481 Wine Captions for Instagram to Make Your Vino Game Lit

Wine Captions

If you love wine, taking pictures of you relishing the taste of wine and posting them on Instagram is a great way to grab the attention of fellow wine lovers. The problem with being so passionate about wine is that sometimes you have trouble coming up with creative captions that perfectly describes your love for wine.

Are you struggling to find an eye-catching caption for a beautiful picture of you holding a glass of wine? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Here, you’ll find hundreds of catchy, cool, and creative captions that you can use to describe your classy wine photos on Instagram.

We all love sharing pictures on Instagram, but an important factor in gaining followers and likes is the captions we use. Captions add context and emotion to our Instagram photos and are a great way to show off our creativity. People put a lot of thought into creating the perfect shot, so why not bring the same attention to the caption?

Whether you’re a wine aficionado or just a casual wine drinker, there’s no denying that a good caption can complete the perfect Instagram post – and an eye-catching one will get you more likes. That said, finding a good wine caption is a challenge.

This is why we have put together this list of attention-grabbing wine captions so that you can spice up your wine photos with brilliant words.

So, scroll through the list, pick your favorite one and stand out on Instagram.

Classy Wine Captions

Wine is often referred to as ‘liquid gold,’ and there’s something about a glass of wine complimented by a great caption on Instagram.

A picture says a thousand words. On Instagram, wine lovers follow this rule—wanting to be “in” on all sorts of wine-related news—but how can they do so if their pictures lack a caption?

This section includes a plethora of classy captions that will give your photos the voice they have always been missing. So the next time you post a picture on Instagram or Facebook, we guarantee it will turn heads and win fans!

