355 Catchy Bag Brand Name Ideas to Get Inspired

Bag Brand Names

Launching your own bag company but struggling to find a good name for it? Well, look no further. Here, we have put together a huge list of catchy, memorable, and unique bag brand name ideas to get your creative juices flowing and help you find the best one.

Some businesses get the perfect name right the first time, but many others choose a name that they later regret. Naming a business is one of those tasks that require both creativity and analysis. The name you pick can make or break your business. It is the first thing that your potential customers will notice, therefore it has to be catchy and memorable.

No doubt, picking a name for your brand is one of the most challenging questions any entrepreneur can ask.

To make it easier for you we brainstormed hundreds of creative bag company name ideas to help you find the suitable one and maybe even spark some more ideas of your own.

So, without any more ado, let’s start.

Luxury Bag Brand Names

If you’re opening a luxury handbag store or want to launch your own bag brand, then it’s important to choose the right name for your company. People have a tendency to think that just because they don’t know how to spell a particular name that they wouldn’t feel comfortable recommending it to others.

Here are some luxury bag brand name ideas just to help you kickstart your creative process. Take a look!

  • Excellent Everyday
  • Auna
  • Bags to Love
  • Chic – a line of fashionable handbags
  • Caviar Beauty
  • Bling Baby
  • Treasure Luxury Handbags
  • Alpha Diamond
  • Fantasy Bag
  • Queen of All Bags
  • Fashionista
  • The Iconic
  • The Modernist
  • Posh Bagmaker
  • The Amanda
  • Expensive Luxuries
  • Gentleman’s Collection
  • High-end Handbags Boutique
  • Designer Imitation
  • Fancy Purse Boutique
  • Little Fashion House
  • Designer Handbags Connection
  • Classy Handbags
  • Double Trouble Handbags
  • Little Fashion Heaven
  • Boutique Bella
  • Luxury Bags Heaven
  • Purse Pleasures
  • Diamond Luxury Bags
  • Rose Handbags
  • Pearl & Vera
  • Lover’s Keepsakes
  • The Signature
  • Lone Bagster
  • Beverly Hills
  • Glade
  • Green Lining
  • The Fall
  • The Lifestyle
  • The Dazzling
  • Platinum Bags


Handbag Brand Names

What’s in a name? Well, it may not be everything, but it sure is important. If you’re an entrepreneur with a new handbag brand, you’ll want to give your business a solid foundation with a great name.

This is to make sure that you have the unique naming style for your brand so that you can easily and effectively establish the position and reputation of your brand from the beginning.

Check out these awesome handbag brand names that are meant to inspire you and spark your creativity and imagination.

  • Beauty and the Bag
  • Bagabond
  • Bag Envy
  • Bags 2 Riches
  • Bags and Beyond
  • Bag-tillionaire
  • Bags Unlimited
  • Fancy Carriages
  • Magic Handbags
  • Stylish Handbags
  • Shine Designs
  • Happy Hedgehog
  • Black Bag Lady
  • Bolder Bags
  • Blossom Handbags
  • Bossy Bags
  • Classic Chics Bags
  • Clemmy’s Clutch-N-Go’s
  • Diana’s Downtown Designs
  • The Dapper Handbags
  • Bags of Fun
  • Glam Girls
  • The Purse Emporium
  • Purse Patrol
  • Handbags Unlimited
  • The Bag Connection
  • Bag Ladies Anonymous
  • The Handbag Vendor

Leather Bag Brand Names

Handbags have always been the most important accessories for women. Just by looking at some famous leather bag brands, you can already know the importance of choosing the right brand name.

You want to make sure that your business name is easy to remember, goes well with your handmade products, and is cool enough for potential customers.

To assist you in the naming process, we’ve listed below plenty of interesting leather bag brand name ideas for you to choose from. Enjoy!

  • Leather Labs
  • Antique Leather Bags
  • Beautiful Handmade
  • Black Lab Leather Accessories
  • Red Leather
  • Leather Lovers
  • Leather Boost
  • Leather Up
  • The Hide Identity
  • Leatherback
  • Buffalo Leather Supply Co.
  • Leather Forward – for an enterprise that’s forward-thinking, hip, and trendy
  • Elegant Leather Bags
  • Leather Bag Ranch
  • Artisans Attic
  • Blessings Bags
  • Boho Handbags
  • Leather Bags Galore
  • Bright Whimsy Bags
  • Fabulous Handbags
  • Hand-Held Treasures (USA)
  • Handsome Bags
  • Happy Souls Handbag Company
  • Leather Bag Heaven
  • Just Bags For You


Designer Bag Brand Names

There is an ever-growing number of designer handbag brands on the market and the trend doesn’t seem to be slowing. It’s hard to stand out from the crowd with so many good-quality handbags being produced, but that shouldn’t stop you from coming up with a unique brand name.

