water
  • Not your average pool
  • The pool with a purpose
  • Swim faster. Swim smarter.
  • Swim better, feel better
  • Swim more, stress less
  • Swim like a fish, not a penguin
  • For every successful dive, there were many failed attempts.
  • Swim with a stroke you are comfortable with
  • Get in. Swim. Get out. Have a beer.
  • If you don’t succeed at first, swim harder
  • You can’t beat the water, but you can swim
  • Water = life
  • Water is fun
  • Spread the word about clean water
  • Swim like a pro
  • Swimming is an all-year-round sport.
  • Swim as often as you want.
  • Swimming is an art, not a competition.
  • When it comes to swimming, practice makes perfect.
  • Don’t float, swim.
  • When it comes to swimming, we are your one-stop-shop
  • Wear a swimming suit with pride
  • Be cool and confident, it’s your swimming suit
  • Compete like a champion!
  • Be like the fish! Ready for anything? Go for it!


Funny Swimming Slogans

The thing is, with so much choice in swimming leagues, websites, academies, team kits and everything in-between it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. But with a few simple tweaks to your messaging, you can make your swimming-related business stand out from the rest.

What I’ve heard is that you need to be more ‘swimmyfied’. I’m not quite sure what this means, but if it involves swimming more, then you’re in luck because here are funny swimming slogans written by the branding agency Soocial:

  • We can’t swim but we can do a cannonball off the diving board. Cause that’s how we roll at the pool.
  • Come on in. The water’s great.
  • No sharks… we’ve checked.
  • You are not alone, floating around in your pool. There are other people enjoying themselves under the surface.
  • Swimming slogs through a sea of naysayers.
  • There’s only one thing better than going to the beach, going to the swimming pool.
  • Ready, set, FLOAT! #Summer of pool floats 🏊🏼‍♂️ #floatlife
  • If you can’t swim, float.
  • Whoo Hooo … Splash 💦
  • What a feeling, swimming in the pool! 🏊🏼‍♀️
  • When I’m down, I dive. And smile when I surface.
  • Poolside is my happy place
  • It’s not how good you swim, it’s how good you look…When you’re swimming
  • His pool, her dive
  • Because everyone knows water is more fun in a pool than an ocean
  • Keep calm and keep swimming
  • Swimming: the perfect exercise for a lazy person
  • See the bottom in a new way
  • Pool safety is no laughing matter
  • Laughter is the best medicine, but only when you’re fully submerged!
  • Caution! Water is deeper than it looks


Swimming Taglines

Swimming taglines are perfect for showing your passion when it comes to the pool, and they can catch people’s attention if you have a great one.

We’ve developed a list of swimming taglines that will help you create your next advertising campaign for your swimming-related business or personal swimming blog:

  • Make the world a swimming place
  • If it swims, we have it
  • The future of swimming is here.
  • Swimming is more than a sport.
  • Swim for fun!
  • Be a star all year round with swimwear to suit every occasion
  • Swimming is way more fun with others
  • Swimming makes you feel like a kid again
  • Take the plunge into comfort after a hot sweaty day…
  • Turn on the fun and off the stress
  • Swimming: it’s fun!
  • Swimming is the best exercise 👍🏻
  • Pushes your swimming to a whole new level
  • The swimwear of champions
  • Swim. Play. Live.
  • One splash gets the whole crowd wet!
  • Swim with the waves
  • Come get a bath!
  • Come splash around!
  • Gonna get wet!
  • Swimming brings out the beauty in everyone
  • Catch your wave of happiness (or joy)
  • Make sure your swimsuit fits perfectly!
  • Learn to love swimming. Live to swim.
  • Swim with confidence
  • Swim faster, stronger
  • Perform better
  • Swim at your own pace.
  • Swim like Michael Phelps.
  • Come for the beaches and stay for never-ending sunsets and endless swimming.


Conclusion: Swimming Slogans

As a branding agency experienced in the swimming industry, we often find ourselves working with members of the swim team community.  Whether it is an athletic club, swim team, summer camp, or swim school, they all have one thing in common – that drive inside of them that drives them to succeed.

No matter what type of swimming business you are involved in, you need the right slogans to attract and inspire your clients.

Swimming stuff is quickly becoming an enjoyable hobby for people of all ages. Many communities have swimming clubs, there are all sorts of swim race events happening and many of the professional sports teams also make use of swimming facilities.

By having a great swimming slogan you can reach many potential customers when they’re at swimming events, or even scheduling practice sessions with their local club.

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