  • Wine and chill
  • A nice glass of wine makes everything better
  • I just can’t get enough of wine
  • Always the right time for a glass of wine
  • Cozy nights are made for wine
  • Wine is a constant reminder that life is good
  • Life is better when there’s wine
  • All you need is a glass of wine and a pretty view
  • Beauty is always in the bottle
  • Let the wine help
  • Perfection in a glass
  • It’s wine o’clock somewhere
  • Wine is like life, it gets better with age
  • So many wines, so little time!
  • Life is too short for bad wine
  • Life without wine is no life at all!
  • Wine makes everything better
  • Sip it slow
  • Wine is the way to my heart
  • Did somebody say wine?
  • Good times, great wines
  • My wine glass is always half full
  • A picture may be worth a thousand words, but that doesn’t mean we can’t use a little wine
  • How about wine for a perfect evening
  • It’s after work and time for happy hour
  • Never skip the wine for dinner!
  • Try a black and white wine for a twist
  • Win or wine?
  • Sweet for your lips
  • What kind of wine is this?
  • Oh, this wine… it has got something
  • I really love how there are no rules with wine names!
  • Just keep living your life and I will keep drinking my wine
  • Good wine deserves good food
  • Wine can be so sophisticated
  • Don’t drink the whole bottle!
  • Wine at last!
  • Classy, sassy, sophisticated wine
  • Live laugh love wine
  • Stop and smell the wines
  • There are just certain moments where wine is the only answer
  • Too much wine is never enough
  • Don’t invite me to your parties, I’ll just show up with some wine and ruin it
  • A glass of wine is always better on a beach
  • Wine brings out the romantic in everyone
  • Damn wine!
  • Look at that bottle (& wine glass)
  • Good things come in small packages
  • Wine o’clock is now 🍷🎁 
  • Bottle of wine to start the night
  • You can’t spell wine without vine!
  • Drink wine, lose weight. Eat grapes, lose even more.
  • Perfect day for wine and cheese
  • Don’t laugh, the wine glasses were on discount
  • Any excuse to sip a great glass of wine
  • My favorite wine!
  • Relax … recover … refresh!
  • Big bottles of wine
  • Sunny days and crisp wine
  • Love with wine glasses
  • You can’t forget me
  • Sparkling vintage wines
  • Wine, food, travel …
  • You can’t spell expensive without wine!
  • All my friends are in the wine business but my best friend is a big glass!
  • Wine me up before you go go…
  • Drink wine it’s good for your heart
  • Weekend wine drinker
  • Shots ready
  • For that wine lover
  • Double tap if you want to drink wine
  • Wine is magical
  • Enjoy that bottle of wine like the beautiful sun-kissed thing it is
  • You are my kind of wine girl
  • Drink up your problems
  • Wine what I’m thinkin’
  • You complete me
  • Honing in my happiness
  • I’m all grape to be with you
  • My secret vice of drinking wine all by my lonesome
  • A glass of chardonnay is to merriment, as a season ticket to the ballet is to dance
  • A sip of harlot will never hurt you! Unless you drink too much of it.
  • I love pinot noir
  • Having a glass of wine
  • Enjoying the fruits of my labor
  • It’s nice to entertain my guests
  • Nice choice!
  • Wine is a lifestyle, not a hobby! #winelife
  • Be all that you can be
  • Time for vino!
  • Let there be *wine*
  • Drink more wine!!!
  • You always take my breath away 😁
  • I’m so fruity I love wine
  • It’s not Friday without #wine
  • The party doesn’t start until #wine shows up
  • Mornings in bed are better with you in my arms and a glass of wine in my hand!
  • Wine up
  • You can’t spell class without c-h-a-l-l-e-n-g-e!!!!
  • Ok seriously… how does a glass of wine make everything better!?!?
  • Wine me dine you at my house I just cleaned or yours if it looks
  • Don’t pour it out
  • You can never have too much wine
  • Wine makes me happy
  • Wine is best served with a smile
  • I’m a wine drinker, not a doctor
  • Wine brings people together
  • There’s nothing that can’t be solved with wine
  • One glass of wine a day keeps the doctor away
  • A cure for all your problems
  • After hours of hard work, it’s time to enjoy the wine
  • Relaxing at a tasting event
  • This is the perfect wine to drink on a warm, sunny day
  • I think I’ll have a glass of red instead of going out tonight
  • Wish you were here – sip this wine & remember our last vacation together
  • Deciding is the hardest part
  • Reach for the good wine
  • Great minds drink alike
  • Toast to better days with wine
  • There’s no such thing as a bad bottle of wine
  • This wine fits every occasion
  • Pouring the wine
  • Have a wine and cheese date
  • Be ready for wine
  • Take you out for wine and dine
  • Wine and ice cream – true love forever…
  • Wine – because we need to celebrate!
  • There is nothing like a full glass of biteable wine
  • Let the wine glow on your tongue and savor its aftertaste
  • Are you ready for this wine?
  • Wine o clock, where are my friends?
  • A good wine pairs well with a great meal
  • Summer doesn’t have to be watermelon and iced tea
  • You don’t need a special occasion to enjoy a glass of wine
  • This is sure to cure the winter blues
  • Check out this sweet wine shop in your city! #wine
  • Love wine? This is my new favorite spot!
  • Fresh wine and cheese make the perfect combination
  • I love relaxing on the patio over a glass of sweet wine
  • The art of wine drinking is as old as the art of winemaking


Cute Wine Captions

Wine is delicious! And Instagram is popular. It’s the perfect match. If you love wine, taking pictures of your wine and posting them on Instagram is a great way to attract wine lovers. However, sometimes you might be at a loss of words to describe your experience with a particular bottle of wine.

So, we wanted to help and offer our readers a bunch of cute wine captions to help you post pictures of your boozy beverages with ease. We’re sure you’ll find at least one that you’ll love!

