229 Best Anime Hashtags For Instagram, Tiktok and More

Anime Hashtags

Most anime fans understand the importance of hashtags and how they can be used to connect with other anime lovers. However, finding a good set of anime hashtags can take a while. But don’t worry! This article will save you a lot of time and effort. We’ve scoured the Internet to bring you a list of popular anime hashtags for you to use on social media.

Anime is one of the most interesting and unique forms of visual entertainment globally. Thanks to animes like Naruto and Dragon Ball, this Japanese art style has been gaining in popularity for years. I’m not sure how many people have watched anime, but I’d be willing to bet that there are more people who’ve watched anime than haven’t.

People love anime, …and it’s no surprise why. Anime movies and shows are filled with powerful storytelling, unique characters, vibrant artwork, and compelling music. The Internet is filled to the brim with anime art. It’s popular in a way no one could have predicted. Some of you might be fans, others probably aren’t, but anime has so much to offer that there’s something for every kind of person. It’s also one of the most trending topics among social media users.

Anime is really taking over the Internet, and new anime fans are joining each day. The spread of anime has led to an explosion on platforms such as Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook, and even TikTok. These fans want to use popular anime hashtags when uploading their content to these platforms so that they can get the maximum reach on their posts.

When posting anime-related stuff on social media, anime hashtags will increase the visibility of your posts and boost engagement from like-minded people. Not only will you find more people to follow and interact with, but you’ll also end up finding great recommendations for new shows to watch.

But finding the best performing hashtags can be confusing and time-consuming. But fret not, as we have already done the hard work. We’ve compiled a collection of the best anime hashtags to use on Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms. This is a list of hashtags you should be using if you want to connect with others who love anime as much as you do!

So, without much ado, let’s jump right in!

Anime Hashtags For Instagram

Anime is an art form that originated in Japan but is loved worldwide by an ever-increasing fan base. It is an animation and comics genre that tells stories using visuals and sound effects. Anime has a wide appeal, and it’s loved by generations of people.

So you’re looking to grow your Instagram account and want to target a really specific niche. Well, creating posts centered around anime is a surefire way to do just that! But you’ll also need some popular anime hashtags to go along with your content.

To help you out, we’ve gathered a bunch of trending anime hashtags that you can use on Instagram. These will ensure your content is visible to the target audience.

  • #anime
  • #animes
  • #animeedits
  • #animegirl
  • #animelover
  • #animeinstagram
  • #animereels
  • #animequotes
  • #animeworld
  • #animefan
  • #animelife
  • #animeboy
  • #animecosplay
  • #animeartist
  • #animemanga
  • #animekawaii
  • #animetattoo
  • #animepost
  • #animewaifu
  • #mangastagram
  • #animeaccount
  • #animejapan
  • #animecosplayer
  • #animepics
  • #animebattle
  • #animecute
  • #animecover
  • #animecollector
  • #animechallenge
  • #animecollab
  • #manga
  • #otaku
  • #naruto
  • #tokyoghoul
  • #attackontitan
  • #fairytail
  • #onepiece
  • #animegirl
  • #cosplay
  • #blackbutler
  • #noragami
  • #narutoshippuden
  • #deathnote
  • #haikyuu
  • #pokemon
  • #swordartonline
  • #yaoi
  • #dbz
  • #dragonballz
  • #owarinoseraph
  • #onepunchman
  • #aot
  • #hunterxhunter


Anime Hashtags For Tiktok

Like many other social media platforms, Tiktok has also made it easier to connect with like-minded people who share your interests. This can be done through the use of hashtags pertaining to your interests.

Anime is a great theme for TikTok because of its huge fan base and the variety of materials available to use. Every day, more people are getting into anime and coming to Tiktok to watch videos about their favorite shows.

Whether you’re a content creator, artist, or just want to share your love of anime with the world, knowing some popular anime hashtags for TikTok is essential. With that in mind, we’ve listed below some awesome anime hashtags you can use to grow your account. Take a look!

