261 Catchy Voice Over Business Name Ideas

Voice Over Business Names

Are you an aspiring voice actor who’s trying to decide on a business name for your VO business? If yes, you’re in the right place. The goal of this post is to give you hundreds of catchy and cool voice-over business name ideas to get your creative juices flowing and help you find the perfect name for your brand.

Starting a new voice-over business can be fun but also very challenging. The first and most important step in the process is choosing a name for your business. If you get it right from the start, half your battle will be won!

It’s important to choose a name that will not only fit the overall look and feel of your business but will also be easy to pronounce. The name has to be unique, catchy, meaningful, but also simple enough to spell and remember.

To make it easier for you, we have collected plenty of interesting voice-over business name ideas that might help kick start your creativity and give you a good place to start brainstorming.

Catchy Voice Over Business Names

You want your business name to grab the reader’s attention, and a catchy name can help you do that. It’s common knowledge that the first thing people remember is the name of a company and you want to make a good first impression on potential clients.

It’s not about trying to dress up your business or trying to look trendy. It’s about creating a consistent, attractive brand with a hint of mystery.

To help you with that, we have gathered a lot of catchy voice-over business name ideas for you to choose from. We hope you find them useful and inspiring!

  • Sky Voice
  • The Voice Box
  • Voice of Reason
  • Dynamic Audio Productions
  • The Confident Voice
  • Honest Voiceovers
  • Solo Voicing
  • Speech Station
  • Voice-Over Pros
  • The Golden Voice
  • Sound Identity
  • Urban Voiceover
  • Curiosity Audio
  • Voice Monkey
  • Voice-Over Acoustics
  • Tv Talent Ads
  • My Voice Matters
  • Go with The Flow
  • Radio Jingle Production
  • Big Rig Voiceovers
  • Charismatic Voice
  • Barry’s Voice Business
  • Stretch Your Voicemails
  • Home Studio Hustle
  • Just Plain Voiceover
  • The Befuddled Voice
  • Build Your Own Home Studio
  • Just Say It!
  • The Stringboard
  • Spot On Productions – Since this is a name targeted at businesses that focus on delivering an “on-spot” voice-over solution for their clients
  • Mystic Voices – Choosing mystic voices as your business name suggests that the company focuses more on the magical or spiritual side of audio production
  • VoiceStyles – This name shows focus on what you do as a voice-over performer. Use it to create an overall image for your brand.
  • (Your Name) Voiceover – This is one of the more simple and easy-to-remember names for your brand and website. When people hear this, they will remember your name immediately, because most of us have been directly addressed by our names all our lives.
  • Voice Pirate – A cheeky take on being a voice-over artist, this is great!
  • Voice-Over Superstar
  • World-Class Voice Talent
  • Big Book of Voices
  • Super Pro Voice-Over Company
  • Voice Over Stars
  • The Good Voice-Overs
  • Just Voices
  • The Best Voice
  • Passionate Voiceover
  • The Narrator
  • Out of The Box
  • Speak More
  • Extra Voice
  • Blue Sky Audio
  • Cindy’s Voiceover Business
  • Voice-Over Solutions
  • Narrator & Voice Talent
  • Sounded Right
  • Big and Loud Inc
  • Integrity Awesome Voiceover
  • Trax Happy Hounds
  • Dharma Voices
  • Lemonade Provoice
  • The Perfect Voice
  • Go Voicers
  • Vox Vox Vox
  • Audio-Pros


Cool Voice Over Business Names

What’s in a name? A lot, if you are choosing a name for your business. A cool voice-over business name can be the foundation of your successful business and is an essential ingredient on your road to success.

However, finding the right name for your business can be one of the biggest challenges you’re going to face. Often it takes a lot of time and effort.

To assist you in the naming process, here are some cool voice-over business name ideas that would make you stand out like a shining star!

  • Next Level Voice
  • A Voice of Your Own
  • Professional Voice Over Job
  • Voice Over for Anything You Need
  • The Sound of Success
  • Voice Lesson
  • The Voice Shop
  • Voice Actor
  • The Talking Shop
  • The Voice Brand
  • Audioworks
  • Big Time Voice Overs
  • Blue Ribbon Voice Artists
  • Comstock Voices
  • Voice Over Agency
  • Online Voice Overs
  • Audio Voice Talent and Voiceover Class
  • Call to Voice
  • Vicious Circle Audio
  • Voice Over Marketing
  • Mountain Valley Sound Studios
  • Voice Acting Studio
  • Really Deep Voice Guy
  • My Voice and Me
  • Your Voice, My Voice
  • The Voice Guy
  • The First and Last Voice Over Company
  • Voice and Vision Inc
  • Talking Heads
  • Speak Up, Inc.
  • Voice Effectively
  • Robust Voice
  • Finely Tuned Professional
  • Classical Voice
  • Low and Smooth
  • Smooth and Silky
  • Amazingly Deep and Rich
  • Steamy Hot
  • Crisp, Clear & Confident
  • Clear and Filled with Joy
  • Ominous and Dark’s Voice
  • Linda’s Voice O’riley
  • Morgan Jones Voice Over Talent
  • The Voice Acting Agency
  • The Voice Revolution
  • Virtual Voices, LLC
  • That’s My Voice
  • John Doe Productions Inc.
  • Golden State Studios
  • Studio 21
  • Virtual Voice Actor
  • More than A Melody
  • Nutra Vox Inc.
  • The Man Behind the Voices
  • Professional Voice Actor (PVA)
  • The Accents Man
  • Female Voice Over Artist (FVOA)
  • The Deeper Magician
  • Cali’s Voice Queen
  • My Voice Is Your Voice
  • Voice You Can Trust
  • My Voice Matters
  • Voice Acting Spot
  • Brand Narration
  • The Voice Consulting Club (TVCC)
  • My Time Has Your Voice (MTHV)
  • The Charismatic Vocal Connection (TCVC)
  • The Voice that Delivers
  • Professional Voice Over Services
  • Golden Voice Agency
  • Your Favorite Narrator
  • Inner Voice
  • Big Happy Talent
  • Free and Easy Voice-Overs
  • This Could Be Your Voice
  • Vocal Candy


Funny Voice Over Business Names

Good branding in business is all about engagement and getting your customers’ attention. The best way to accomplish this is by having a memorable name that your audience can enjoy.

