Top 10 British Chocolate Brands That Will Make You Drool

British Chocolate Brands

Tea, scones, and blood sausage. All foods typically associated with England. However, chocolate is not usually at the top of famous British foods to try. When it comes to chocolate culture, Switzerland is the default. Not for long though! With these British chocolate brands on the market, you can add chocolate to the list of foods to try in England!


Montezuma’s is a love story. Started in 2000 by co-founders Helen and Simon Pattinson who fell in love with each other and then fell in love with chocolate. As these two former lawyers have proven, there’s not much that can get in the way of chocolate and love. 

What started in a small kitchen with the passion of two people making chocolate bars by hand has now grown into one of Britain’s most loved and well-known chocolate brands. 

Even with the growth of Montezuma’s, the passion and principles of this chocolate brand haven’t changed. This innovative brand is still committed to doing business properly. This includes a commitment to ethically sourced cocoa and sustainable practices. In addition, not just giving the customers what they want – great chocolate – but giving back to the community! All things to love about this British chocolate brand. 

Montezuma’s offers an extensive range of chocolate products. Their range of chocolate products includes chocolate buttons, truffles, bars, gift boxes, drinking chocolate, and even vegan chocolate. 

In addition to the general range of chocolate products is the addition of flavors. In between traditional milk chocolate and dark chocolate, Montezuma offers hazelnut, chilli, mint, orange, peanut butter, and salted caramel. Tons of flavors to appeal to any chocolate lover’s taste! 

Montezuma even has something for extreme chocolate lovers. While most chocolate brands only offer dark chocolate with 70% or 80% cocoa, Montezuma’s Absolute Black chocolate bar is 100% cocoa. 



A company that produces over 10 million chocolates per week must be doing something right! This is why Whitakers Chocolate is in the top 10 British chocolate brands. 

Not only does Whitakers produce millions of chocolates a week, but they have been making chocolates for over 130 years. True experts in the world of chocolate. All thanks to Ida Whitaker! 

Ida Whitaker (aka “Aunt Ida) created the infamous recipes for chocolate and fudge that the company still uses today – over 100 years later. 

It’s not just original recipes that make Whitakers a household name. It’s keeping the company in the family. Today, 4th and 5th generation Whitakers are still a part of the business. 

Whether it’s their delicious chocolate bars and fudge, or their signature chocolate mint wafers, you can taste the commitment to tradition in each chocolate from Whitakers. In addition, while sticking with tradition is important, this chocolate brand recognizes the importance of moving with the times. Therefore, you will find a selection of gluten-free and vegan chocolate options. 



Handmade chocolate starts at the beginning at Duffy’s. Rather than buying beans roasted and ready to go, Duffy’s sources their beans raw. Once the beans arrive, the chocolatier team at Duffy’s sorts the cacao beans – by hand!

This dedication to the selection of the best beans is just the beginning of Duffy’s commitment to quality chocolate. In addition, they delicately roast and stone grind their beans. This allows them to maximize the flavor and get the best chocolate taste. Whether it’s for their milk, dark, or flavored chocolate bars, every piece of chocolate is slowly handmade from beginning to end. 

The commitment to maintaining this slow process for the best results is what makes Duffy’s truly a luxury chocolate brand. 


House of Dorchester

Before becoming House of Dorcester in 2002, this luxury chocolate brand had a humble beginning in a small storefront in Dorchester. The original chocolates were handmade by a woman who had been trained in the art of hand-dipped chocolate. 

However, when word spread of the quality of the chocolates made by the “Dorset Maid,” more chocolatiers were needed. Over the years more people learned the art of these hand-dipped chocolates to help keep up with production at the store. 

Today, House of Dorchester chocolates are made in a larger facility. However, it is still located in Dorchester. Moreover, the attention to quality and detail is still seen in each chocolate. While produced in larger quantities in a factory, the finishing touches continue to be added by hand to each chocolate.



If you live outside the UK, then you may not be as familiar with some of the smaller chocolate brands mentioned above. However, one brand you are probably familiar with is Cadbury

The purple packaging of Cadbury chocolate is known globally. Not to mention its iconic mascot, the Cadbury Bunny. Long before the Cadbury Bunny came along though, John Cadbury was the main man of the company. 

John Cadbury began his venture into the world of chocolate in 1824 by making cocoa and drinking chocolate from his store in Birmingham. Almost 200 years later, Cadbury is not only a favorite British chocolate brand but a favorite around the world! 