  • Wine pairings are a lot like a love affair
  • A year is a long time to wait for a good bottle of wine
  • One bad bottle doesn’t mean you have picked a bad vineyard
  • I’m going to have a glass of wine and relax
  • I have a lot to be thankful for
  • Here’s a glass of vino, cheers!
  • Come over, I have a bottle of wine waiting for us!
  • Wine, women, and song – the recipe for my life
  • A glass of wine is like singing; you should do it like you mean it.
  • The wine is good and it makes me happy
  • I love a good glass of wine in the evening
  • That wine or did I just make that up?
  • This new bottle we found is so sweet
  • A little bit nervous to try this one
  • A fresh vine, the sun only just rises to it, but it already casts a big shadow
  • Like old cohorts, we shall rise and fall together and remember the good old days
  • Wine is constant proof that God loves us and loves to see us happy
  • Sometimes the only way to appreciate a sunset is in a glass of wine
  • Keep calm and enjoy your wine
  • Drink in the moment
  • Your job will still be waiting after you enjoy a glass of wine
  • Summer will be here before you know it!
  • You can do anything with a glass of wine in
  • Wine is the nectar of the gods and your soul
  • Wine and yoga is laughter
  • It’s not about the wine… it’s about the people you drink with
  • I’m ready to take the day by storm!
  • It may be the weekend but I’m still working hard. Cheers to good times ahead!
  • As silly as it sounds – it’s all about the bubbles
  • At the core, it’s just grapes and yeast
  • It’s a wine-gasm of flavors
  • Wine sparklers are the new champagne
  • Love is like wine; the older the sweeter
  • Bad day? Let’s drink some wine!
  • We should drink more wine
  • I’ve got a lot of grape to say
  • A little bit of bubbly never hurt anyone! Pinky promise!
  • I’m nouveau riche with my own wine cellar
  • I put the ‘o’ in oaky
  • Cheers to spending time with you
  • Life is a wine that needs drinking
  • Always drink wine in moderation
  • Wine can make a memory even sweeter
  • Adding to happiness, subtracting from tomorrow
  • Live for today, but save a few grapes for tomorrow! 🙂
  • The first glass of wine is all about the food; the second is about the fam
  • Popsicle of the night
  • You’ve got grape love!
  • Togetherness is the feeling you get when you’re alone, late at night with wine
  • Wines are like people, they come in all shapes and varieties
  • Wine tastes better after it’s been through a long day
  • Flirt lightly with fruit
  • A glass of wine can’t change the past but good wine helps people forget their problems 
  • Raise your hand if you love #wine
  • Just another day in paradise
  • You can’t have a festival without wine
  • There’s nothing like a chilled glass of wine on a hot summer day
  • Wake up, drink wine, stay up. Sleep, drink wine, work up.
  • Wine makes every meal better
  • Wine will always make me happy
  • Don’t cry over spilled wine!
  • Let’s drink to that
  • Wine makes everything better
  • Good things come in bottles
  • All girls should have a little bit of wine every night
  • The best part about wine is that you can drink as much as you want and no one will know how silly you look
  • This is one of the best wines I’ve had in a while
  • If someone offers you wine, always say yes or they will never ask you again
  • You’ll never believe how good this wine tastes
  • Happy hour with my girls
  • Château señorita
  • Let’s vino down! 


Wine With Friends Captions

Wine is a gift from God! There is nothing better than wine and some bonding time with your loving friends. Instagram is the perfect place to capture all of those beautiful memories with your group.

Where there is wine, there is friendship, and where there is wine and friends, there are countless captions to go on Instagram. Whether you’re trying to finish a bottle of red or white with four friends or an entire case on your own, you need at least a few captions ready to go.

Here are a bunch of creative wine captions for your next photo showing off the great times you’re having by sharing a bottle of wine with friends.

  • There’s no time of year that isn’t right for wine with friends
  • Drinking wine with friends is one of life’s greatest pleasures
  • Join us at our vineyard for a day filled with great company and the perfect glass. #DrinkCheers
  • Life’s just better with a glass of wine and good friends
  • Good wine, good friends, no surprise that these two are always found together. 🍷🍾
  • A crisp glass of wine, a great conversation, and some laughs with friends. It doesn’t get better than this ⛷ 🍷
  • I love when my friends come over and we just drink wine and talk about life
  • Wine with friends. Life is full of simple pleasures. 🍷
  • Wine is all about sharing — with friends, family, or even just yourself.  Let’s do this! 🍷
  • Wine. Cheese. Friends. The more you have, the better it is.
  • Wine tastes better with great friends. #letsdowhatweantotoday
  • Let’s bring the best out of each other with wine, and maybe a few laughs 🥂
  • When you come home from a long day, all you need is to spend time with good friends and your favorite wines.
  • Celebrating friendship with a bottle of wine 🍷😎
  • It’s always great to catch up with friends over a nice glass (or two) of wine. #SweetOnSugarBear
  • Tonight’s forecast calls for laughter, roaring bonfires, and 🍷📚👯‍♂️
  • Three friends, three bottles of wine, and an endless stream of laughter…Sounds like the perfect Sunday to us 😎
  • When it’s girls night, food night, wine night.
  • *Sips* When friends come together to do nothing but talk about that awesome new Maroon 5 single 🎶
  • We like to take it easy with wine 😜


Wine Tasting Captions

Wine tasting is one of our favorite social activities, but we’re also pretty good at writing witty captions. With just the right mix of humor and wordplay, these entertaining Instagram captions can be used to put a unique spin on things.

