431 Wallpaper Company Names to Make Customers Rave

Wallpaper Company Names

The wallpaper industry is blossoming, with diverse styles and trends emerging daily.

But here’s a snag: naming your wallpaper company can be as challenging as choosing the perfect pattern for a feature wall.

Fear not, because this comprehensive guide is tailored to sweep away your naming blues.

At Soocial, we’ve mastered the art of naming businesses.

This guide is a distillation of our expertise, designed to inspire you to name your wallpaper company with confidence.

Ready to roll out your brand name? Let’s dive in.

Catchy Wallpaper Company Names

A catchy name is the first step to ensuring your wallpaper company stands out in a crowded market.

It’s about creating a name that’s not just memorable, but also resonates with your target audience.

Think about names that evoke the beauty and elegance of your wallpapers.

Ready for a dose of catchiness? Here are names to spark your creativity:

  • Lumere
  • Wallscape
  • Nu Wall Art
  • Wallpaper Studio
  • Color Fiesta
  • Wallpaper Wonders
  • Trendy Textures
  • Artsy Walls
  • Color Scape
  • The Wallpaper Factory
  • Wall Craft
  • Designia
  • Wall Tones
  • Vivid Scenes
  • Eleganza
  • Wallpaper Land
  • Colorful Dreams
  • Wallpaper Paradise
  • Textura
  • Wallteriors
  • Haute Wallpapers
  • Wall Candy
  • Fresco Finesse
  • Urban Utopia
  • Harmony Hues
  • Dreamy Decals
  • Decorative Den
  • Wallpaper Company
  • Wall to Wall
  • Wall Elegance
  • Smart Wallpapering
  • Bespoke Backdrops
  • Room Revolution
  • Artful Walls
  • Vintage Wallpapers
  • Wow Walls
  • Walls & All
  • The Wallpaper Revolution
  • Wall Scapes
  • The Art of Wall Coverings
  • The Chic Wallpaper
  • Poetic Palettes
  • Pattern Perfection
  • Bright Attitude Wallpapers
  • Luxe Lines
  • Wall Wonders
  • Beautiful Wallpapers
  • Texture Tastic
  • Art on the Wall
  • Feel Alive Wallpapers
  • Fresh Fusion
  • Walls N’ Roses
  • Wallpaper Wonderland
  • Colorful Decorations
  • Walls of Fame
  • Wallflower Decor
  • Pattern Play
  • Eclectic Edges
  • Wallpaper Pizzazz
  • Decor Fusion
  • Paperscapes
  • Wallscape Wonder
  • Bold Brushstrokes
  • Wall Candy Designs
  • Wall Worx
  • Bold and Beautiful Walls
  • Blue Skies Wallpapers
  • Artful Accents
  • Walls Illustrated
  • Chic Wallcoverings
  • Colorful Wallpaper Co
  • Walls of Wonder
  • Dimension Décor
  • Minimalist Montage
  • Chic Canvas Co
  • Artisan Walls
  • Paintastic Walls
  • Paper Perfect
  • Wallmantra
  • Bespoke Living Wallpapers
  • Decor Dazzle Studios
  • Rich Harmony
  • Vision Veneer
  • Platinum Prints
  • Pattern Pop Wall Art
  • Bold Blends
  • Novel Surroundings
  • Wall Master Designs
  • Incredible Illusions
  • Sophisticated Wallpapers
  • Wallpaper Wizard
  • North Star Wallpapers
  • Dapper Décor Designs
  • Wall to Wall Design
  • Vista Vibe Designs
  • Stunning Surfaces
  • Wall Art Wizard
  • Royal Wallpapers
  • Moody Wallpapers
  • Harmony Wallpapers
  • Wall Wizards
  • Styleistic Walls
  • Wallpaper Wilderness
  • Create Your World
  • Everlasting Elegance
  • Wallpaper Plus
  • American Wallpapers
  • Decorum Designs
  • Abstract Artisans
  • Luxe Living Wallpaper
  • Enchanting Exteriors
  • Sculptural Scapes
  • The Beautiful Canvas
  • Imaginative Interiors
  • Deco Designs
  • Personalized Wallpapers
  • Decor Studio Wallpapers
  • Wallpaper Craze
  • Wallpaper Whiz
  • Mural Majesty
  • Tranquil Textures
  • Bohemian Borders
  • Wallpapers Unleashed
  • Refreshing Change
  • Wallpaper Hub
  • Glam Galore
  • Creative Canvases
  • Spectrum Shades
  • Infinite Impressions
  • Mural Mingle
  • Decorative World
  • Designer Wallpapers
  • Fresh Fix
  • Paperama
  • Wall Flower
  • Inspire Decor
  • Spruce Wallpaper
  • The Wallpaper Company
  • Fusion Florals
  • Harmonious Hues
  • Wall Splash
  • Stars and Stripes
  • Radiant Revivals
  • Wall Stories
  • Rustic Reflections
  • Wall Paperie
  • Wallpapering Experts
  • Luxury Wallpapers
  • Next Era Wallpapers
  • Wall Tales
  • Wall Fancies
  • Royal Designs
  • Victorian Visions
  • Textured Treasures
  • Wallflower Wallpaper
  • My Great Wallpaper Co
  • Refined Reflections
  • Wall Worthies
  • Premium Wallpaper Co
  • Luxurious Landscapes
  • Wall Vibes
  • Wallpaper Wizards
  • Wall Wizardry
  • Colorful Cravings
  • Blue Horizon Wallpapers
  • Walls Galore
  • Vibrant Vistas
  • Radiant Invitations
  • Papercraft Wallcoverings


