303 Vinyl Business Name Ideas to Get Into the Groove

Vinyl Business Names

Planning to start a vinyl business? Great! Maybe you’ve already made up your mind on a name, but you’re not so sure about it. Or maybe you’re still at the stage where you want to leave your options open as far as your business name is concerned.

Either way, this article will offer you hundreds of attractive vinyl business name ideas to help kickstart your brainstorming and ultimately finding a perfect one for your new venture.

Before you start your own vinyl business, you must give some thought to its name. The name will be the backbone of your company; contribute to its final image and overall success. A good name not only represents the essence of the company but can also facilitate customer recall. It will give a professional impression to outsiders and engender trust through association with a well-known brand.

Finding the right name for your business is one of the toughest tasks you’ll face because there is a mixture of factors to consider. Choosing a name is not just about solving the “what comes next?” problem, it’s also about matching your product/service with your customer base and coming across as memorable.

To make it easier for you, we have gathered tons of interesting vinyl business name ideas to spark your creativity. This list contains names that have been brainstormed by a team of experienced vinyl business veterans – we hope it helps you come up with the name that will propel your business to a leading position.

Catchy Vinyl Business Names

Looking for unique business name ideas for your new vinyl decal, sticker, or sign business? The brand name is the first thing people notice or hear about your company and every detail about it including the spelling and wordplay conveys a message. The right name can attract new customers to your business while the wrong one can drive them away.

Here are plenty of catchy vinyl business name ideas to help you make your decision easier! Keep in mind that this list is primarily focused on businesses that manufacture custom vinyl products like stickers, iron-ons, t-shirts, etc.

  • Vinyl Box
  • Vinyl World
  • I Love Vinyl
  • Vinyl Warriors
  • All Your Vinyl
  • Vinyl Vibes
  • Supreme Vinyl
  • The Vinyl Expert
  • Vinyl Labs
  • The Vinyl Guru
  • Vinyl Crush
  • Vinyl Ventures
  • Always on Record
  • We Got the Vinyl
  • The Vinyl Muse
  • Rockin’ Vinyl
  • Vinylicious Records
  • Modern Vinyl
  • Vinyl Express
  • The Vinyl District
  • Mid-Vinyl Record Pro
  • The Stiff Shop Records
  • Music Enterprise
  • The Vinyl Company
  • Copycat Records
  • Cut Master Records
  • Main Street Vinyls
  • Vinyl Escape
  • Baby Shower Vinyls
  • Vinyl Plaques
  • Vinyl Wraps
  • DJ’s Delight
  • Sunset Sounds
  • Vinyl Fashion Boutique
  • 41st Groove Records
  • Backyard Vinyl Parties
  • Acoustic Windows
  • Round-Town Records
  • Track Tapes and Records
  • Smooth Operators
  • A Trend in Vinyl Business
  • Vinyl Records Holders
  • Top Shelf Recordings
  • Vinyl Record Worms
  • Hit Song Records
  • Custom Vinyl Banners
  • The Vinyl Groove Company
  • Kite Records
  • Records Unsigned
  • The Record Town
  • Vinyl Cleaners
  • Vinyl Moon
  • Pop’s Vinyl Shack
  • Vinyl Restorer
  • A-1 Vinyl Record Store
  • Vinyl Rentals
  • Glitter Decal
  • Vinyl Etching
  • Retro Vinyls
  • Vinyl Memories
  • Richie Rich Recordings
  • Blowing Bubbles Vinyl


Cute Vinyl Business Names

A cute vinyl business name will help to position and market your business in the best way possible. Keeping that in mind, here is a big list of cute vinyl business names that can help you find the one that most resonates with your target customers and fits what you are all about. You can either use these ideas straight away or add your own twist to suit your business theme.

