205 Towing Company Slogans and Taglines

Towing Slogans

Let’s face it. Finding a slogan for your towing company isn’t always easy. The competition is fierce, with thousands of tow truck companies dominating the market for towing and roadside assistance services.

And that’s why you need help. A good slogan can boost your business quickly; one that is catchy and memorable. You can quickly gain brand recognition and reinforce your marketing messages.

The folks at Soocial know marketing, branding, and slogans, so when they say something is great, you can take them at their word. Thousands of clients have used Soocials’ services, and they keep coming back time after time!

Catchy Towing Slogans

What’s your towing business’ offer? How do you set yourself apart from the crowd of towing companies in your area? Do you have a plan? Will that plan even work?

Business owners have many ideas for improving their towing business, but it’s crucial they don’t try too many too soon.

Come up with a catchy slogan that lets your customers know what makes your company different. Here is a list of catchy slogans that will help you get started:

  • There’s nothing that we can’t tow
  • You want it, we’ll tow it
  • Emergency towing services when you need them most
  • Towing to make you smile!
  • We’re fast, convenient, and reliable!
  • Get towed by the best
  • We go beyond towing
  • Your tow. Anywhere. Anytime.
  • Not your average towing company.
  • Tow. Because you’re not always the one doing the towing.
  • Tow your way home
  • When you need us, we’re there.
  • A tow you can rely on
  • We know towing
  • #1 roadside assistance
  • We make your life easy
  • We arrive in 10 minutes or less
  • It’s fast, it’s cheap and it’s local
  • We always go the extra mile
  • Don’t let your car break down, call us first!
  • Every car deserves good service
  • Timely, professional, uniformed towing
  • Car problem? Call us today!
  • We won’t tow you away from your favorite spot
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed!
  • We are here for you
  • 24/7 service with a smile
  • It’s a flat tow world after all
  • We won’t let you down
  • Our tow truck will have you moving again soon
  • We get you where you want to go fast and safely
  • Our flat rates are low and our service is high
  • All the tow trucks are in working order and properly maintained
  • A tow you can trust
  • Safety. Service. Satisfaction
  • Serving the community for over 40 years.
  • We’re here to help
  • SOS towing
  • Fastest tow truck service
  • Our towing services are for real
  • When you’re in a jam we’ll be there
  • Your car is in good hands
  • We’re here when you need us
  • Ring the tow truck service that cares
  • Nobody is better than us at towing!
  • Towing services need not be complicated
  • We provide superior customer service
  • There’s a tow for that.
  • The most cost-conscious choice for towing
  • Get out of a jam fast!
  • Let us help you get back on track
  • Safe. Reliable. A Better Way.
  • The best towing service in town
  • A-to-Z Towing Service
  • If it’s on the road, we can tow it!
  • Lightning-fast towing service!
  • We are the best in the west
  • We will tow you to the next best place
  • No roadside worries
  • Wrecked? We come to you!
  • Every tow is backed by a name you know and trust.
  • Our repair specialists are dedicated to helping you get back on the road fast, every time.
  • Night owl towing: never sleeps, always ready
  • Save your day
  • You can trust us to get your car safely on the road when you need it most.
  • All your towing needs in one call
  • We will show you why we are different
  • We are the best at what we do
  • Quality is not expensive, it’s priceless
  • Because you need it towed, not fixed
  • Use the road as your business
  • 24-hour towing coverage
  • We’ll be there at your convenience
  • Get towed and towed right
  • Give us a call, we’ll haul away that problem!
  • A tow with options
  • When you need a tow, call the most dependable
  • Get your tow on
  • A tow worth knowing
  • One call … We will take care of you
  • We’ve got you covered
  • The road is ours
  • Wherever you are, we’ll be there in 20 minutes!
  • We will beat any other tow company’s price and guarantee that our service will be fast, reliable, and competitive
  • We are the professionals when it comes to towing, roadside assistance, or repair services
  • Fast and friendly service
  • Your tow specialist
  • We have the resources to handle any situation
  • A tow truck to depend on
  • We strive to meet your expectations in every way
  • Reach out, we are there for you
  • Through thick and thin, we’re here when you need us
  • We make the difference, and we do it for less.
  • We have a towing truck for every event
  • We have a lot of experience in towing vehicles
  • Picking you up when no one else will
  • Standing by you through the tough times
  • Get towed, get hooked
  • Get your car towed today at the best price.
  • We don’t win customer’s business. We earn it.
  • We are not an emergency service, we are a mobile mechanic.
  • We cure headaches, not flat tires.
  • Let us tow you
  • We make it easier to get your car towed.
  • When you need towing of any kind, we’ll tow it. Period.
  • Heed the call. When you’re stuck or in a jam, you need a tow truck.
  • Ask and ye shall receive! That’s right.
  • We’ll come to get your car no matter what time you call or where you are. Even if you’re miles from nowhere.
  • We don’t just show up with a truck, we show up with the right truck.
  • We know you didn’t plan ahead for your roadside emergency.
  • Our flatbeds are always ready to roll. #tow
  • We’ll have you out of the ditch in no time!
  • Professional and affordable towing service for all your car needs
  • Fast, reliable, and affordable car towing
  • Having your car towed should be as painless as possible
  • We make it easy!
  • When your car won’t go where you want it to, we’ll get it there!