Funny Wallpaper Company Names

Humor can be a powerful tool in branding.

A funny wallpaper company name can set a light-hearted, approachable tone for your brand.

It’s about striking a balance between being playful and maintaining professionalism.

Let’s roll out some fun with these names:

  • Chuckle Chic Decor
  • Giggles & Patterns
  • Walls R Us
  • The Wallpaper Wizards
  • Wallpaper Street
  • The Wallpaper Mill
  • Wallpaper Works
  • Wallpaper Warehouse
  • Walls ‘R’ Us
  • Wall Wares
  • Wallpaperama
  • Pattern Maniacs
  • The Great Wallpaper Company
  • Luxe Wallcoverings
  • Wall-arious Designs
  • Witty Wallpapers
  • Whimsi Walls
  • Quirked Up Walls
  • Wallpapyrus
  • Papered Over
  • Viva la Wallpaper Revolution
  • Stick ’em Up Studios
  • Roll Models
  • Wall-E’s Wallpaper Emporium
  • The Wallpaper Wizard
  • Walls? What Walls?
  • Flower Power Wallpapers
  • Wallper Market
  • Stick On Walls
  • Pretty Walls
  • Exotic Wallpapers
  • Peelin’ Walls
  • Wallfull
  • Eco-Walls
  • As Seen On Walls


Cool Wallpaper Company Names

In the wallpaper business, ‘cool’ transcends trends.

It’s about being timeless and appealing to a modern, sophisticated audience.

Your company name should reflect contemporary style and an edge that sets you apart.

Check out these cool names that make a statement:

  • Walls Elegance
  • Urban Utopia Interiors
  • Wallaria
  • Wallpaper Elite
  • Walltonic
  • Wally World Design
  • The Wallpaper Rebellion
  • Walltropolis
  • Wander Walls
  • Wallpapers
  • Wallpaper Unlimited
  • Wallpaper Gallery
  • Wallpaper Mart
  • Pop & Peel
  • Wally Paper
  • Wall Street Wraps
  • Luxe Wallpaper Designs
  • Opulent Walls
  • Artisanal Interiors
  • The Wallpaper Couture
  • Golden Wall Designs
  • Vogue Walls
  • High Society Wallpaper
  • Glamour Galore Interiors
  • Exquisite Embellishments
  • Creative Coverings
  • Designers’ Delight Wallpaper
  • Elite Wallpaper Designs
  • Wall FX
  • Elegant Walls
  • Wall Art Warriors
  • Wall Artistry
  • Elite Coverings
  • Luxe Decor Wallpaper
  • Creative Cortex Wallpaper
  • Custom Walls
  • Modern Murals
  • Artisan Wallpaper
  • Artistic Impressions Wallpaper
  • Wall Werks
  • Decorative Designs
  • Luxe Interiors
  • Wallpaper Haven
  • Wall Fusion
  • Wallpaper Dreams


Creative Wallpaper Company Names

Creativity is the heart of the wallpaper industry.

Your company name should be a reflection of your imaginative approach to design.

Think abstract, think unique – a name that promises innovation and originality in every roll.

