381 Virtual Reality Company Name Ideas

Virtual Reality Company Names

Virtual Reality is coming fast! It’s going to change the way we do business and how we view the world. Those who jump in early will prosper and become insanely wealthy. So, we’ve been working on a cream-of-the-crop list of virtual reality company names for you.

If you want great VR company names that are short, pronounceable, memorable & SEO friendly – this post is for you. The best part? The name ideas are free to use for you to build your virtual reality business empire!

Short Virtual Reality Company Names

Virtual Reality or VR is an experience that transports a person into a completely different reality. Once you have this experience, you want to have it over and over again. VR can take you inside any environment, location, or era.

You can play different games or interact with people with the help of virtual reality. As technology is quickly making its way to the mainstream, the need for virtual reality companies is also increasing.

If you have decided to contribute to addressing this need and have started your own company, then you’ll also have to give it a great name. The name of a virtual company should be representative of the service offered and the market that it caters to.

If you’re not sure which name would make a good fit, then keep reading because we’ll share hundreds of ideas for you to choose from.

Shorter names tend to stick in people’s minds more easily which means they have a better chance of sticking with potential customers giving you more chances of attracting them in the first place. Therefore, we made this list of short virtual reality company names you can use as inspiration for your own startup:

  • VR Base

When it comes to company names that stick, short names are going to work the best. That is why we recommend VR Base as one of our top choices for your virtual reality company name.

VR Base sends the message that your company is the one-stop-shop for all the latest VR-related gadgets and experiences. It is a short and simple name that makes an impression quickly.

  • Virtual Zone

Virtual Zone is another great option for your virtual reality company. It represents your company as a pioneer in the VR industry. This name is easy to remember and will appeal to your target market immediately.

  • Reality Stop

This name is an intelligent play on words. Reality Stop carries two meanings: First that it is the ultimate stop for all your VR needs and the second meaning is that reality stops existing in this zone as it is all about the virtual world.

  • Instant VR
  • VRocity
  • Reality Key
  • Virtual Tool
  • Virtual Tech
  • VR Professionals
  • VR Corp
  • VR Services
  • Virtual Station
  • Virtual Escape
  • VR Point
  • Reality Bend
  • Reality Drop
  • Virtual Dimension
  • 5th Dimension
  • VRology
  • VR Inc.
  • Virtual Focus
  • VR Deck
  • VR Inception
  • VR Door
  • VRAlley
  • Virtual Travel
  • VR-holics
  • Reality Gurus
  • Transcend Reality


Jumpstart your VR business idea with this ready to use VR company name vetted by branding experts at Soocial



Tiveno represents the advancement of a new medium beyond its primitive beginnings. It instantly gives recognition as an innovative brand in the virtual reality industry.

It is clean, simple, and easy to remember, perfect for VR company branding.

Therefore you get an easily understood and memorable business name with excellent global branding potential.

Examples of product names: Tiveno Experience Platform, Tiveno VR Glasses

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Megzu is a memorable brandable name for your virtual reality company. It is short and easy to pronounce in multiple languages yet sounds futuristic and high-tech.

It is made of two familiar words, meaning ‘mega’ and ‘view’, with a z used for the flow.

Megzu conveys excitement and confidence. It has the potential to become synonymous with virtual reality businesses worldwide. 

Adopt Megzu.com as your virtual reality brand name and grow your revenue and market share in years to come.


Catchy Virtual Reality Company Names

Your company name also needs to be catchy, so people get used to it quickly. A catchy name stays in the memory far longer and makes the company look more interesting and welcoming. If your virtual reality company has a catchy name, it will stand out in the crowd and give you an edge over your competitors.

We’ve brainstormed a list of catchy virtual reality company name ideas so you can get started right away!

  • ViRtuality

ViRtuality makes an excellent choice for your company’s name because it combines both the keywords “Virtual” and “Reality” while using VR as capitalized letters.