  • #animelove
  • #anime4life
  • #animeaesthetic
  • #animeislife
  • #animelovers
  • #animefans
  • #animefacts
  • #animetiktok
  • #animescene
  • #animeboys
  • #animecommunity
  • #animecore
  • #animecharacter
  • #animecentral
  • #animeconvention
  • #animecutegirl
  • #animecool
  • #animecon
  • #cuteanime
  • #cuteanimegirl
  • #manga
  • #animefigure
  • #animefans
  • #animepage
  • #animepics
  • #animetiktoks
  • #animecommunity
  • #animeface
  • #animeopening
  • #animeroleplay


Anime Hashtags For Youtube

Anime-related youtube channels have become more popular over the years. This trend doesn’t seem to be slowing anytime soon. This can be an opportunity for you to make a name for yourself and build a loyal audience.

When posting anime-related videos on youtube, don’t forget to use the relevant hashtags. They’ll help your videos get more views and better engagement from anime fans.

When you use the right hashtags regularly, people will be prompted when they search those hashtags to see your videos. Using this strategy will grow your audience and provide you with new subscribers, likes, and comments. But when looking for the best anime hashtags for youtube, it’s hard to find a good list without requiring you to do a lot of manual searching.

To make thing easier, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite anime hashtags for Youtube. We hope it will help your channel grow.

  • #animescenes
  • #animestyle
  • #animefreak
  • #animeforlife
  • #animefan
  • #animeclub
  • #animedaily
  • #animevoice
  • #animeking
  • #animeworld
  • #animetime
  • #animevideo
  • #animemoments
  • #animenews
  • #cuteanimegirls
  • #animestyle
  • #animescenes
  • #animestuff
  • #animeseries
  • #animesuggestions
  • #animeschool
  • #animespread
  • #animeslife
  • #animeslaps
  • #animesong
  • #animesuggestions
  • #animetrending
  • #animeromance
  • #animetutorial
  • #japanesegirl


Anime Art Hashtags (Anime Sketch or Drawing)

There are millions of people who adore the anime art style and its popularity is increasing day by day. It is more than just drawing cartoon characters; it’s an art form. Anime artists use various techniques to draw their characters. The characters’ movements and expressions are carefully designed.

With the growing popularity of anime around the world, many anime artists have started posting their artwork on social media and, as a result, built a huge following.

Want to get your anime art out in front of millions? Here are the best anime art hashtags you can use, collected based on how popular they are and their ability to expose your art to a more targeted audience.

  • #animeart
  • #animeartist
  • #animedrawing
  • #animeartcollective
  • #animeartshelp
  • #animeartassistant
  • #animeartstyle
  • #animearttr
  • #animeartistssquad
  • #animeartgallery
  • #animearts
  • #animeartfeature
  • #animeartists
  • #animefanart
  • #animedraw
  • #animesketch
  • #animeartwork
  • #animeillustration
  • #animedrawings
  • #animeicons
  • #animewallpaper
  • #animeartshelp
  • #animecharacters
  • #cuteanimeart
  • #animeeye
  • #animeembroidery
  • #animecartoon
  • #artoftheday
  • #animepfp
  • #animestyleart
  • #animesketches
  • #animeshop
  • #animestore
  • #animesketching
  • #animestickers
  • #animetoys
  • #animeartcollection
  • #animedraw
  • #animedraws
  • #animedrawingstyle
  • #animedrawingstyles
  • #mangaart
  • #mangadrawing
  • #fanart
  • #mangaartist
  • #traditionalart


Anime Edits Hashtags

Anime edits are all the rage among anime and manga fans these days. They are edited to the beat of certain music and look cooler than the original – that’s why everyone loves them! Although it can be a fun pastime, there is a lot of creativity that goes into creating them.

Do you also like to create anime edits and want to share them with the world? If so, don’t forget to use suitable anime edits hashtags to make sure you get the most out of it. Here we have put together a collection of relevant hashtags that’ll make your anime edits go viral. Enjoy!

  • #animeedits
  • #animeclips
  • #animeamv
  • #animeeditss
  • #animecontent
  • #animeclip
  • #animeedit
  • #love
  • #japan
  • #bhfyp
  • #narutoedits
  • #narutoshippuden
  • #animeeditor
  • #animeediting
  • #animeeditart
  • #animeeditors
  • #animeamvs
  • #animeamvedit
  • #animechill
  • #animepost
  • #animeeditsedits
  • #animeamvedits


Anime Clothing Hashtags

Anime clothing has been around for decades, but what’s really cool is that the anime clothing industry continues to grow and become more creative. It might be something new for some who haven’t been exposed to it before, but if you’re an old veteran of cosplay, you’ve probably seen all kinds of costumes, shirts, and accessories!

