219 Heartwarming World Refugee Day Slogans and Quotes

World Refugee Day Slogans

This article is packed with a lot of inspirational World Refugee Day slogans designed in the hope of spreading awareness about the world refugee dilemma. So, if you are looking for some beautiful and inspirational World Refugee Day slogans, catchphrases, and mottos, this post is for you.

Whether you are a UN ambassador, a humanitarian aid worker, or just someone who cares about the plight of refugees around the world, these slogans are perfect for sharing and encouraging others to act.

World Refugee Day is celebrated every year since 2001 on the 20th of June. Its purpose is to draw attention to millions of people forced from their homes because of persecution, conflict, and war and all the hardships they face on a daily basis.

It is celebrated to foster international solidarity with refugees, to bring attention to the needs of refugees and migrants, and to call for their protection. The day is also used as an awareness campaign to combat the stigmas and stereotypes of refugees, as well as honor their courage and resilience.

So, without further ado, let’s dive right in.

Catchy World Refugee Day Slogans

These catchy World Refugee Day slogans are sure to help you find the perfect phrase to describe how you feel about the plight of refugees around the world. Each slogan is catchy and unique and will help you relay your message across the world.

As these slogans show, the best World Refugee Day slogans incorporate a sense of unity, honoring the struggles refugees have experienced along with their resiliency and desire to make a better life for their families.

Whether it’s about how you feel, what you are going to do, these slogans are sure to help you on your mission to raise awareness for this cause that is happening in more countries than any of us would like to believe. Take a look!

  • We stand with refugees
  • You have two hands, one to help yourself the other to help refugees!
  • When you give to refugees, you give to your neighbors
  • Making a better world for refugees
  • Don’t let hate win, show love for refugees
  • Speak up for refugees
  • Help refugees, there so much we can do
  • Every assistance matters to refugees
  • The right to safe refuge is a human right that we cannot ignore!
  • We must and we can end the refugee crisis
  • All refugees have names, faces, stories – be their voice!
  • Stop turning your backs on refugees
  • Rise up and stand up for the refugees
  • Refugees are in crisis, their lives in limbo
  • I am a refugee, I live in a camp. I have no hope for tomorrow
  • Don’t let hate destroy what we’ve built together
  • We are human beings and migrants too
  • Speak out against hate
  • Helping refugees overseas is everyone’s business
  • When refugees have rights denied, human rights are diminished for all of us
  • The time to do something is now
  • Being different is a strength, not a weakness #World Refugee Day
  • A child is a fountain of hope
  • Refugees are not illegal immigrants
  • As refugees, it is our right to be protected and live a life with dignity
  • The most dangerous place to be is inside a refugee camp
  • Today, on World Refugee Day, let’s celebrate their courage & determination
  • Refugees are human
  • Keep calm and help a refugee
  • Uprooted people, unity in diversity
  • You wouldn’t turn your back on a refugee
  • Refugees are people with stories that deserve to be heard: refugees flee violence and persecution, they should be welcomed and protected
  • Love your neighbor as you do yourself
  • We are the soul of humanity
  • A day devoted to celebrating the strength and resilience of millions of refugees around the world #worldrefugeeday
  • Displacement is not a choice, resettlement is
  • We are human beings just like you
  • Can you find one heart to understand me?
  • Every refugee is a problem to be solved, not a problem to be pitied
  • Fight for refugees rights
  • The refugee crisis is not an affliction
  • Our doors should be open to those who need our help
  • Let’s work towards a world where no one has to flee their home
  • Do what you can no matter how small it is
  • Refugee – a human being
  • Stand alongside refugees
  • 🌍 World Refugee Day 🌍 Let’s celebrate this special day by doing what we can to help and support refugees from all over the world
  • Let’s celebrate the first #WorldRefugeeDay and lend a helping hand to refugees around the world.
  • 🍀 We #StandWithRefugees because we believe in celebrating diversity and culture!
  • We hear too many stories of families being torn apart every day
  • Let us support the families who need it most 🙏🇸🇴
  • When forced from their home, refugees carry with them only what they can and take refuge in places they never imagined #ShareKindness
  • Let us all stand up for the right of every single human being to live under a safe and dignified roof 🏡👮‍✈️
  • Let’s be humble and help those less fortunate
  • Every refugee needs food and water to survive
  • Borders can’t keep people from crossing them. A heart does.
  • When we turn our backs on refugees, we turn our backs on the principles that guide us as human beings
  • Refugees don’t flee, they search for sanctuary
  • World Refugee Day is a day of solidarity, support, and celebration
  • Dare to hope – human rights matter everywhere!
  • Refugee children are not criminals – they are trying to escape violence
  • No matter where you are from, we’re all human beings
  • Silence is welcome no more, open your voice
  • Let’s support refugees
  • I am a refugee
  • Live and let live
  • Stand up to racism against people of color
  • United together
  • Open the borders and hearts to refugees!