The name is not only a correct representation of the services that the company offers, but it’s also very catchy and easy to remember. This name will quickly catch on in your target market and will help increase your company’s visibility.

  • The VR Fix

The VR Fix is another great option for your VR company’s name. The name suggests that your company will fix up the customers with any and all of their needs related to VR. The name is simple, short, and direct with its message. Moreover, it is very easy to remember and recall.

  • One-Stop VR Shop

One-Stop VR shop is as catchy as a name gets. It quickly tells your audience what your company is all about. This name represents your company as a one-stop solution for all VR-related needs. You can easily get the attention of your target market with a name as catchy as this.

  • RealityTech
  • VR Now
  • Reality Jam
  • VRSavvy
  • Reality Link
  • VR Buffs
  • Virtual Flash
  • Augment Reality
  • Virtualior
  • VR Nomad
  • Reality Hive
  • Virtualfy
  • VR Den
  • Reality Connect
  • Chosen Reality
  • Reality Room
  • Reality Rewired
  • Activate Reality
  • Virtualplicity
  • VR Square
  • VR Pros
  • Virtualdia
  • Virtualeum
  • Virtual Globe
  • VR Universe
  • Reality Fix
  • Enhanced Reality
  • Virtualogical
  • Infinity VR
  • Virtualyo
  • Virtualci
  • Virtualiva
  • VR Desk
  • Alt Reality
  • Virtualare
  • Reality Premium
  • Virtual Edge
  • Virtualify
  • Alpha Reality
  • VRbits
  • Virtualium
  • Reality Touch
  • DreamTech
  • Really Virtual
  • Virtualian
  • Reality Boost
  • Reality Bug
  • Coded Reality
  • Hacktual Reality
  • Upgrade Reality
  • Virtuology
    Dimensional world
  • Immersive R
  • Immerse Virtually
  • Virtual Mix
  • Reality Bites
  • Virtual Bits
  • Make Real
  • Realfiction
  • True Fiction


Creative Virtual Reality Company Names

With the market being as competitive as it is, it can be really challenging to stand out and get the attention of new customers. That’s where creativity comes in. If you have a generic name, then your company has a lesser chance of making a lasting impression in the market.

Channeling your creative side and using a fun name for your company ensures that it doesn’t go unnoticed. This is why we’ve created a list of creative virtual reality company names with their tickling of the brain cells, and hence, wordsmithing. 🙂

  • VR Period

This name indicates that your company is all about virtual reality gadgets and services. It is short, direct, and easy to remember.

  • The Virtual Space

The Virtual Space is another great name for your VR company because

Tech Hack is a creative name that tells the customer that you have solutions for any and all of their tech-related issues. This is a great name for a company that prides itself on the services that it provides.

  • VR Hacks

This seemingly straightforward name has a creative touch to it and will make an excellent name for your computer repair company. The word “hacks” popularly refers to quick solutions to complex problems. That is why this name will send out a message that you offer easy and quick tech solutions to your customers.

  • Reality Upgrade
  • VR wizards
  • Reality and beyond
  • Reality Portal
  • Hack Reality
  • VR Street
  • Reality Avenue
  • Reality Aid
  • Key to Reality
  • Virtual Works
  • VR Board
  • VR Maestros
  • Reality Care
  • VR Go
  • Virtual Domain
  • VR Studios
  • Wicked Virtual
  • Virtual Symbol
  • Virtual Meridian
  • Reality Personality
  • Virtual Gnome
  • Fact Reality
  • Genie Reality
  • Virtual Woof
  • Virtual Needles
  • Virtual Meadows
  • Tuition Reality
  • Reality Asian
  • Virtual Warning
  • Virtual Strut
  • Ambient Virtual
  • Location Reality
  • Reality Leader
  • Reflection Reality
  • Virtual Dozen
  • Adviser Reality
  • Virtual Modal
  • Virtual Spectra
  • Volt Reality
  • Virtual Missile
  • Couture Reality
  • Reality Spree
  • VR Lift
  • Reality Consultant
  • VR Mechanics
  • Reality Management
  • Reality Stop
  • Digital Reality
  • Live Virtual
  • Reality Premium
  • VR Base
  • Reality Drive
  • VR Loop
  • Touch Reality
  • Virtual Ritual
  • Virtuality Lite
  • Reality Doc
  • Virtuality Ship
  • VR Journey
  • Virtuality Trip
  • Virtual Booth
  • Fantasy Dose
  • Fantastic Reality
  • VR Van
  • VRocket
  • VRock
  • Reality dive
  • Virtual dive
  • Virtuous
  • Vital Reality
  • RealMix