A lot of people drink wine as a hobby or as a profession with taste buds as their weapon. And all these wine connoisseurs like to share their thoughts about wine online via Instagram on a regular basis. The best way to add more flavor to your photos is to come up with clever wine-related captions that can accompany your photos.

These cute wine captions for Instagram will help you create posts that make you look like a wine connoisseur.

  • What’s better than a day tasting wine with the people you love the most
  • Come on out tonight for wine tasting. We’re pouring lots of new delicious wines.
  • Pairings hold up to more than just food. Enjoy the art of pairing every time you pour your #Wine 🍷
  • Wine is made for celebrating. Join us for an intimate tasting party at our new location to sip, learn and celebrate life
  • Wine is all about big, bold flavors. There are so many tastes to explore. From crisp, dry whites to juicy reds, there’s something for every occasion.
  • If chess isn’t the royal game then wine is my queen. 🍷
  • Come join us for a wine tasting to celebrate fall and all of the different wines that come with it!
  • The leaves may be changing color, but you can still drink wine outside. Keep on going strong with this mixed case of bright, flavorful wines.
  • Join us for an afternoon of paired wine and cheese paired with humor and hijinks
  • Intrigue your taste buds with a variety of swoon-worthy wines
  • It’s always happy hour—especially when the glass is raised to friends, good times, and great achievements. 🥂
  • Tastes like sunshine in a glass. 🍷🌻
  • Come and taste the sweet nectar of summer ☀🍇👌🏻
  • Savor the good things in life, on a regular basis
  • You know you can’t judge a wine by its label, but you can sure as hell enjoy it by one.
  • You’ll wonder why you ever considered buying wine in a box when you can have a wine tasting at home 🍷
  • So many of life’s important decisions are made over wine
  • Life is complete when you have that one summer wine ❤️
  • Grab a glass for your next glowing campfire moment 😎
  • Warm weather’s gone, but our green harvest tables are popping up all around
  • Life is too short to drink cheap red
  • Life’s a bit fuzzy when you’re in it. So lighten up and enjoy the ride, wherever you end up.


Funny Wine Captions

What’s better than a good glass of wine? A cute photo of the wine, of course! If you’re looking for a funny caption to give your wine-related post an extra boost of hilariousness, we’ve got what you need.

We scoured the web to gather a bunch of funny captions to spice up your wine photos. All of these wine captions are sure to make your friends chuckle. Have fun!

  • Don’t drink and drive…you might spill your wine
  • Wine is the biggest time saver of my day!
  • Every time I drink I think of Shakespeare
  • Wine is better than therapy! Pretty much free, fun, and legal!
  • Wine is like an old friend. Some days are better than others but there when you need it the most.
  • I’m just a simple man with a simple goal, one glass at a time
  • If all our wines were stolen and we couldn’t get anymore, it would be a tragedy for civilization”
  • Whenever I drink wine I feel as if I have just emerged from a glorious concert by the symphony orchestra
  • I feel sorry for people who don’t drink wine
  • The only time to drink wine is at the end of a good dinner
  • Wine is food for all occasions
  • A sense of humor is the only way to enjoy life when you have a bad bottle of wine
  • The uglier the bottle, the more inside
  • Wine is just red whine
  • Thank goodness wine has a label, or else I’d have no idea which glass contained my brand
  • My family is everything to me. Fortunately, it’s not everything to my wine glass.
  • Wine goes well with everything except reality
  • I used to drink wine to fit in, but now I’m drinking wine to create the illusion that I belong
  • The more I drink, the better I am at writing about drinking. 😋
  • Bring on the cheese, crackers, and whine! Let’s wine & dine ourselves lol
  • Some days you’re the nail. Some days you’re the wine cellar door
  • What’s the difference between a violin and a viola? A viola burns longer
  • There are 10 types of people. Those that understand wine, and those that don’t.
  • A fine wine inspires me and pleases my heart
  • A glass of wine can change the world, one smile at a time
  • Let us drink while we may, for tomorrow we die
  • It is not drinking alone that makes one sad, but thinking alone while drinking
  • Wine doesn’t solve any problems, it only moves them around
  • A woman drove me to drink and I didn’t even have the decency to thank her!
  • Too much of anything is bad, but too much Champagne is just right
  • The best wines leave you wanting more, but the worst leave you wishing you had less
  • One glass of wine is all it takes
  • Wine makes every meal an occasion
  • When it comes to inserting my corkscrew into one of those wine bottles I have a bad feeling that my bottles will be corked
  • Be brave and #KeepOnWining everything! 😜
  • I’m a wine drinker—I drink about a gallon a week.