Cadbury is a favorite for many around the world because of its commitment to quality, taste, and affordability. They provide a luxury type of chocolate for an economical price. Not to mention they have one of the widest selections of chocolate products to choose from. 



Since the 1960s, Galaxy has been making silky smooth chocolate that is often associated with fun! However, while Galaxy often promotes their chocolate with fun tongue-in-cheek ads, they maintain a serious outlook on production. Who doesn’t love a brand that knows how to be both fun and responsible!

As part of the Mars chocolate corporation, Galaxy participates in the Mars supplier code of conduct. This means making sure that their chocolate is sourced responsibly and through ethical practices. Therefore, you get to enjoy every taste of creamy chocolatey goodness knowing it was manufactured in the best way possible! 

While Mars headquarters is located in the United States, so technically not a British company, it’s worth giving an honorary mention. In addition to Galaxy, Mars is the name behind some of the biggest and best chocolate bars in the world.



Who better to master the art of candy than a kid? While Joseph William Thornton didn’t know it at the time, putting his 14 year old son Norman in charge of the candy shop was a brilliant idea. 

Norman made such a name for the family business that he had to bring on extra help – his brother! Stanley and Norman created the chocolate truffles and toffees that remain a staple almost 100 years later at Thorntons. 

Since those first chocolates were made in 1920, Thornton’s continued to grow. Today, Thornton’s offers a wide selection of other delicious chocolates, in addition to its original truffles and toffees. All that continues to be made with the same commitment to quality and passion that started the brand. 


Charbonnel & Walker

A list of the best chocolate brands in Britain wouldn’t be complete without one of the country’s originals. As well as one with ties to the Royal Family. 

Charbonnel & Walker (or Charbonnel et Walker) began at the suggestion of The Prince of Wales Edward the VII. His suggestion led to a partnership between Madame Charbonnel of Paris and Mrs. Walker of England that began in 1875. A partnership that produced handmade chocolates sought after by the rich and famous.

Today, Charbonnel & Walker follows the same practices to make the same handmade chocolates. Including their famous dark chocolates. While considered one of Britain’s richest chocolate brands, it’s not only the wealthy seeking out Charbonnel & Walker today. 



In contrast to the rich history of some of Britain’s oldest chocolate brands, is a beautiful new brand: Willie’s Cacao. Willie’s was started by Venezuelan native and cocoa farmer Willie Harcourt-Cooze, who brought his knowledge of chocolate to England. 

While a young company compared to many other British brands, Willie’s is already well-known. It is also already an award winner in the world! True testaments to quality chocolates. Moreover, this brand has an impressive range of chocolate to offer for still being quite new: milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, vegan chocolates, and many more. 

The quality of Willie’s Cacao comes from buying direct to trade beans and using only 100% natural ingredients in all the products. In addition, the taste is a reflection of the time spent making each chocolate – sometimes up to 3 weeks! Willie’s is on its way to having a rich history like many other British brands. 



Although it is the youngest British chocolate brand on our list, Land chocolate is a brand with a tale as old as time. At least, a British chocolate tale. 

Like our first chocolate pick, Montezuma’s, Land has a similar story. Tired of corporate life, Phil Landers took a trip to Central America. On this trip, he realized the power of quality chocolate (much like Helen & Simon Pattinson and their trip to South America). With this new appreciation for a seemingly casual confection, Landers returned to London to share his new passion. 

Beginning with forming his first chocolate bars in 2013, Landers turned Land chocolate into award-winning chocolate by 2016. By 2019, Land chocolate was being used in Michelin Star restaurants. 

While Land chocolate has seen a quick rise in popularity, it maintains its commitment to the quality it was built upon. Landers continues to source his beans from Central and South America, making each bar of chocolate a true “bean to bar” product. The taste of each individual bean is identifiable in the brand’s chocolate bars and drinking chocolate. 



We hope that this article has helped you to discover some new chocolatey options and to expand your palate when it comes to British chocolates.

Whether you’re a fan of milk or dark chocolates, there’s likely a brand on this list that fits your preferences. And if not, there’s always the opportunity to try something new – after all, it’s never too late to become acquainted with Britain’s finest chocolate brands!

So don’t be afraid to grab yourself a pack of British chocolates from one of these recommended brands – your taste buds will thank you for it!

Bon appétit!

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