And adding humor to a business name can do wonders. It can drastically increase the appeal and memorability of the brand.

If you are struggling to find some funny voice-over business name ideas, these bad boys will spark some great ideas in your mind.

  • Goodluck Productions
  • Delusion Studios
  • All The Right Notes
  • Fuelled Voice Over
  • Tonal Palate
  • Bubble Gum Voice Over
  • Dubz Voiceovers
  • Egghead Voices Inc
  • Boombox Marketing Voiceover
  • The Voice of God
  • Popsicle Voice Artist
  • The Voice Builder
  • The Audio Artist
  • Sweet Sound Voice Over
  • Heart of the Home
  • Nutmeg Productions
  • The Voice Goddess
  • The Voice Over Meister
  • Voices it Out
  • John Talk’s Too Much
  • Two Doves
  • The Tinny Voice
  • The Science of Voicing
  • Audioworks Inc.
  • Vocalogy
  • Funny Voxx Inc.
  • Can’t Stop the Voices Inc.
  • Ocular Audio
  • A Vowel for Your Thoughts


Creative Voice Over Business Names

A great voice-over business name will support your branding and help people remember you when they need your services.

If your business name is weak, you could compromise your brand and lose leads. A creative out-of-the-box name is what separates a successful voice-over business from the rest of the pack.

Browse through our list of creative voice-over business names and settle on a name you love.

  • Voice Ocean
  • It’s a Voice Thing
  • Radio Voice-Over Services
  • I Sound Pretty Good
  • Professional Voice
  • Clear Voice
  • George’s Voice Shop
  • Big Voice Guy
  • The Voice Guy
  • Screen-Xperts
  • The Power of Aura Voice
  • Voices for Hire
  • All Voices Please
  • The Voice Over
  • Charm and The Voice
  • The Future of Voice Over
  • Voices Incorporated
  • True Voices
  • Noise Is Golden
  • The Voice Guy
  • Clear and Present Voice
  • The Voice Clinic
  • A Voice You Can Trust
  • Business Voice
  • Natural Talent
  • Your Voices
  • A Voice Like Fresh Morning Coffee
  • The One and Only Pro Voice Over Solution
  • The Voice Doctor
  • Top Grade Voice Overs!
  • Perfect Voice
  • The Working Actor
  • Voice Agency
  • The Voice Magnet
  • The Voice of A Child
  • Your Voice Over
  • Voice for Hire
  • Getting Your Voice Across
  • Top Voice Over Talent
  • Voice-O-Matic
  • A Recording Studio
  • A Voice to Treasure
  • Corporate Communications Production
  • Voice Over Artists Online
  • The Deep End
  • Awesome Voice Folks
  • Voice Power
  • Voice Actor
  • Voice in Vein
  • People Talking
  • The Voice Your Company Deserves
  • Voice Power
  • An Audio Club
  • The Voice with An Attitude
  • Voices Unlimited
  • The Voice of Experience
  • Voice O Rama
  • Voice Inflections
  • Sounding Good
  • Vox Agency
  • Phantom Voice
  • Voice Outsourcing
  • The Perfect Voice
  • The Voice Guy
  • Voice Actor
  • Voice Over Artist
  • The Sound of Success
  • The Voice Actress
  • The Voice and The Coast
  • Jesse’s Voice Service
  • Exceptional Voices
  • Your Favorite Voice
  • That’s so Voice
  • Voice Every Product
  • Say It Right
  • Sounds Like You
  • Bee the Voice
  • All Voices
  • Professional Voice
  • English Voice
  • They Have a Voice
  • The Voice Shop
  • Voice Is Power
  • The Voice Centre
  • Business Voice
  • Online Voice Over Artist


How to Name Your Voice Over Business?

Choosing a good name for your voice-over business is important. It is going to be the first thing that people see and therefore, it needs to reflect what you do. A good name will also help you mold your brand identity and will become an essential tool to sell yourself as a professional voice-over artist. It will set the tone for your image and reputation.

Before picking a name for your voice-over business, you need to make sure that it easily, quickly, and clearly conveys what you do. A good name helps attract the attention of potential customers and supports building the reputation of your business. It should be short, catchy, memorable, professional, and easy to pronounce.

Keep these tips in mind when choosing the name for your voice-over business:

  • Keep it simple and short (not more than 3 words)
  • Think of your target audience
  • Name your voice over business as an easily identifiable brand
  • Incorporate the words ‘voice’, ‘audio’, and/or ‘sound’
  • Your business name should lead the potential customer to make a positive association with your brand
  • Make it easy to spell, easy to read, and easy to pronounce
  • Stay away from overly generic names
  • Avoid numbers and hyphens in the name
  • Check for domain name availability


Conclusion: Voice-Over Business Names

We have finally come to the end of our journey. You’ve now seen tons of catchy, creative, and cool name ideas perfect for any voice-over business.

Feel free to choose whichever name suits your business theme the most. Remember, it needs to be something that you like and can feel comfortable with but at the same time, it needs to have good marketing value.

Though there is no right or wrong name, as a voice actor you should aim to find a name that sets you apart from the competition.

Thanks for visiting. We hope you enjoyed reading it. If you have any questions or suggestions for us, feel free to send us an email.

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