372 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Company Names

Artificial Intelligence Company Names

The first step to creating an artificial intelligence company is creating a great name for the business. Many aspiring entrepreneurs often ask us for a list of AI company name ideas. While brainstorming, we were able to come up with this list. Here it is!

Generic AI Company Names

AI stands for artificial intelligence. This is a branch of computer science focused on creating programs or algorithms that demonstrate complex “intelligence” which are comparable to human consciousness.

AI companies often use futuristic-sounding names to offer the impression their technology is paving the way for the future. Some of these names also include “tech” related terms to demonstrate their association with the computer science field.

Hyper Learn

This name conveys one of the core functions of AI: to learn at a rapid pace.

Reali T

The “T” in Reali T stands for technology. This name conveys that technology helps reshape reality itself and enables us to achieve greater things than ever before.

Arc AI

“Arc” refers to a curve. Coupled with the word “AI,” this name demonstrates that the company is ahead of the computer science field curve.

  • Desert Intelligence
  • Assist AI
  • Intelligence Geo
  • Idea 
  • Aspire
  • Airy
  • Ambily
  • Skylark Intelligence
  • Curiosity Intelligence
  • Endeavor AI
  • Alert Intelligence
  • Ideal AI Systems
  • Ideal Intelligence
  • Heartland AI
  • Always Intelligent
  • Argus Intelligence
  • Voyager 
  • Aliri 
  • Aileron
  • Amireal
  • Ascent
  • International AI
  • Alpha Intelligence
  • Multi Intelligence
  • AI Wave
  • Renewed AI Systems
  • Origin Intelligence
  • Founder 
  • Adapt AI
  • Reform Intelligence
  • Evolve AI
  • Diverse Intelligence
  • Replic8
  • Construct AI
  • Build Intelligence
  • Bold
  • Operator
  • Intricate Intelligence
  • Commence
  • Poly AI Systems
  • Excel Intelligence
  • Bloom Intelligence Systems
  • Robust AI Systems
  • Flow Intelligence
  • Modular Intelligence
  • Petal AI Systems
  • Iris Zero
  • Range 
  • Extra AI
  • Imagine Intelligence
  • Mind AI Systems
  • Primal AI
  • Synth AI Systems
  • Boundary Intelligence
  • AltruiX
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Data Science AI Companies

Certain AI companies utilize their technology in the data science field. Such AI is used for analyzing data sets that are too large for ordinary programs to handle.

These company names usually contain the word “data” to convey their application in the data science or statistics fields.

Rapid Data

This name creates the impression that the AI program can conduct data analysis at a far more efficient rate than the status quo.

Hi-Stat Systems

This name contains the terms “high” and “statistics.” This informs readers that the AI system is geared toward statistical analysis.

Glass Data Systems

Glass is a clear material that is used in glasses and magnifying glasses to see things more clearly. This fits with data science and AI’s function, analyzing information, and presenting it more clearly.

  • Covenant Data Systems
  • Vessel Data
  • Panther AI
  • Value Data Systems
  • Riverside Data
  • Elo Data Systems
  • Aperture Information Corp
  • Laval Information Systems
  • Diverge AI 
  • Magma Data 
  • Step by Step AI
  • Expand Data
  • Guided Data Systems
  • Premier Data Systems
  • Excite AI
  • Tangerine Data
  • Structure Data
  • Eastside Data Systems
  • AI Stat
  • Mix Data Systems
  • Inter AI Data Systems
  • Top-Down Data 
  • Solved Data Systems
  • Sector Information Systems
  • Canary Data
  • Renaissance AI Systems
  • Spring AI
  • Regent Data Systems
  • Valley Data 
  • Web Information
  • Silkweb Data Systems
  • Unearth Data Systems
  • Begin Information
  • Supreme Data Network
  • Proceed Information Systems
  • Sierra AI Systems
  • Aster Data Corp
  • Leverage Data Systems
  • Central Hub Systems
  • Olive Systems
  • Produce Data Systems
  • Parrot Statistics
  • Sublime Systems
  • Neuron Burst
  • Meta Data Corp
  • Basis Intelligence
  • Pegasus Data
  • Emerge AI


Data Security AI Company Names

Certain AI companies create technology that assists in detecting cybersecurity threats. Such AI may also help protect user data by shielding them from those threats.

These companies typically possess names that convey security, reliability, and strength.

Vault AI

This name conveys strength due to the inclusion of the term “vault.”