Red Wine Captions

Sipping on some red wine by the beach? Doesn’t look half bad. If you’re on Instagram, you know that all of your best photos need the perfect caption. As it is said, with the right wine, a photographer becomes a poet; a sculptor becomes a painter. This is your chance to get creative!

We’re dishing out a ton of cute red wine captions for you to choose from. We’ve got everything from the perfect pick-me-up phrases to a little bit of pun fun. Let’s cheers to these yummy wine captions…

  • A glass of red wine can be just as joyful as any holiday tradition
  • Red wine drinking is an art form
  • Red wine, the taste of celebration
  • Red wine is like music, there’s an emotional reaction you get from each glass
  • Taste red wine and let your emotions take over
  • Rich red wine makes a heart happy
  • Happiness is a glass of red wine and chocolate dessert
  • You really can’t go wrong with red
  • Red wine for my real friends
  • We all need a friend to grab dinner and drinks with. Red Wine is that friend.
  • Life’s too short to drink bad wine
  • Cheers to the wine-filled moments that count 🍷
  • My wine. My shoes. My hair. Your toast. Happy Friday, friends. 🍷 😎
  • When the weekend hits, so does our Pinot.
  • Just one more glass . . .
  • If a glass a night is too much for you, we can’t be friends.
  • Friends, Romans, Countrymen…either way, grab a glass. Be filled, and be merry. 🍷
  • When you come out of a meeting and feel like you’re ready to take on the world.
  • One of my favorite nights of the year. A new glass of red.
  • You have great taste, but my new favorite color is red!
  • Don’t be intimidated by red wine
  • There’s nothing better on a chilly autumn night than sipping on this delicious berry-flavored red wine.
  • Gentle yet expressive, but classic
  • Modern glamour drunk on red wine. 🍷
  • It’s always good to take a pause and enjoy the simple pleasures in life (and that includes red wine) 😊❤️👑
  • The happiest days of my life have been spent in sunlit vineyards, breathing in the beautiful terroir
  • To the unicorns who make wine taste like candy and music sound like a party 🥰
  • If there’s one thing I’m an expert on, it’s wine
  • Wine should be unique and age like a fine wine
  • The rich, velvety, full-bodied wine
  • Glasses are overrated
  • People do not grow old because they grow old, they grow old because they stop drinking red wine
  • I’m thinking red, are you thinking red?
  • I look better with red wine glasses
  • All the reds are in the bottle
  • I’m not mad about white or rose just sniff my red?
  • Wine is good for the heart, but red wine is better
  • Love your red wines!
  • Red wine makes me feel sexy!
  • This is not your average red blend!
  • Hey bartender, can I get a glass of your finest red?


Rose Wine Captions

A glass of rose wine and a stroll on the beach. What a perfect way to spend a weekend evening. Whether you are on a date, on a beautiful hike, or hanging out with your friends, rose wines are the drink of choice. Not only do rose wines come in an assortment of shades, but they pair so well with various types of foods, including Seafood and Barbecue.

If you’re heading out to enjoy some rose wine, take a minute to browse this list for caption ideas before taking your next picture. You will want all your followers to know about your rose wine experience.