Cool Virtual Reality Company Names

In today’s world, you would not be remembered for long if you aren’t “cool” enough. It is important to stay in touch with all the terms and trends popular in the market. This allows you to choose a name that I relevant to and connects with your target market immediately.

You can use cool virtual reality company name ideas that will get your creative juices flowing:

  • Reality Check

Reality check is a popular phrase used in a variety of contexts. What makes it a perfect fit for your company’s name is that it will act as a play of words with respect to virtual reality. Besides, the name is easy on the tongue and will make a lasting impression on anyone who comes across it.

  • Reality Hack

The name “Reality Hack” makes another cool choice for a virtual reality company because VR technology basically serves the purpose of hacking our reality and allows us to transcend into a completely different world.

  • Virtual World

Virtual World may sound like a simple name (and it is), but it is more likely to catch on than other complex and long names. It fully represents the nature of the services provided by the company while adding a touch of “cool” to it.

  • VR Vibe
  • Trick Reality
  • VR World
  • Virtuality Vibes
  • VR guys
  • Create Reality
  • VR Geeks
  • VR Nerds
  • Reality Tour
  • Reality Happy
  • Reality Roast
  • Oceans Reality
  • Virtual Tundra
  • Virtual Fern
  • Virtual Impulse
  • Virtual Pings
  • Lumen Reality
  • Reality Hood
  • Virtual Serpent
  • Reality Jive
  • Powerhouse Reality
  • Virtual Bonnet
  • Virtual Bun
  • Virtual Ramble
  • Virtual Jumping
  • Virtual Aggression
  • Reality Sheep
  • Virtual Fix
  • VR Shuttle
  • Virtual Reality Realm
  • Reality Tags
  • The VR Call
  • VR Folks
  • RealityBuzz
  • VR Trip
  • VRBiz
  • VR Here
  • Reality Override
  • Virtual Flash
  • Reality Reboot
  • Reality Surge
  • Reality ops
  • VR Brain
  • Reality Net
  • VR Force
  • Virtual Buddy – (VirtualBuddy.co is available for purchase)
  • Our Reality
  • Our Virtuality
  • My VR
  • The VRCall
  • I’m Virtual
  • Holy Reality
  • Virtuous
  • Viruosi
  • VRgram
  • VR Track
  • Virtual Dimension
  • VR Gear
  • VR Essentials
  • VR Basics
  • Fundamentally Virtual
  • HackReal
  • ViReality
  • Virtual Matrix
  • Matrix world
  • Neo Reality
  • Reality Catch


Unique Virtual Reality Company Names

If “cool” and “popular” are not for you, then “unique” might succeed at meeting your needs. Choosing a unique and refreshing name for your company will help it connect with the audience and create a lasting impression. If you’re a new company, then your potential customers will appreciate the thought that you put into selecting the name.

You’ve done it. You’ve put in the hours, and you’ve assembled a team. The technology is there, the know-how is in place. So all you need now is a great name for your VR company.

Coming up with a unique name for your company is never easy. You want your customers to “feel” the difference. Check out our list of unique virtual reality company names each guaranteed to stick in your potential customers’ heads:

  • Virtual Realm

This name suggests that your company covers the entire domain of the virtual world. If someone needs anything related to VR products or services, your company’s name will intrigue them to connect with you.