Unleash creativity with these names:

  • Artisan Aura Wallscapes
  • Canvas Conception Co
  • Dream Wall Art
  • Imagination Interiors
  • Vision Vogue Studios
  • Mystic Wallpapers
  • Hand-Painted Wallpapers
  • Wallpaper Desires
  • Wallpaper Solutions
  • Shiny Diamond Wallpapers
  • Wallpapers and More
  • Simply Wallcoverings
  • Wall Decor
  • Trendy Wallpapers
  • Bold and Beautiful Wallpapers
  • Wallpaper World
  • Wallpaper People
  • First Impression Wallpapers
  • A Grand Wallpaper
  • Above and Beyond Wallpapers
  • Ardent Wallpapers
  • All Things Wallpapers
  • Doorway to Heaven Wallpapers
  • Best Wallpapers
  • Invincible Walls
  • Patterned Paradise
  • Walls Alive
  • Crafted Coverings
  • Wall Artisan
  • Decorative Delights
  • Paper Dreams
  • Patina Papers
  • Whimsical Wallpapers
  • Wallpaper Central
  • Wall Impressions
  • Chroma Haven
  • Luxe Walls
  • Paper Glow
  • Walls ‘N All
  • Kaleidoscope Impressions
  • Design-Inspired Walls
  • Walls Alive!
  • Statement Walls
  • Luxe Wallpapers
  • Fresh Fold Studios
  • Wallsational
  • Color Craft
  • Wallificent
  • Aura Wall Designs
  • Vivid Vistas
  • Wallscapes Unlimited
  • Wallflower Wonders
  • Elegant Interiors
  • Artisan Wallprints
  • Perfect Patterns
  • Spaces Scape
  • Vibrant Visions
  • Patterns of Distinction
  • Infinite Designs
  • Tapestry Treasures
  • Chromatic Artistry
  • Imaginative Murals
  • Magnolia Wallpapers
  • Custom Canvas
  • Pigment & Paper
  • Fresh Fold Wallcoverings
  • Wallpaper Palace
  • Chic Prints
  • Color Craze Studios
  • Textile Treasures
  • Wall Appeal
  • Cover Your Walls
  • Papered Paradise
  • Paper Palette
  • Design Oasis
  • Imprint Interiors
  • Fresh Wall
  • Wallpaper Emporium


Unique Wallpaper Company Names

The key to a unique name is to think outside the box.

It’s about finding that perfect blend of uniqueness and relevance – a name that not only stands out but also aligns with your brand’s identity and values.

Here are unique names to set your brand apart:

  • Reverie Wallworks
  • Spectra Designs
  • Novel Nest Interiors
  • Wallflix
  • Patternsy
  • Wallscaping
  • Wallfluence
  • Wallternative
  • Walluminate
  • Wally World
  • Wallspoke
  • Picasso Prints
  • Palette Paper
  • Covered Walls
  • Artisanal Wallcoverings
  • Chic Décor Wallpapers
  • Enchanting Wallcoverings
  • Timeless Elegance Wallpapers
  • Urban Escape Wallcoverings
  • Glamour Walls
  • Serene Scapes Wallcoverings
  • Royal Treat Wallpapers
  • Exquisite Walls
  • Decorative Impressions
  • Whimsical Murals
  • Murals Maven
  • Deco Vibe
  • Artisanally Inspired
  • Paper Mosaic
  • Bold Bloom
  • Artistic Tapestry
  • Mural Marvel
  • Wallflower Studios
  • Elite Wallpaper Works
  • Signature Wallscapes
  • Inkventions
  • Tapestry Tales
  • Customized Wallcoverings
  • Color Craze
  • Chroma Dynamics
  • Luxe Scapes
  • Illustrious Walls
  • Surface Sphere
  • Surface Spectrum
  • The Wallpaper Gallery
  • Wall Whispers
  • Innovative Wall Décor


Wallpaper Company Names Generator

While creativity flows naturally for some, others might need a little nudge.

That’s where a name generator can be a handy tool.

It can spark ideas you might not have considered and is a great starting point for your brainstorming session.