  • A glass of rosé never hurt anyone
  • Wine. Roses. Stunning. Tastes like both, only better.
  • Live beautifully on rosé
  • Taste the sunshine in every sip of #SippingRose
  • We rise above and raise a glass to those who made the cut. And you, too. #rosé
  • Two glasses of rosé a day keep the stress away
  • Is anyone else craving warm weather and sunshine? #ROSÉ wine is the 🍾 you need to kick off the week.
  • Raise a glass to this warm weather and bask in the glow. #rosé
  • It’s all right here, baby 🥂😎 #RoséLife
  • Rosé all day! 🍷
  • Rich and delicious, this rosé is a great addition to your daily repertoire. 🍷
  • Rosé all day, every day 👯 #rosé
  • Welcome warmer weather with our Rosé, a seasonal summer favorite 🍇🍷
  • Feeling pretty, oh so pretty… and we’ll keep reoccurring because it’s almost time for rosé season.
  • Rosé is back, and it’s not going anywhere
  • Cheers to no longer being the only person in the climate who has to pretend she likes IPA! 🍹
  • When you catch the sun in a glass, what a glorious day. Wine country gets me every time. 😎
  • Summer nights got us feeling like, “Ahh… let’s keep it canned.” 🍾
  • We don’t need a party to have a good time
  • When it’s not just about the wine, but also the experience
  • Life is too short for anything but rosé
  • Let’s toast to this weekend 🍷++🌹
  • Good things come to those who wait, but great things like rosé come to those who go out and get them!


Romantic Wine Captions for Couples

Wine is good. Wine is better when it’s shared with the person you love the most. A lonely bottle of wine just won’t cut it!

When people think about wine, they often imagine a couple sitting on a beach holding red wine glasses and admiring each other.

It goes without saying that wine is an integral part of any romantic evening. So, set up a perfect date with your girlfriend and take her out for a nice and romantic dinner. Order an expensive bottle of wine and click a picture to share this memory with friends and family.

Need a romantic caption to go along with the picture? We got you covered. Scroll down to find the most romantic wine captions for Instagram.

  • Shared joy over good food and wine is like fine velvet: rich, smooth, and sensual.
  • Ever considered trying wine infused with roses? What are you waiting for 🍷
  • We’ve got everything we need: wine, cheese, and each other
  • Date night: pretty flowers, great books, and an even better bottle of wine.
  • What a beautiful night to sit with a bottle of wine and a cheese plate under the stars… 😝
  • I love waking up next to you. I’d love it more if you’d make me a glass of this. 😉
  • You are the wine, the music, the laughter
  • Cheers to stepping up your date game
  • You tame me with your mind…
  • When we drink fine wine together we toast to the beautiful things in our lives and the magnificent journey ahead.‭
  • Wine makes your taste buds do a little dance. It can even make you do a little dance with that special someone. 😉🍷
  • Whether it’s a first date or 50th, there’s nothing more special than enjoying a glass of vino together. #TGIF
  • Wine red lips with the right amount of lipstick. ❤👯 🍷
  • A glass of wine with a good friend is surely one of life’s great blessings.
  • When the weather gets colder, the wine gets sweeter… 🍷☕️
  • To grow old with someone you love is the greatest adventure of them all
  • Here’s to loving and living and learning and growing and making another trip around this crazy, beautiful planet together 🥰
  • No caption necessary 😉
  • There is, in life, only one moment. This moment. And all there ever was… is this moment
  • Together, we see all.
  • Romance requires no words, just quality time and a bottle of wine. 🤗
  • For those that love wine, there is no better time than at sunset. 🍷🥂
  • There’s no wrong way to celebrate Valentine’s Day, as long as there’s wine and you’re with the ones you love ❤️😗
  • Turn down for what? A last-minute date night, that’s what. Wine time! 🍷
  • Good food and wine are shared with special people. That’s life. 🍷🥗😎
  • Tonight I’ll light the candles, dim the lights. Play romantic music. An evening for two.


Wine Tour Captions

Ah, wine…there are plenty of reasons to love it. You can use it to enhance a meal or simply enjoy it with friends. And now let’s talk about wineries. Did you know that some wineries are located in beautiful places, hidden very deeply across the globe?

Regardless of the country, you are living in, there are several good family-owned wineries to try. If you find yourself visiting one of them, the least you could do is to order a glass of their finest product and snap a photo of it together with your loved ones.

But what do you caption on Instagram, so they don’t have to guess why you took the pic? That’s where these captions come into play. 

Here are some creative Instagram captions perfect for sharing your wine tour memories.