  • Curate Reality

This unique name suggests that with your VR services, a client can curate their own chosen reality. This is an excellent pairing of words to show your clients that you offer value and will surely make your company stand out.

  • Go Virtual

Go Virtual is a name that is short, catchy, smooth, and unique. If that is your cup of tea, then this name would make a great fit for your VR Company.

  • Virtual Check
  • VR Lab
  • Make Your Reality
  • VR Drive
  • VR Tribe
  • VRXperts
  • Reality Hub
  • The VR Code
  • CoReality
  • VR Ways
  • Zeal Reality
  • Virtual Notification
  • Reality Wagers
  • Deer Reality
  • Virtual Damage
  • Casual Virtual
  • Reality Chicken
  • Virtual Fellas
  • Reality Text
  • Destiny Reality
  • Virtual Appreciation
  • Reality Duel
  • Virtual Apples
  • Reality Pubs
  • Moss Reality
  • Virtual Heist
  • Virtual Affirmations
  • Heaven Reality
  • Finest Virtual
  • Virtual Sprocket
  • Reality Dimes
  • May Reality
  • Belle Reality
  • Brick Reality
  • Virtual Americana
  • Virtual Slipper
  • Virtual Rumble
  • Reality Mentor
  • Custom Reality
  • Reality Dock
  • VR Boot
  • Alpha VR
  • Virtual Top
  • VR Core
  • Virtual Check
  • VR Lab
  • Make Your Reality
  • VR Drive
  • Un-Real
  • VR Tribe
  • The Virtual
  • VRXperts
  • Reality Hub
  • The VR Code
  • CoReality
  • VR Ways
  • Reality Mentor
  • Custom Reality
  • In-Reality
  • Reality Dock
  • VR Boot
  • Alpha VR
  • Virtual Top
  • VR Core
  • My Reality
  • VR On
  • Virtually
  • VRdemy
  • VR academy
  • VRture
  • Realitix
  • Virtualium
  • Reality Museum
  • VRable
  • Virtualify
  • Reality Inc.
  • Vituology
  • Reality Boom
  • Zoom VR
  • Begin Reality
  • VR Prospect
  • Virtual Test
  • VR test
  • VR platform
  • Reality Grab
  • Virtual hang 
  • Reality Travel
  • VR Post
  • VRad 
  • Virtual Taste 
  • Reality Test 
  • Virtual Bet  
  • Get Real
  • Travel Reality 
  • World Hopping
  • Virtuality Mix
  • Reality Machine 
  • VR Machine
  • VR Giants
  • VR Pros
  • VRex
  • VRacks
  • ViRus
  • VR alpha
  • VR Creek
  • VR lane
  • VR-Go
  • ViRgo
  • Virtual Planet
  • Reality Dip
  • Reality Bend
  • Virtual Booth
  • 007 Reality 
  • Virtual Grid
  • Hop Reality 
  • Switch reality 
  • Custom reality 
  • Virtual flash 
  • RealSec 
  • RealityTravel
  • VRoad 
  • VR doctrine 
  • RealDrop
  • Virtual boom
  • Rebrand reality
  • Lose Reality
  • Sense Boost
  • Reality rebranded 
  • VRXperts
  • VR drip 
  • Reality Rex
  • Virtuality Patch
  • Virtuous world
  • DreamVRld
  • Virtual Blvd
  • Reality Inject 
  • Imagine Reality 
  • World Hatch 
  • Hatch Reality 
  • IT Reality 
  • Virtual Jab 
  • VRdict


Conclusion: Virtual Reality Business Names

We’ve been getting a lot of interest recently from the virtual reality industry. This is likely because of the huge amounts of capital flowing into VR companies.

There are even major players like Google and Facebook that have been investing billions into this new technology. If you were thinking about starting a virtual reality company, then now may be a good time.

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