  • Vinyl Empire
  • Vinyl Wallah!
  • Vinyl Chords
  • Sound Asylum
  • Music Ink Records
  • Vinyl Shack Records
  • Vinyl Vault
  • Retro Recs, Inc.
  • Vinyl Floor Wraps
  • Urban Beats
  • Rock on Records Inc.
  • The Record Paradise
  • There It Is Records
  • Vinyl Fabricator
  • Record Revival
  • Vinyl Apparel and Fashion
  • Vinyl Posse
  • The Vinyl Junkie
  • Record Players Plus
  • Vinyl Repairs
  • Pure Vinyl
  • The Vinyl Genie
  • Record Player Revolution
  • Vinyl Evolved
  • DJ’s Vinyl Record Shack
  • Vinyl Extra
  • Got Vinyl?
  • The Vinyl Industry
  • Printable Vinyls
  • Vinyl City
  • The Vinyl Wizard
  • Vinyl Boyz
  • Vinyl by The Yard
  • Vinyl Trade
  • Rockin’ Vinyl
  • The Vinyl Village
  • Hot Spud Records
  • The Vinyl DJ
  • Vinyl Home Decorations
  • Pop Record Stores
  • Music Heaven
  • Wrapz Records
  • Vinyl Arts
  • Wall Art Vinyls
  • Just Because I Can Vinyl
  • We Do Vinyl
  • Vinyl Wraps
  • Hi-Fi Stereo Store
  • Good Vinyl
  • Vinyl Record Pimp
  • Vinyl Venture
  • Vinyl Swirls
  • Professional Vinyl DJ
  • Vinyl Stones
  • More than Vinyl
  • Vinyl Rights
  • Awesome Beats


Clever Vinyl Business names

Can’t get your head around what to call your Vinyl business? The name will be the face of your business which can be a huge part of your marketing success. You must aim for something relevant and attention-grabbing that will resonate with potential customers.

To help you out, here are some clever vinyl business ideas to help you brainstorm something better.

  • Vinyl Labels
  • Vinyl Plus
  • Superior Vinyl
  • Drive to Vinyl
  • Sleepless Records
  • Vinyl Decals
  • Take a Vinyl Trip
  • The Good Vibes Vinyl
  • Amazing Tracks Recovered (ATR)
  • The Thoughtful Audio
  • The Vinyl Hub
  • Go East Records
  • Get Vinylized Now!
  • Thunder Records
  • The Record Hut
  • Vinyl 3.0
  • The Vinyl Addiction
  • Simple Records
  • The Cassette Store
  • Record Coasters
  • Slick Vibes
  • Vinyl King
  • Vinyl Shower Liner
  • Vinyl Pleasure
  • The Sound Hut
  • Innovative Vinyl
  • Hello Vinyl!
  • The Nifty Vinyl
  • Vinyl Collectors
  • Vinyl Buff
  • Vinyl Café
  • Record Store Pizzeria
  • Hot Bit Records
  • Good Ol’ Records
  • Vinyl Doodles Mall
  • Little Bits of Vinyl
  • The Disk Doctors
  • The Vinyl Doctor
  • Going Places Vinyl
  • Music Mansion Records
  • Rock on Vinyl
  • Vinyl Bow Ties
  • Vinyl Records
  • The Vinyl Music Industry
  • Second Hand Vinyl
  • Vinyl Land
  • Vinyl Nirvana Inc.
  • Vinyl Oasis
  • Vinyl Express
  • Bring Back Vinyls
  • Chromed Vinyl Graphics
  • Bravo Records


Creative Vinyl Business Names

What exactly goes into a creative vinyl business name? There’s a little more thought that goes into it than you might initially think!

Adventurous vinyl lovers who want to create their own vinyl sticker design business might be interested in this section. We have brought a collection of awesome vinyl business name ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Take a look!

  • The V Spot
  • The Widget Vinyl
  • Record Organizers
  • Tune in Vinyl
  • Vinyl Magnets
  • Vinyl Music Production
  • Dip in The Vinyl
  • Up-Down Records
  • Vinyl Remodeling
  • Vinyl Record Shed
  • Floating Records
  • The Vinyl Signage
  • Music Palace
  • Vinyl Building Supplies
  • Vinylz Display
  • Bravo Records
  • Alien Vinyls
  • Vinyl School of Arts
  • Music Grooves
  • The Vinyl Expert
  • Music on Vinyl
  • Broad Strokes Records
  • Vinyl Star Records
  • Publishing on Vinyl Records
  • The Vinyl Art Pressing
  • All Things Records
  • The Red Vinyl
  • Wallcovering Vinyl Solutions
  • Record Rama
  • Falling Records
  • Vinyl Hands
  • Vinyl Days
  • Vinyl Appeal
  • Records and Tapes


Unique Vinyl Company Names

When it comes to naming your vinyl company, you want to choose something that stands out and leave a lasting impression on potential customers when they hear or see your brand name for the first time.