  • The perfect wine tour: Magical views and gracious winemakers.
  • Wine tours are a great way to get away and enjoy some time with friends
  • This weekend, get your girls together and tour the vineyards! 🍷
  • Join us this weekend for an exclusive wine tour that celebrates the great fall flavors growing in our vineyards🍷☀️😎
  • What’s on the tour? The best wineries in Sonoma, California.
  • Join us to discover our wines, meet our winemakers, and sit back and relax
  • Old vines, new world
  • No matter if it’s your first visit, or if you’re coming back to see where it all began, there’s always something that feels fresh and new when you tour our winery
  • Enjoy a scenic and educational winery tour with our on-site guide
  • See the grounds we grow and harvest on and learn more about our wines and process—preferably paired with some of our great wines! 🍷
  • From white to red and everything in between, follow us on a tour of the winery, and let’s make some new friends. 🍷
  • Check out our award-winning winery and taste our trailblazing wine blends that set a new standard for the region
  • Nothing says fall in wine country like a trip to the vineyard
  • Whether you’re tasting the latest varietals off this year’s harvest, checking out our new crush pad, or touring through an old-world winery, we’ve got your back
  • Come for the wine, stay for the panoramic views of horse country🍷❤️🎡👑
  • Getting my fix on a beautiful autumn morning. #makingwineinthefall
  • You’ve had the wine, now come and see the vineyards and our beautiful blue flag beach 😎
  • It’s time to take a tour. Join us to #tastecountry
  • Feeling thankful for friends, family, fun, food + wine 🍷🦐
  • Let’s get lost today on an adventure of the senses.
  • Life is short. Make every sip count. 🍷 🍷 🍷
  • Looking for a delightful pairing for this busy week? We’re here to help. 🌟✂️
  • Fun fact: the average vine age at #Pappas wineries is more than 50 years
  • The world’s best food and wine walks unrolled before us in a tapestry of flavor and history
  • Come discover great wine 🍷🥂
  • The best wine comes from grapes hand-picked at just the right time.
  • Bon Voyage. We’ll be your boat to wherever your wine adventures take you. 🌊🌞❤️
  • Let’s get this party started… ✨🍷🎴🚐


Wine Wednesday Captions

Wine Wednesday is a day to sit back, relax, and enjoy a glass of wine. It is a growing Instagram trend, and you should join in on the fun.

Take part in the ritual by taking wine selfies on Wednesday and share them on Instagram. But the very best way to go about getting more exposure and engagement with your posts is by using high-quality captions.

A good caption will resonate with the audience and entice people to share your post with their friends and family on social media.

With that in mind, here are some awesome Wine-Wednesday captions to get your creative juices flowing. This list will ensure your followers keep coming back every week to read your well-crafted captions.

  • What’s your wine style? We have a varietal for everyone. #winewednesday
  • Wine Wednesday is a good idea whose time has come. Enjoy! 🍷🎉
  • Wine Wednesday anyone? Cheers to the weekend and all the good times ahead. 🍷❤ 👩❤🍷
  • It’s #WineWednesday and we’re ready to cheers with a bottle from our collection
  • Wednesday with wine, feels so good
  • We’re all about the wine on Wednesdays
  • Wine Wednesday has never felt so right #winewednesday 🍷
  • Wine Wednesday just got even better. 👅
  • Cold summer nights call for a long drink of something rich and red. Cheers 🍷 #WineWednesday
  • Wine Wednesday! We made it, you made it—and that’s what this week is all about.
  • Wine Wednesdays, you’re the best.
  • Wouldn’t it be nice if Wednesdays were wine Wednesdays? #WhatWouldFrankSay
  • Any day with a glass of wine is worth celebrating
  • Feeling warm and cozy from the inside out with a glass of wine 😎❤️
  • This Wednesday, #celebrate with 🍷
  • Playfulness and adventure is always an option, and so is a night of karaoke and live music with friends 🎤🍷🥂😎
  • Just because it’s Wednesday…doesn’t mean you can’t have a glass of wine!🍷
  • Feeling bright and breezy with a refreshing glass of wine, a good book, and a colorful bouquet of flowers. 🥂🌻
  • Remember when Wednesday night meant slippers, chips, and Netflix? Think again.
  • Made with friends, by friends. Happy hump day 🍷
  • We’ve got the cure for your hump day blues.
  • The perfect start to the middle of the week 😎


Wine and Cheese Captions

Cheese and wine is the greatest invention ever! Okay, maybe it isn’t, but it sure does make an amazing combination.

We all love a good cheese and wine night with friends and family. If you hosted a cheese and wine event and want to share some nice pictures on Instagram, it might be tough to find a good caption for it.

But don’t worry! We are here to help. Whether you’re looking for something witty, sarcastic, or just plain cute, we’ve got you covered. Here is a list of hilarious captions that will turn your wine and cheese pictures into insta-classics!