ThinkAhead AI

This name conveys that the AI system can predict where a security breach will occur.

Secure AI

This straightforward name lets customers know the most important characteristic of your AI programs: security. This is essential for any security firm that touts itself as reliable.

  • AI Recon
  • Structural AI Security
  • Ambiance Secure Systems
  • Exhibit Security
  • Lantern Security
  • Illuminate AI
  • Omnipresent AI
  • Intra Secure 
  • Jubilee Security
  • Sonar Security
  • Laurel Automated Security
  • Batch Security
  • Envelope AI Systems
  • Magnet Security
  • Pathfinder Security Systems
  • Best Way Security
  • Talon AI Security
  • Giga Secure 
  • Integer AI
  • Mentor AI
  • Karma Security
  • Lane Security
  • Novel Think
  • Everyman AI Security
  • Enable Systems
  • Langley Automated Security
  • Associate Security
  • Prism Security
  • Sonic AI
  • Nitro Security
  • Goliath Security Systems
  • PowerPlay Security
  • DarkHorse
  • Subvert AI
  • Integrate AI
  • Phantom Security
  • Trans AI Security Systems
  • Scorpio Security
  • Optimal Intel
  • Pointer AI Systems
  • RedBox Intelligence
  • Blackcorp AI
  • Remi AI Systems
  • Redefine AI
  • Atlas Security
  • Samson Security
  • Amber AI Systems


Business AI Company Names

Business AI companies produce AI systems to assist with different business functions. Such companies possess names that inspire and convey value.

Perpetual AI Systems

This name conveys a sense of longevity and continuity.

Spartan AI

Spartans were Greek warriors known for their strength and resilience. By associating your company with this name, customers will believe your AI systems are strong and can overcome any hurdle.

Hummingbird AI

Hummingbirds are among the most active birds in the animal kingdom. Naming your AI company after this bird conveys that your technology is fast-paced and always ready for action.

  • Radius AI
  • Power Intellect
  • Nebula AI
  • Quartz AI
  • Caesar Intelligence
  • Alchemy
  • Synapse AI
  • X AI Systems
  • Olivine Networks
  • Float Systems
  • Falcon AI
  • Crimson Expert
  • Vital AI
  • Quantum AI
  • Mica AI
  • Fantasy Computing
  • Diamond Intelligence
  • Alpha Automated
  • Stylus AI Systems
  • Beyond AI
  • Super IQ
  • Windward AI
  • Galaxies AI
  • Comet Intelligence
  • Seashore Networks
  • Emerson AI
  • Brainstorm
  • Partridge Systems
  • Nano AI Networks
  • Athena AI
  • Scanner AI
  • Dreaming Dimension
  • Leaf AI
  • Reveal Systems
  • Synergy AI
  • Radix AI
  • BrainPump
  • Firefly AI
  • Pentagon Computing
  • Pyramid AI Systems
  • Beacon AI
  • Masterpiece AI Systems


AI Company Names With Possible Uses

  • Zodiac – AI for astrology and zodiac signs
  • Strike – AI designed logos and text
  • Mastermind – AI designing business presentations
  • Laika -AI designing product advertising
  • Orangutan – AI designing magazine covers
  • Dominion – AI designing billboards
  • Pinnacle – AI designing new fonts
  • Valley – AI for crowdsourcing ideas from the internet
  • Starling AI – An AI educational platform for children named after Beatrix Potter’s beloved bird because of the character’s inquisitive nature.
  • Recognize – An AI platform to recognize what’s relevant in the real world.
  • Tabulate AI – AI to tabulate and analyze data from businesses to create new revenue strategies
  • Trawl – An AI to trawl the Internet for ideas and content for new products, promote new products, and keep customers up to date with promotions.
  • AICloud -(AI + Cloud)
  • Scrappy – Custom AI
  • Hunch – Easy to use AI
  • Nimble – Powerful AI engine
  • Omega – A well rounded AI
  • Space Robot – a company that creates robots for space travel


Creative AI Company Names

Wondered how you can find a creative AI company name? You may not have to go far, as below you’ll find a list of some of the most unique and creative artificial intelligence company names.

  • QRoSS
  • Confident AI
  • AIGuy
  • Voya
  • Sparks
  • NYu
  • Naive 
  • ALN – short for Artificial Learning Network
  • Able AI
  • Bumblebee
  • The AI Factory
  • Smarter Than You
  • Bottle Intelligence
  • Star Diagnosis
  • Clear Bell
  • Tigerfish
  • MindSize
  • Beamly
  • Starbot
  • PatternLabs


Social Media AI Company Names

Some companies produce AI technology for social media. These programs and algorithms study user information and extract the relevant data at a rapid pace.