Here’s a sneak peek into generated names:

  • Pattern Pulse
  • Decor Dynamo
  • Mural Momentum
  • Vista Vibrance
  • Vibe Walls
  • Art Scape
  • Wall Whiz
  • Chic Walls
  • Decor Dash
  • Trendy Walls
  • Paper Pop
  • Style Scape
  • Wall Pop
  • Art Mural
  • Decor Vibe
  • Print Scape
  • Design Aura
  • Crafted Walls
  • Wall Joy
  • Art Vibe
  • Wall Muse
  • Design Nest
  • Modern Mural
  • Viva Walls
  • Fancy Mural
  • Mural Muse
  • Aura Walls
  • Stylish Scenes
  • Patternix
  • Muralia
  • Wall Zone
  • Arti Wall
  • Wall Gems
  • Blissful Walls
  • Wall Bliss
  • Artistic Walls
  • Trendi Wall
  • Wall Crafts
  • Colorful Vibes
  • Wall Zen
  • Decorisio
  • Chic Wallpapers
  • Chic Wallz
  • Mural Max
  • Design Hive
  • Wallorama
  • Chroma Walls
  • Designova
  • Fine Prints
  • Wallzio
  • Cozy Walls
  • Decor Wave
  • Style Scapes
  • Urban Wall Decor
  • Fresh Wall Art
  • Wall Luxe
  • Color Splash


How To Name Your Wallpaper Company

In the world of wallpaper, your brand name isn’t just a label—it’s the first expression of your design ethos and industry vision.

So, how do you craft a name that resonates with the aesthetic preferences of your clientele while standing out in a competitive market?

Let’s dive into a step-by-step guide, drawing from our years of experience in branding and digital marketing.

Understand Your Unique Style:

Every wallpaper company has its own unique style – be it vintage, modern, eclectic, or minimalist.

Your name should be a reflection of this style.

Ask yourself, what design philosophy am I bringing to the table?

Is it bold and avant-garde, or classic and timeless?

This understanding will be the cornerstone of your naming process.


Know Your Target Audience:

Who are you designing for?

Upscale homeowners, trendy businesses, interior designers?

Your company name should speak to them directly.

For example, if your target market is luxury homes, a name that conveys sophistication and elegance would be more appropriate than something playful or whimsical.


Incorporate Wallpaper-Specific Terms:

Utilize terms that are specific to wallpapers and interior design.

Words like ‘mural’, ‘pattern’, ‘texture’, or ‘palette’ can be a part of your name, giving it a clear industry connection while enhancing creativity.


Blend Creativity with SEO:

In today’s digital age, having an SEO-friendly name can give you an edge.

Consider keywords that potential customers might use to search for wallpaper services.

However, balance SEO with creativity; your name should not just be a string of keywords but should also have a creative flair.


Check for Uniqueness and Availability:

In the digital world, your name needs to be unique not just for branding but also for web domain availability and social media presence.

Use online tools to check if the name is already in use and if the domain is available.


Consider the Scope for Expansion:

Choose a name that doesn’t limit your business to a particular niche, unless you are absolutely certain about focusing on that niche forever.

For example, if you name your company “Vintage Wallpaper Co.,” it might be challenging to expand into modern or contemporary wallpaper styles in the future.


Seek Feedback and Test:

Once you have a few names in mind, test them out.

Get feedback from potential customers, peers, and mentors.

Pay attention to their first impressions and the emotions the name evokes.


Finalize and Embrace Your Name:

After careful consideration and feedback, choose the name that best represents your company’s essence and vision.

Remember, a great name is the first step in building a strong brand identity.


Having a hard time coming up with a new name for your wallpaper company?

Want to come up with a brand name that’ll immediately stick, as soon as your customers hear it?

Great, so do we.

And this post will show you how.

In this article, we have gathered hundreds of catchy and creative wallpaper company name ideas to get your creative juices flowing and assist you in the naming process.

So you want to start a wallpaper design company.

That’s great!

The industry has a major demand for wallpaper designers and also provides ample room for growth.

The first and one of the most crucial steps is to choose a good name for it.

Finding the ideal company name is an essential business process in itself.

But doing so is easier said than done.

Business owners often have to go through hundreds of potential names before they land on one that works.

If you want to make this process smoother and less time-consuming, browse through this list of solid names for wallpaper businesses and get inspired.

Read through all the wallpaper company name ideas and pick something that suits your business goals and vision.


Conclusion: Wallpaper Company Names

And there we have it – a comprehensive guide to naming your wallpaper company with flair and finesse.

Armed with these ideas and strategies, you’re now ready to make a mark in the wallpaper industry.

As you embark on this exciting journey, let your company name be the first stroke of brilliance in your canvas of success.

How will you use these names to paint your brand’s story? Perhaps one of these names sparked an idea that’s uniquely yours.

Share your thoughts, and let’s discuss how these names can inspire growth and creativity in your wallpaper business.

Your feedback is not just welcomed; it’s eagerly anticipated!

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