  • Cheese and wine are the best to enjoy with your loved ones
  • There are three seasons. Spring, summer, winter. And then there’s cheese and wine season.
  • Throw a party in your mouth with these five cheese and wine pairings that are sure to wow any crowd🍷
  • Toast to the cheese of your choice and the wine of your choice with these local favorites.
  • There’s a cheese for every wine and a wine for every cheese
  • Wake up your taste buds! It’s cheese and wine time 🧀🍷
  • Why not marry all of your favorite things into one? Is there anything better than cheese and wine? 😋😍
  • Yes, cheese and wine do go together. What else makes you happy? 😎
  • There’s no better way to pair than with cheese and wine 🍷🧀 😎
  • Wine and cheese work so well together, both delicious quiet pleasures on their own
  • Wine and cheese together is just heaven. 🍷🧀
  • What’s a good cheese without a good wine?
  • A few hours at the plateau, wine in one hand, cheese in the other. What a time to be alive!
  • We headed to the vineyards and came back with a dry cheese crisp. Cheers 🍷🧀
  • Alone in the kitchen, wishing you were here with me…
  • Let the week be done and the weekend commence. ✅😎✅
  • Found a perfect match! 😃👍🏻
  • What’s in your cheese? What’s in your wine? Bring me two glasses of each.
  • Spring is for birds. Summer is for berries. Fall is for cheese and wine. 🍷🥖
  • No caption needed. Just a delicious image of cheese and a glass of wine.
  • What’s perfect about this weather? Wine + Cheese. Good times. 🧀🍷
  • You can never go wrong with a glass of vino and some cheese 😍🍷
  • A toast to the best things in life.
  • Life is like a good wine. It gets better as it gets older.
  • It’s 5 PM somewhere 😎


Wine Quotes

Looking for some nice quotes about wine that you can use to jazz up your wine-related IG posts? If so, this section is for you. We did some digging and put together a long list of wine quotes for your sipping pleasure.

These quotes are from people in different areas of the industry, including winemakers, bloggers, and wine critics, which makes each statement trustworthy and will have a better effect on the audience.

  • Wine is a living liquid containing millions of tiny bubbles that shimmer and dance in the glass 
  • A glass of wine in my hand, not a care in the world
  • Wine is bottled poetry
  • Wine is a living liquid containing sunlight, as well as the human spirit
  • One must drink wine to the bottom of every glass
  • A nice glass of wine makes any day feel better
  • I drink to make other people interesting
  • When love flows like wine, the whole world is prosperous
  • Wine o’clock is the time to come alive, every cell in your body!
  • As to the taste of wine, the principal thing is never to drink any but good, if it be possible
  • I drink when I have occasion, and sometimes when I have no occasion. But when I drink, I would willingly give up the pleasure of drinking, to know precisely how much it is that I drink.
  • You can tell a lot about a man by the wine he drinks,
  • You can never be too rich or too thin, and you can’t always tell the difference between a great wine and a bucket of warm water
  • I never drink wine in a restaurant, I always wait until I get home to enjoy my wine
  • A meal without wine is like a day without sunshine
  • Wine makes daily living easier, less hurried, with fewer tensions and more tolerance
  • The taste is the health of the drink
  • Do not judge wines by their labels
  • Some of the best wines are in ugly bottles
  • The only time to drink wine is before, during, or after a meal
  • Wine: A drink before a meal gives you an appetite; a drink during the meal helps you enjoy it more, and a drink after the meal is to help you digest it.
  • Wine is the closest man has come to perfection
  • The older I grow, the more I value wine over wisdom
  • I call wine the perfect food because it requires no preparation
  • I love going out to the vineyards. We always have a great time.


Conclusion: Wine Captions

So there you have it – a huge collection of creative wine captions to spice up your Insta posts showing off your love for wine. Hopefully, these will inspire you to post more pictures of your favorite wines and maybe even create some original captions of your own.

Well, we’ve finally made it to the end of this article. Thank you for stopping by and reading this article. If you enjoyed the article and found it useful, please share it with your friends on social media.

If you have any suggestions or feedback, don’t hesitate to drop us an email. And don’t forget to bookmark this page for further reference.

Remember, never be shy to express your love for wine, and have a wonderful day. Cheers!

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