We’ve come up with plenty of interesting designer bag brand name ideas for you to pick from. Take a look!

  • Glamorous Handbag
  • Lady Designer Bag
  • Rose Fashion
  • Blush Fashion
  • Designer Clutch
  • Pretty Purse
  • Chic Accessories
  • Wow Handbag
  • Bag Boutique
  • Stylish Purses
  • Glitzy Accessories
  • Diamond Bags
  • Digital Purses
  • Trendy Handbags
  • Luxury Bag Boutique
  • Dream Handbags
  • Bag Couture
  • Fab Fashion Bags
  • Designer Satchels
  • Chic Portfolios
  • Accent Accessories
  • Professional Purse Shops
  • Colorful Fashion Clutches
  • A Taste Of Luxury
  • Instant Luxury
  • Monogrammed Handbags
  • Real Handbags
  • Seize the Day Bags
  • The Bag Attic
  • Dazzle Me
  • Style Hive
  • Swag Galaxy
  • Bag Up Girl
  • Handbag Boutique
  • Bags with a Flair
  • Baggy Bags
  • Luxury Handbags


Creative Bag Compay Names

If you are planning on creating your own bag brand, one of the toughest decisions to make will be discovering a name for your brand. Creating a brand name is no simple task and can take some time and effort to capture exactly what you want in a name. After all, it’s a permanent identity that makes your brand unique.

That’s where we come in with these amazing bag brand name ideas to spark some creativity in you.

  • Handbag Heaven
  • The Handbag Shop
  • World Wide Bags
  • Bagz and Baggz
  • Perfect Party Handbags
  • Acme Bag Company
  • Image Bag Company
  • Bag Adventure
  • Bag Designs Ltd
  • Ashleigh’s Accessories
  • Wise Old Owl Bag Company
  • Luggage Online Store
  • Rhine Bags
  • Backpack Inferno
  • The Bag King
  • ABC Bags
  • Cookie Bags
  • World of Bags
  • Tote Crazy Baggy Sacks Corp.
  • Awesome Bags
  • Magic Bags Store
  • Woozy Sheep Accessory Shop
  • Designer Handbags
  • Traveling Woman Bags
  • Unique Handbag Store
  • One Handbag Shop
  • Jogger’s Bag
  • Show Stopper Handbag Designs
  • Oh, My Handbag!
  • Backpack Jungle
  • Big Bags Unlimited
  • Big Bags
  • Allie’s Bags
  • Cindy’s Handbags
  • Wonderful Handbag Company
  • Bags Unlimited
  • The Little Black Bag Company
  • Bags & More
  • Backpack Heaven
  • The Purse Shop
  • Fashionista Bags
  • Air Bag Company
  • Shopbagz
  • Monkey Magic Bags
  • Bags N Babes
  • Ace Bags
  • Brilliant Luggage
  • Bag Finder
  • Bag Crazy
  • Bags With a Splash of Color
  • Big Bags, Inc.
  • Sara’s Handbags
  • Designer Deals Bags
  • Veggie Bags
  • The Handbag King
  • Bag Central
  • Green Bags
  • Medallion Bags
  • Rainbow Colored Handbags
  • Cozy Bags
  • Bags-r-us
  • The Bag Store
  • Bag Pounder – Stopping Point for Good Bags
  • Big D Bags
  • The Fashion Bag
  • All-day Backpackers
  • Just a Purse for Moms
  • Global Bag Corp
  • Glamour Bags Inc
  • Bright Bags to Go!
  • The Princess Bag Co.
  • Bag Brigade Inc.
  • Bag Lady
  • Crazy Pushers Bags
  • Starburst Bag Company
  • Acme Bag Company
  • Bag Boutique
  • Happy Bags
  • Shop Bags Differently
  • Unique Charming Bags
  • Crazy for Canvas


Unique Bag Business Names

Tired of coming up with the same old overly generic and boring brand-name ideas? Well, with so much competition in this industry it is quite challenging to come up with a good name that is not already taken. But don’t worry we are here to help.

Here are some really unique yet creative bag business name suggestions to assist you in the naming process.