Creative World Refugee Day Slogans

In honor of Refugee Day, we’ve compiled our list of some of the most creative slogans we could create. Whether you’re looking for a clever tagline for handing out to friends, or you’re hoping to get a little social media traction for your organization, this list is sure to give you inspiration!

  • Every human life matters
  • Refugees are real people
  • We are all refugees waiting for peace
  • Stay informed and engaged
  • Today marks World Refugee Day, a day to celebrate the resilience of refugees and their incredible journeys
  • Remember the purpose of life isn’t happiness
  • The home of the brave, not the land of fear
  • It’s a powerful cause to stand up for
  • Nothing can be as hard as walking away from your home
  • The spirit of people never dies #worldrefugeday
  • Everyone deserves a home
  • Don’t let the woes of this world depress you
  • Today we work, today we fight, today we remind the world that people must be free
  • Refugees welcome 🤝
  • Let us stand for humanity
  • Refugee integration is better for the economy
  • I am a refugee. I am not alone
  • It’s never too late to build a home
  • Every day is a fight – let’s give them a home. #World Refugee Day
  • They want peace; not war
  • Humanity is one
  • We are one world, let’s celebrate our differences!
  • No human being is illegal
  • No one wants to become a refugee
  • Helping one child will transform our whole world
  • We can do better than this
  • I am human and you are humane
  • God gave us two hands but only one heart, so let us share it with people in need
  • Let the sunshine in your hearts for refugees
  • We have a right to live
  • Love big, dream bigger and give the biggest of them all!
  • Don’t be that person that turns the other way when a child is in need
  • Children are the future – protect their rights
  • Don`t let the refugee crisis become tomorrow`s crisis
  • On this day, we commemorate the strength, courage, and perseverance of millions of refugees
  • Helping one person helps the whole world
  • Close the gap for refugees, get involved, and help celebrate
  • The future of a child is brighter
  • I am a refugee because I had nowhere to
  • Refugees are people who just want to survive
  • Let’s break down barriers together
  • We stand for freedom of expression
  • Don’t give up, we can end war
  • Welcoming refugees isn’t just a nice thing to do, it’s the law
  • A stranger is a friend you have not met yet!
  • Refugees are often victims of humanitarian crises
  • It’s World Refugee Day! Today, we honor the strength and courage of 25,000 refugees and their contributions
  • We are all part of this world, please
  • To be insulted with refugee privilege is not an example of how to be living with dignity
  • Even if the world is on fire, a refugee is still there—just to love you
  • Every nation should help asylum seekers
  • Dear world leaders, open your heart!
  • Hunger is not a choice, it is a decision by chance rather than by choice
  • Your neighbor is a refugee
  • A refugee is one of us
  • Every day is a good day to make a difference
  • Give a home to every refugee
  • Let us work together to ensure the world is safe for refugees
  • No to hate! No to wars!
  • Do not let refugee dreams be just that
  • If we all did something to help the world be a better place, imagine the impact for the people living in it today and in the future. #worldrefugeeday
  • Brotherly love above all


Unique World Refugee Day Slogans

World Refugee Day is a day in which we acknowledge all the people who have been forced to flee from their homes, whether within or outside their country. It is an annual observance on June 20 by the United Nations (UN) and was inaugurated in 2000.

Find here original and meaningful world refugee slogans aimed at raising awareness of displaced people’s plight.