Are you a big fan of anime clothing and like to show it off on IG or Tiktok? If so, this section is for you. We found these popular anime clothing hashtags that can be used for increasing views, promoting products, finding specific items, and general interaction between like-minded anime fans.

  • #animeclothing
  • #animeclothes
  • #animefashion
  • #animeapparel
  • #animecosplay
  • #animefigures
  • #animemerch
  • #streetwear
  • #animecentral
  • #animestreetwear
  • #animeshirts
  • #animetshirt
  • #animetees
  • #animewear
  • #animecollection
  • #animeoutfit


Sad Anime Hashtags

If you enjoy watching anime, then you might be familiar with some of the saddest anime moments. Ever cried watching a somewhat sad anime? Or maybe you simply want to commiserate with other fans of Sad Anime and discuss your favorite tear-jerkers. Either way, these Sad Anime Hashtags will help you connect with fellow sadness junkies.

  • #sadanime
  • #sadanimeedit
  • #animesad
  • #sadanimegirl
  • #darkanime
  • #sadanimequotes
  • #sadanimeboy
  • #animesadedit
  • #heartbroken
  • #sadedit
  • #sademotions
  • #hurtbroken


Funny Anime Hashtags

So, you want some funny anime hashtags to paste under your post? Look no further; we’ve got you covered. We’ve put together the ultimate list of funny anime hashtags for you to use on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and more!

  • #funnyanime
  • #funnyanimememes
  • #animejokes
  • #animememes
  • #psychopass
  • #futurediary
  • #lovelive
  • #hetalia
  • #fullmetalalchemist
  • #animememe
  • #animefunny
  • #animecomedy
  • #animecomics
  • #animejoke
  • #animeshitpost
  • #funnyanimememe
  • #animememes4you
  • #memesanime
  • #dankanimememes
  • #funnyanimememes


How to Use Anime Hashtags Effectively?

Hashtags — they are quite possibly one of the most important parts of your social media marketing strategy. Never before has finding and sharing information on social media been easier, thanks to hashtags. With hashtags, you can tap into conversations, direct traffic, and create opportunities to share content across all of your social media channels.

Hashtags are designed to bring forth a common topic or theme, which can be posted by anyone using that hashtag. Earlier popular on Twitter and Instagram, this trend has also found its way into Youtube and Tiktok, where people are able to promote their videos online by tagging them with a specific keyword, thereby making their videos easier to find.

When used correctly, they’re an excellent way to find new users who share a similar interest as you and reach a wider audience. They help you expand your reach, increase your engagement levels, and build a loyal following. But if you are unaware of the proper use of hashtags, you can actually end up hurting your brand image.

As we become more invested in social media as a form of communication, it’s important to learn how to use hashtags effectively. To help you out, we’ve listed below some useful tips to keep in mind when using anime hashtags:

Use relevant hashtags

Be sure that the hashtag is relevant to the post. It should make sense. Hashtags are supposed to be signposts for your content so that anyone searching for similar subjects will find your post. If you’re posting anime-related content, don’t use a hashtag about chicken. If you do, people will ignore it. Using irrelevant hashtags will only confuse your audience and result in poor engagement.

Avoid too popular or too specific ones

Hashtags are a great way to help your content go further and reach more people, but not all of them have the same effect. Some hashtags are so popular that your post will get buried under thousands of others, while some are too specific that very few people search for those keywords. Therefore, you need to make a balance and choose hashtags wisely.

Don’t overdo it

Less is more. Don’t overdo it with hashtags when you post. Using too many makes your post seem desperate, and nobody likes a desperate person. Even the algorithm will mark it as spammy and won’t bring as many views as it deserves. Therefore, don’t just add a bunch of random hashtags to your posts just because you think it looks cool— it’ll have a negative impact. Only use 8 to 10 hashtags per post. Any more than that can make your posts look cluttered and spammy.


Conclusion: Anime Hashtags

That’s it! We’ve reached the end of our collection of best anime hashtags. Hopefully, by now, you have a great combination of hashtags to use for your post.

Remember, hashtags definitely help with exposure, but don’t forget to focus on making great content. That way, the engagement will be even higher.

Thanks for reading! We hope this article has been helpful. If you found yourself nodding along, we’d love to hear your thoughts on this article. Keep in mind that this list changes often and is updated monthly with the most recent information. We’d also love it if you could share this article with your friends and family and help spread the word!

Have a nice day!

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