There are many ways to come up with an awesome business name, but finding a fresh/unique name that is not already taken can be hard.

You also can’t afford to waste too much time trying to think of the right one. Therefore, we have listed below some really unique yet well-thought vinyl business name ideas for you to choose from. Enjoy!

  • The Record Center
  • Sign My Vinyl
  • Vinyl Shredder
  • Vinyl Music Division
  • The Groove Connection
  • Vinyl Mastering
  • Vinyl Please
  • Frozen Vinyl Cuts
  • All Night Long Vinyl
  • Love the Beat Vinyl
  • Notes on Wax
  • Sleepless in Seattle
  • Some Kind of Awesome
  • The Other Side of Night
  • Jazz at the Movies
  • Vinyl Addict
  • Vinyl Dominator
  • Vinyl Explorer
  • Vinyl Queen
  • Vinyllutionary
  • Analog Attitude
  • Acoustic Vinyl
  • All Vinyl All The Time
  • Audio Vinylity
  • Awesome Record Store
  • Beats and Vibes Records
  • Best in Vinyl
  • Cosmic Vinyl Records
  • Dark Vinyl
  • Hello Music
  • Vinyl Forever
  • Vinyl Fever
  • Hot Vinyls
  • Casual Vinyls
  • Vinyleadzorz
  • Club DJ
  • Pop-“Tique”
  • Record Player Museum (“masterpieces” also works in this case)
  • Vinyland Vinyl
  • Studio V
  • Circulate
  • Vinyl Trove
  • Ahh, Record!
  • Star Records
  • On The Recordz
  • Vinyl Alchemy
  • Vinyl Fixx
  • Vinyl Highs
  • Vinyl Illusions
  • Vinyl Promotion
  • Vinyl Sound Lab
  • Venetian-Jazz Records
  • Vinyl Clothing & Fashion
  • Vinyl Shop in Town
  • Rainbow Records
  • All-Weather Vinyls
  • Vinyl Lover
  • Soul Whip Records
  • Everybody’s Records
  • The Groove Bros
  • Vinyl Creations
  • Vinyl Electrical Services
  • Vinyl Lettering
  • Vinyl Central
  • Master Record Cutter
  • The Vinyl Planet
  • Handy Vinyl


Vinyl Business Name Generator

There are several methods to choose a name for your business. You can search your name in a search engine and get inspiration from similar businesses or ask your friends and relatives, or do it randomly with words. But one of the better techniques is using an AI-based Vinyl Business Name Generator.

With the help of this tool, we came up with a bunch of awesome name ideas. Browse through the list and see if any of these tickles your fancy.

  • Vinyl Nest
  • Records R Us
  • Vinyl Sound
  • Vinyl House
  • Mixing Vinyls
  • Grand Records
  • Vinyl Yourself
  • Arm Yourself Records
  • Big Chain Records
  • Record Vinyl Etchers
  • Vinyl Record Albums
  • Bargain Hunting Vinyls
  • Vinyl Bumper Stickers
  • The Record Lounge
  • Vinyl Jones
  • Afternoon Vinyl
  • Vinyl Street Signs
  • Cheeky Records
  • Vinyl Therapy
  • Hip Hop Records
  • The Disc Hut
  • The Record Kingdom
  • Crossroads Vinyls
  • The Vinyl Dividers
  • Hooked on Vinyl
  • Catching Grads
  • The Vinyl Moniker
  • No Stress Records
  • Elegant Vinyl
  • Gramophone Dealer
  • The Vinyl Direct


Conclusion: Vinyl Business Names

Alright, we’ve reached the end of our list of vinyl business name ideas. That’s quite a lot of options! Hopefully, though, you found something that resonates with you and helps you decide on a great name.

Now that you have seen a lot of ideas, you can use your imagination and personalize them in order to make them perfect for your business. Remember, the name of your business should be short, simple, easy-to-memorize, catchy, and relevant to your niche.

We hope you enjoyed this article as much as we did writing it. If you found this guide useful please consider sharing it with your friends.

Thanks for visiting. We wish you all the best!

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