  • Every refugee has a unique story to tell
  • Don’t take my home away from me
  • Helping refugees is the right thing to do
  • A tribute from the hearts of humans to the hearts of refugees
  • To all the refugees – we have not forgotten you
  • Follow what’s right if you want your freedom
  • Stand up against hate and violence
  • Refugees – the new urban nomads
  • We share one world, let’s make it a better place to live in
  • Helping refugees is not just our responsibility, it’s who we are as people
  • A refugee is just like you or me
  • Be proud, yet be humble as a refugee
  • For refugees, there is no easy way out
  • Work for a world where refugees are treated with dignity and respect
  • There is always hope in the world of love
  • We wait, so you don’t have to
  • Each person’s struggle is so different, yet they are all so brave. Happy World Refugee Day!
  • A day to recognize and celebrate the strength and resilience of refugees
  • I am a refugee; that doesn’t mean I’m less of a person
  • Work together to create a future where no one has to flee their homes and communities
  • Don’t just do something, stand there!
  • Empowering refugees to find solutions
  • Stand with refugees
  • Zero silence, zero fear. Celebrate #World Refugee Day
  • Refugees are people, like you and me
  • Peace solidarity humanity
  • We are all different, yet we can live together in harmony!
  • Turn your back on refugees & you turn it on yourselves
  • We must stand together for those who cannot stand up for themselves- today and every day
  • A refugee is a human being who’s found freedom in resilience. We all have a responsibility to help these vulnerable people
  • We are all the same no matter where we live
  • A refugee is not only someone who flees his/her homeland, but also someone who chooses to be a citizen of the world
  • We have the same hopes and dreams regardless of language or religion
  • Keep going strong, no matter what! #World Refugee Day
  • Lighten up! Don’t live with refugees as your enemy
  • Protect and expand refugee rights
  • I am a stranger, but you welcomed me with love
  • We want sustainable solutions
  • International law does not come with borders
  • When you walk past a refugee, you walk past yourself
  • It’s time to deliver a world where refugees find the safety they deserve
  • They cannot be forgotten or left behind
  • Without refugee camps, there would be no humanity
  • Today, we mark World Refugee Day. we are reminded of the need to welcome and empower refugees to rebuild their communities
  • We are here. We are human. We will not be erased
  • Stop painful journeys – let them stay
  • One of the most powerful voices in the world is the voice of the refugee
  • With profound gratitude to all those who have welcomed and championed refugees
  • Stand up for the oppressed people in the world
  • Education is the right of every child in all circumstances
  • Take action to support refugees
  • Today is a great day to start a World Refugee Day campaign
  • Refugee girl dreaming her future
  • We need unity for refuge and safety
  • Not seeing people as refugees but as humans wanting a better life
  • Be the change we all want to see
  • Awaken your humanity
  • Open your arms to refugees
  • I am a refugee, I need your support for World Refugee Day
  • If you could open your eyes, just once – you would smile forever
  • Give all refugees safe haven
  • See refugees for who they really are: desperate women, men, and children seeking safety and a better future after being displaced by war
  • Don’t let the peace-makers be silenced
  • No friendship is worth sacrificing freedom
  • We need support from the world community
  • Choosing peace is never easy
  • Humanity is stronger when we work together to solve problems instead of allowing fear and hatred to separate us
  • We all have different stories, but the same humanity
  • A refugee is a person too
  • Create change: you have the power to make change happen now
  • We shall not rest until every refugee has found peace
  • Refugees are our future doctors and teachers and engineers and humanitarians
  • Focus on real issues and not the kind that divides us
  • Share your time with a refugee
  • Say no one is illegal
  • Refugees are people just like you and me, full of hopes and dreams or made homeless
  • A safe place to call home, it is a right for everyone on this earth
  • Let us show we care
  • Migration is a human right
  • I am a refugee, not a terrorist
  • Refugees make the human connection better
  • We should be celebrating together, instead of fighting
  • One world. One human family
  • A refugee is a person with fewer options
  • Evolve your policy, not your person
  • Remembering a tearful history
  • No person is illegal. Open the world’s doors and open our hearts
  • Don’t turn back, they need our protection


Conclusion: World Refugee Day Slogans

So, there you have it – a long list of catchy, creative, and inspiring World Refugee Day slogans to get your creative juices flowing.

It is important to observe that a lot of these quotes and slogans are talking about the same thing, but they are put differently from different perspectives. For instance, some slogans are actually telling us how important it is to give refugees rights, while some others are getting emotional by telling how they feel when they see someone suffering.

When you read a quote that inspires you, you can instantly feel energized to perform greater things for yourself and the world. Throughout this article, we focussed on refugees and their struggles.

These inspiring words of wisdom are just what people need to start afresh, dig deep within themselves, and never forget the atrocities that have been committed against refugees.

It’s also important to remember that refugees haven’t always been fortunate enough to have access to amenities like education and health care. But because of the tireless efforts of everyday people who give a damn, that’s beginning to change.

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