  • Carry on Bags
  • Sporty Style Gym Bag Co.
  • Bags and Edges
  • Seduction Bag Company
  • Super Bag
  • Designer Bags and Accessories
  • For the Love of Bags!
  • Go for Unique
  • The Strap-on Bag Company
  • Classic Handbags
  • Bag Makers Unlimited, Llc
  • Tech Accessories Bag Company
  • Universal Bags
  • Moon Phase Bags
  • Backpack Boutique
  • Bag and Go
  • Trendsetter Bags for Ladies
  • Pixie Bags
  • Hennepin Handbags
  • Bean Bags and Beyond
  •  Bizy-bags
  • Trouser Bag Company
  • Woven Tote Bags
  • Fancy Bags Inc.
  • Tracy’s Bags and Luggage
  • Bag Sensations
  • People’s Choice Bags
  • Clutch It Now!
  • Clutch Ladies Co
  • Simply Purse
  • Petite Bags Ltd.
  • Bag Heaven
  • Bag Inc.
  • The Bag Lady
  • Bag and Bow
  • Bag and Case Company
  • Shops in a Bag
  • Zipper Bags Galore
  • Zippered Bags
  • About Face Bags Llc
  • Fashion Handbag Company
  • Nice Bags Incorporated
  • Action Bags Inc. (Abc)
  • Shopaholic Bags
  • The Gift Bag Shop
  • Beach Bags Galore!
  • Yeti Bags
  • Danielle’s Handbags
  • Pure Handbags
  • The Bag Zone
  • Handbags Only
  • Arctic Bags
  • Bagstop
  • Pink Bags
  • Bag Lady
  • Be My Bag Baby
  • Boutique Bags
  • Unique Bags
  • Big Bags Company
  • Bag Shopz
  • Glamour Bags
  • The Good Baby Diaper Bag
  • Personal Pleasure Bags
  • Big Yellow Bags
  • Handbag Sake – Fashionable Bags
  • Elegant Ego
  • The Ultimate Handbags
  • Essence Bags
  • The Iconic Bag Company
  • Ace Bag Co.
  • Million Dollar Bags
  • Bag 4 Less
  • Fantastic Bag Company
  • Purse Emporium
  • Knapsack Incorporated
  • Luxury Purses and Accessories
  • All Bags R Us Llc
  • Luxury Bags
  • Here Comes the Sun Beach Bag Co.
  • Betty’s Bags
  • Swag Bags
  • Beacon Bags
  • Best Bags Ever!!
  • Clever Bags
  • Sheba Handbags – Bag of Choices
  • Bag O’ Gold
  • Cool Ideas for Bags
  • Bagpiper’s Bags
  • Bag Bling
  • Bag Nation
  • Unicorn Bags
  • Fashionista Inc.
  • Bag of Gold


Bag Brand Name Generator

Need some more interesting bag company name ideas? Of course, you do! Check out some cool name ideas suggested by a bag brand name generator.

  • Custom Handbags
  • Aliya’s Handbags
  • Big Apple Bags
  • The Big Bag Place
  • Bags Ahoy!
  • Knockout Handbags
  • Handbags USA
  • Trendy Bags
  • Gatsby World
  • Bag Nation
  • Big Ben Purse Shop
  • A Good Bag to Have
  • Electric Bags
  • Fashionista’s Bag
  • Fantasy Bags
  • Bags a Lot
  • Bag Princess
  • Bucket Bag Company
  • Handbag Factory
  • Adorable Bags
  • Creative Color Bags
  • Bag Boutique
  • Abracadabra Bags
  • Spice That Bag Up
  • It’s a Bagger!
  • Carry My Bags Across the Street
  • Cutebags
  • Cozy Cozy
  • Backpack Mania
  • Gourmet Gear
  • The Handbag Store
  • Clockwork Bags
  • Baggy Baggage
  • Fashion Bags
  • Pink Purses, Inc.
  • Bags of Style
  • Buffalo Bag
  • Sandwich Baggies
  • Handbag Heaven
  • Cloudy Bags
  • Sling Backpacks


How To Name Your Bag Brand?

Bags are a fashion that is always going to be in trend. Today, they are known as a symbol of wealth and beauty that may add great value to your personality. Whatever the occasion is, choosing the right bag for yourself is necessary.

With an increasing demand for bags, more and more businesses are jumping into this industry.

If you too are looking to start your own bag business, the first thing that you need to do is come up with a name for your brand. A brand name is your most valuable asset and is possibly the most important decision you will ever make.

A well-designed brand image will help you gain recognition in the market and make it possible for your customers to identify with you by creating an emotionally rewarding experience for them.

Here are some important things you need to keep in mind while choosing a good bag brand name:

  • Go for a short, simple, and memorable name
  • Keep it easy to pronounce and spell
  • Choose a name that fits your brand’s image and mission statement
  • Don’t include numbers and hyphens in the name
  • Keep in mind marketing perspective when choosing a brand name
  • Think from your customers’ point of view, choose what makes sense to them
  • Come up with a name that gives you room for expansion in future
  • Check for domain name availability (always prefer .com)
  • Stay away from already trademarked names


Conclusion: Bag Brand Names

There you have it – a huge list of interesting bag brand name ideas. Hope you had a great time reading these naming ideas and found something that inspired you.

Out of this exhaustive list of eye-catching bag brand names, you will surely find the one that will tickle your fancy and keep your customers coming back again and again.

Remember, branding is one of the toughest parts of starting up but it’s worth the effort in the end. So, choose wisely.

We will be adding more names to this list soon, just to make sure there is always enough variety for everyone.

Thanks for reading this article. Happy Naming!

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