Jumpstart your towing business with this ready to use towing company name specially chosen by the branding experts at Soocial


Magic Towing

Magic Towing is the perfect name for a towing business. Typically you want your business to be magical, easy, and fantastic for new customers.

The name Magic Towing provides the perfect balance of being both descriptive yet brandable. The brand will be remembered because of the meaning of the word “magic”

Mission: To be a leading name in the field of towing.

Your business will be loaded with magic when you use the name Magic Towing.

Buy MagicTowing.com for your towing company now before someone else does!


Funny Towing Slogans

Woo away new clients with a funny slogan from our professionally written slogans for towing companies. They are creative, witty, and perfectly match different towing situations. Why be boring when you can be funny?

Here are a whole bunch of funny slogans we came up with for you. Enjoy!

  • If you can read this, you’re out of our towing range. 🚙
  • Towing isn’t rocket science
  • Put a smile on your face when you daydream about getting towed by us. 😉
  • I’m 💪on it‼️😏 #towit
  • 🚙 When the 🌪️ hits the 🔥📵 ✊ #LiftWithAGeekyTow
  • Tow it like it’s hot 🔥🚗
  • Has a long day gone wrong? We have the cure.
  • In a world full of tow trucks, ours is the best! Don’t settle for less.
  • ☂When your week 💩 hits the fan, call our TOWING company for some help!
  • In need of a tow? You won’t be stuck. We’ll get you out no matter what❗
  • If any of our vehicles were this cute, we’d tow ’em away! 😀
  • Tow away the stress of an extra hour at the office waiting for traffic to clear. 🚘
  • When you really need to get somewhere fast
  • A car is not just a car
  • Tugs by night. Coffee by day ⏰🍵❤️
  • We’re not like the other guys—we love our job!
  • 1-800-HIT-THE-DECK! Call us first before you call anyone else! 😀😁
  • It’s not a tow, it’s a free ride
  • Ever seen our sign? Call us
  • All your car problems are solved with this one phone number
  • When you hear the word “tow”, we’re the tow company you call
  • Call us now! We love to tow, and we’ve got the tow trucks to prove it!
  • We are the tow!
  • You bought it we’ll tow it
  • We’re not just any towing company… we’re #1
  • Don’t even think about it
  • We tow busted up bikes, cars, and trucks


Towing Taglines

Towing businesses struggle to stand out in crowded markets and generate leads.

A good brand helps you present a specific, distinct and unique value that will set your business apart from its competitors.

To learn more, here is our list of possible taglines for towing business owners:

  • Tow your way into good karma.
  • It’s easy to get back on track.
  • Never worry…we’re here.
  • An honest and affordable towing company
  • Love your car? Let us take care of it!
  • Your freedom depends on us. Our reputation relies on you.
  • Let us be the hero you deserve.
  • We treat your car like one of our own
  • We do it all, no matter the trouble or weather
  • Let us take the stress out of roadside assistance and give us a call today!
  • Wherever you go
  • Fast, quick, and easy services
  • Taking car safety seriously
  • We can tow it.
  • Attractive and streamlined towing
  • We do what we say we’ll do.
  • Because you never know when you might need us
  • Trust your tow to us
  • We will get you home, guaranteed
  • We treat you like family
  • The trusted name in towing
  • Affordable towing. Friendly service.
  • Get towed and get home safe
  • We always get your car going
  • Dead battery? We haul you down the road again.
  • Blazing fast towing is your fast solution for roadside help
  • We don’t make the roadside any worse than it already was
  • Always on time, always there when you need us.
  • We’re always open for business
  • We’ll come to save you and your car!
  • Tow you where you need to be
  • Hassle-free tows
  • We’re not your momma’s tow truck company
  • We don’t make the tow, we just make it better
  • We never leave a customer behind.
  • We handle all situations with care
  • We’re great and all our customers love us!
  • Our drivers are professional, courteous, and well trained.
  • We will give you the ride of your life!
  • It’s a good time to avoid the stress of getting towed.
  • When you need a tow, we’ll be ready.
  • Sometimes the only way out is through.
  • We won’t leave you hanging.
  • Your one-stop towing solution
  • We’ll be there with a smile!
  • A towing service you can trust and afford.
  • We’re the one call you need to make
  • We’ll get it right the first time
  • Tow from anywhere!
  • A towing service with a smile
  • Let’s get your vehicle towed!
  • We handle the towing, you handle the rest.
  • One way or another, we can help!
  • We specialize in making your life easier
  • When you’re in a jam, we’re never far away
  • We tow cars, trucks, RVs, and just about anything with wheels
  • We’re the first ones there when you need us
  • When you need a tow on short notice, we’re here for you!
  • We get you running quickly, even if you think your vehicle is beyond repair.
  • We use GPS for fast, easy-to-use towing


Conclusion: Towing Slogans

Disheartened and frustrated by their business, most tow truck operators don’t know where to start. It doesn’t have to be that way. Go from zero to hero in no time with a great slogan that will get you noticed fast!

You don’t need a tow truck to realize that many companies are running their business on tired, old marketing formulas.

Dazzle, dazzle, dazzle your customers with big, bold ideas. Don’t be left behind. Be the first in your area to utilize our unique slogans when promoting your towing business.

Soocial has been helping towing companies improve their branding and their reputation for over 10 years. If you’re looking for tips on marketing, branding, or advertising, we can help!

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