The names of such companies should convey a recognizable and friendly tone.

Analyze AI

This name is straightforward and conveys the analytical function of social media AI.

Socialite AI

This name conveys the AI program is familiar with many social media accounts and is, therefore, a “socialite.”

Data Valley AI

This name explains that the AI company’s programs excel at collecting a vast quantity of data in a short amount of time.

  • Rekognize
  • Convolution
  • Rekognize
  • Streamline
  • Communique
  • Archive
  • Report
  • Artblock Ticker
  • Trawl AI
  • Solid Social
  • Review
  • Alterly
  • Social Design
  • Timeline AI
  • Ticker AI Networks
  • Aviary Intelligence
  • Connect Experts
  • SoftSocial AI
  • Distillate Social
  • Ribbon Connect
  • Flash Platform
  • Point of Contact
  • Persona AI Systems
  • Archway Social
  • Founder Social
  • Social Premium
  • Evolve Social
  • AIBound
  • Velocity Platform
  • Nectar AI Systems
  • Social Table
  • Bison Social
  • Hip Social
  • Social Clout
  • Social Intelligence Systems
  • Dawn Social 
  • Creator Desk
  • Twilight Social
  • Chroma Intelligence Systems
  • Sky Social
  • Tribute Social
  • Verdant Social
  • Hummingbird Social
  • Present Social
  • Destiny AI
  • Stallion AI
  • Capricorn Quantum
  • Citrus AI
  • Regroup Social
  • Proto Social
  • Gravity AI
  • Social Box
  • GuessWho


Robotics AI Company Names

Many AI companies produce technology that is used in robotics. Such robots are programmed to think and learn, similar to humans.

The names of these companies should reflect their robotics application and the assistance they can offer.

Robo AI

This straightforward name is easy to remember and instantly conveys that it relates to robotics.

Mechano AI

The term “mechano” refers to mechanical parts. When combined with the term “AI,” it informs readers that the name relates to robotics, which consists of digital intelligence combined with moving mechanical parts.

Gamma Robo AI

Gamma is the third letter of the Greek alphabet. It is often used in the science fields, including physics and chemistry. Gamma rays, in particular emit a very high quantity of energy. This name conveys both power and functionality.

  • Titan Bot 
  • Robotify
  • Intelligent Coding
  • Prometheus Systems
  • Frontier Mechanical
  • Mechatronic Systems
  • Lionheart Robot
  • Maroon AI Systems
  • AngleDroid
  • AgileDroid
  • RoboClone
  • Tonic AI
  • FormulaRobo
  • Index Mechanical
  • Carmel Robo Systems
  • Prototype Droid
  • HydraBot
  • Feedbacker Robot
  • Anvil Machine Systems
  • NavigationRobo
  • AnimatedAI
  • Bicentennial
  • AlphaAutomation
  • Iron Golem
  • Magnet Bot Systems
  • Robo Logistics Systems
  • Domedroid
  • Raptor Robo Systems
  • Angel Mechanical
  • DeltaDroid Systems
  • Amethyst Mechanical
  • DroidOne
  • VoltageBot
  • Eternal Droid
  • Affinity Mechanical
  • Axiom AI
  • Ovation Systems
  • Barracuda Robot
  • Abacus AI Systems
  • Macro AI
  • Coral Robot
  • Elemental Logistics Systems
  • Allied Robo Systems
  • Win Mechanical
  • Persist Droid
  • Matador Systems
  • NaturalRobo
  • Infernobot
  • Para Android


Conclusion: AI Company Names

I’m sure you’ve been in the situation where you need to come up with an AI company name but were stuck coming up with it.

We live in the age of AI, and many organizations have chosen to utilize this technology to innovate and improvise.  The harnessing of AI will prove to be one of the most dominant forces on this planet for generations to come.

There are a multitude of factors to be considered when choosing a brand name. A choice that could make or break your business.

Naming your artificial intelligence company with the word ‘AI’ in it is forward-thinking as it will give you a clear audience and message. The name should push your tech agenda and be reflective of your area of AI expertise.

We hope this list of names served as an inspiration for naming new startups or for existing ones looking to rebrand.

Thank you for reading. If you found this article interesting, also check out our article on AI company slogans here.

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